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  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
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  • Companies are often most successful when the campaign to runs for a specific timeframe (e.g. six weeks); also has a campaign goal se; can be structured as a inter-office competition; and has a matching gift - through a corporate contribution
  • MikeTo be donor centric – you have to understand who your donors are, how they come to you and how the want to interact with you
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  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
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  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
  • ***Content from HJC presentation***
  • The recipients were sent to an epetition directed at key Parliamentarians who were on the Committee that reviewed the bill.Note some important aspects to the petition:#1 phone number – we asked. Does this suppress signatures? That’s a debate. We make it a non-mandatory field – and find that about 30% fill it out anyway. It’s worth it#2 counter - why? “social proof”. participants see that 1000s are doing this#3 comments – these are streamed – they build momentum and act as examples – they give participants the confidence to write their own words#4 subscribe – this builds a list for e-cultivation – you can’t use your big list all the time – this filters out the best activists for higher touch cultivation#5 more info – a minor link so as not to distract, but important for legitimacy to show the depth of research/legitimacy of actionother – use of photo, clear action statement, target is obvious, message is clear, opportunity to add personal comments, required fields clearly indicated, link to more comments to increase comfort level of participants3 weeks later, on November 1st, there were 2792 signatureshttp://www.amnesty.ca/urgentappeal/2009/CorpAcct/
  • Of all petition-signers, we discovered there were four main segments within the data: -people who only signed the petition, which made up the bulk of the list-people who had also received an on-line newsletter, -those who were once a single-gift donor, and -lapsed monthly donors. Not surprisingly, the lapsed monthly donors had the highest response rate at 18.5 % followed by deep lapsed donors at 11%. Petition signers responded at 7.6% and the people who had also received an e-newsletter had a 9% monthly donor rate.
  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
  • To review, Michael described the five most impactful areas that a CRM can assist with. Proper identification of supporters, multi channel marketing efforts, offering easy ways for those supporters to become part of your organization, (Acquisition), Addressing the needs of supporters so they return, (Cultivation), and measure your effectiveness (Evaluate).
  • I know this is a basic diagram and defiantly doesn't have enough words on it, so let me streamline this information. I am a fan of reading the Harvard Business Review and I happened to run across an article that really stuck out to me. It was called Branding in The Digital Age, David C. Edelman, 10/2010. This article referenced a study called the Consumer Decision Journey, It looked rather simple but was quite similar to what we all do on the phone here. The Consumer being the Supporter. The article discussed studying 20,000 consumers purchase trends. The points that most related to the fundraising world were that the decision points of a supporter have changed and now meeting them on their level at each point on the life cycle is extremely important. Retention is highlighted in red because its more effective to retain supporters and supporters expect to stay engaged through various types of media, most recently social media.Was recently viewed a seminar that had an old friend of mine Shad Ali, and some of the statistics presented made me realize how much opportunity there is for Canadian non profits in this donor life cycle. The data was based on a study done by Ipsos Reid and AFP. - 7 out of 10 Canadianshave made a financial donation in the last 12 months. - Preferred contact frequency is 1 time or less per year, means that identifying the message and the marketing touch is extremely important - 60% research your company prior to donations for an offline donation, Acquisition and cultivation points are the face of your organization and online is the primary starting point. - Canadians were most interested in understanding the positive impact, over being thanked. As a cultivation point, ensuring that you are describing clearly how that donation impacts is extremely important. - Giving is shifting from larger onetime gifts over $1,000 to more recurring gifts in a lower amount, means measuring your success will help you understand how to focus back to the Identification pillar.
  • Describe why and tee up examples.A 360 degree view of the donor relationship and all activity improves understanding and enables excellent stewardshipAdd new donors to the prospect pool through improved integration with online and offline channels and by capturing program participantsExecute strategies informed by donor behavior to deliver the right message at the right time to the right personAmplify major, planned, and corporate alliances with research and moves management tools in the same solution
  • Improve insight to into donor behaviors through research, we do this in a few ways. There are reports within the system to help you segment your targets and as we discussed before there is a built in service to the package that helps build a relationship path for that person.It will help you identify those major givers and planned giversAnd as you add data to the system you then can update the information to ensure you have the latest information, April of 2012, you can run it over and over….big event run the sore.
  • AE/USSWhen looking at the results of the analytics, Blackbaud will categorize them in 4 buckets. You can see some of the benefits written there on the left, but I always like to see this in action. For further explanation around this topic, I am going to pass this along to my colleague.
