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Conventions powerpoint

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?A magazine is made up of certain elements, here are a few of the main points whichmake up a magazine:• Page numbers• Masthead• Fonts• Colour scheme• Style of photography• Writing style• Pull quotes• Cover lines• BarcodeAll magazines feature these factors, but their layout and style in which they choose touse for their magazine expresses the genre of the magazine and appeals to their targetaudience.
  2. 2. MastheadsWith my research on the other magazinesI have looked at I was able to compare thefont and colour scheme of themastheads, helping me to make the samechoices when creating my own masthead.I have also looked at the way in which themagazines have chosen whether to layerthe cover photo over or under themasthead, Top of the Pops being the onlymagazine not to layer over themasthead, I followed the mostcommon, used by both Smash Hits and My own magazine I created, Chart LifeBillboard by choosing to layer the coverphoto over the top of the masthead.
  3. 3. FontsWhen choosing the fonts for my magazine I have looked atthe fonts used in existing magazines aimed towards thesame genre as my own, I have used for my double pagespread a plain simple, easy to read font and as my doublepage spread was an interview I have used bold text for thequestions of the interview and plain text for theanswers, to make the text easier to read. I have used pullquotes within my text as well, in the centre of chunks oftext and have used a different bold font with a dropshadow and a different colour in a similar style to theother magazines I had looked at in a way in which the pullquote stands out from the rest of the text and is muchmore attention grabbing. My font used within my magazine
  4. 4. Colour SchemeWhen choosing the colour scheme for my magazine Ilooked at the colour schemes as used for other existingpop music magazines, and noticed how the colours redand pink were the most used colours, the colours usedalso fit the mood of the music being lively and vibrantand also are very attention grabbing colours whichmake the magazines stand out from the rest and thecolours used are aimed towards the correctdemographic of consumers with the young agerange, mostly female audience. My own magazine and the colour scheme I have used.
  5. 5. Style of PhotographyWhen considering how I wanted my photograph to be like for myfront cover, I wanted a very feminine, well made-up cover starwith a striking punchy colour to stand outon the cover, in which I photoshopped theimage to airbrush the image and changethe stars hair colour to a vibrant red tostand out on the front cover. The pose onthe front cover is also wellsuited to the cover withher pose and having spaceto fit the text around theimage in the same way inwhich other popular popmusic magazines havedone. I also have used aphotography in which thestar is looking at thecamera, to create a My front coverrelationship with the mainaudience. photograph.
  6. 6. Writing StyleWhen looking at existing magazines of the pop musicgenre they use a large amount of words that fit in with thegenre, words such ‘Exclusive’, ‘Queen of Pop’ which I haveincorporated into my cover line of my magazine. But withinmy interview and after looking at other interviews within thisgenre of magazine the questions asked are very informal andchatty with questions in Top Of The Pops saying ‘What’s beenyour fave outfit?’ the word ‘fave’ instead of favourite has a verychatty informal approach of interviewing a celebrity, I have triedto make my question asking very informal also by the interviewergiving their responses to the answers from the celebrity to give achatty approach to the interview.My writing style within my magazine.
  7. 7. Pull QuotesWhen looking through my interview answers I took themost attention grabbing eye catching quote from theinterview and the quote is also very similar to that used inTop Of The Pops magazine with “I’m so scared of the dark”and “I was very scared of the fame”, both being very attentiongrabbing quotes, the use of the bold writing and drop shadowsmakes the pull quotes stand out from the rest of the textmaking it much easier and much more noticeable, among therest of the interview. My pull quote in which I used in my magazine.
  8. 8. Cover LinesWhen writing a cover line for my magazine, I took inconsideration the cover lines of existing products, andused a rhetorical question as used in a large amount ofcover lines of magazines of the pop genre and I alsoused words which fit with the genre by using the words‘teen queen’ and ‘world domination’ referring to a largescale audience and also the rhyming of ‘teen queen’ hasa ring to it which will appeal to a much younger agerange which is the correct demographic for my audienceand therefore fits perfectly. The cover line which I chose to use in my own magazine.
  9. 9. Page Numbers & BarcodesWhen looking at existing magazinesthey all feature a barcode on the frontcover, some having the price with thebarcode; some having the issuenumber and date near the barcode. Idecided to place a barcode on its own My barcode from myat the bottom of the magazine and the magazine, I had placed theother information such as the price and issue number and costdate and issue number directly under the masthead of theunderneath the masthead to make it magazine.easier to see. I have also involved pagenumbers into my magazine, anotheressential piece of a magazine and havenoted the website address for themagazine next to the number in asimilar way to the page number ofSmash Hits with the magazine title My magazine’s page numbername featured next to every page with a featured websitenumber. address for the magazine.