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  • 1. Online Learning Module By: Ashley Sroczynski
  • 2. PBS Kids Play! This is an online learning module that allows each student to learn at his/her own pace.
  • 3. The Curriculum Students will be taught the following curriculum throughout the program:  Creativity—art, dramatic play, imagination, music, problem solving  Healthy Development—emotional development, self care, safety  Language—listening, comprehending, sentence formation, vocabulary, introduction to other languages
  • 4. The Curriculum, continued  Literacy—reading, letters, phonic skills, rhyming words, spelling  Math—addition and subtraction, geometry, numbers, patterns, classification, measurement  Science—earth and science, inquiry skills, life science, seasons, weather, properties  Social Studies—history, maps and directions, rules, environment
  • 5. 21st Century Learning The curriculum brings important 21st Century skills to the students:  Creativity  Critical thinking  Technology
  • 6. Benefits Each student can be progress monitored There are three levels (easy through hard)  Students do not move up in level until they have passed the easier level Activity Search  Teachers can select which activities students will do  The search breaks down by curriculum category such as math, language, etc.
  • 7. Benefits, continued PBS Kids Play! can be used as part of the daily curriculum.  Itis an additional learning tool that will help students to learn specific concepts.
  • 8. PBS Kids Play! http://www.pbskidsplay.org/ The video on the website gives a detailed view of the online learning module