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  1. 1. A person who does weird things, like  stares at you while you sleep, or looks at you for hours through a window. usually a close friend or relative. you know right away if that person is a creeper or does creeper things. it is not hard to spot the creeper.  Someone who views your profile (multiple times) without saying anything.
  2. 2. Older men who hang out in college  clubs and bars and stare at girls half their age and occasionally make obscene gestures and comments.  Usually an unsuspecting party-goer caught lurking (and staring at the camera) in the background of photographs.
  3. 3. A man who is very odd and lurks around  the mall staring at young girls . a creeper can also be a very weird looking man or boy who does not like to socialize but just stays in a corner and stares at people .  People who know stuff about you, but never say anything to you, and just talk smack.
  4. 4. A person and or creature who stalks/ creeps around/follows/  eavesdrops/ harasses/ lurks/ peeps/slinks/ sneaks/prowls/ hangs about/ skulks etc. One who is unwanted by society and then some. They crouch in your bushes and await your departure. They always quote Friends or Will And Grace episodes. They make signs in MJ's vehicle that say HONK IF YOU WANT ON. They shout FLAVORRR FLAVVV out the window, and WHAD IT DO WHITE CHOCOLATE?!?!? They dont really have any other friends but eachother. They like to eat PEACHIE-O'S while watching you shower. Insult lil wayne or circus peanuts, and insult their NON-CHRIST religion.. we no like god. They text eachother whilst sitting in the same car. They scream WHITEWHASH at black ppl, and DENZEL at white ppl. And they both own fishes named LUDAFISH.
  5. 5. someone who takes part in a series of  activities that are usually classified as stalking  Someone one who thinks he is a pimp with the ladies but really just scares them away. Someone who creeps out the honeys.  Not just a word, a way of life.  A person who is creepy and makes you uncomfortable for reasons you can't explain
  6. 6. Michael Jackson, a famous creeper, is also known as the Prince of Pop and an alleged child molester. He is one of the most famous creepers of modern pop culture.
  7. 7. Charles Manson, one of the most famous creepers known to man, is known for conspiring murder and getting his creeper followers, known as the Manson family to kill for him.
  8. 8. Mark David Chapman, a very infamous creeper, is the man who assassinated John Lennon. He is one of the most memorable creepers of the last 50 years. He also portrays the IMAGE of the typical creeper.
  9. 9. Lucas Grabeel, a more recent creeper, is known to be creepy because of his frequent use of Jazz Hands. The use of Jazz Hands, along with his strange taste in fashion indicates that he may one day follow in Michael Jacksons footsteps.
  10. 10. Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, a 15 minutes of fame creeper, has recently become popular for her creepy need to have babies. Many of whom come out retarded. Her facial features also indicate she is more than likely an alien.
  11. 11. Willard, from the movie Willard, is a creeper because he trains rats to do his evil killing. They are his mersinaries and minions, and anyone who has rats as minions is creepy. And Socrates, the white rat, is the main homie, therefore he is a creeper by association.
  12. 12. Tess Kositch, from Single White Female 2, is a creeper because she becomes obsessed with her roommate and tries to kill off her boyfriend and is psycho and insane. She is just a creeper in general.
  13. 13. Nikolai Drake, also known as skunk boy, is a creeper because he allowed this picture to be posted on his Myspace page. And because he looks like a 40 year old child molester. He is also a creeper because he hung out with Heidi Armstead for an entire evening.
  14. 14. Harrison Bryce Miles, a tall puny creeper, is a 20 year old virgin and will probably become a priest in a Catholic Church where he can play butt darts with little boys. He only dates ugly younger girls and he is dumb enough to think crickets can make his car stop. Major Creeper-Code Red.
  15. 15. Ashley O’Neil, she is the mentor of creepers, which therefore makes her a major creeper. She spends her days writing poems about other people creeping. She also sits around and makes pictures of “major creepers” when in reality she is a creeper. She creeps on creepers. Everyday of her life.
  16. 16. Briana O’Neil, the epitome of the female creeper, is a creeper because she not only likes to stalk her male friends, but she also will sit on the computer for hours on end creeping HERSELF and others. She does not deny these allegations, but embraces her creeper way of life with glee. She becomes ridiculously obsessed with men she has never met and will more than likely one day become a serial killer, much like John Wayne Gacy
  17. 17. Martha Sue Corley, another female epitome of a creeper, is a creeper because she knows every detail of everyone’s life via myspace stalking. She also likes to hide behind bushes to jump out at people at their places of work. She openly confesses she is a creeper and embraces her creeper status with pride.
  18. 18. She myspace stalks on She has no problem   regular basis. breaking into unlocked cars in front  She can spot a car in of crowds of people. a crowded lot in 3.5 seconds. One of her favorite  movies is Single White  She’ll sit in a booths at Female. fast food restaurants just hoping for a She is friends with  glimpse of the object Briana, making her a of her creeping. creeper by association.
  19. 19. She writes lovely She puts random   creeper-esque songs people she has just for her creeper met on her homies. Facebook heroes. (Example:Whitley) She calls Nikolai  She embraces her Drake, another  creeper, her “Russian creeper way of Delight.” life, which in turn makes her a major She has stalked  creeper. numerous friends.
  20. 20. Creeper The Scare By Ashley and Briana by Joseph Waith Darkness falls and I still wait, She watched him work and without it's touch I hesitate. laughed out loud I seek the shadows and stay within He did not see her hidden never moving outside the dim. there She looked as he walked out You wont see me but I am there, the door I brush against you, you think it's air. He ran his hand through his brown hair I am made of nothing but hate the light, because it shows me to those with sight. His shift was over for the night Hiding there he still could not I sneak around you in your dreams see I make them nightmares till you scream. Adrenaline pumped through You'll only know me it is clear her veins As she saw him get out his key when I am upon you, I am fear. He was ready to go he I'm the follower of your step. thought The shadow body. Until a noise gave him a fright The one who crept. He turned and looked but I'm the blackness in the night. saw nothing And ran toward the shed at I'm the one who causes you such fright. his right I'm the fear from within. The one who shows you your own sin. She watched him run in and I'm the one who knows your pain, giggled I have seen it all again and again. Covering her mouth she was still He quickly walked out of the When you are sitting all alone, shed I'm the one creeping your bones. and she zeroed in on the kill You'll only know me it is clear when I am upon you, I am fear. He strolled to his car and got in As the headlights came on he saw A girl with blonde hair standing there He screamed until his throat was raw