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  • 1. Welcome! Mrs. Beahm’s 7 th Grade Language Art Class Room 217
  • 2. Warm-up
    • Using the index card that was given to you, respond to the following question:
    • Why are procedures important to have and to follow? List three procedures that you must follow to maintain order in your everyday life.
    • *Be sure to answer this question thoroughly- as you might get chosen to share your response with the class!
    • Originally from Glenview, IL
    • Attended Cobb County schools and graduated from Pope High School
    • The University of Alabama
    • Graduated from UGA with a degree in Middle School Education
    • Graduated from KSU with a Masters’ Degree English
    • Before Lovinggood, I Taught at Smitha Middle School
    • Married with a son, Carter, and two dogs
  • 4. Classroom procedures
    • Entering class
      • When you enter class, you will go straight to your assigned seat and copy the agenda and complete your warm-up.
    • Helpers
      • Class helpers will be expected to be the first to class. You will be asked to pass out papers, composition books, and pick sticks to review the warm-up.
  • 5. Classroom procedures
    • Supplies
      • You must bring the following supplies to class EACH day:
        • 1-2 inch 3 ring binder
        • Set of dividers (5 tabs)
        • Pens, pencils, highlighter
        • Handheld pencil sharpener
        • Agenda
        • Composition Notebook (kept in class)
        • Index Cards
        • Reader’s Journey (as requested)
        • Post-it Notes
  • 6. Classroom procedures
    • Sharpening pencils/trash disposal
      • You will have time to sharpen your pencils during homeroom and before the bell rings for class.
      • If you have trash, wait until you leave the room to throw it away.
    • Handing in papers
      • You will either pass your paper to the person in front of you, or you will be asked to turn it in to the back bin. *Be sure to place it in the correct class period!
      • DO NOT hand me papers as you come into class or place them on my desk.
  • 7. Classroom procedures
    • Make-up work
      • 1. You need to check Blackboard to see what you have missed.
      • 2. If any handouts were given, look in the “While You Were Out” crate.
      • 3. If you have any questions about the missed assignments, either speak with me during down time or e-mail me.
      • You have the days you were absent + 1 to complete the missed assignments.
  • 8. 5-30 Rule
    • You will have 5 days to retake a summative assessment if you are not pleased with your score.
    • You will have 3 days to turn in any formative assessments.
    • You will have 0 days to turn in any homework.
  • 9. Classroom procedures
    • Individual work/group work
      • All work should be done individually unless you are instructed to work with another student.
      • Letting someone “see” your homework from the previous night will be considered cheating. 
    • Late work
      • You need to complete any late work before the unit test is given in order to receive credit AND you must adhere to the 5-30 rule.
  • 10. Classroom procedures
    • Restroom and Locker Breaks
      • You will be expected to use the restroom and go to your locker before homeroom and between classes as needed.
    • Finishing work early
      • If you finish work early, you will be expected to read silently. On occasion, you will be given permission to work on assignments from other classes.
  • 11. Classroom procedures
    • Class Dismissal
      • Although the bell will ring at the end of each period, I will be the one to dismiss you.
      • One of my pet peeves is when students pack up before the bell.
    • Consequences (ugh!)
      • You will receive one warning, and then your DMC card will be marked for any misbehavior.
  • 12. Classroom procedures
    • Lunch
      • When I tell you to line up, you will be expected to silently line up along the lockers outside of my room.
      • There is NO talking while walking in the hallway.
      • You will enter line B and sit at the assigned table.
      • If you need to get up for any reason, you need to raise your hand, and a 7A teacher will assist you.
  • 13. 3-2-1
    • On the back of your index card write:
    • 3 things that you learned during class
    • 2 descriptions of class procedures
    • 1 question you have
  • 14. homework
    • Be sure to get your Syllabus and “I Understand” form signed.