Building a local area network


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Building a local area network

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Building a local area network

  1. 1. Building A Local Area Network (LAN) 1. Let’s get physicalParts List5 Port Hub - $30 (10M or 10/100M)[Some Wal-Marts, any PC store, online]Example, look at other sites for prices: (network interface card) 10M is fine, 10/100M better - Desktop: $10-20 - Notebook(PCMCIA or USB): $45-75[Some Wal-Marts, any PC store, Best Buy, online]Category 5 (Cat5) cable (RJ45 connectors also called ethernet cable)[Home Depot, Wal-Mart, any PC store, online ] - 6’ - $2-5 - 100’ - $30-40 ©2000 C.L. ‘Steve’ Crane -
  2. 2. Building A Local Area Network (LAN) 2. Now for the brains Make all physical connections per the previous page Connect a cable from each PC NIC to a port on the HUB IsRight Click on there a Yes Network Neighborhood No Click onNetwork Neighborhood. Start/ Settings/Control PanelClick on Properties icon on your desktop? Double Click onClick on Identification tab Network Is Click on AddFill in Computer Name: Click on Client Client forwith a unique name for this PC Yes Microsoft Networks No Click Add listed? Click Microsoft Click Client for Microsoft NetworksFill in Workgroup: Click OKwith a common name. Thismust be the same for all PCin this group. IsFill in a brief File and Click on AddComputer Description: printer sharing for Click on Service Yes No Click File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks listed? Microsoft NetworksClick on the Configuration tab Click OK Click on Add Is Click on Protocol Yes NetBEUI No Click on Add listed for your Click on Microsoft NIC? Click on NetBEUI Click OK Restart Your PC ©2000 C.L. ‘Steve’ Crane -
  3. 3. Building A Local Area Network (LAN) 3. It’s nice to share some things... Right Click on the My Computer icon Click on Explore Click once on drive labeled C: Click on File (on the menu at the top of the window) Click on New Click on Folder This will create a new folder in the right pane Type My Share Press enter There should now be a folder called My Share in the right pane Right click on the folder you just created Click on Sharing Click on the radio button Shared As Under Access Type click Full At the bottom click OK A hand will appear under your directory You have just created a shared directory Do this on each computer on your network ©2000 C.L. ‘Steve’ Crane -
  4. 4. Building A Local Area Network (LAN) 4. Network with the big boys!Right Click on theNetwork Neighborhood iconClick on ExploreThis will reveal every PC in yourworkgroup and printer on your LANClick on the + next to one of the PCsThis will reveal every folder and devicethat is shared on that PCClick once on the my share folderAll files in that folder will appear in the right pane(since we haven’t moved any files to that folderit’s empty right now)Move files you want to share to your my share folderThis folder, and the files in it, can now be accessedfrom any computer in your workgroup Way to go! You now have what is called a Peer network. You also now have the ability to share printers and an internet connection. So, this is just the beginning. Remember: Play well with others and share your toys. ©2000 C.L. ‘Steve’ Crane -