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Unity Plans Book

  1. 1. UNITY United Native Indian Tribal Youth
  2. 2. Table Of Contents Executive SummaryExecutvie Summary.........................................1 UNITY has been a national Native American non-profit for nearly the past fourCompany Analysis...........................................2 decades. It has managed to spread its reach across the nation and has developed programs to help countless number of Native American youth. UNITY has such aConsumer & Market Analysis..........................3 strong presence in so many states except for the one it is ran out of. This has beenCompetitive Analysis.......................................4 BNC’s primary objective throughout this campaign.Target Market Profile.......................................5 BNC has taken a direct look at getting UNITY onto an equal playing field asResearch.........................................................6 all the other major non-profits in Oklahoma City. BNC has targeted some of the topSWOT Analysis............................................7-8 corporations in the metro area to help support the growth of UNITY. Continental, Ozarka, and Loves are some of these companies that BNC believes can help thisObjectives.......................................................9 company start its journey in the capitol city.Creative Strategy.....................................10-11Creative Executions.................................12-14 Due our limited budget, which is common among a majority of non-profits, BNC suggests to devote a large effort into digital and social interactions. Our ideaBranding........................................................15 include an online presence with this sites such as Groupon and text messagingBroadcast &QR.............................................16 based site M-Give. Both these sites will increase brand awareness while presentingMedia.......................................................17-18 the opportunity to increase UNITY funding. Groupon Grassroots is a new branch of the company picking non-profits to display on their site. It will give viewers theSocial Media..................................................19 opportunity to donate $10, $15, $25 and offer a t-shirt incentive for higher donations.Media Flow Chart..........................................20 M-Give allows people to text in donations from virtually anywhere in the world. Both these platforms will help UNITY burst into the non-profit spotlight.Communication Tools...................................21Relationships...........................................22-25 For a social presence BNC recommends attending both the Paseo Arts FestivalFestivals & Events....................................26-28 as well as the Red Earth Festival. This will give UNITY the chance to provide a face for their company. By being able to talk to people directly and to hear and see how theyDonations.................................................29-30 respond will give a tremendous insight as to what people are expecting. It will alsoBudget...........................................................31 help UNITY expand their awareness on a personal basis. These events combined withEvaluation......................................................32 the Spirit Run and Pow Wow will create buzz and increase word of mouth awareness.Appendix & Team..........................................33 With BNC’s campaign UNITY can realistically plan on reaching 678,,425 gross impressions. This will give you the proper awareness and platform to begin to build a powerful presence in the non-profit marketplace. BNC believes that the implementation of this campaign will help UNITY effectively reach its target market and continue to succeed for many decades to come. 1
  3. 3. Company Analysis Consumer Analysis Unity national headquarters was The councils that form UNITY are The businesses that BNC recommends UNITY to partner with are looking to founded Oklahoma City in April 1976 responsible for conducting community give back to the community and are invested in the strong Native American heritage in with a plan to foster the spiritual, mental, service, cultural heritage, environment, Oklahoma. They have a history of donating to non-profits and seek a charitable image. physical, and social development of and healthy lifestyles. UNITY has a vision Businesses gain visibility and revenue from being involved in organizations that give American Indian and Alaskan Native for which Native Americans are proud of back to the community. When searching for a charity to donate to, the target looks for youth and to help build a strong, unified, their accomplishments from their ancestors a well managed organization that has a strong presence in their community. and self-reliant Native America through and who maintain Native American tradition. greater youth involvement. UNITY believes making a maximum use The consumer market for UNITY is non-existent due to the lack of involvement of their resources while exceling in their and awareness among Native American youth. Without a presence of youth councils chosen fields. in the OKC Metro, businesses are unaware and unwilling to donate due to uncertainty of the organization. The businesses BNC target are willing to donate to a local cause that they can follow and see results in. They want to be as active as possible in their community because they want to connect and build a relationship with their consumers. They want to invest