  • Dashboards have brand new panels just for Giving ScoreThis panel gives you a breakdown of you Giving Score run. You can configure it to show which run you would like to see. It defaults to the last time the database was run.This panel shows you all your Giving Score Queries. You can access them and even add new queries right from here.This panel lets you breakdown your scored database by constituency. The example shows how all the Board Members are scored in the system. This panel too can be configured to accommodate any constituency the user wishes.
  • Within this list you can… Add/Remove single or groups of constituents to the listFilter the list using a specialized query UIChange a constituent's Giving ScoreAssign a constituent a solicitor Access each constituent’s Giving HistoryRun a constituent through WeathPoint or View their WealthPoint dataView/manage each constituent’s actionsView/manage each constituent’s notesOpen a constituent’s full record …without ever having to leave the listWhat you are looking at is a new pattern affectionately called the “list view” . The essence of it is: a list of individuals you can add and remove from at will. You can save it, name it, print it, export it and use it anywhere a query can be used in RE7 (e.g. reports, global changes, mailings, export, etc…)This feature makes the Giving Score unique to the standard “list view” pattern (which we’ll see a little later). This is a special set of filters that can applied to the list. We will preload some filters we think Major Gift Officers may like to start with such as Total Giving and Constituency Code. They will have the ability to Edit the parameters of the filter using the Edit link and if they need to Add or Remove filters themselves, they can click the respective button available to the right.Add to List allows the user to add either a single constituent to the list or a group of constituents to the list (based on a query). Remove from list does the exact same thing except removes from the list. Note: Lists automatically suppress duplicates, so no person can be added more than once to a list.4/5. These two areas work in tandem with each other. (4) This area is the lists of constituents that are in this Giving Score query. As you click on each row, you get a summary of information in the panel to the right (5). 6. Shows recent notes7. Shows recent actions8. Shows giving history
  • AEDon’t Forget Social, communicate based on their preference increased likely hood of engagement and response.
  • AEFor the past five years, Target Analytics has organized and led donorCentrics benchmarking groups for large nonprofit organizationswith a particular focus on online giving and how online donors are integrated into a traditional direct marketing program.The results show that although direct mail remains the dominant channel for new donor acquisitions, it has become increasingly common fornew donors to give their first gift online.There are all kinds of research around the donors online, like they are younger, their house hold incomes are higher, in aggregate they have much higher cumulative value over the long term than traditional mail-acquired. But the most striking to me was, that in a multi channel format, those acquired online but also give offline Donors over a 4 year period give more. This speaks to the importance of on and offline efforts.If you are interested in viewing that study, please take my email address down at the end of the presentation and I am happy to forward you along the link.I am not going to pass it to my colleague Jay to explain more in detail.Source: 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report
  • Let me show you some examples
  • USSDescribe why and tee up examples.Making it easy for the supporter to engage, learn more about you, without pulling out their credit card, understand more about your impact before donating, ways you can accomplish this are:
  • USSDescribe example
  • USSDescribe example
  • USSDescribe example
  • USSIndicate that it moves beyond just donations online, we offer all types of events.
  • M
  • Themes:Don’t be afraid to ask.Leverage all of the info you have in your database.Ask what that person is comfortable with
  • Explain email example of cultivationAlso mention that Direct mail, describing what you are doing with your gift is important. Publish that information clearly on their website.
  • Explain how to leverage these benchmark results to better understand how to cultivate.
  • Adds to the Cultivation and Acquisition Pillars #3 #4
  • Blackbaud offers a mobile experience for both supporters/donors and staff.- Supporters/Donors access a mobile-optimized version of your website- Staff accessed an optimized version of The Raiser’s Edge on their mobile device.
  • Data PortabilityOptimized presentation of constituent information for smartphoneUp-to-date information for constituent profiles—no more printing static copiesAccess recent gift dataNo more lugging around binders or laptopsAdd constituents as Favorites for offline access Leverage native smartphone functions like click-to-call, mapping, email, textEase of UpdateMeets users where they are used to workingAdd/edit notes and call reports on the road—right into the constituent recordComplete your assigned actions and add new actionsConstituent RecordEasy to read contact informationEmail, call or text right from the constituent recordSee Details, Giving, Notes, Actions, Relationships
  • M
  • AE
  • AEThe Raiser’s Edge(i) uses easy to use dashboards to tell you which efforts are working and which ones aren’t.The Raiser’s Edge(i) also comes with a library of pre-built analytical reports, queries and filters to let you drill-down into the details.
