Making Peace Programme


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June - September 2010
Celebrating the International Peace Bureau\'s 100th year as a Nobel Peace Laureate

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Making Peace Programme

  1. 1. making el nob Prize peace e Peac 0sary 10 r t h ve anni geneva ProvIsIonal Programme june 2010 ◊ makIng Peace Photo exhIBItIon motivating people to make their own contribution to peace. Organised in collaboration with geneva University and the United nations Centenary of the nobel Peace Prize ◊ run for Peace awarded to the an invitation for the whole family to run, walk or bike and discover the reasons International Peace Bureau, why geneva deserves to be called the geneva (1910) Capital City of Peace. an invitation to join our celebration ◊ noBel Peace talk a unique opportunity to meet and debate and help contribute to peace a global cause in the presence of a nobel throughout the world. Peace laureate. ◊ Peace DInner an occasion to wine and dine in the distinguished company of a United nations messenger of Peace. ◊ garDen Party a chance for the public to get to meet with celebrities and people who work for international organisations. Département fédéral des affaires étrangères DFAE
  2. 2. iPB board meeting, Bern 1899. geneva City of PeaCe geneva is an important home to many In 2010 IPB will celebrate its 100th year governmental and non-governmental organi- as a nobel Peace laureate in its own right. sations including the United nations, the thirteen of its leaders, including the swiss International committee of the red cross Élie Ducommun and albert gobat have and also the International Peace Bureau also been recipients of the nobel Peace (IPB) — the world’s oldest peace federation in Prize (a number unequalled by any other existence (est. 1891), with over 300 member organisation). organisations in 70+ countries — who through their efforts in a range of fields including Through Making Peace the iPB would like to disarmament, conflict prevention, peace pay tribute to the immense work that has been education, humanitarian aid, human rights, done by the global peace movement over the environmental protection, and sustainable past century. Despite two World Wars and many development — continue to work for a safer bloody conflicts, there have been significant and more sustainable world. triumphs, such as the ending of the Cold War and the apartheid regime, the banning of landmines and the creation of the international Criminal Court (iCC) — all of which were in large part the result of civil society efforts. making PeaCe / Page 2
  3. 3. exhibition, Quai Wilson, geneva. Photomontage Making PeaCe exhIBItIon The aim of the exhibition is to communicate — Visits by school groups to the exhibition and through photography and accompanying texts other events will be combined with a full in english and French, why the global peace educational syllabus * that teaches students movement is important and how it has shaped about the history of the peace movement; the modern world. Presented along Quai motivating them to make their own contribution Wilson, geneva, the exhibition will also be to peace. freely available for download from the internet site (now reserved), * Organised in collaboration with geneva University, enabling schools everywhere to print and geneva education Dept, Fondation education et Développement (CH), the United nations mount the show in their own country. Cyberschoolbus, Peace Child international (Uk) and the Peace History Society (USa). Possible collaboration with the international network of museums for Peace (inmP), which the geneva-based international Red Cross museum is a member, will facilitate the tour of the original exhibition to other countries, including norway where the nobel Peace Institute, Oslo will hold a special ceremony in tribute to the iPB in September 2010. making PeaCe / Page 3
  4. 4. Usain Bolt, athlete, 100m world record holder. run for Peace inspired by Philip noel-Baker, former Vice- to inaugurate Run for Peace, we intend to President of the iPB and the only person to invite the athlete usain Bolt to come to geneva have ever won an Olympic medal (1920), and a to run ‘100m for Peace’; the exact length of nobel Peace Prize (1959). the photo exhibition along Quai Wilson. This is not a race, but an opportunity for the This event is organised in collaboration with international community and geneva public the City of geneva, Fondation pour genève, (regardless of age) to participate in a Run for Peace and Sport, monaco and the Council for Peace. Following a designated route — the so- Responsible Sport (USa). called geneva Peace trail (l’esprit de genève) originally created to celebrate the centennial of the nobel Prize itself in 2001 ; visiting important historic locations, this family orientated event will allow people to discover the reason why geneva deserves to be called the Capital City of Peace. making PeaCe / Page 4
  5. 5. Palestinian refugee writing on the israeli Security Fence. Photo courtesy of images for Life project. comPlImentary events Organised in partnership with Club Diplomatique de genève (CDg), Foundation for geneva, group agiR, geneva Welcome Centre, mandat international and UniTaR. noBel Peace talk garDen Party a unique opportunity to listen to a nobel Peace Taking place on the same day as Run for laureate (possibly President Barack Obama) Peace, this is a chance for the public to get invited to geneva as part of the Rendez-vous to know the work of international ngO and mondiaux de genève (geneva Lecture Series) igO organisations : meet representatives and exchange information about ongoing campaigns. Peace DInner Taking place after the nobel Peace Talk, will be guIDe to Peace the Peace Dinner, attended by invited local and For mark this historic occasion we propose international guests including representatives to publish an exhibition catalogue or guide of Heads of State and a United nations to Peace, which would include all photos and messenger of Peace such as the actor michael text from the exhibition including the history Douglas. of geneva as a City for Peace and important information relating to the global peace movement. making PeaCe / Page 5
  6. 6. michael Douglas, actor and United nations messenger of Peace. guest of honour award-winning actor and producer michael “We still have a long distance to go in order to Douglas was appointed a United nations achieve the lasting peace we inherently owe messenger of Peace by Secretary-general kofi each other as inhabitants of this planet.” annan in 1998. Michael Douglas, as a messenger of Peace, he has focused his Un messenger of Peace advocacy on disarmament, including nuclear non-proliferation and stemming the spread of small arms, as well as on human rights. The iPB intends to invite mr. Douglas to officially open making Peace in geneva. making PeaCe / Page 6
  7. 7. BuDget Plan ◊ Nobel peace Talk 240’000 .- ◊ peace Dinner 200’000 .- ◊ Run for peace ◊ Run for peace 160’000 .- ◊ Garden party ◊ Garden party 120’000 .- ◊ exhibition ◊ exhibition ◊ exhibition catalogue catalogue catalogue 80’000 .- ◊ educational ◊ educational ◊ educational ◊ educational syllabus syllabus syllabus syllabus 40’000 .- ◊ Making peace ◊ Making peace ◊ Making peace ◊ Making peace ◊ Making peace exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition (& internet site) (& internet site) (& internet site) (& internet site) (& internet site) cHF 80’000.- 125’000.- 175’000.- 250’000.- N.A. sPonsorIng levels Peace Friend 15’000.- CHF Peace Runner 30’000.- CHF Peace Parent 50’000.- CHF Peace Promoter 80’000.- CHF making PeaCe / Page 7
  8. 8. Peaceful demonstration against the Vietnam War. Washington D.C.1967. Photo : marc Ribaud. “We sincerely hope that the Making Peace programme will inspire ordinary people to make a contribution to peace, however large or small, whether in Switzerland, Angola, Afghanistan or elsewhere”. Tomas Magnusson, iPB President InternatIonal Peace Bureau COnTaCT : 41, Rue de Zurich mr colin archer 1201 geneva iPB general Secretary Switzerland T +41-22-731-6429 F +41-22-738-9419 mr ashley Woods Project manager T +33-676-499-840 making PeaCe / Page 8