in the preservation of history and pride of Oklahoma. UNITY is a national networking Market Analysis organizational promoting personal development, citizenship, and leadership In the competitive market of Oklahoma City there are very few non-profits that among Native American youth. Among offer the heritage of the state that UNITY represents. UNITY portrays the deep Native all it’s councils tribes Unity represents American history that Oklahoma is known for and preserves in todays youth. UNITY Oklahoma City is where the UNITY 232 tribes. is noted on a national level, but remains unknown among the Oklahoma City non-profit foundation resides. Through research, market. There are many non-profit organizations in the OKC Metro fighting for the new designs and perception among share of donations from businesses. In order for UNITY to stand out among other nation wide councils; we plan to make strong non-profit organizations in the eyes of businesses, changes must be made. UNITY well known with the help of donations from large corporations and Even with the struggling economy, the market for non-profits are doing better grants from Oklahoma. than most industries. With the incoming generation heavily focused on philanthropy, now is one of the best times to move forward.2 3
  4. 4. Competitive Analysis Target Market Profile The difference between these organizations and UNITY is that they have a noted presence Since Oklahoma City is Psychographics: among youth in the OKC Metro. Organizations like Boys and Girl Scouts have groups functioning all around the OKC Metro, keeping awareness about their activity active among the community. known for its Native American • The companies UNITY should aim to These competitor organizations have members present among Chambers of Commerce meetings in heritage, it is important for target are ones that are deeply embedded order to ensure consistent funding for their organization. Many of these groups are also members of the Oklahoma Center For Non-profits; which helps organizations be the most effective they can be. businesses to be involved in local in the Oklahoma culture. Ones that are UNITY is unique in the fact that it is the only non-profit in the OKC Metro dedicated to Native American communities that emphasize a committed to investing in the rich heritage youth and heritage. social responsibility. UNITY of this state and impacting individuals on OKC Competitors represents a national network all different levels of communication. BNC • America’s Challenge Foundation • Eagle Ridge Institute will also look for companies that are promoting personal development, respected among all members of the • Ayme For Success • Education and Training Institute • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Okc • Girl Scouts citizenship, and leadership community. Companies who consistently • CASA of Oklahoma County • South YMCA of OKC among Native America youth. aim at improving those around them and are viewed as problem solvers, not National Competitors For Native American Youth problem makers. Running Strong: Wings of America: Helps Native Americans meet their immediate Runs clinics, camps and national competitions Geographic: Buying/Use Patterns: survival needs while also providing programs and uses running as a catalyst to empower designed to promote self sufficiency and American Indian and Alaskan Native youth to • These companies invest in non-profits • UNITY is targeting corporate businesses self-esteem. take pride in themselves and their cultural identity. to improve their image. BNC is looking located in the Oklahoma City area and surrounding metro. Requiring large for prospects that will have a continuing The National Indian Youth Project: donating relationship rather, than one time Empowering the lives of Native American youth corporate businesses such as Continental The Notah Begay III Foundation (NB3): Resources, Ozarka, and Boeing will help donators. This organization reaches out to Native Americans for over 25 years through year-round adventure by providing youth sports programs in Native based learning in mid-schools, Project Venture UNITY become known on a Oklahoma American communities. seeks to foster youth leaders who are culturally state level. Benefits: sensitive and promoting healthy lifestyles as an example for future generations. • The primary benefit that businesses can take away from connecting with UNITY is Boys & Girls Club in Indian Country: Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Native With over 200 Clubs in Native American Demographics: the strong investment to an endangered American Mentoring Initiative: lifestyle that the state is based around. communities across the country, Alaska and Big Brothers Big Sisters recognizes how important • The prospect definition is going to be Once individuals see the link between the Hawaii, this organization provides after school it is for Native American children to have positive fun every day in sports, education, health, arts, different than your typical list of two, perception of both will increase. role models in their lives. character building and more. demographics. Since BNC’s campaign is Indian Youth of America (IYA): going for corporate business sponsorships • The main reason to accept the benefit Native American Sports Council: On a national level, IYA seres Indian youth and rather than new memberships, the above is to observe Oklahomans and see Conducts community based multi-sport programs families through its summer youth camp program, demographics are extremely wide. how entangled the Native American culture and athlete development programs which resource center, newsletter, scholarship is with every day life. You will find buffalos enable emerging elite athletes to be identified assistance and sponsorship of Indian students and developed for national, international and on street corners downtown, a soon to be to leadership programs and sporting events. Olympic competition. built National Museum, and Native American warrior posted atop the Capitol.4 5