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  • AEGifts going up, number of gift going down, just an exercise to see where the market is headed.
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  • CloseE-mail questions.
  • Hjc bb seminar - blackbaud presentation vancouver draft one sept 6 2012

    1. 1. HOW DATABASE EXCELLENCE CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM THE PACK with guest speaker Michael Johnston Craig White Manager, Blackbaud Canada9/20/2012 The Raiser‟s Edge(i) 1
    2. 2. Take our survey at the end of http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X5T9BRP the session! At the end of the session, we‟ll ask you to go online and fill out our integration survey. We‟ll select 1 WINNER to receive complimentary 1-hour CRM fundraising consulting session http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X5T9BRP9/20/2012 2
    3. 3. THE FUTURE, AND CURRENT, DONOR Hyper- Customized Ego- Tribute Hyper- adventure Workplacephilanthropy Mania choice giving giving The need toFeeling the tell the world Feeling The lastneed to be The death of about your young and opportunity their own unrestricted parents and having fun in the 21stfundraising giving friends and while giving century? brand family 9/20/2012 Proprietary & Confidential Slide 39/20/2012 3
    5. 5. 9/20/2012 5
    6. 6. • How boomers act – compared to civics and how this makes sense for online social network fundraising…9/20/2012 6
    7. 7. 9/20/2012 7
    8. 8. 9/20/2012 8
    9. 9. PEER TO PEER AND MILESTONE GIVING9/20/2012 Meghan Solomon 9
    11. 11. 78 million boomers in the US are beginning to retire… one survey found ½ want to have a positive social impact*…why not give them something to do… * NYTimes, Nicolas Kristof9/20/2012 11
    12. 12. As one boomer says on helping charities: “It wasn‟t a matter of being a Mother Teresa. It was a matter of, „Boy, that sounds like fun!”… * NYTimes, Nicolas Kristof9/20/2012 12
    13. 13. STRETCH GOALS… 9/20/2012 Proprietary & Confidential Slide 139/20/2012 13
    14. 14. STRETCH GOALS…9/20/2012 Meghan Solomon 14
    17. 17. 9/20/2012 17
    18. 18. Automated counter – demonstrates impact Matching giftcomponent 9/20/2012 18
    19. 19. Your own personalcampaign page –celebratesyour work and your staff! 9/20/2012 19
    20. 20. Depts &Individuals can create their ownfundraising webpagesNothing like some friendlycompetition! 9/20/2012 20
    21. 21. THE BEGINNING OF A REDEFINITION OF A ‘PHYSICAL, CATCHMENT, COMMUNITY BASED FUNDRAISING… Cost to acquire a monthly donor ($17/month) is currently standing at 14-16 month breakeven It has a chance to increase their annual campaign database by 3000%.9/20/2012 21
    22. 22. NEW WAYS TO GET COMMUNITY SUPPORT...9/20/2012 22
    23. 23. 9/20/2012 23
    24. 24. CANADIAN GENERATIONAL GIVING $1,000 65+ year old $900 $800 Average Annual Giving $700 47-65 year old $600 $500 20-30 year old $400 $300 $200 31-46 year old $100 $- 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Percent Giving9/20/2012 Meghan Solomon 24
    26. 26. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL DEMAND FOR BETTER CRM ABILITY… Renewal In a Vertically Donor chronological Development customer contact flow Acquisition Theme Messaging Style Horizontally9/20/2012 26
    27. 27. INTEGRATION TO GROW YOUR PYRAMID Wills Major Monthly Wills Major Monthly One-off One-off Prospect Prospects9/20/2012 27
    28. 28. ONLINE – PLANNED GIFTS AND MAJOR GIFTS… A recent online survey found9/20/2012 28
    29. 29. CRM IMPACT TASK ONE: THE DATA9/20/2012 29
    30. 30. THE FIRST TRIUMVIRATE9/20/2012 Meghan Solomon 30
    31. 31. THE FUNDRAISING TRIUMVIRATE RFM Propensity Self- Modeling and Identification Wealth Surveys Screening9/20/2012 Meghan Solomon 31
    32. 32. A FOURTH? CLM9/20/2012 Meghan Solomon 32
    33. 33. ACCESSING ALL DATA SOURCES ON YOUR MOBILE…9/20/2012 Meghan Solomon 33
    34. 34. How RE can help you find the best way to categorize and act in an integrated fundraising manner e.g. manually assigning a giving score RE Screen with the VIP Giving Score at the bottom9/20/2012 34
