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Anntech new profile modified 28042012

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  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONANNTECH OFFSHORE ENGINEERING PVT. LTD since its establishmentin the year 2004, has been in the business, offering a wide range ofservices and engineering solutions for Oil & Gas (On-shore and Off-shore), Power sector and other major industries in the disciplines ofInstrumentation and training( instrumentation and mechanical).During this period, the Company has grown steadily depending onconsistency, expertise, professionalism, quality service and customersupport. Controlled growth is an important aspect of ANNTECHOFFSHORE ENGINEERING PVT. LTD corporate philosophy, allowingthe Company to maintain continuity and highest level of customerservices.ANNTECH OFFSHORE ENGINEERING PVT. LTD is well recognized byits commitment to providing quality service and working closelywith its clients. Extensive abilities with proven experience for Designassistance, Detailed Engineering assistance, Installation,Commissioning and Maintenance in the aforesaid disciplines qualifyANNTECH OFFSHORE ENGINEERING PVT. LTD as a dependablepartner-in-success.Instrumentation division has expanded its operations to cater to thesectors like oil & gas industries, refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizers,power plant, and offshore process and well platforms involving incomplete execution of projects including detailed engineeringassistance, field survey, installation of field instruments, cable laying,calibration, loop checking, assisting the DCS/PLC configuration andcommissioning assistance.We have employed highly qualified and experienced engineers andsupervisors who can efficiently undertake any volume of work onshortest notice on fast track completion basis. Our company is highlyquality conscious and well conversant with the latest trends of trade.In addition, we have wide range of out sourcing any type ofequipment, material, manpower and expertise in short notice.
  3. 3. FUNCTIONS• To cater the service requirements of various Oil and Gas process Industries (public and private sectors), on-shore and off-shore Facilities, power plants, fertilizes and chemical industries.• Participate in tenders for various projects in above sectors.• Develop and outsource any critical material requirements for above sector.• To identify the vendors who can provide the latest technologies In the above sector and facilitate their supports for clients.• To develop the Principal’s product in projects and generate Integrated business relationship at user level.• To cater the services for any emergency shutdown for the above Sectors.• To maximize business turnover and profits for the Company.OPERATIONS: Instrumentation division is currently operating inIndian sector only, with annual turnover of nearly Rs 9.4 Cores (USD2.1 Million)
  4. 4. COMPANY DETAILS : ANNTECH OFFSHORE ENGINEERING PVT.LTD Laxmi Tower 22,Plot No.7 Sector- 42, Near SBI Sea Woods (W) REGISTERED OFFICE Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA– 400706. Tel: +91 22 39101356 Fax: +91 22 39254069 : Mr. Ashokan PP CONTACT Cell: +91 9594950070 EMAIL ID : anntechoffshore@gmail.comCLIENTELE: 1. M/s. ONGC OFFSHORE through M/s. Leighton - Das Offshore Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. 2. M/s. ONGC OFFSHORE through M/s. Carlton Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. 3. M/s. ONGC OFFSHORE through M/s. SARKU Malaysia - Das Offshore Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. 4. M/s. ONGC OFFSHORE through M/s. ESSAR India - Das Offshore Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. 5. M/s. ONGC OFFSHORE through M/s. SHM Shipcare., Mumbai. 6. M/s. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd., Chembur, Mumbai. 7. M/s. Emerson Process Management Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. 8. M/s. ABB Ltd. 9. M/s. Honeywell Automation Ltd., Pune. 10. M/s. ICON Controls Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. 11. M/s. Pamba Engg. And Construction Company, Navi Mumbai. 12. M/s. Adage Automation Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai. 13. M/s. Incorporate Engineer’s, Navi Mumbai. 14. M/s. Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd., Navi Mumbai. 15. M/s. Chemrols, Goa. 16. M/s. Asahi India Glass Ltd., Taloja. 17. M/s. Mumbai Waste Management, Taloja. 18. M/s. Expert Systems Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai.
