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Chris Barger Social Media Presentation






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  • With the exception of being on a panel, never spoke to PRSA-Detroit in a formal capacity – very fun! Thanks to Nuria for suggesting we speak and then helping us put the presentation together. Been doing this for 4 months – love it! Learned a lot, especially during this tumultuous time for GM, the auto industry, and the global economy. Mary: Why we are good at this VS marketers – if we’re good at media relations, we’re good at engagement and dialogue, this is with consumers, essentially eliminating our gatekeepers Fascinating time to be practicing public relations, we’re in the midst of a new era of engagement Learned a lot from Christopher – GM is fortunate to have him leading our SM efforts
  • In Nielsen Online’s latest study, 66.8% of Internet users have used social networks , while only 65.1% have used email. YouTube : In March 2009, YouTube reached 100 million monthly viewers in the US. 6.3 billion videos were viewed on the site. According to some calculations, YouTube will serve 75 billion video streams to 375 million unique visitors in 2009. Facebook : Facebook grew from 100 million to 200 million users in less than 8 months; it took only 6 months to achieve 300 million users. Its traffic has grown immensely in one year’s period, especially in Europe where it grew 314%. According to comScore, it has grown a staggering 2,721% in Italy from February 2008 to February 2009. In other European countries, its growth was also immense: 999% in Spain, 607% in Belgium, 518% in France, 499% in Switzerland. Twitter : Twitter grew 76.8 percent just from February 2009 to March 2009. Its yearly growth rate is 1,382 percent. According to Nielsen, Twitter currently has 7 million unique monthly visitors. If it keeps growing at this rate, it’ll have nearly 100 million visitors same time next year
  • This chart highlights some of the changes taking place as a result of these shifts. Most important of these is the shift in the role of communications from “publisher” or messenger to that of an enabler or influencer. The reality is, if you are a communications professional, you no longer have control of the message. It used to be that all communication with the outside world occurred through corporate or divisional communications teams; today, much of the interaction between GM and outside audiences occurs through our non-communications colleagues, through their blogs, podcasts, or other use of media. So your role is far less often to refine the official message, choose the vehicles for its distribution, and manage its conveyance to those vehicles. Rather, your role is to get the right information to your fellow IBMers so that they can engage with outside audiences in a well-informed and accurate way. We hope to influence the thinking of our colleagues and convince them of the corporate message, rather than simply informing them of the position and acting as the authoritative voice.
  • iphone app - 33,185 downloads and 316,307 story reads
  • Our goal during this time was to hold the mic for as long as we could – that included using SM to its fullest We had nothing to lose and everything to gain – we were as transparent and open as possible Some thought it was good, some thought we were saying too much – we were used to being beat up so why not? Opportunity to change perceptions one person at a time – it’s clearly micro targeting to the very person Went from being on Twitter – to using it -- to posting on Facebook Biggest win was that Fritz Henderson – who’s only 50 was completely behind our effort Understands significance of SM and potential – has completely embraced it
  • Christopher
  • Christopher
  • Christopher

Chris Barger Social Media Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Changing Channels: The Rise of the Social Web & What It Means For Business Christopher Barger Director, Social Media, General Motors @cbarger University of Tampa September 22, 2009
  • 2. Agenda
    • Why the focus on the social web?
    • What’s it really all about?
    • One company’s efforts in action
    • What you should be thinking about/what you can do
    • Who to watch
    • Q&A (both ways, by the way)
  • 3. The Social Web: Pop Culture
  • 4. The social web: global politics
  • 5. The social web: Business
  • 6. The social web: $$$ !
  • 7. Social media is not really about technology
    • “ It's a story about community and
    • collaboration on a scale never
    • seen before. It's about the
    • cosmic compendium of knowledge
    • Wikipedia and the million-channel
    • people's network YouTube and the
    • online metropolis MySpace. It's about
    • the many wresting power from the
    • few and helping one another for
    • nothing and how that will not only
    • change the world, but also change
    • the way the world changes.”
  • 8. The new communications paradigm Mass Media Social Media Audience Mass Niche Economics High cost Low cost Engagement Passive Active Voice Corporate Individual Publisher Professional Self-publishing Authority Corporate Peer Marketing Sales Relationships Communications Publisher Enabler
  • 9.
    • Projections are that more than half of all U.S. households will have DVRs by 2010.
