Cal cad software packages


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CAL CAD Packages for UG Civil Engg.Students

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Cal cad software packages

  1. 1. Software Packages forGeotechnical Engineering Education
  2. 2. Effective communication is the essence of education.The process of learning can be enriched by interactive software packages classified under three heads1. Computer Aided Learning (C.A.L.)2. Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.)3. Computer Aided Assessment (C.A.A.)
  3. 3. Essential featuresa. Systematic organization of the teachingmaterialb. Interactive and user friendlyc. Graphics and animation for betterretentiond. Scope for modification or improvemente. Added utility as a teaching aid.
  4. 4. Computer Aided Learning or Designing (CAL / CAD) packages Developed by Dr.A.S.Nene, Professor of Civil Engineering (Retired), V.N.I.T. Nagpur
  5. 5. A new teaching aid for the teaching staff and engineering students. Developed during 1988 to 2000, hence work better under DOS. These softwares were a part of undergraduate projects.
  6. 6. These packages were distributed to various engineering institutes in India and abroad.
  7. 7. Titles• QM+ (QUIZ and MAYA)- 1988• ISOTREC (Design of Isolated Footings) -1991• EPYGRAM (Earth Pressure by GraphicalMethods) - 1992• SOS (Stability of Slopes) -1993• Shepi (Design of sheet Piles)-2000• WellCal (Design of Well Foundations)- 1998
  8. 8. QM+ (QUIZ and MAYA)An interactive assessment program Helps inpreparing for viva -voce or any competitiveexamination involving objective type questions. special features. Random selection of objective questions Help menu Time bound questions Negative score for wrong answers Can be used for any other subject.
  9. 9. MAYA A tutor for ten basic experiments of soilmechanics. An electronic laboratory manual on anyother subject
  10. 10. 2. ISOTREC Design of Isolated Trapezoidal,Rectangular & circular Footings
  11. 11. Three independent programs for step-by-step design of isolated trapezoidal,rectangular & circular Footings.Input data of loads, safe bearing capacity,grade of concrete and steel.Screen outputs shows design steps or finaldesign can be copied using printer.Graphic display of the foundation designedshows plan, section and reinforcementdetails
  12. 12. EPYGRAM(Earth Pressure bY Graphical Methods) The package is for learning the subject of earth pressures.
  13. 13. Three descriptive topics - introduction, earthpressure theories and graphical methods withtext and figures.The interactive topics- graphical methods byRehbann , Culmann and trial wedge methodIncludes a new simplified graphical methodThe interactive part - step by step solution foractive or passive earth pressures usingdefault or user’s data.
  14. 14. SOS Stability Of SlopesThis package helps in learningthe topic of stability of slopes.
  15. 15. • Descriptive and interactive topics.• Includes all conventional methodssuch as Swedish circle method Friction circle method Taylor’s charts Bishop’s method• Displays text, figures, charts andreferences.
  16. 16. ShepiDesign of Sheet Piles
  17. 17. An interactive software package to teach thedesign of sheet piles.Theoretical backgroundDesign of sheet piles under different groundand backfill conditions.Types of sheet piles coveredcantilever sheet piles,anchored bulkheadscofferdams
  18. 18. ContactFor any suggestions and source codes Dr.A.S.Nene M4 Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur (India) 440022 Email:
  19. 19. List of papers published1. Nene, A.S. (1991).Computer Aided Learning and Computer Aided Design of Shallow Foundation., W orkshop on Instrumentation and Rehabilitation of Environmental Engineering Structures, 25- 26 March, 1991, at V.N.I.T., Nagpur.1. Nene, A.S. and Garg, S.(1991). Computer Aided Instruction Package For Soil Engineering, National Seminar On Computers in Civil Engineering, Madras 26 & 27 April .pp.I.3.1-3.8.
  20. 20. 3.Nene, A.S.(1993).Computer Aided LearningPackage for Computation of Earth pressures byGraphical Methods- EPYGRAM. National Seminar onuse of computers in Civil Engineering ,Patiala. P 81-894. Nene, A.S. and Puranik M .M . (1995) “ CAL Packagefor Earth Pressures and Slope Stability”, Int. Conf. onComputer based learning in science, Opava, CzechRepublic, 30 June to 4 July 19995, p 325- 336
  21. 21. 5. Nene, A.S. and Bhide S.R. (1997) ” Someexperiences in developing CAL packages forEngineering Education” Third InternationalConference On Computer based learning inScience 4- 8 July 1997,) Leicester (UK) pp 451-458.6. Nene, A.S. (1996) “Computer Aided LearningPackages on Geotechnical Engineering” Second Int.Conference of Computer Applications, Research &Practice, 6-8 April 1996 Bahrain pp 837-841.
  22. 22. Interactive Multimedia (IMM)Multimedia - a combination of text, graphics,sound and video, animation.All controlled, coordinated and presented oncomputer screen.External devices (VCD or MP3 player)controlled by ComputerIMM to explain complex and dynamicrelationships where books fails,
  23. 23. Available types of IMMWithin class room - one computer andLCD projectorWithin class room- multiple computersOutside classroom with individualcomputerDistance education in a classroom,without teaching faculty.