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  • Hello, my name is Ashlee Amparan
  • I decided to analyze the May 2013 edition of Vanity Fair magazine
  • *There are several common characteristics among the advertisements in Vanity Fair *characteristics include a simple background, read pp* ”among others” after reading brands
  • After reading pp, “such as” cities (read)
  • This is a Ralph Lauren advertisement for a hand bag. If you look at the bottom of the slide, it says the names of the cities where the Ralph Lauren Collection is availableNew York, Beverly Hills, Dallas, Chicago, BalHarbour, and Greenwich, which are ritzy American cities
  • Julia Roberts in the Lancome Paris makeup adKatie Holmes in the Bobbi Brown make-up adBlake Lively in the Gucci perfume ad
  • Also, Nicole Kidman in theOmega watch ad
  • The overall tone of the advertisements in Vanity Fair tend to be old fashion or vintage in one way or another
  • For instance, in this ad for Belstaff, a clothing brand from England, sepia tone is used to convey an older looking picture
  • In addition, this ad by Rimowa also hints at an older time periodThe name and style of the luggage, called “The Original,” creates a vintage look for the photo, in addition to the older-looking jet on the opposing page
  • I decided to analyze Longines Saint-Imier Collection, which is advertising watchesIn the ad, you will see a scene of the Kentucky Derby. Based on how the woman is dressed and located in comparison to the derby, it is obvious that she is sitting in the “Millionaire’s row,” which is a very expensive area that only the Elites can afford at the Kentucky Derby. The image is also black and white, adding to the elegance of the photo in this ad
  • There is the woman that I mentioned earlier. Look at the way she is dressed and where she is located in the stands.Also note the phrase “elegance is an attitude.” I will go over the signifance of this phrase in the next couple of slides
  • -Sociological analysis of this ad brings a few interesting points to the surface. -The first concept that applies to this ad is a role, which means…read slide-When having a social role of an elite in society, one must behave as such by “dressing the part,” and the way to do so is by wearing Longines. This is hinted in the phrase “Elegance is an attitude”
  • Another sociological concept that is portrayed is stereotyping, but not in the derogatory manner that it is typically used.Read definitionIf one wears this watch, others will view them as rich and successful
  • Two more concepts that go hand in hand are known as In group, read definition and out group, read definition In group: Thepeople with money power and prestige that can afford to sit in the Millionaire’s Row, they are united by this sense of elegance that Longines provides. Out-group: outsiders that do not fit into the “in group”; people who are lacking the elegance, or not wearing LonginesRead under out group
  • The last concept that applies to this advertisement is the concept of a reference group, which is… read slide
  • Read slideThe article “A holiday for the Jet set” talks about the best hotels and dining in the world, all of which are expensive to the common middle class individual The article that speaks about Houghton Hall alludes to English Royalty, which American pop culture looks to as the classiest individuals of our time
  • Another article that is fascinating is the article about steak in this edition of the magazineRead slide
  • Bolded and enlarged, “Blessing of Western capitalism” resonates with the upper class of America because westernized capitalism is clearly working in their favor to keep them rich and content, so it is interesting to see that this is the phrase that editors would emphasize given their target audience.
  • As alluded to before, Vanity Fair is aimed at the Elite of American society, showing that if one buys these products and behaves in certain manners, than one is…. Read slide

SOC213 Presentation: Analyzing Mass Media  SOC213 Presentation: Analyzing Mass Media Presentation Transcript

  • ANALYZING MASS MEDIA Ashlee Amparan SOC 213 January 19, 2014
  • C H A R AC T E R I S T I C S O F A DV E R T I S E M E N T S  Plain backgrounds  Expensive brand-name jewelry, perfume, handbags, makeup, and clothing from • • • • • • Tiffany & Co. Dior Burberry Chanel Michael Kors Louis Vuitton
  • Characteristics continued…  Exclusive brands only offered in certain places, particularly in cities that are reputable in “high-end” fashion • • • • • • Milan Beverly Hills New York Miami Paris London
  • Characteristics continued…  Features famous actresses • Julia Roberts • Katie Holmes • Blake Lively
  • Characteristics continued…  Old fashion  Vintage
  • ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS  Longines Saint- Imier Collection  Kentucky Derby imagery • “Millionaire’s row” • Black and white
  • SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS  Role: the set of behaviors expected of someone because of his/her status (Ferris and Stein, 114) • People of higher socioeconomic status are expected to dress formally when attending the Kentucky Derby • “Elegance is an attitude” • The way one is elegant is wearing Longines accessories
  • Sociological Analysis continued…  Stereotyping: judging others based on preconceived generalizations about groups or categories of people (Ferris and Stein, 114). • Not used negatively, in this case • People will assume someone who is wearing Longines to be rich
  • Sociological Analysis continued…  In-group: A group that one identifies with and feels loyalty towards (Ferris and Stein, 132). • United by elegance , shown through sitting in the Millionaire’s club and wearing Longines  Out-group: Any group an individual feels opposition, rivalry, or hostility toward (Ferris and Stein, 133). • “us” vs. “them” mentality • Sense of superiority over out-group
  • Sociological Analysis continued…  Reference Group: A group that one aspires to belong but of which they are not yet members (Ferris and Stein, 133). • Consumers of Longines are elegant, and become apart of upper crust • Looked at respectively by Elite if one owns Longines
  • ARTICLES  Audrey Hepburn spread by Luca Dotti • The epitome of elegance in American society  “A Holiday for the Jet Set” by Michael Callahan • Luxurious travelling  Houghton Hall by James Reginato • History • English royalty
  • Articles continued…  “Steak- America’s Contribution to World Cuisine” by A. A. Gill • Emphasis on Western Capitalism as a positive force • People of upper class America typically agree
  • MESSAGES  Vanity Fair aimed at elite, upper crust of society • • • • Classy Elegance Exclusivity Worldly/cultured  People of this social class need the products being advertised
  • REFERENCES  Ferris, K. and Stein, J. The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology. Norton: New York, 2012.  Callahan, M, Dotti, L,Gill, AA, and Reginato, J. Vanity Fair. May 2013.