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  • Malibu case study
  • Malibu case study
  • Malibu case study
  • Watch mojo casestudies

    1. 1. About<br />CASE STUDIES<br />"We are currently in our 14th campaign with WatchMojo and are very impressed with their ability to execute complex video strategies.  The WatchMojo team is flexible and accommodating when it comes to last minute campaign changes and client requests.  They consistently and effectively deliver positive results for our clients and continue to exceed our expectations." <br />Travis St. Denis - Communications Strategy Director, <br />Social Influence Media & Digital Lead - MEC Global.<br />"WatchMojo has been extremely effective for us: our media on the Network received the highest CTR and ROI among all advertising partners, including major ad networks and established online publishers, and we were very happy with how quickly and effectively they distributed the videos we produced for our Closet Confessions initiative.“ <br />- Hillary Townsend, Marketing Manager,<br />
    2. 2. CASE STUDY: TF3 LIVE EVENT<br />Paramount Pictures teamed with Yahoo! Movies, and, to present the TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON movie premiere live from New York City. The live red carpet event was held, June 28, at 5:30 p.m. EST. <br />Fans watched together and shared across their social networks, as the red carpet event was streamed free!<br />In honour of the event, WatchMojo created a dedicated microsite where the live feed was embedded alongside original content created specifically for the release of the film. <br />The event was promoted through globally targeted ROS banners, blog posts and social media.<br />Blog Post – Pre Event<br />
    7. 7. COORS LIGHT CASE STUDY<br />10M <br />Media Impressions5M<br />In-Banner video content Impressions500K<br />In-Stream video content views<br />Microsite – Homepage Takeover – YouTube Channel Skin – Media – Content Distribution<br />
    8. 8. CASE STUDY<br />The Concept:<br />MEC reached out to WatchMojo to help promote the highly anticipated release of Call of Duty: Black Ops.<br />The Challenge:<br />Activision needed a new way to reach gamers and engage them beyond the banner.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo planned a fully integrated campaign, which included display, pre-roll, branded content, a widget and a microsite.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo created a proprietary and distributed experience, by leveraging both our creative and technical abilities with regards to online video. Through the creation of widget distributed on our publisher network, were able to engage with the user wherever they were consuming content. The widget also linked back to a microsite which further immersed the user in the world of COD. Users who come to visit the microsite, were greeted by a video created exclusively by WatchMojo for this campaign.<br />The Result:<br />Our video saw more than 20,000 organic views and over 500,000 in-banner views. Media CTR was well above the industry average at nearly 3%.<br />
    9. 9. The Concept:<br /> produced a series of videos to promote their “Closet Confessions” microsite, which also includes a contest called “The Fly-est Thing In My Closet Is…”<br />The Challenge:<br />WatchMojo was asked to host and distribute the Bluefly videos on The WatchMojo Network, as well as plan and execute a media buy to support the distribution efforts.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo ingested the Bluefly content, pushed it out to our partners and planned and executed a thorough media push to drive awareness of the contest and microsite.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo leveraged it’s expertise in fashion marketing and married that with it’s expertise in content distribution to maximize the client’s overall budget.<br />The Result:<br />"WatchMojo has been extremely effective for us: our media on the Network received the highest CTR and ROI among all advertising partners, including major ad networks and established online publishers, and we were very happy with how quickly and effectively they distributed the videos we produced for our Closet Confessions initiative.“ <br />- Hillary Townsend, Marketing Manager,<br />
    10. 10. The Concept:<br />Glam Media created an “Oscars” feed on their new social media aggregator tinker, for their client U.S. Cellular and wanted to include a relevant video <br />The Challenge:<br />As one of Glam’s premium content partners, WatchMojo was approached to create a short video about the previous year’s Oscars in an effort to increase audience engagement.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo created a video highlighting some of the best moments from the annual awards ceremony to be embedded in the sponsored feed.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo met as a team to discuss the best approach. We then scripted, voiced and edited the elements into a comprehensive recap of the Oscars. <br />The Result:<br />The microsite saw higher than average user engagement with the U.S. Cellular brand. Which contributed to the overall success of the campaign.<br />"WatchMojo is always a pleasure to work with, they deliver a quality product in a timely fashion, which adds an increasingly important element to any client campaign we partner on!“ <br /><ul><li> Madlena Blagaila Measelle | Business Development | Glam Media</li></li></ul><li>The Concept:<br />WatchMojo was approached by the Canadian Association of Optometrists to produce a series of videos to promote their “October is Eye Health Month” initiative<br />The Challenge:<br />The videos were very information heavy so the challenge was to make them entertaining and engaging enough to capture the audience.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo created two videos, one discussing common symptoms related to “Computer Vision Syndrome”. The other video was targeted to parents with information about vision care for children.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo worked with the CAO’s PR agency, Fleishman-Hillard throughout the scripting process. Fleishman also recommended a CAO member optometrist that we interviewed for the segments.<br />The Result:<br />The results were beyond anything WatchMojo and Fleishman have ever seen before. To say the videos went viral is an understatement. They were seen more than 600,000 times!<br />
    11. 11. The Concept:<br />WatchMojo was asked to produce two videos to drive awareness of the “Seven Summits” campaign sponsored by Abbott Pharmaceuticals as well as to provide engaging content for users visiting the website.<br />The Challenge:<br />Due to very tight pharmaceutical regulations, the Abbott brand could not appear in any video published online.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo was given full creative control over the production by Fleishman, eliminating any liability on the part of the client. Abbott remained a sponsor of the overall campaign, with no direct association to the supporting video content.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo researched, scripted, and scheduled interviews with the “Seven Summits” organizers. We then filmed and edited two videos that were distributed across the web.<br />The Result:<br />This campaign is ongoing. Early results indicate a positive response from viewers suffering with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Crohn’s Disease. <br />
