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  1. 1.  Acknowledgement I’d like to thank Mrs. Sanjeevani Ayachit, our internal guide for her guidance and feedback during this project. During my internship, I worked with a lot of people and would like to thank them for their inputs during my work period. Mrs. Priyadarshini Rao, Mr. Jaydeep Shetty, Mr. Imran Khan, Ms. Rajul Jain, Ms. Neha Kudalkar
  2. 2.  Priyadarshini Rao • Studied Fashion Design from SNDT, Mumbai and specialized in textile design from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai • Started her label in1996 • Classic styles- trying to give an Indian feel to the more contemporary and modern styles. • Natural colour palettes •Natural fabrics- silk, linen, cottons
  3. 3. A/W 2009
  4. 4.  The Brand•The brand is called Mineral because it caneffortlessly move into the direction the companywants to mould it into.•Eg- From womens wear it can easily translate intohome products etc. Also its pure in its nature andform.•No More Seasons- the clothing is not season bound.It has classic/clean lines and something that is notnecessarily driven by seasons.•Target consumer is aged between 25 and 40 years.•Products- Women’s wear, bags, accessories•Focus is mainly on tops and dresses
  5. 5. S/S 2011
  6. 6.  The Design Project • Dresses for girls (age group 4-10) •Using fabrics with meterage less than 40m • CMT shouldn’t go over Rs. 200/- • Should be in sync with the Spring Summer line •Price points Rs.899/- and 1299/-
  7. 7. Fabrics
  8. 8. Trims SourcingSourced from:Manish Market, AndheriPrice Range:Rs. 45- 25 per meter
  9. 9. Sourced from:Chippi Chawl, Zaveri Bazaar andLinking Road, BandraPrice Range:Rs. 10- 30 per yard
  10. 10. Sourced from: Price Range:Manish Market, Andheri, Rs. 10- 50Chippi Chawl, Zaveri per pieceBazaar and LinkingRoad, Bandra
  11. 11. Sourced from:Chippi Chawl, ZaveriPrice Range:Rs. 200 for a packetof 100 pieces Sourced from: Manish Market, Andheri And Linking Road,Bandra Price Range: Rs. 1 per button
  12. 12. Final Designs Handkerchief Dress Two Colour Options: • Green with pink trims •Yellow with coral trims
  13. 13. smocking smocking
  14. 14. A- line dress with pleatingdetail.•Baby-pink Checks•White Shiffli•Lime Green Lace
  15. 15. pleatinglace
  16. 16. One-piece pinafore style dressTwo Colour Options:•Coral with Blue Boat Print (White Corsage)•Turquoise Blue with Purple andBlue Checks(Pink and Blue Corsage)
  17. 17. Piping Box pleats Pleating
  18. 18. Patchwork Dress•Navy Blue Pique Knit Yoke•Pink Floral Print•Purple and Blue Checks•Pink and Brown Checks
  19. 19. Three Print Smocked Dress•White with Brown Dots•Brown with Pink Floral Print•Pink with Maroon andWhite Floral Print•Smocking Colour - Maroon
  20. 20. smockingpleatedpockets
  21. 21. Setting up of SIS
  22. 22. Store Window
  23. 23. Sourcing for Store Windows
  24. 24. The Final Two
  25. 25. Layouts for Style Sheets
  26. 26. Sales Report
  27. 27. Sales Report Conclusion • SS Juhu is a more upmarket store than SS Andheri, so different styles sell at the two stores. Eg. Dressier styles sell at Juhu •Sobo Central in South Bombay has not been able to attract customers as much as the Oberoi Central has been, mostly because South Bombay clients look for more exclusivity. •Mineral is a top wear brand and they have hardly been able to sell any bottom wear in the 2 months that they have been in the market.
  28. 28. ashna mehta fd 1004