    36. 36. HOLIDAY 2011 CAMPAIGN The campaign featured a landing page, which displayed “messages of hope”, left by constituents when they were making donations. The landing page also featured a video with a brief explanation of what the BC Cancer Foundation is, a campaign thermometer and a promotion of the ability to send e-Cards.9/20/2012 36
    37. 37. 9/20/2012 37
    38. 38. HOLIDAY 2011 CAMPAIGN The campaign was active for about three weeks, ending on December 31, 2011. It included: 1. Google AdWords Search Network (Paid Account) 2. Google AdWords Display Network 3. Google AdWords Search Network (Google Grant Account) 4. Email – 4 waves9/20/2012 38
    39. 39. eCard DM engagement device9/20/2012 39
    40. 40. RESULTS • Overall Revenue: 1,272 gifts, $275,003, $216.20 average gift 1. Big Breakthrough #1: Google Search and Adwords - $2,500 spent with a return of $58,000. 2. Big Breakthrough #2: Integration across channels worked 3. Big Breakthrough #3: More emails, with personalization and e-cards, led to more money online 4. 60% increase in gross revenue from the year before by combining direct mail and online – in part with the data used from RE Let’s look at integration ability…) >>9/20/2012 40
    41. 41. The Appeal tab shows what mailings, email, etc have been sent to the donor9/20/2012 41
    42. 42. The segment tab allows multiple queries to be processed and each query is de- duped against each other so constituents only receive one mailing.9/20/2012 42
    43. 43. CRM IMPACT TASK THREE: ACQUISITION9/20/2012 43
    44. 44. #3 – ACQUISITION • giving people the opportunity to interact and provide info • Sick Kids survey • Welcome Packages • Petitions9/20/2012 44
    46. 46. 9/20/2012 46
    47. 47. I N T E G R AT E D O N L I N E S U R V E Y: B E S T P R A C T I C E T O S TA R T Y O U RL E G A C Y, M A J O R , M I D D L E G I F T I D E N T I F I C A T I O N A N D A P E R F E C TCOMPLIMENT TO BB’S GIVING SCORE • The cultivation survey: • Sent to 57,400 donors • 3 key segments: Monthly, Active & Lapsed • 5,530 responses (response rate of 11%) • Raised $17,574 – a bonus! • Reactivated 30 donors • Found 85 expectances and 292 legacy leads • 143 middle and major donor leads! • Key: shared budgeting!9/20/2012 47
    48. 48. C R O S S D E PA R T M E N TA L S H A R I N G , L E A R N I N G A N D L E A D G E N E R AT I O N …9/20/2012 48
    49. 49. T H E G O A L S O F T H E S U RV E Y 1. Collect personal preferences of donors for targeted marketing appeals 2. Collect demographic data for marketing purposes – and connect it automatically to the database! 3. Build a deeper relationship with donors – give them a platform to be heard 4. Uncover leads for other forms of giving – including legacies, middle gifts, and major donor gifts9/20/2012 49
    50. 50. AND REMEMBER, ACQUISITION IS NOW MULTI-STEP… Lead Acquisition & Conversion Games Email Advocacy Direct mail LEADS Telemarketing Enews DONORS Social Media9/20/2012 50
    51. 51. E-PETITION More info: legitimacy Comments: Counter: priority for calls social proof Phone number: Subscribe: or you can‟t start! for cultivation9/20/2012 51
    52. 52. THE DIFFERENT CONSTITUENCIES CALLED… 20.00% 18.50% 18.00% Recent Lapsed 16.00% Monthly Donor 14.00% Online Petition Only 11% 12.00% 9% 10.00% 8% E-newsletter 8.00% Subscriber 6.00% Lapsed Single Gift 4.00% Donor 2.00% 0.00% CPMD $759/20/2012 52
    53. 53. CRM IMPACT TASK FOUR: CULTIVATION9/20/2012 53
    54. 54. #4 – CULTIVATION • You grow your program by taking good care, cross channel, of your new and renewed donors • The donor „lifecycle‟ helps craft the approach...9/20/2012 54
    55. 55. LIFECYCLE BASICS FOR ‘POLITICAL’ SUCCESS • Shared agreement between fundraising and non-fundraising departments on the „big picture‟ lifecycle plan e.g. how are non-fundraising and fundraising ACTIONS coordinated to give a deeper relationship to the organization triggering a closer and more generous view from the supporter • Shared agreement between all types of giving (e.g. planned giving, major gift, middle donor, monthly giving, etc) on when individuals are approached to be converted to the next level of giving. In other words, when is a new gift giving opportunity triggered? • Shared agreement on what happens on first entry; graduation and lifetime events (e.g. birth of children, first job, grandchildren, death of alumni friends, etc) • Shared agreement on what information will be gathered, and how it will be gathered e.g. the Drip Marketing approach • Shared agreement on how that information will be used and when e.g. birthdates, likes and dislikes, favourite memories, most important instructor at school, etc •9/20/2012 55
