How to write a resume? (resume format 101 for freshers and experienced)


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This is a presentation on how to write a good resume, We give examples as well as general guidelines on what a good resume looks like. at IDfy we have created an awesome resume format which, we assure you, will help you stand out in your job search.

For example a resume should never be more than a page

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How to write a resume? (resume format 101 for freshers and experienced)

  1. 1. 5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 2What is aResume?A Resume is a marketing document aboutyourself, it’s a way to make yourself stand out inyour job
  2. 2. o A resume should highlight your accomplishments atyour work, school college etc. to your potentialemployerso Keep the resume short, you don’t need to list each andevery accomplishment of yours, for example if youhave 10 years of experience you don’t need to list thatyou won the salsa competition at college. Not morethan a pageo Tailor the resume to the job that you are applying foronly highlight those skills that are relevant for the jobyou are applying for.o Get your resume reviewed by friends or seniors. Youneed to ensure that your resume is perfect (ie nogrammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes etc.)5/15/2013 3How towrite aresume
  3. 3. o A resume format generally contains the followingo Name – In big fonto Contact details – your address, phone number andemailo Summary/Objective – this is optionalo Employment – all your employment details inchronological ordero Education – education details in chronologicalordero Projects (optional) – any extracurricular projectsthat you have doneo References – list of your referenceso At IDfy the resume is pre-formatted to ensure thatabout 60% of your task is reduced.http://www.idfy.com5/15/2013 4Standardresumeformat
  4. 4. o Your nameo Your name should be in big font and legible, do notuse any fancy fonts.o It should be at the top of your resumeo Contact detailso Address – put in the address where you can becontacted.o Phone number – Your mobile number which youuse most frequentlyo Email – no funky email addresses, simple name andlast name will do. Avoid email address such ascooldude@gmail.com5/15/2013 5Name &ContactDetails
  5. 5. o Summary: Summary is optional, use asummary or an objective at the top ofyour resumeo A good summary lists your key strengths in about 2lines. An HR should be able to read this and getthe gist of your whole resumeo If you have many years of experience summary is agreat thing to haveo A good summary :o MBA with 13 years of experience in strategyand product management across geographies.o Srong track record in entrepreneurship andbuilding sustainable enterprises.5/15/2013 6Summary
  6. 6. o Objective: Objective is also optional, use asummary or an objective at the top of yourresumeo An objective should be used by people with 2 or lessyears of experienceo It should talk specifically about what you would like outof the company and what you can provide to thecompany you are applying too Avoid flowery language, and be very very specifico A good objective :o Obtain a position in product management where Ican apply my user experience and analytical skilldeveloped over the last 2 years.o Obtain a position as an android applicationdeveloper where I can apply and hone my coresoftware skill set and5/15/2013 7Objective
  7. 7. o Size of this sectiono Freshers – 30% or less of the pageo Experienced professionals – 60% of the pageo Contento List each experience in chronological order (latestfirst)o Use action words - achieved, demonstrated, initiated,developed (ex. Achieved 50% reduction in …..)o Highlight only those skills that are relevant for the jobo For each task that you have accomplished at workwrite a para on it. Keep an excel of all yourachivements/ projectso Don’t worry about formatting at this stageo Finally break it down to each bullet not being morethan 2 lines5/15/2013 8Experiencesection
  8. 8. o Size of this sectiono Freshers – 60% or less of the pageo Experienced professionals – 30% of the pageo Contento List each education in chronological order (latest first)o Fresh graduates or <2 years exo If you are a fresh graduate list the courses that arerelevant for the role you are applying foro Showcase projects that you undertook that show thatyou can perform the role that you are applying too Highlight leadership positions that you have taken upo Extracurricular also can be mentionedo Experienced professionals >2 years exo Only highlight the key metrics (GPA/CPA, degree andyear of graduation)o Unless you have done cutting edge research you don’tneed to mention much else.5/15/2013 9Educationsection
  9. 9. Check out a sample resume can check out the resume ofone of our founders onAshok Hariharan – CEO, IDfySign up with IDfy to create yourown resume www.idfy.com5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 10Sampleresume