  5. 5. COMPANY’S CAPABILITYThe senior personnel in-charge of the company have a total of morethan 100 man-years experience in the field of Engineering andConstruction industries and most of it in the oil, chemical andfertilizer industries.Their span of experience covers engineering, planning,procurements, construction, commissioning etc. Discipline wiseexperience covers engineering, procurement, construction,Installation, calibration and, commissioning of the systems.Well experienced professional manpower and required tools are theprime assets of Company.
  6. 6. MANAGEMENT TEAM OF THE COMPANY.Mr. ASHOKAN PPQualifications:B tech in Instrumentation Engineering.Certified Course in Process instrumentation.Total Year of Experience: 20 Years.1] Technimont ICB Ltd., as Instruments Supervisor.ProjectIPCL Nagothana, Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd, Hazira&Patalganga.,Vinyl chemical Ltd.Mahad.2] PCT Pvt. Ltd., as Site In-charge.ProjectReliance Petrochemicals Ltd, Patalganga, Vinati Organics Ltd.Mahad.3] VINATI ORGANICS LTD. (An ISO 9002 Company) as Sr. Engineer.MAH category Petrochemical plant With State of art automated Iso-Butyl Benzene (IBB) manufacturing with DCS (Micro-XL &CENTUM CS-1000 YOKOGAWA). Also responsible for projectactivities for our MIDC LOTE Plant. It is a Fine chemical plant withautomation by EMERSON DELTA – V DCS system.4] M/s SPIREX INSTRUMENTS as PARTNERProjectAsahi India Glass Ltd., Apocotex Industries Ltd., GNFC, Masibus ProcessInstruments (P) Ltd., Adage Automation Pvt. Ltd., ABB Ltd.,Incorporated Daub Verhoeven Ltd. Emerson Process Management.Chemtrols, Goa, Bayor India Ltd Thane, Multi Flex lami print Ltd.Mahad, Pidilite Industries ltd. Mumbai.
  7. 7. LIST OF MAJOR JOBS EXECUTED Sr. Company’s Name & Location Job DescriptionsNo1. M/s. Leighton - Das Offshore ONGC Offshore PRP2 Electrical & Engineering Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning Job in various Offshore Process Platforms & Unman Platforms in Mumbai High& North Field.2. M/s. Carlton Engineers Pvt ONGC NEELAM & HEERA Process Platforms Ltd,Mumbai. Water Injection System Electrical & Instrumentation Design,detail Engineering Erection & Commissioning Job in.3. M/s. ONGC through M/s. SARKU- ONGC Offshore Electrical & Instrumentation Das Offshore Engineering Pvt. Erection & Commissioning Job in various Ltd, Mumbai. Offshore Process Platforms & Unman Platforms in Mumbai High& North Field.4. M/s. ONGC through M/s. ONGC Offshore Electrical & Instrumentation OGIP- Das Offshore Engineering Erection & Commissioning Job in various Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. Offshore Process Platforms & Unman Platforms in Mumbai High& North Field.5. M/s. BPCL Kochi Refinery Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning through M/s. Rohini Electrical Project in Chalikara plant. .LTD6. M/s. ONGC through M/s. SHM ONGC Offshore Electrical & Instrumentation SHIPCARE, Mumbai. Erection & Commissioning Job in HEERA Deluge valve Replacement job.7. Honeywell India Ltd., Pune. DCS up-gradation at C2C3 control room at ONGC Uran & Kochi Refinery.8. M/s. RCF LTD Mumbai Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning Project and Annual Maintance Contract in AMMONIA- V, AMMONIA-I, SUPHALA PLANT, ANP,STP,CNA, NITRIC ACID PLANT,9. M/s. BOC LTD Kolkata M/S. BPCL kochi Nitrogen & Oxygen plant Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning Project in Chalikara plant.10. M/s. Hindustan Dorr-Oliver LTD Erection and commissioning for (Sub. of IVRCL Infrastructures instrumentation Project for ANP at R.C.F. and Projects LTD) Ltd., Mumbai11. M/s. Reliance Industries LTD Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning Job Hyderabad. for Gas Boosting Compressors.12. UDE Engg. Ltd., Mumbai Carried out Instrumentation work for Dry Chalk Project at ANP Plant
