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ICT for Meaningful Learnin - Session01a
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ICT for Meaningful Learnin - Session01a


Main PPT file for activities. Instructions and resources at http://ict-course.pbworks.com

Main PPT file for activities. Instructions and resources at http://ict-course.pbworks.com

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  • Key points:Top-Down Approach by MOE in 1997Infrastructure – Provision of school-wide networks, and computers for pupils and laptops for teachersTeacher Preparation – Basic Skills (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and integrationSoftware: Acquired by MOE and sent to schoolsSupport: Engaged Industry to provide technical support Approach: One-size-fits-all
  • Based on ICT Connection website, the key ICT in Education priorities are: 1. Set baseline standards for pupils’ learning experiences, teachers’ ICT integration practices, IT HODs’ ICT planning practices, and for ICT infrastructure requirements and digital resources, to ensure that all schools achieve a baseline level of ICT use. 2. Fully support schools that are ready to achieve higher levels of ICT use in education by introducing more recognition schemes and conducting further research on developing and prototyping pedagogical models. 3. Develop schools' capacity within the framework of autonomy to take full ownership of their schools’ ICT implementation. 4. Strengthen the integration of ICT in the curriculum and assessment by focusing on areas of strategic importance and needs and developing partnership models to resource the schools. Additional points:MP II consolidated and built on the achievements of the first Masterplan, and Continued to provide the overall direction on how schools could harness the possibilities offered by IT for learning. 3. Approach – Mass customisation


  • 1. Before we begin…
    Attendance: Sign in!
    Update your particulars
    Prepare a large name tag
    Browse wiki: http://ict-course.pbworks.com
  • 2. Session overview
    Course introduction
    Introduction to the key dimensions of meaningful learning
    Overview of MOE ICT Masterplans
  • 3. Course objectives
    To evaluate the potential of ICT tools
    To build competencies in the use of specific ICT tools
    To prepare you for implementing ICT-based meaningful learning activities in your classrooms
  • 4. Course overview
    See course wiki
  • 5. Hands on
    Edit your personal wiki page
    Check email to set up your account first
    Edit a shared online mind map
    Check email for invitation
    Read course admin (see next slide)
  • 6. Course admin
    Read at your own pace
    Also refer to course outline in the wiki for details
    There will be an online quiz next session!
  • 7. Activity 1 (10 min)
    What kind of learning is meaningful to youth today?
    Compare it with a learning experience that was meaningful to you. What makes a learning experience meaningful to you?
  • 8. Activity 1 (10 min)
    What counts as meaningful learning and to whom?
    Take notes in your wiki page
    Class discussion
  • 9. Dimensions of meaningful learning
    Meaningful learning typically entails:
    Use of real-world contexts
    Engagement of students’ prior knowledge
    Learning by doing
    Self-directed learning
    Collaborative learning
  • 10. Activity 2
    How has ICT been used meaningfully for teaching and learning in Singapore?
    Collect data and report it in your group blog
  • 11. ICT for meaningful learning?
  • 12. Activity 3 (15 min)
    Watch the MOE video entitled “Gearing up for the Future”
    Summarise the main goals of ICT Masterplans 1 and 2
  • 13. Masterplan 1 (1997-2002)
    The goals of mp1
    • Enhance linkages between the school and the world around it
    • 14. Generate innovative processes in education
    • 15. Enhance creative thinking, lifelong learning and social responsibility
    • 16. Promote administrative and management excellence in the education system
    • 17. Source
  • Masterplan 2 (2003-2008)
    Six intended outcomes for mp2:
    Students use ICT effectively for active learning
    Connections between curriculum, instruction and assessment are enhanced using ICT
    Teachers use ICT effectively for professional and personal growth
    Schools have the capacity and capability in using ICT for school improvement
    There is active research in ICT in education
    There is an infrastructure that supports widespread and effective use of ICT
  • 18. Masterplan 3 (2009 – 2014)
    Students possess competencies for self-directed and collaborative learning through the effective use of ICT
    Teachers have the capacity to tailor and deliver ICT-enabled learning experiences for students to develop these competencies
    School leaders provide the direction and create the conditions to harness ICT for teaching and learning
    Infrastructure of ICT supports teaching and learning anywhere, anytime
  • 19. References
    Jonassen, D., Howland, J., Marra, R., & Crismond, D. (2008). What is meaningful learning? In D. Jonassen, Howland, J., Marra, R.M., & Crismond, D. Meaningful learning with technology (3rd ed.) (pp.1-12). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.
    Ministry of Education (2010). Our ICT Masterplan journey. Retrieved from http://ictconnection.edumall.sg/cos/o.x?c=/ictconnection/pagetree&func=view&rid=664
    Teo, Y.H., & Ting, B.H. (2010). Singapore education ICT masterplans (1997-2014). In C.S. Chai, & Q.Y. Wang (Eds), ICT for self-directed and collaborative learning (pp. 2-14). Singapore: Pearson Education South Asia.
  • 20. Reminders
    Next session
    Group blogs to be ready; individual KWLQ reflections
    Have some data on school-based ICT use
    Online quiz
    Complete short survey
    Class photo!