  5. 5. Research SWOT Analysis Objectives Strengths Weaknesses • To discover how UNITY is perceived • To determine how many Native Americans among Native Americans. UNITY can potentially reach. • UNITY has a strong cultural affiliation within • There is no Oklahoma City UNITY Council. the target Oklahoma City area. Oklahoma Although UNITY’s membership target is also known as Indian Territory has a very plentiful in the OKC area, a youth council • To discover how visible UNITY is • To determine who is receiving the majority rich and diverse Native American history. It is has not been established. For this reason among businesses. of grants. home to many tribal national headquarters as there is no visibility of the organization in the well as UNITY National Headquarters, reservation, OKC area. Absence of a council may provide and a large American Indian Population. This a challenge to rally support and funds for the relates directly to the mission of UNITY which organization because people like to know Statistics Social Media is to preserve the Native culture and enhance where their money is being spent. • In 2009-2010: 2,377 non-profits participated • The number one benefit of social media the future of Native Americans. in a Fundraising Effectiveness Survey marketing is standing out in an increasingly which stated they raised $1,645,470,816 noisy society. 88% of all marketers • UNITY has a substantially small starting budget for an average of $692,247 a company. indicated that their social media efforts • UNITY has a strong national reputation with of $25,000, which means that advertising and have generated more exposure for their over 50,000 student members, representing public relations will be significantly limited. more than 230 Native American tribes, with businesses. Improving traffic and subscribers • Donor retention can be increased by 50% youth councils spread across the United was the second major benefit, with 72% States, and by being a member of the United • UNITY’s staff is very small considering a or more by investing in communications to reporting positive results. States Chamber of Commerce. per capita workload responsibility. Because donors about their gifts at work and other growth and recognition is the goal, that aspects of donor relations. A 50 percent • Nearly 2/3 of marketers indicated a rise in means there will be more pressure and increase in the FEP survey‘s 45 percent search engine rankings was a benefit of • UNITY offers great benefits to its youth responsibility placed on an already minimal gifts retention for 2010 would increase social media marketing. As search engine members through positive reinforcement staff. gifts retention to nearly 70 percent. rankings improve, so will business exposure to improve teamwork, self-esteem, social, and leading generation efforts. This will communicational, organizational, leadership also cause overall marketing expenses skills, philanthropy, responsibility, and education • There is no transportation means set up for • Arts and cultural groups also received to decrease. Slightly more than half of of Native American cultures and practices. UNITY members to gather. This may provide the greatest number of donations from marketers found social media generated unappealing commutes for its members. boardmembers. Those groups reported Restricted budget cannot afford to purchase qualified leads. that 80% of their trustees made donations. transportation to and from events and gatherings. 0.13% Fundraising Email Response Rate 26% Nonprofits rated their websites very effective6 7
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis Objectives Opportunities Threats Marketing Objectives Advertising Objectives • Since there is no OKC UNITY Council, there • Currently, much of the media coverage in is a need and opportunity to establish multiple Oklahoma relating to Native American affairs • To increase donations by 40% within • The main point featured in our groups. Although the Indian population in the is directed to the Water Rights Lawsuit. This the first year of implantation. We advertisements is going to be that OKC metro is not centralized in any one district lawsuit is detrimental to the focus of UNITY’s plan to increase visibility among UNITY is ready to take a professional or school, it is still a substantial amount of mission. Many Oklahomans see the lawsuit surrounding companies. This will step forward in getting the funding that the youth population. UNITY’s national as Native American tribes not wanting to propel UNITY into the existing non- it deserves. UNITY will represent our headquarters is also located in OKC allowing contribute to the water supply of all Oklahomans, rather keeping it for tribal profit market place. state as a National home to Native a local youth council convenient access for face-to-face interaction, guidance, and fellowship use. Many people see it as Native American American Youth. with UNITY staff that is not available in other hesitation to contribute to the