    • "I bought XM radio because I wanted something that wasn't clogged with commercials," said Alfred Lupercio of Chesterfield Township. "But now there seem to be more and more and I figure it's not worth the money.“
    • As of September 9, 2009, more than 220 million iPods had been sold worldwide.
    A growing backlash
  • 10. The backlash extends to PR, too
  • 11. It’s about trust
    • 58% believe what a “person like me” says about a company or organization
    • 63% of those 25-34 are “likely to share opinions and experiences about companies they trust or distrust online.”
    • 78% of those 35-64 are “likely to trust what they have seen, read or heard about a company if someone they know has already mentioned it to them.
    Source: Edelman Trust Barometer, 2008
  • 12. Consumer vs. Traditional Media “ Professional” vs. “Amateur” – Who’s objective? “ Professional” vs. “Amateur:” Who’s credible? “ Professional” vs. “Amateur:” Who’s accurate?
  • 13. The environment has changed “Influence the Influencers”
  • 14. GM Social Media Team: Philosophy
    • The GM Social Media team is responsible for reaching new audiences, bloggers and other key influencers that live in the online world. We continue to educate communications and marketing colleagues throughout the globe on the importance of social media, how to embrace it, and how to engage in conversations that are taking place online.
    • GM’s approach to Social Media
    • Empower all employees to become active in Social Media
    • Brand vs. Individual balanced approach
    • Immerse and disperse
  • 15. GM Social Media: History
    • “ FastLane” blog launched January 2005
    • Gmblogs Flickr photostream launched May 2006
    • “ FYI” blog launched June 2006
    • First official YouTube channel (gmblogs) launched September 2006
    • Blogger relations function established early 2007
    • Facebook presence established (via group interactions, pages, widgets) July 2007
    • Twitter (@gmblogs) established January 2008
    • iPhone application: GM Mobile News launched January 2009
  • 16. Social Media Engagement (June 1-5)
    • Created extended Social Media team to engage GM Communications team to support communication efforts
      • Represented at least one member from Brands, Regions, Manufacturing, Marketing, Product Planning, Technology, Finance, Corporate, Policy and Design
    • Live “Tweeting” from GM Communications team during executive broadcast interviews, sales call, press conferences and congressional hearings
    • Rapid Response engagement via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and influential blogs
    • Fastlane posts from Fritz Henderson
    • Live chats with Ray Young (Twitter) and Fritz Henderson (Fastlane)
    • NPR Planet Money Podcast with Ray Young
    • gmreinvention.com was built to include social network sharing tools
  • 17. Results
    • Making use of the @GMBlogs Twitter account, members of the social media team responded to more than 1,000 questions, comments and concerns that week.
    • The team also live-Tweeted press conferences and media calls that would have been otherwise unheard by the Twitter community.
    • Ability to clarify rumors and hearsay before on-line “forest fires” spread
    • Communication employees on twitter collectively have more than 30,000 followers.
    • Overall, the community was impressed with GM’s use of Twitter to communicate news during a corporate communications crisis. Several local news outlets published the GM Twitter badge on their own web sites during the announcements. Notable comments:
        • Live from New York! It's our bankruptcy proceedings twitter feed! GM breaks new territory into corporate lifecasting with @GMBlogs -@JonnyWon
        • @GMblogs is on fire today. Not a plug, but in the olden days, a company would be hiding in cave on a day like 2day -@APAutoWriter
  • 18. Hands on Engagement
    • Product and Technology showcase: Consumer Day 1
      • Invited 100 consumers, influencers and bloggers to experience GM “Hands On”
      • Trip included exclusive tour of GM Design showcasing forthcoming products and concepts, PPO build shop to witness Chevy Volt production, full product ride and drive at Milford Proving Grounds and TweetUp
      • Guests were encouraged to share their experience throughout the program
        • @GMBlogs RT’ed comments, photos and links to guest’s blogs
        • Posted comments to personal and corporate Facebook pages
        • Created photostream feed to share photos taken throughout the tour
  • 19. Hands on Engagement “ After this event it is safe to say, I can say I feel GM has a real future and great product in the pipeline” – Joelfeder.com “ Lo and behold, GM has jumped into the ring with a new project called The Lab and it seems to be a solid first step in engaging designer and customer in a productive, conversational way. This marks a turning point  in the use of social media as a truly two-way street into and out of automotive companies outside of the PR department” – Downsideupdesign.com @ Stephanieclick There are not enough good things to say about yesterday's event. So grateful that I was invited. Trying to process all that I saw!
