In chambers[1]


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In chambers[1]

  1. 1. Short Film Analysis
  2. 2. Synopsis The film ‘In Chambers’ (Aleksander Nordaas, 2011) is the directors interpretation of purgatory. The theme of purgatory is shown by the way the people who are ‘murdered’ and thrown off the roof wake up in hospital. The short film follows a few moments of the protagonist, named by the number ‘2148’, time in purgatory. A series of flashbacks shows the events of the accident which lead to her being in hospital and therefore the ‘chambers’ in which the film is set.
  3. 3. Sound  The short film is introduced to the audience with dark, grievous music.  The use of minor notes create a more morose and feeling to the music which mirrors what is being shown on screen.
  4. 4. Shots• After the title sequence we are introduced to the main protagonist with a high angle medium-long shot. Because she is the first character shown to the audience it highlights that she is going to play a major part in the film.  This establishing shot of the city gives the audience an insight into the devastation and destruction of the world ‘2148’ has awoken too. This shot synced with the music manipulates the audiences emotions so they feel grief for the situation the woman is in.
  5. 5.  A zoom is then used to focus on the protagonists face, emphasising her features and movements as she awakens.• A long shot is then used to show the characters surroundings being shabby and run down, this contrasts with what the protagonist is wearing. Though the dress is dark which matches the room her dress looks formal and elegant showing that she doesn’t belong to this room/world.
  6. 6. Editing• Flash editing is used to signify flashbacks/memories and is used a few times throughout the short film. During these flash backs the images are in low key lighting and are usually extreme close ups. The shots are fast paced and sometimes distorted, this shows confusion for the protagonist but also a to create sense of mystery for the audience as they, like the character, don’t understand the images or know what they signify.
  7. 7. This shift in focus helpsthe audience to see aclose up of the syringeand then the reaction shotof this from the woman.
  8. 8. •When the woman is falling it fades towhite which symbolises purity and life.From this it then dissolves into a shot ofthe woman waking up in a hospital bedwith a man sat next to her. The slowmotion used whilst the woman is fallingcould be viewed as a representation ofthe woman struggling to awake from hercoma . The way that the fade to whitecomes straight after this scene could beseen as a way of showing her fallingback into life.
  9. 9. Mise en scene • This two shot shows who we assume to be ‘villain’ in this short film. The way they are dressed, in black leather/hazard suits and also the masks make them seem sadistic. Also the way the older mans face is half covered in shadow shows he has something to hide and influences the audience to see him as an enemy to the protagonist in which they now identify with and like.
  10. 10. The corridor and the room inwhich the film is set help toadd to the genre of the film.The corridor has low keylighting which results inthere being a lot of shadowwhich is as convention of ahorror film. The room whichthe woman wakes up in is litby the light coming from thewindow which is a veryharsh light. The room isfurnished with only a bedand a lamp and the wallsare dirty which all help toshow that the place isunpleasent.