well being of • Aiming to receive 2-3 grants in the cities. These ingredients promote growth the state of Oklahoma, and in return people upcoming fiscal year, UNITY will • The actions BNC seeks from our of not only an OKC Council, but growth of and businesses in the area may be reluctant establish itself in the non-profit market. targets are going to primarily come UNITY’s visibility in the OKC area. to contribute to any cause that is of Native They will continue to compete for from funding and grants, allowing American relation, such as UNITY. grants year after year. UNITY to evolve into a prominent • If a council in OKC gains recognition and visibility, then that opens up the doors to fundraising. • There is also currently a large push for People, businesses and corporations are funding of the Native American Cultural • Joining the Oklahoma Chamber of much more likely to contribute to a cause that Center in Oklahoma City. UNITY will be competing for the same dollars but on a Commerce will increase creditability Commication Objective is visible and proximate to their communities among major businesses in the metro and businesses. much smaller budget and less initial visibility. BNC’s communication objective area, making it easier to network and is to establish creditability among major indefinable possible donation sources. • Oklahoma City is currently in a state of • There is also a common misconception businesses and other non-profits in economic growth which means that money about casinos involvement in funding Native Oklahoma City metro area. By bringing is being spent. Companies are establishing American affairs. Casinos are privately • Within the first year of this campaign our purpose to the minds of others, themselves not only in terms of product or owned by tribes, and the revenue produced BNC aims to bring the Oklahoma City is much more likely to be invested in that we will develop into a true national services, but in their personality. In order to UNITY council up to par with exciting be considered a community friendly business, specific tribe than a common cause that councils around the nation. the local consumers expect business to isn’t directly connected with that tribe. Once contribute back to the community through the tribal casinos invest money in things such means of philanthropy or donations to positive as health care, commodities, school grants, • These objectives will help lay the causes in the area. UNITY is an organization housing, and employment, there is often little groundwork for UNITY to grow and that is non-profit and based on preserving money in excess to be granted. establish creditability within the important national Native American heritage. state, becoming the leader of UNITY UNITY promotes growth and well being of future councils. generations which means that this stage of economic growth in the area could correspond directly with an increase of funding.8 9
  7. 7. Creative Strategy Creative Strategy The Product of Service The Problem UNITY is a non-profit organization. Their national headquarters are located in the Oklahoma The core problem that UNITY faces is not being the center of a highly City area. They develop councils throughout Native American youth to network organizations, promote concentrated Native American based area. This is paired with the lack of personal development and leadership. UNITY helps build strong, unified and self-reliant Native funding that has limited UNITY to expand through its entire target market. Americans through numerous leadership involvements. The perception for UNITY does not reflect what the reality of the organization is. It’s not that UNITY is perceived bad, it’s that they are not perceived at all. A strong media push will bring UNITY to the forefront of Oklahoma City’s non-profits and prove to major companies that its perception is on its Positioning Statement way to matching reality. To businesses in the Oklahoma City metro area, UNITY is a non-profit organization focused on self-reliant Native Americans through greater youth involvement. Prospect Definition Our prospect definition is going to be different than your typical list of demographics. Since we are not going for new membership, but company sponsorship; the demographics are extremely wide. Instead of aiming towards one individual we are aiming towards large corporate businesses. The companies BNC aims to target are ones that are deeply embedded in the Oklahoma culture. The Marketing Problem Ones that are committed to investing in the rich heritage of our state and impacting individuals on all different levels of communication. BNC will also look for companies that are respected among all Advertising can solve UNITY’s problems the leading social media website worldwide. members of the metro community. Companies who consistently aim at improving those around them by creating awareness in the Oklahoma The advantage of Facebook’s new timeline and are viewed as problem solvers, not problem makers. City market. Since Oklahoma is UNITY’s is UNITY can tell their story. UNITY has been headquarters, they must increase creditability around for 36 years, and Facebook’s timeline among influential businesses and their target can exhibit and provide creditability to their market. UNITY should raise awareness target market. UNITY will be able to put in because it is essential for providing financial stories of their history. UNITY’s target market Competitive Consumer Benefit Advertising Tone support to local non-profit organizations. can