    56. 56. LIFECYCLE SKELETON • The first category should be life event. It can include those important events e.g. acceptance, graduation, birth of child, marriage, retirement, death, etc • The second category should be non-fundraising communication. It can include alumni relations or patient (family) communication touch points • The third category should be fundraising solicitation. It should include every type of giving e.g. text, monthly sustainer, planned giving, etc • The fourth category should be channel choices for each of the proactive interactions for a constituent • The fifth category would be one labelled cooperation. It would explicitly talk about the necessary cooperation to make an interaction successful • The sixth category would be one labelled outcome. It would explicitly talk about the outcome that the interaction should inspire9/20/2012 56
    57. 57. AN EXAMPLE...9/20/2012 57
    58. 58. CRM IMPACT TASK FIVE: REPORTING9/20/2012 58
    59. 59. #5 – REPORTING • With limited resources, how do you use reporting to point you to the most effective activities?9/20/2012 59
    60. 60. 9/20/2012 60
    61. 61. Take our survey! Go online and fill out the survey! We‟ll select 2 WINNERS to receive complimentary 1-hour CRM fundraising consulting session http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X5T9BRP9/20/2012 61
    62. 62. THANK YOU!
    63. 63. PAIRING KEY TENANTS TO BLACKBAUD PRODUCTS Craig White Manager, Blackbaud Canada9/20/2012 The Raiser‟s Edge(i) 63
    64. 64. HJC RECAP - 5 PILLARS • Identify • Market • Acquire • Cultivate • Evaluate “Reporting”9/20/2012 64
    65. 65. THE DONOR LIFECYCLE Consider Acquisition Interest has been Market peaked Direct Mail Telemarketing E-mail eNews Face-To-Face Research Social Media WebsiteIdentify Reports Cultivation Analytics Lists Friend of a Friend Retain Feels the Mission Enjoyed Donor Experience Stewardship Supports Feels Appreciated Donates Thank You Understands Impact Volunteers Receipt Attends Event Moves Management Are you doing Inspired by: ”Consumer Decision Journey”, David Court, McKinsey Quarterly 6/2009 enough to forge Inspired by: Branding in The Digital Age, David C. Edelman, Harvard Business Review9/20/2012 connection? this 10/2010 65
    66. 66. A FULLY INTEGRATED SOLUTION OFFERING The Raiser‟s Edge i Online Marketing and Engagement | Online Donations | Email | Targeted Content | Social Sharing| Real- Multi-channel Enables a time, seamless relationship holistic view of integration management supporters Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) | Direct Mail | Relationship Management |Prospect Identification | Moves Management |9/20/2012 66
    67. 67. LEVERAGING ANALYTICS9/20/2012 67
    68. 68. THE DONOR LIFECYCLE AcquisitionIdentify Reports Analytics Lists Friend of a Friend9/20/2012 68
    69. 69. THE GIVING SCORE – SMART ANALYTICS IN THE RAISER’S EDGEHelps you raise more money by:• Giving you the power to target and identify your best supporters• Saving you time and money by knowing who to invest in and who not to invest in• Improving efficiency with managing your constituents in RE• Segmenting your constituents into four unique groups based on their likelihood & capacity to give a gift to your organization9/20/2012 69
    72. 72. MULTI CHANNEL MARKETING9/20/2012 72
    73. 73. THE DONOR LIFECYCLE Acquisition Market Direct Mail Telemarketing E-mail eNews Face-To-Face SOCIAL MEDIA9/20/2012 73
