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Compare and contrast-1 Compare and contrast-1 Document Transcript

  • Compare and Contrast The two Arabian Folktales, Aladdin and Ali Baba and the forty thieves have many similarities and differences. I am comparing to see which folktale is better. Later on you will see which one is better. One similarity about the two stories is that they are both Arabian. You know that because they both are in a desert and its very hot there. Another reason you know that is because they are both wearing clothes that cover-up your skin to keep you from burning. Another similarity is that the main characters are both poor. They don't have any money until they either get married or found treasure. A third similarity is that both of the movies or books start with and 'A'. Aladdin and Ali Baba both start with 'A'. Another similarity is that they both have magic. In Ali Baba, "open sesame" is a magic word. In Aladdin, he has a flying carpet, and had a magic lamp which influences the magic in the stories. One difference is that Aladdin has a genie while Ali Baba doesn't. We know this because, in Aladdin you saw
  • a genie while in Ali Baba you don't hear anything about a genie. Another difference is that Aladdin has tons of music while Ali Baba didn't have any music. In Aladdin you have singing every few minutes while Ali Baba doesn't have a single song in it. A third difference is that Ali Baba had forty thieves while Aladdin only has one. In Aladdin the only thief is the counselor while in Ali Baba the names were not mentioned. One last difference is that the main girl character of Ali Baba is married to a prince while the main character in Aladdin marries a street rat.