tag themselves on Facebook and be able The primary benefit that businesses can The tone is set to be serious and Joining the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce to communicate with their councils. Facebook take away from connecting with UNITY is the compelling while placing a major emphasis is another key aspect in increasing recognition can keep all councils connected allowing strong investment to an endangered lifestyle that on the heritage of the Native Americans. among business. Having the Chamber of members to communicate freely and frequently our state is based around. Once individuals see In the competitive market of Oklahoma Commerce present at their national Oklahoma with development of Facebook groups. UNITY the link between the two, perception of both City there are very few non-profits that offer City headquarters will add creditability for should update Twitter more frequently with will increase. the heritage that UNITY represents. UNITY UNITY. Word of mouth is crucial in todays news about what is happening within the The main reason to accept the benefit portrays the deep Native American history environment. It is how consumers connect organization. It is quick and easy and will keep above is to observe Oklahomans and see how that Oklahoma is known for and preserves in with each other to become comfortable with a your target market up to date. entangled the Native American culture is with today’s youth. company. our own, such as buffalos on street corners UNITY will be pursuing a large majority downtown, a soon to be built National Museum, Social media is imperative to non- of its competitors’ donors. Currently, UNITY and Native American warrior posed atop profits due to its exponential reach of their has little to no sponsors. This will change in the Capitol. target market. Being social is inexpensive the fiscal year due to being a member of the for the company and the best way to speak Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, updating to your target market directly. Facebook is your social media and developing a youth council in Oklahoma City.10 11
  8. 8. Creative Creative Big idea Poster The major aspect of the entire campaign is to start from the ground and begin to build this company into a household name. By placing the key values of UNITY into the mainstream media, as well as showing the importance of the Indian culture, we will build a brand personality that people will feel compelled to be apart of. It will be an organization that companies want to associate themselves with as well as watching them grow into a competitive non-profit. Tagline Catching Dreams, Building Futures Billboard12 13
  9. 9. Creative Branding Brochure New Logo The brochure will add to UNITY’s creditability and gives a way for potential donors to We made the decision to shift UNITY’s logo from a photo base to a more understand the UNITY core message. There are directions for how to donate on the inside as universal design. The previous logo was busy and hard to read. BNC kept the dream well as directions to UNITY’s social media and the QR video. These brochures will be sent out to catcher theme, but decided to make UNITY the key visual mark. This allows the logo businesses along with the business gifts. They will also be passed out at the festivals UNITY is to be placed on everything such as pens and t-shirts to banners and billboards. It can participating in and available in local art galleries that feature Native American art. also be recognized from far away without any confusion as to what it is. Color: Typeface- Garamond Color- C: 62.5%, M: 71.88%, Y: 65.63%, K: 83.59% Rules- The UNITY logo may be used in the three options given. One in full color, one in black and white, and one inverted black and white. BNC recommends consistently using Black & White: all caps when spelling “UNITY”. This makes it clear that UNITY stands for individual words and creates a more unified image for the brand. Business Cards Inverted Black and White: UNITYUnited Native Indian Tribal Youth Russell Coker Director of Communication cheech@unityinc.org 405-236-280014 15
  10. 10. Broadcast Media QR Code Video Objectives QR Codes will be placed on all • To strategically place ads to acquire the maximum number of business clients while still posters and brochures. In addition maintaining relatively low media costs. they will have QR codes on Facebook, • To completely re-vamp UNITY’s social media experience in order to engage business Twitter, and after every YouTube video. professionals throuh Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, thus increasing brand The QR code will feature a UNITY awareness for virtually no cost. representive talking about the company while pictures of past events flash by. • To establish UNITY as a respected non-profit organization in the Oklahoma City area by Below is a story board illustrated of utilizing billboards, print and specialized events to generate awareness. the video. Strategies • We will allocate a billboard along a high • BNC feels to gain awareness from traffic roadway leading to the Oklahoma City surrounding non-profits, UNITY should take metro. This location is strategically important part in Native American festivals. UNITY because it is a high traffic area for Oklahoma would have an information/selling booth at City professionals and business owners, the Red Earth Festival where it will sell dream particularly because they are leading to catchers that represent “UNITY”. The dream downtown OKC. catchers