    74. 74. THE IMPORTANCE OF MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING • Donors acquired online who give through multiple channels are worth up to 3X more than those who give through a single channel • Over a 4 year period… $200 • Donors acquired online give an average $128 ALL • Donors acquired by mail give an average $63 $150 GIFTS • Donors acquired online but also give offline WEB donate on average $197 $100 ONLY ALL $50 MAIL GIFTS ONLY $0 Acquired Online Acquired by Mail Details at: https://www.blackbaud.com/files/resources/downloads/WhitePaper_MultiChannelGivingAnalysis.pdf • Details at: https://www.blackbaud.com/files/resources/downloads/WhitePaper_Mul tiChannelGivingAnalysis.pdf9/20/2012 74
    75. 75. A MULTI-CHANNEL EXAMPLE: ROOM TO READ9/20/2012 75
    76. 76. ACQUISITION9/20/2012 76
    77. 77. THE DONOR LIFECYCLE Consider Acquisition Interest has been peaked Research Social Media Website Supports Donates Volunteers Attends Event9/20/2012 77
    79. 79. MONTHLY DONORS9/20/2012 79
    80. 80. EVENT SIGN UP9/20/2012 80
    81. 81. EVENT SIGN UP • Different types of event sign up: - Peer-to-peer - Community based - Third party event - RSVP - Virtual events9/20/2012 81
    82. 82. CULTIVATION9/20/2012 82
    83. 83. THE DONOR LIFECYCLE Cultivation Retain Feels the Mission Enjoyed Donor Experience Stewardship Supports Feels Appreciated Donates Thank You Understands Impact Volunteers Receipt Attends Event Moves Management9/20/2012 83
    84. 84. E M A I L M A R K E T I N G C A M PA I G N E X A M P L E Mail Landing Donation Template Page Form 9/20/2012 84
    85. 85. T Y P E S O F B E N C H M A R K R E S U LT S 9/20/2012 85
    86. 86. MOBILE EXPERIENCE9/20/2012 The Raiser‟s Edge(i) 86
    88. 88. THE RAISER’S EDGE MOBILE APP – IN DETAIL9/20/2012 88
    89. 89. REPORTING & ANALYSIS9/20/2012 89
    90. 90. THE DONOR LIFECYCLE Acquisition Cultivation Are you doing enough to forge9/20/2012 connection? this 90
    91. 91. MEASURE TO MANAGE IN THE RAISER’S EDGE(i) Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Specific to Your Organization” Seamless integration with Online Forms and Email Marketing tool Easily drill into details Dashboards designed for your needs Library of pre-built queries, filters and reports9/20/2012 91
    92. 92. BENCHMARK USING AFP’S FUNDRAISING EFFECTIVENESS PROJECT • Analyzes critical metrics to evaluate potential areas for sustainable fundraising improvement. - Benchmarked metrics against peer group. - Discussed best practices to improve fundraising performance. - Identified areas of improvement with highest impact.9/20/2012 92
    94. 94. A F P ’ S A N A LY S I S O F G I V I N G T R E N D S 2005 - 2010 FEP Trends Average Annual Anticipated Growth Future Annual All 2007 2008 2009 2010(2007-2010) Growth Average Yearly Giving/Donor $956 $1,008 $1,082 $1,089 4.4% 1.0% Average Donors/Org 1,720 1,619 1,541 1,516 -4.1% 1.0% Avg Total Donations/Org $1,644,931 $1,632,806 $1,667,281 $1,650,999 0.1% 1.0% FEP Quartile Analysis - Industry Average • Donor Retention Avg $/ Donor Top 25% 59.1% $3,382 Third 25% 46.2% $1,004 Second 25% 34.7% $515 Bottom 25% 18.7% $212 Average 43.1% $9239/20/2012 94
    95. 95. W E C A N G I V E O B S E R VAT I O N S V E R S E S Y O U R P E E R S How are your donor retention rates? • Where is room for improvement in average yearly gift per donor? - yours vs. $1089 (Industry Average per AFP) • Opportunities to reach more donors with peer to peer fundraising tools that harness the power of social media Possible Suggested areas of focus: • Average gift size for ALL donors shows room for improvement compared to peers. • Retain a higher percentage of donors – retained donors are worth more, less expensive to reach. Goal is to slightly improve retention rate with better tools for stewardship.9/20/2012 95
    96. 96. RETURN ON INVESTMENT9/20/2012 The Raiser‟s Edge(i) 96
    97. 97. S A M P L E C U M U L AT I V E 5 Y E A R R O I $700,000 $521K $500,000 $326K $300,000 $173K $100,000 $57K Year1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 -$23K-$100,000 Cumulative Investment Cumulative Additional Revenue Cumulative Net ROI9/20/2012 97
    98. 98. THANK YOU! Craig White craig.white@blackbaud.ca Jacqueline Gutbrod jacqueline.gutbrod@blackbaud.com Barry Weaver barry.weaver@blackbaud.com9/20/2012 The Raiser‟s Edge(i) 98
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