Evaluation Q3


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Evaluation Q3

  1. 1. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. Initially our idea was to have a video based around one teenage couple and show through the music video all about teenage love and romance and the types of carefree relationships you experience at that age. We wanted teenagers to be able to relate to the idea of this 'stereotypical teenage love' something that most girls want and because of this our target audience was based on mainly girls aged between 12-18. We based this decision on the fact that the song is called Teenage Dream and the lyrics are all falling in love and experiencing first hand love, which as a teenager myself i can relate to and so i thought that these young girls would be able to relate to it as well.
  3. 3. We also looked at the artist herself 'Katy Perry' and the other types of songs she produces like 'Hot N Cold' and 'I Kissed a Girl' which are POP songs aimed at teenage girls. Stereotypically the genre POP is associated with young girls and boys because of the big bold colors, catchy upbeat rhythms and lyrics about love and relationships which is what the song 'Teenage Dream' entails . Bold bright colours Katy Perry is a young artist. Her covers are fun and different.
  4. 4. We considered what radio station she is likely to be heard on when looking into our target audience for example Capital FM is the most likely place and this is associated with playing new pop/rnb tunes and the age of listeners ranges from 12-30 but for our target audience we felt it was necessary to narrow it down as after speaking to some adults over the age of 20 we realized it wasn't the type of song they would listen to. POP RNB Up to date with the latest music Attracts young listeners Dominated by music from 2000-2011.
  5. 5. Katy Perry has recently appeared in Q music magazine, this was important when considering our target audience because we needed to look into the types of readers. Q magazine gives a comprehensive coverage of the current music scene whilst not forgetting the trends of yester years this means that it has a vast target audience because it attracts teens by keeping up to date with the latest artists. Has a wider target audience
  6. 6. When conducting our questionnaire we wanted to find out exactly what our chosen target audience liked and expected to see in a typical POP music video with the song 'Teenage Dream'. Furthermore we wanted to explore the possibility of changing some of the 'expectations' and in the questionnaire wanted to ensure that these changes wouldn't be too drastic for our target audience.
  7. 7. We thought about possible ideas and asked our target audience about them for example "Do you think iconic location shots help familiarize the music production?" we asked this because we wanted to know if filming in Paris and London and capturing location shots of the Eiffel tower for example would be effective and so we asked our target audience about it.
  8. 8. More importantly we asked about the artist herself and what were the generic conventions you would expect to find, this was particularly beneficial because we didn't want to completely change the work that Katy Perry had done because then it wouldn't have been something her audience could relate to, we wanted to conform to most of these conventions whilst challenging and changing some of them.
  9. 9. Audience Focus Group <ul><li>We wanted to find out about our audience to try and get a target audience this is important because our product and the way we constructed new media was based around them </li></ul><ul><li>We wanted to know what age group would be interested in viewing our product and what there previous expectations had been. </li></ul>
  10. 10. We organised our audience focus group by asking a range of people between 14-18 some questions about the types of music they listen to. We chose this age category is because from our questionnaire this was the age range we thought would be our target audience. This impacted our planning because we asked them about influential artist and types of music videos that were memorable and the reasons why; this allowed us to create and mould our own around previous great ideas whilst still adding a sense of individuality to our products.
  11. 11. Overall the feedback we received from the initial video was very good as our audience could clearly identify with the characters, costume and locations. We felt like we had achieved the expectations because we used all the conventions to our advantage, this made the video recognisable to our target audience and allowed them to identify it as being a pop music video.
  12. 12. We have already suggested that our magazine advert would be displayed in Q magazine because it targets our audience, but for our music video it could easily appear alongside artists like Katy Perry and Britney spears on MTV and ‘Smash Hits’ on the television or even online on ITunes so that its able to download. Although this wasn’t mentioned in our audience feedback it would be a beneficial way for our target audience to see/hear our production because from our focus group we learn that they listen to music and watch videos using handheld iPod’s or MP3’s