would be made by the buyer to have the experience and would be a great way to • A strategy that BNC feels is necessary, is start a conversation about UNITY. joining the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce. By doing this, UNITY will add creditability to • UNITY will send potential business donors their company. Connections will be made a basket full of items that represent the easier through the Oklahoma Chamber of organization. The basket will include a novelty Commerce since businesses from OKC area UNITY items such as a t-shirt, pen and attend meetings. dream catcher. • UNITY should utilize social media outlets such • UNITY will develop a Groupon for potential as Facebook and Twitter to better reach our donors to donate through Groupon’s target market and keep them engaged with Grassroots by partnering with Continental more frequent postings. Resources. • In order to reach a broad consumer base, UNITY will place brochures at many local companies that provides a way to instantly donate16 17
  11. 11. Media Social Media All marketers have indicated that social media generated an 88% increase Tactics exposure for their companies. UNITY must remember that no social media account • Billboard- In order to create awareness for UNITY, BNC recommends placing a should exist in a vacuum. Your goal should always be to direct fans, followers, billboards along I-235 southbound between Edmond, OK, and OKC. connections, everyone to your own site. Use your social media accounts as little traffic cops, giving people just enough information to wave them through that • At the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce UNITY will speak at one of their many intersection to arrive at your site. BNC recommends utilizing these social media luncheons. In addition to having a representive from the OKC home office speak, 500 300 UNITY will invite an council president to become involved and help companies see that UNITY is an active organization. million million users users • Brochures- These add to UNITY’s creditability and give a way for potential donors to BNC likes your Facebook presence YouTube should feature videos from understand UNITY’s core message. There will be a page to donate to UNITY directly. now. BNC recommends enhancing all events. This will utilize a visual the Facebook experience by for business to watch. updating your status at least once 500 a week. Councils would interact with each other through Facebook groups. When a company is looking for your Facebook page they will million see councils and have a feel for users what UNITY actual does. Through Twitter you can create a UNITY hash tag, inform council members new ways to give back to 100 the community and other creative ideas! million users LinkedIn is a great way to connect 30 with professionals. After establishing million yourself as a member of The users Greater Oklahoma Chamber of Instagram is a new social media Commerce, you will be able to platform that has photos as your “status network with professionals you meet update.” UNITY will feature photos from there and any other events. events, and councils and promotions. Myspace has shifted towards a more music based social media site and no longer fits UNITY’s needs.18 19
  12. 12. Communication Tools Objectives 510,344.00 • To reach out to potential donors by placing ourselves in highly visible areas. • To involve ourselves in the general talk about non-profits by placing ourselves in the same atmosphere. • To build and maintain previous and future relationships with donors by constantly maintianing a direct link newsletters, thank you notes and gift baskets. • To show that UNITY is not only actively involved but also concerned with the health of community members. Strategies • BNC will participate in public events such as the Red Earth Festival and Paseo Arts • UNITY is planning on hosting a Pow Wow Media Flow Chart Festival. UNITY will host a booth that that will bring Native American culture to the specializes in aquiring email addresses forefront of maintstream executives. It will give for future relationships. This places UNITY an inside look at the activities and customs among the public eye, creating brand performed in traditionsl pow wows as well as awareness. a modern twist to stoke curiosity. • A strategy that BNC feels is necessary, is • BNC recommends that UNITY continues its to send a monthly newsletter to maintain annual golf tournament. This is a great way to relationships with donors. allow corporate executives to combine both their passions and their hobbies. • The Spirit Run is a new aspect that UNITY is going to target. It will be a cross between a traditional 5K and a mud run. This event will host mini events synonamous with Native American Culture.20 21
  13. 13. Relationships Relationships UNITY Gifts to Business Unity will send gift baskets with items representing the organization as a whole to UNITY Business Partnership Recommendations local businesses. These businesses will include Contintental, Lamar, Boeing and many others. The baskets will have a flyer that informs the businesses what the organization is about. These baskets will start a personal relationship between Large Businesses UNITY and local businesses. T-Shirt Promotion Medium Size Businesses For every donation of $25 or more, one will receive a UNITY t-shirt. The shirts will feature the UNITY logo on the front and their sponspors on the back. The sponsporship logos on the back will be UNITY’s way of a thank you and will not cost their sponspors.22 23
