EdTechnics EdBoard for school 2012


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The new cost effective innovation for the school education of all categories. The offering with customised usage.

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EdTechnics EdBoard for school 2012

  1. 1. i
  2. 2. Education in IndiaIndian Education Sector is by far the largest capitalized space inIndiaHaving a $30bn of government spend (3.7% of GDP; at globalaverage), andA large network of 1m schools and 18,000 higher educationinstitutes.With a literacy rate of 61% it still does not do justice to the increasingdemand in the education sectorHence, it is a need of the hour, that technology is utilised efficiently tocreate the required interface of the learner with the teacher, with easeand effectiveness.
  3. 3. EdTechnics Creating Active Classrooms•There might be many ways of audio / visual experience, but thepurpose for viewing has a significant impact on what we takeaway from the experience.• Whiteboard or Monitor viewing is a powerful educational tool,but if we want our students to absorb specific content from whatthey see, we need to give them a model for viewing that is active,interactive, involving, smart and critical.In the concept of smart classes adopted by many a progressiveschools in India, they are still being offered the same hardwareof projectors and whiteboards by the best of the edu basedcompanies, which have their own downtime issues and highcosts.
  4. 4. EdBoard from EdTechnicsThe ideation of moving forward from the projector solutions, whichhave many a complications and costs within a classroom, wascreated into reality for the first time ever by EdTechnics as EdBoard.EdBoard is a digital innovation, identified and offered for the 1 st timein the K12 space by EdTechnics. It is a large size integrated LCDinteractive touch screen with computing capabilities having ourpatented OS software, internet ready as plug-n-play educationaldevice for the classrooms.EdTechnics is transforming the way teachers should teach andstudents can learn in schools. It’s the only technology availablewhich shall upgrade the classes to active classrooms.
  5. 5. Do We Have A Next Level ??We have already moved ahead from the chalk boards to the projector + whiteboard solutions andare now experiencing daily management issues with the multiple equipment handling with cablings & jacks, in a classroom. Time has come for an uncluttered classroom !!! Now experience the ideal offering…
  6. 6. The all in one offering is here....
  7. 7. EdTechnicsEdBoard
  8. 8. EdBoard by EdTechnics
  9. 9. Projector Solution VS1. Projector2. Whiteboard3. Personal Computer4. Interactive device5. Cupboard6. Cabling (PC to Projector)7. Cabling (PC to Server)8 Cabling (WB to PC)9. UPS10. Network Switch11. Speaker12. 4 power socket
  10. 10. Projector Solution1. Procuring all modules is time-consumingand costly2. Installation is also time-consuming andcostly.3. Normal delivery time:8-12 weeks4. Setup cost high as all equipment need tobe tested before installation on site.5. Any module failure can cause delayedcommissioning.6. Extra cabling for power is required.7. Business loss due to delayed installation
  11. 11. Projection system1. Projector alignment issues2. Projector bulb replacement cost(Yearly)3. PC-WB cabling4. Projector cabling5. PC maintenance6. Virus / system crash7. UPS battery replacement issueand cost8. WhiteBoard lifecycle 36 monthonly9. 30% downtime every year10. High power consumption
  12. 12. Crystal clear viewingThe EdBoard LCD screen truly delivers the teaching of tomorrow,today.The EdBoard range eliminates all the problem teachers regularlyendure with projected images, of  finding items written or displayedand difficulty in reading due to sunlight or reflective lighting.The LCD screen has a in-built wide viewing angle high definitionpanel which gives the whole group crystal clear image qualityregardless of their location in the room.Supported by robust computing platform with patented OS, ensuresuninterupted running without any virus or hardware crash issues.
  13. 13. Innovative high-end computing LCD Interactive Touch Screenwith Internet Connectivity and all Whiteboard features andfunctions. Proprietary Versatile & Sturdy Crash proof OS  The Robust alternative to the current projector + whiteboardsolution.  The Ed Board  has all the features and working area of awhiteboard, but without the projector, glare and running costs,lighting reflection or the need to darken the room.Using the EdBoard Touch LCD integrated interactive screen issimple and accurate to use, in-turn giving staff the confidenceto comfortably interface with the classroom and effectivelydisplay their work and teach effectively.
  14. 14. EdBoard Variants • EDEB - 55TCH • EDEB - 47TCH• • Integrated LCD with touch & toughened screen, • Dual Core CPU, • 4GB RAM, 256MB VRAM, 500 GB HDD, • 10Wx2 speaker
  15. 15. Innovative high-end computing LCD Screen with wi-fi mouse/pen pad,enabled with Internet Connectivity and all Whiteboard features andfunctions. Proprietary Versatile & Sturdy Crash proof OS  The Robust alternative to the current projector + whiteboard solution.  The Ed Board  has all the features and working area of a whiteboard, butwithout the projector, glare and running costs, lighting reflection or theneed to darken the room.Using the EdBoard LCD integrated interactive screen is simple andaccurate to use by both presenter and audience, in-turn giving all theconfidence to comfortably interface one-on-one in a room and effectivelydisplay the work.The mouse/pen pad is available with wi-fi or cable connect as per theneed requirement.
  16. 16. EdBoard VariantsEDEB 55PTEDEB 47PT LCD screen Wi-Fi / cable touch pad with pen and mouse, Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 256MB VRAM, 500 GB HDD, 10Wx2 speaker
  17. 17. EdBoard Salient Features
  18. 18. Content is KingEdTechnics provides the best of content for Schools –CBSEICSEState Boards Content in HD, 2D / 3D, static and animatedTraining Programmes / Motivational VideosEngineering CollegesB.Ed courses (under preparation)Other courses being identified in higher education
  19. 19. EdBoard Personal PC / Notebook / Tablet1. ED-Cloud: On-demand Teacher notes availability anywhere anytime in PDF/JPEG/Audio/Video format forstudents. Help school to create content IP for future usage2. Minimize paper usage in school.3. Paperless homework for student.4. Online study support if student is not present.5. Online homework assignment for absent students6. ED-Colab: Shy/slow students can ask question to the teacher sitting in the classroom. Teacher can helpthem based on questions rather student’s face and help them in overcoming their deficiencies. Many More in the pipeline for alpha development.
  20. 20. Consilium Futurity Education Pvt. Ltd. 101 Thapar House, Gulmohar Enclave, Yusuf Sarai Commercial Complex, New Delhi – 110049, India.Email: info@edtechnics.com Web: www.edtechnics.com