  8. 8. 16. Chemtrols Ltd. Installation of ON-LINE gas analyzer system at R.C.F. Ltd, Chembur, Mumbai17. Rashtriya Chemicals& Fertilizers Fabrication and installation of MS ladder tray, Ltd., Chembur. JBs, Cable laying Job at Suphala Plant.18. Rashtriya Chemicals& Fertilizers Removal of control panel instruments for Nitric Ltd., Chembur. Acid Group of plant & laying of fresh cables & Junction boxes19. Adage Automation Pvt Ltd. Supply and installation of BTU accessories at ( ABB), Navi Mumbai. GNFC, Baruch.20. Rashtriya Chemicals& Fertilizers Fabrication and installation of MS ladder tray, Ltd., Chembur. JBs, Cable laying Job at Suphala Plant.21. Rashtriya Chemicals& Fertilizers Erection, installation of reaction floor hardware Ltd., Chembur. & control room panels at PAP plant22. Masibus Process instrumentation Supply of man power for installation of (P) Ltd., Mumbai Electronic Energy meters at R.C.F. Plants (NSGP, AMM V, Nitric Acid)23. Pamba Engg. & Constn. Removal and reinstallation of Skimmer Pump Company Pvt. Ltd., Navi and its Electrical & Instrumentation job at Mumbai. ONGC’s offshore Platform.24. Adage Automation Pvt Ltd. Supply and erection of instrumentation (Channel partner for ABB), materials for Heat Exchanger Project at VCET, Navi Mumbai. Vasai, Mumbai.25. Chemical Industries Consulting Installation of control and analyzer panel and Bureau, Bangalore. its related field instruments at Nitric acid plant at R.C.F. Ltd.27. Adage Automation Pvt Ltd. Erection And comm. of BTU analyzer at GGCL, (Channel partner for ABB) Hazira.28. ABB Ltd., Faridabad. Removal and installation of Mass spectrometer at R.C.F. Ltd’ Ammonia V Plant29. Incorporated Daub Verhoeven Supply and installation of instruments work at Ltd., Navi Mumbai Astral Glass, Igatpuri, Nashik.30. Adage Automation Pvt. Ltd. Erection And comm. of BTU analyzer at GGCL, (Channel partner for ABB), Hazira.31. Honeywell India Ltd., Pune. DCS up-gradation at C2C3 control room at ONGC Uran.32. Icon controls Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. Erection and commissioning for instruments work for TDP Project at R.C.F. Ltd., Mumbai
  9. 9. ON GOING MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS1. M/s. ONGC through M/s. ESSAR- ONGC Offshore Electrical & Instrumentation Das Offshore Engineering Pvt. Erection & Commissioning Job in NEELAM & Ltd, Mumbai. HEERA revamping construction.2. M/s. ONGC through Leighton - ONGC Offshore WIN Revamping Das Offshore Engineering Pvt Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning Job. Ltd, Mumbai.3. M/s. BG- Das Offshore Offshore Electrical & Instrumentation Erection Engineering Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. & Commissioning Job .4. M/s. ONGC through- Das ONGC Offshore Sagar Laxmi Flare tip Offshore Engineering Pvt Ltd, replacement job, Electrical & Instrumentation Mumbai. Erection & Commissioning Job.5. M/s. ONGC through- Das ONGC Offshore SHP Platform, Electrical & Offshore Engineering Pvt Ltd, Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning Mumbai. Job.6 M/s. ONGC through- ONGC Uran Propane Gas Compressor L&T(SAVAIR) Uran Instrumentation & electrical work7 M/s. ONGC Uran C2C3, Co-Generation, LPG Plant Annual Calibration Job.8 M/S.Vinati Organics Ltd ,Lote DAMM project Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning Job.