1st day of class


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1st day of class

  1. 1.  Mrs. Cochenour- Principal Mrs. Anderson- Adapted Supervisor Mr. Robinson- Program Supervisor Mrs. Bradbury- Office Secretary Mr. Bastin (T,W,Th) & Mr. Williams (M,F) Counselors Mrs. Goins- Counselor AD, CV, LE, PV, WF Mrs. Steele- Counselor CH, HN, SE, TV, UN, ZT Mrs. Bethel- Guidance Office Secretary Mrs. Pritchard- College Counselor/ Recruitment Deputy Parrett- School resource officer Ms. Willis, Mr. Snyder, & Ms. Schwalbauch - Resource room
  2. 2.  1 8:34- 9:15 (39 Min) 2 9:15- 9:56 (41 Min) 3 9:58- 10:47 (49 Min) L4 10:47- 11:18 (31 Min) L5 11:20- 11:51 (31 Min) L6 11:53- 12:24 ( 31 Min) 7 12:26- 1:15 ( 49 Min) 8 1:17- 1:58 ( 41 Min) 9 1:58- 2:38 ( 40 Min) ◦ 2:25 Bus students bell (PV, UN, TV) ◦ 2:33 Bus students bell (All other bus students BESIDES ZT) ◦ 2:38 Driving students bell ◦ 2:45 Pickup for ZT bus students
  3. 3.  8:34 Tardy, all doors locked, must sign in at front doors, must bring pass to class ◦ 8:34-9:15 Counted tardy Arriving after 9:15 Constitutes ½ day AM absence ◦ Enter through the front doors, sign in at the attendance office Leaving before 11:51 Constitutes ½ day AM absence Leaving after 11:51 Constitutes ½ day PM absence Leaving after 2:00 Counted as a tardy if doctor or legal excuse is turned in the next day, if for any other reason with a note counted as ½ day excused absence
  4. 4.  If you arrive between 8:34-9:15 report to the Welcome area receptionist to receive a pass. If you arrive after 9:15 report to the attendance office to receive your pass. 1st and 2nd Warning Contact Parents 3rd and 4th Lunch Detention day after tardy (day of tardy if you are late to 1st period), report to ISR at beginning of lunch period Contact Parents 5th and after Office
  5. 5.  13.5 days for semester class Absences counted toward 13.5 days includes excused and unexcused days, excludes curricular days, bus days, and medical/legal days After 13.5 days credit is withdrawn 27 days for year long class
  6. 6.  1. No weapons 2. No physical assault on employees or visitors 3. No threatening personal harm or damage 4. No fighting, threatening, intimidation, or harassing 5. No stealing 6. No sexual harassment 7. No rioting
  7. 7.  8. No disruptions including: ◦ Blocking entrances ◦ Throwing food or objects ◦ Giving false information ◦ Being insubordinate or disrespectful ◦ Displays of public affection ◦ Violating safety and dress code ◦ Being in an unauthorized area ◦ Possessing or consuming food/beverages in an area other than the cafeteria ◦ Failing to comply with the reasonable requests of school personnel ◦ Verbal threats ◦ Horseplay
  8. 8.  9. No leaving school without permission 10. No drugs or alcohol 11. No irresponsible driving 12. No cheating 13. No inappropriate uses of computers 14. No tobacco 15. No inappropriate language or gestures 16. No false fire alarms or bomb threats 17. No cell phones (absolutely no pictures)
  9. 9.  Guidance Office Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy pamphlet on wall Harassment is: ◦ Verbal- said or written, suggestive comments, jokes, propositions or threats ◦ Non-verbal- objects, pictures, commentary, gestures, sounds, leering, whistling ◦ Physical Contact- threatening or unwanted touching or contact ◦ Cyber- harassment, intimidation, or sexual innuendo developed on personal (computers, phones, etc) or school district technology
  10. 10.  All students are required to wear their program uniform purchased by the school No student shall alter or deface the school uniform Jewelry may not be worn in the labs, except with special permission Hats, caps, headbands, and bandanas are not to be worn outside of lab No ◦ Cut offs ◦ Short skirts or shorts (no more than 3 ½ inches above the knee) ◦ Sleeveless shirts or tank tops ◦ Clothes with tears or holes ◦ Chains ◦ Gang, alcohol, drug, tobacco, profane, racist, or sexually suggestive clothing (this includes confederate flags)
  11. 11.  All students are hereby put on notice that lockers are the property of the board of education and the lockers and the contents of all lockers are subject to random search at any time without regard to whether there is a reasonable suspicion that any locker or its contents contains evidence of a violation of a criminal statute or a school rule You, your belongings, and your car may be searched if there is any suspicion of a violation of a criminal statute or a school rule
  12. 12.  Cell phones are allowed: ◦ Before 8:30 ◦ During your lunch ◦ After school hours Cell phones are only to be used in the commons, cafeteria, and student entrance area ◦ Cell phones are never to be used during class time, even at the end of the day waiting for your bell If you are caught with your cell phone at an unauthorized time it is turned into the office and redeemed only by a parent or guardian
  13. 13.  Lockdown Over the intercom announced that there is a lockdown ◦ Cover windows, shut and lock doors, turn off lights, stay quiet and away from doors, do not open the doors for anyone Fire Drill Pulsing siren, red box lights flash ◦ Go out the door, turn right into the hallway, go out the doors, cross the driveway into the grass, and stay together, will take attendance outside, make sure class doors are shut and the emergency bag and first aid kit is taken Tornado Siren, sounds like a fire truck ◦ Sit along the back wall, there is another class that joins us so leave room
  14. 14.  Student info board Books Paper turn in Ipad cart Binders Hall Passes Nurse Passes Lab Tables Safety Features Prep Room Doors Paper/ pencils/ tissues/ sanitizer
  15. 15.  Entering the Classroom: ◦ Get to class on time Remember the tardy policy ◦ Get your binder and any other materials before class starts Hall Passes: ◦ If you need to go to lab, the restroom, or any where else I need to fill out a pass for you (do not come to my class late because you went to the bathroom) ◦ No passes during the lunch periods or after 2:00
  16. 16.  End of Class: ◦ Put your binders and any other materials away, turn any finished work into your classes tray ◦ Any work left unattended is not my responsibility ◦ Remain seated until the bell rings, stay away from the door! Taking Books Home: ◦ Anatomy Books will be assigned to you. You can either leave them in the room with your binder, or take them with you. It is your responsibility to bring them to class everyday. ◦ Biology Books will be left in the room. They are not to leave the room unless they are signed out, and they need to be returned the next day.
  17. 17.  Follow directions the first time Be in your seat when the bell rings and remain there all period unless you have permission to do otherwise Be on time to class Come prepared for class everyday If you leave my classroom for any reason you must have a pass Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings of the room No personal grooming No hats No cell phones or other electronics No tobacco products No food or drinks Wear your uniform shirt everyday, remember it must be showing Remember if you want to be treated like an adult you have to act like one