  • 20. Listening to consumers “ Michaelbanovsky: Sweet! #GM actually listened for once! Now I know I talked to #fritz about the #G8… http://tr.im/wHpq ” Nsap: is impressed GM is listening when it comes to product...good for them! Keep it up!! @gmblogs @bpgjim @cbarger”
  • 21. Portfolio Event Results: Product
    • “ It's also clear that GM spent a lot of time and care designing the interior of the Enclave… Fit and finish are light years ahead of past GM vehicles.”
    • The new [Cadillac] CTS is probably the best conceived and executed GM product that I have ever had the privilege of experiencing… The first generation CTS started to change minds, this second generation model is going to win hearts.”
    • “ Search... I mean, search , for another automotive blog where a young import-loving guy posts twice in one afternoon; consecutively; where the titles both feature the name Buick… And we ain't joking around. Nor does the joke start at the next sentence: The Enclave is good.
    • “ While GM cars are unmistakably American, it turns out that the meaning of that word is changing. I noticed a maturing and a refinement of design that (while a little slow in coming), feels like a breath of fresh air. GM certainly needs some of that these days.”
  • 22. Effect of outreach on brand reputation
    • “ Kudos to you General Motors, for realizing and respecting the reach of the Internet and the influence of women in the blogosphere.”
    • “ This is what really impressed me - here we were with all of these major executives from this huge automotive company, and yet they were sitting there talking to us, interested in what we had to say, asking us what we thought of the cars, what we thought of the whole trip - everyone was friendly and approachable. It tells me that GM really cares about what people think about their cars, and I like that.”
    • “ In the end I was impressed with [Chevy’s general manager]’s willingness to come meet with us bloggers… the fact that he was there and listening counted for a lot. I didn't agree with every answer, but I was glad to have the opportunity to ask the questions.”
    • “ The best part was the realization GM has come to: the internet matters, bloggers matter, and they're representative of the marketplace. We were listened to and taken seriously. We were asked questions, too!”
  • 23. Effects of outreach on GM Brand Reputation
    • “ First, credit where credit’s due: GM is one of the few major public corporations (and the first I’ve seen in the auto industry) to realize that social media, and the blogosphere in particular, doesn’t take kindly to being treated like any old marketing mechanism. On-message spin doesn’t work online because bloggers are people who take pride in peering through the fog, and distilling information for their readers… They managed to hire people who realize that success in the blogosphere is about having an honest conversation, good or bad, and that admitting mistakes builds trust with consumers.”
  • 24. Manic Mommies Escape Weekend Results
    • Before the Escape, would you have considered purchasing a GM vehicle?
      • YES: 34.6%
      • NO: 65.4%
    • Has your perception of GM changed since the Escape:
      • YES: 73.1%
      • NO: 26.9%
    • 3. Would you now consider purchasing a GM vehicle?
      • Yes 92.3%
      • No 7.7%
  • 25. The bottom line
    • Relevancy in the social web is earned , not bought
    We now work in a trust economy Businesses and organizations no longer automatically relevant; peers are To be effective, you must broaden your scope, your audiences, and your mind
  • 26. The bottom line: Get ready
    • If you’re not out there, get out there
    • Shift your focus to engagement, not numbers
    • Avoid “gurus”
    • Recognize that ROI is indirect
    • No such thing as “creating viral”
    • Don’t overfocus on the tools or technology; remember that people and trust are the core
    • Be strategic; don’t just create media to be “out there”
    • Would you read/listen/watch/care if you didn’t work here?
  • 27. Where Can you find us? http://facebook.com/generalmotors http://facebook.com/chevrolet http://facebook.com/chevycamaro http://facebook.com/chevyvolt http://facebook.com/cadillac http://facebook.com/buick http://facebook.com/GMC http://facebook.com/OnStar http://www.fastlane.gmblogs.com http://thelab.gmblogs.com http://www.fyi.gmblogs.com http://www.cadillac.gmblogs.com www.onstarconnections.com www.chevroletvoltage.com http://gmreinvention.com http://www.facesofGM.com www.youtube.com/gmblogs www.youtube.com/chevroletvehicles www.youtube.com/mycadillacstory www.youtube.com/buickvehicles www.youtube.com/igotshotgun www.youtube.com/gmcertifiedused @gmblogs @cbarger @maryhenige @wendyrclark @connieburke @annalisabluhm @nuriabaldello