    12. 12. The Concept:<br />Viacom’s was planning an “Off to School, Back to You” microsite targeting moms, and needed WatchMojo to create short pre-roll ads using relevant videos from WatchMojo’s library, to run prior to actual video content on the microsite.<br />The Challenge:<br />McDonald’s needed high quality professional video content to increase engagement and retention on the microsite. The client was also looking at a quick turnaround of less than 2 weeks.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo provided six videos on women’s fitness, beauty, well-being, yoga and eating well.<br />The Process:<br />McDonald’s and their agency were working with Glam Media who turned to WatchMojo. We submitted fifteen videos to the client and agency. They selected the six that best fit their target. WatchMojo then re-edited them into pre-roll ads.<br />The Result:<br />The microsite saw higher user engagement and retention. Which contributed to the overall success of the campaign.<br />
    13. 13. The Concept:<br />MySpace required video content to power the Fashion Section of a microsite for Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” Campaign.<br />The Challenge:<br />Find a selection of fashion videos that match the overall feel of Coca-Cola’s brand and message.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo identified several clips that both met the clients needs and supported their overall campaign.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo scanned its complete library of content to single out the finest fashion videos we had to offer.<br />The Result:<br />WatchMojo’s content integrated flawlessly with the microsite, adding precious value to Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” Campaign. <br />
    14. 14. The Concept:<br />Coors Light wanted to raise awareness of its Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games sponsorship as well as drive users to sign up for a contest hosted on<br />The Challenge:<br />Coors Light was targeting males 19-24 across Canada and wanted their ads to run against male interest content for example: sports, music, babes, etc. The challenge was selecting partners that could run banner and pre-roll ads alongside WatchMojo male interest content<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo vetted and selected a number of partners within The WatchMojo Network according to specific guidelines set by the agency<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo successfully negotiated with each partner to guarantee the best value for the client.<br />The Result:<br />The campaign delivered more than 700,000 impressions and was seen on 7 different partner sites across The WatchMojo Network.<br />
    15. 15. The Concept:<br />Foster’s Beer wanted to raise awareness of their classic 750 ml “Oil Can”<br />The Challenge:<br />WatchMojo had to work with tight budgets and short lead time to create an experience that would entice the user to want and buy Foster’s Beer. <br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo placed the Foster’s ads on specialty sites within The WatchMojo Network, created a dedicated microsite fully branded to Foster’s Beer including original WatchMojo content related to Australia, Sports, and Music and on two specific days of the campaign, we gave Foster’s a Homepage Takeover.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo successfully negotiated with each partner to guarantee the best value for the client.<br />The Result:<br />The campaign delivered more than 500,000 impressions and was seen on 7 different partner sites across The WatchMojo Network.<br />
    16. 16. The Concept:<br />Verizon needed video content to fill the Travel Section of their Verizon Central Newsroom.<br />The Challenge:<br />As part of Verizon’s CRM program, they created the Verizon Central Portal and wanted to engage their existing customers with compelling and informative content.<br />The Solution:<br />Initially WatchMojo was to provide only one video on New Orleans. However, Verizon was so impressed with the quality of the video that they immediately ordered 3 new videos and decided to license all our travel content.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo did its research on New Orleans, contacted the New Orleans Board of Tourism to acquire footage. We then scripted, edited and voiced the clip for Verizon and delivered it within 3 days of the request.<br />The Result:<br />Verizon Central now has a comprehensive Travel Section offering their customers a user experience second to none.<br />“WatchMojo’s content has definitely allowed Verizon’s Travel player to become one of the main video views drivers of all players.  Due to this success, Verizon is implementing Social Media strategies to attract new viewers to the Travel page and player.” - Jose Sifuentes, Kit Digital<br />
    17. 17. The Concept:<br />Great Works had created a viral video for Malibu Rum and was looking to increase views. The video had gotten 200 views on Malibu’s own YouTube channel.<br />The Challenge:<br />Great Works could not buy media to drive views, it needed to rely solely on actual legitimate user views, unsupported by any media buy whatsoever.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo met with Great Works and proposed something it had never suggested before: to publish the video on its property and distribute it across its syndication network.<br />The Process:<br />WatchMojo featured the video on our YouTube channel main page, as a related video, as a video response, as well as pushed it out to distribution partners, all within 24 hours of getting the video.<br />The Result:<br />In less than a month, the video was seen over 20,000 times (50x more than on client’s own channel) and counting…<br />
    18. 18. The Concept:<br />MySpace needed video content for their Vitamin Water sponsored NCAA Basketball March Madness Microsite.<br />The Challenge:<br />Create entertaining and informative videos that would increase user engagement.<br />The Solution:<br />WatchMojo produced short clips, split up into 4 categories – Player Profiles, Team Profiles, Famous Coaches and Classic Rivalries.<br />The Process:<br />The NCAA provided WatchMojo with archive footage, which we then recycled into 40 new clips. WatchMojo scripted, voiced, edited and added music and graphics, breathing new life into old footage.<br />The Result:<br />WatchMojo provided relevant content which helped increase engagement and “dwell time” on the Vitamin Water Microsite.<br />