  14. 14. Relationships Relationships Associations Monthly Newsletter BNC recommends joining the Greater Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, BNC recommends UNITY send a monthly newsletter to donors and Grant Station, and Oklahoma Center For Non-Profits. Greater Oklahoma youth council members. This newsletter will keep donors updated with what Chamber of Commerce will be a great way to network with business UNITY is doing in the community. Having a direct email newsletter will ensure professionals. Grant Station is a website that lists all grants for non-profits. donors that their money is being put to an active cause. It is important for Oklahoma Center For Non-Profits helps give non-profits creditably and UNITY to share everything that the organizaiton is doing. UNITY will provide discount opportunities. an email sign-up list at every event they are participating in. • 5,000 Businesses are involved • 6,000 Foundations & in the Greater Oklahoma Corporate Giving Chamber of Commerce. Programs. Email Newsletter Header • 30 Types of Support • Over 165 Areas of Interest Thank You Notes A personal connection is key to what UNITY is striving to do. This is why providing thank you cards to all major donors (not M-Give and Groupon) will receive a thank you card appreciating their contribution. Council Membership BNC recommends that UNITY start youth councils in Oklahoma City. Thank You Through our campaign and social media, UNITY will gain the visibility that it needs to gain membership. It is crucial that UNITY gain membership to maintain visibility among the community. It is important for donors to see how their money is being used, and that can only be done if it is used locally through youth councils.24 25
  15. 15. Festivals Events Red Earth Festival The Paseo Arts Festival 5K Spirit Run BNC recommends UNITY placing a The Paseo Arts Festival has over UNITY will host the Spirit Run annually on June 15th. The event location will be booth at the Red Earth Festival in June of 60,000 visitors and is a great way for at K&W Wrecking and Demolition at 4920 SW 134th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73173. 2013. Red Earth is a festival specializing UNITY to connect with the community. The Spirit Run will consist of an Native American themed obstacle course. in Native American culture and is a great BNC recommends having a booth at the Participants will be put through various tasks and challenges such as archery place for UNITY to gain visibility. The 2013 festival. The booth will be located where the participant must shoot a target with a low power recurve bow, the tomahawk booth will provide information about in the kids zone, and UNITY will teach toss, where the runner must hit the target with a prop tomahawk, the rope swing over UNITY’s background as well as the kids how to make dream catchers. A the mud pit, along with other various obstacles. The course will be 3.1 miles in length organization’s National presence. It will represenative from UNITY should be through terrain of dry, wet, slippery, and muddy conditions, but it will be lax enough also go in to UNITY’s future plans as at the Paseo Festival to inform parents to encourage participation among people of all capabilities. The event will cost $40 well as the growth opportunities in the about what UNITY represents. They for pre-registration and $50 the day of. All proceeds will go towards UNITY. Upon Oklahoma City market. will be passing out flyers, brochures to completion of the course, each participant will receive a UNITY t-shirt. All potential UNITY will sell dream catchers donate, and business cards to contact business donors that are receiving gift baskets will receive, with it, their invitation to handmade by UNITY youth council the represenative if needed. The festival the event. BNC also recommends creating a Facebook event page for the Spirit Run. members. BNC recommends the sale would generate buzz and add creditability of dream catchers because of the visual to UNITY. association it will have with the UNITY logo as well as the meaning behind26 27
  16. 16. Events Donations UNITY Pow Wow Groupon BNC suggests that UNITY utilize guerilla marketing tactics in order to generate Groupon is an app that is offered on both the Android and Iphone App platforms buzz and enthusiasm in the Oklahoma City downtown area. Guerilla marketing is a and is commonly used to present coupons from local businesses. Consumers can buy tactical approach to advertising that is unexpected (POW) and unconventional (WOW) these coupons from the app as well as on the website and is primarily based on the aka POW WOW Marketing. This event will take place Saturday April 20th, 2013 at 6 location of the given consumer. Recently Groupon has begun to develop a new type P.M. It shall be held outside the UNITY National Headquarters in downtown Oklahoma of coupon. These coupons are essentially donations to a specific charity. This charity City. Native American dances and songs will be performed in full traditional dress. will go through an application process and overviews by Groupon. Once accepted, Flyers, information, and t-shirts will be available to those that are interested. Donations Groupon presents a $1,000 grant to the chosen charity and allows them to have a will also be expected. This event is targeted to reach an optimal amount of viewers donation coupon on the website as well as the app. This is a great opportunity for in a high traffic area during the evening drive time to produce a substantial amount of UNITY to take advantage of, due to the limited number of non-profits aware of it. It is buzz among the community. also a great way to present your brand in a very cost effective and creative way. UNITY Golf Tournament This past year Unity hosted a golf tournament at Cherokee Hills Golf Club that was very successful. We recommend that Unity continues the event to make it a yearly staple. Golf is viewed as a business outing for most corporate executives. This would be a great opportunity to target these individuals to increase participation. BNC recommends UNITY hold it again in October.28 29
