Jcj corporate blind overview november 19 2012 1-1


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Jcj corporate blind overview november 19 2012 1-1

  1. 1. JCJ BusinessJCJProprietary & Confidential
  2. 2. Corporate Overview• JCJ provides solutions to governments,service provider sand enterprises seeking to achievefull control of Skype within their networks.• JCJ was founded in April, 2010.– Offices located in the U.S and Canada– $800K initial angel investment– Headcount – 8 employees and contractors• JCJ solutions protected by patents:– Skype detection and blocking– Skype traffic analysis– Skype Legal Intercept– Defensive capabilities that protect customer networks and assets from Skype based attacks andexploits– Offensive capabilities based on Skype infrastructure– Intelligence collection using Skype infrastructure• Only available from JCJ• Deployed within US government and overseas in telecom infrastructure supporting 30+million people2
  3. 3. What is Skype?Network of 800 million users and 30% of global telco traffic3SuperNodeSuperNodeSuperNodeRelayRelayRelayVulnerabilities to Networks• P2P - Decentralized & distributed• Bypasses firewalls, IPS and NAT• Unmanageable• Untraceable• Undetectable• Exposes organizations to significant riskBenefits to Skype User• Highly secure proprietary encrypted signalling• Highly secure proprietary encrypted media (voice,video, IM, files)• Extremely cost effective• Best in class obfuscation and anti-debuggingprotectionClientClient
  4. 4. Skype Global Market• 800+ million registered users, 45 million concurrent users on-line• Strong move to wireless space via smartphones.• Moving to consumer products such as TV sets.• Tight integration with Microsoft products• Integration with Facebook (1 billion users).• Corporate security managers see Skype as a potential threat.• Skype for iPhone and Android represent a threat to telecoms4
  5. 5. Challenges of Skype• Security and Compliance– Enables untraceable transfer of information from/to enterprises using Skypefile transfer, IM, voice and video channels (source code, client information,trade secrets, etc.)• Telcos revenues– Skype heavily impacting voice revenue due to usage of data components ofthe calling plans• Network enumeration and reconnaissance– Allows to obtain external/internal IP addresses of devices behind firewalls/NAT– Enhances attacker ability to perform targeted attacks on targets• Cyber attacks– Ideal platform for launching sophisticated attacks (bypasses securityinfrastructure)• Legal Intercept– Fully encrypted communication• Network Resources– Unauthorized utilization of computing and network resources– Skype video calls can reach a peak at 500 kbit/s per user, taxing theenterprise infrastructure5
  6. 6. JCJ Value Proposition• Manage and control unwanted/unauthorized communications within, as well as, to andfrom the network through visibility to Skype.• Provide Skype reporting, tracking, and historical communications records for applicationslike Skype, across the network, ensuring compliance with internal security practices andindustry requirements.• Provides Skype blocking capabilities in conjunction with 3rd party firewalls,IPS, etc.• Enables telcos to control and manage Skype traffic• Provides Skype Legal Intercept (LI) capabilities• Enable the organizations to rapidly respond to, and defend against,Skype born cyber attacks.• Enables implementation of unique offensive capabilities based onSkype infrastructure• Reclaim enterprise assets and reduce expenses associated with them by managingresources hijacked by Skype applications
  7. 7. JCJ Products and Solutions7• Detection Engine™ provides 100% reliable detection of Skypetraffic:• Collection of information about Skype users, calls, sessions and otherinformation related Skype usage• Very high performance (proven in production) - 10 and 20 Gbit/s• Network connectivity – in-line or network tap• Provides Skype blocking capabilities in conjunction with 3rd partyfirewalls, IPS, etc.• Implementation – Stand-alone product or OEM• Analytical Engine™ works in concert with Detection Engines andprovides:• Skype usage statistics reports• maps of Skype network providing comprehensive view ofinfrastructure, clients, relays and other resources used by Skype• Centralized management for Detection Engines infrastructure
  8. 8. JCJ Products and Solutions8• Skype LI™ uses the infrastructure provided by DetectionEngine™ and Analytical Engine to collect content of thecommunication carried over Skype voice, video and IMchannels.• Skype DLP™ provides protection against data leakageutilizing Skype infrastructure.• Specialized capabilities available to government customers
  9. 9. JCJ Technology Stack
  10. 10. JCJ Products Roadmap10 Enhancements to Existing Solutions and Products: 10Gbit/sec Skype media type identification Skype conferencing and call out handling Support for Skype/Facebook Integration with firewalls using OpenFlow GUI enhancements New Product Functionality RipTide Data Leakage Protection Expanded support for mobile devices Enhanced LI Skype Blocking Solutions
  11. 11. JCJ Customers11• Oversea Service Provider Skype Legal Intercept Solution 30+ million people 24x10 Gbit/s pipes 14 Detection Engines 1 Analytical Engine LI module Several more deployment expected next year• US Government Agency Specialized capabilities
  12. 12. Potential License Sales Revenue12• Average large deal size (24x10 Gbit/s pipes) Software/Appliances - $4,175,000 Implementation – $20,000 Average Sale – $4,195,000 Support @20%/year - $835,000• Average medium deal size (8x10 Gbit/s pipes) Software/Appliances - $1,925,000 Implementation – $10,000 Average Sale – $1,925,000 Support @20%/year - $385,000• Average small size deal (1x10 Gbit/s pipe) Software/Appliances - $1,250,000 Implementation – $10,000 Average Sale – $1,260,000 Support @20%/year - $252,000
  13. 13. Market Analysis13• Market segments:• Government agencies globally• Service Providers globally• Enterprises North America and Europe• Market Segment – JCJ Solutions• Government agencies globally – Skype LI, special cyber capabilities• Service Providers - Skype detection and management• Enterprises – Skype detection and management including Data Leakage Protection (DLP)• Market Segments – TAM, 2013• Governments - 90 countries ~ $400M• Service Providers – top 100 ~ $200M• Fortune 500 and Europe 500 - ~ $100M• TAM - ~$700M• Market share targets:• 2013 – 1% of the total market• 2014 – 4% of the total market• 2015 - 8% of the total marketGovernmentService ProvidersFortune 500 and Europe500
  14. 14. Competition14Existing solutions use statistical and behavioral analysisto identify and/or block Skype: High false/positive Outdated No Skype control, statistics, content, etc. No LI capabilitiesNo Direct Competition – Technology Is Only Available From JCJ
  15. 15. JCJ IP15• Complete, in-depth knowledge of Skype protocols,applications and network topology built over thelast 3 years• Products and Solutions• Research team• Two non-provisional patents pending (09/2011) – “Method and Detection System for Detecting Encrypted Peer-to-peer (EP2P) Sessions Associated With aParticular EP2P Network” “Method and Discovery System for Discovering Encrypted Peer-to-peer (EP2P) Nodes Associated With aParticular EP2P Network”• Two provisional patents – “Systems And Methods For Implementing Lawful Interception On Encrypted and/or Obfuscated P2PCommunication Network” “Systems and Methods for Preventing And Blocking Network Security Attacks Executed Through Encryptedand/or Obfuscated P2P Communication Networks”