  17. 17. Donations Budget Associations: mGive Oklahoma Center For Non-Profits.............................$100.00 M Give is a digital donation platform that allows individuals to donate from Grant Station................................................................$34.95 virtually all around the world. Its most recent success was with the Red Cross and Greater Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce...............$600.00 the disaster relief effort in the gulf. By using this site on all UNITY’s billboards, posters, brochures, and business cards it will provide a constant source of money Billboards: flow into the organization. 1 Billboard for 5 Months........................................$10,344.00 $1,800/month $1,344 Lineal Festivals: Red Earth Festival...................................................$1,000.00 $500 Booth fee $500 Supplies Paseo Arts Festival....................................................$600.00 $300 Booth fee $300 Supplies Sales Promotion: T-Shirts(1,000).........................................................$2,600.00 Business Gifts............................................................$900.00 100 Dreamcatchers $500.00 2,000 Pens $400.00 Print Brochures(10,000)......................................................$680.46 Posters(500)...............................................................$414.75 Business Cards(4,000)...............................................$380.88 (500 each employee) Thank You Cards(1,000)............................................$104.63 (4x6 front and back) Broadcast Commercial.............................................................$1,000.00 Events Spirit Run................................................................$2,000.00 Pow Wow................................................................$1,000.00 Total: $24,759.67 Golf Tournament........................................................$1,000.00 Total Impressions: 678,42530 31
  18. 18. Evaluation Appendix BNC’s most specific area of observation to evaluate our campaign will be the • http://www.urban.org/publications/412535.html use of our social media outlets. With both Facebook and Twitter Analytics, we will be able to closely monitor our social presence. Using this with the combination • http://www.nptrends.com/nonprofit-trends/5-troubling-nonprofit-statistics.htm of “likes” and “follows” gives us a precise number of new UNITY prospects. • http://bohse.com/images/File/Board_of_Director_Series/Non-Profit_Board_Statistics.pdf UNITY’s 5k Spirit Run will be a little more difficult to evaluate. This will be a • http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2012/tables/12s0583.pdf combination of participants as well as community members coming to watch and support. We will do this by having members of UNITY in the crowd and count and • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/SocialMediaMarketingReport2011.pdf mingle with guests. By adding this as well as race participants will give us a good estimate at how impactful the event was. • Getty Images • Redearth.org BNC proposes UNITY place a strong digital emphasis by doing both Groupon • Lamar.com • Themgivefoundation.org Grassroots as well as an M-Give text-to-donate application. Both of these are very • Uprinting.com • Groupon.com cost effective ways to acquire constant funding as well as an increase in awareness. This will also be very easy to monitor by just viewing the amount of donations raised. • Forimprint.com • Oklahomacenterfornonprofits.com Our billboard, which already has a fairly high media reach, will be highly • Thetshirtland.com • Grantstation.com visible to the public. Being placed on one of the busiest highways in Oklahoma will allow UNITY to reach a large majority of their target. Also on the billboard will be • ThePaseo.com • Okcchamber.com our M-Give text number which will give us additional info about the amount of people reached. Team BN UNITY already has a great idea to host a golf tournament that took place last year. We suggest to continue this and make it a yearly staple. By consistently trying to increase participants and donors this is an excellent way to stay connected to the business community. • Ashley Laws BNC also suggests placing a QR code on all print media. This will direct viewers to UNITY’s Youtube channel and play a video explaining what UNITY does and plans to do. Buy monitoring the views of the Youtube video as well as additional channel • Matt Farthing views UNITY will get a clear image of the QR code impact. • Carly LeMay The Paseo Arts Festival and Red Earth Festival are two events that UNITY must be a part of. We will have T-shirts and dream catchers for sell as well as an e-mail sign up sheet for curious passersby. This e-mail list will give UNITY a strong • Tyler Hall base to send out a monthly news letter informing the public as well as donors of #COMMUNICATIONS upcoming events.32 33