Ldi Company Profile June10


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Ldi Company Profile June10

  1. 1. company june.2010 profile
  2. 2. profile LiquidDesigns.in our work Our vision is strong and unwavering. We need to set bars of excellence that keep rising and challenging us constantly. We want to exceed our own expectations. speaks for Since our inception in 2004, we at Liquid Designs have always been focused on providing our clients with services and products that are distinctive and itself exceptional. 'Out of the box' is where we think and conceptualize our best. We are quite indulgent in engaging with you and understanding your needs. We believe in highly coordinated, structured and streamlined processes yet we remain creative, adaptable and innovative. let us We create products and provide our services with the support and work of our engage you wonderful teams of highly motivated, passionate and skilled professionals. Our services in print, interactive and strategy solutions become quite formidable when complemented by our network of highly valued and like- minded associates. Have a glance at what we offer...
  3. 3. services LiquidDesigns.in Brand Communication + Brand Identity + Print Promotion + Publication Design + Interactive & Online Solutions + Strategy Consultancy Diagnostic & Evaluation Online Strategy Liquid Designs collaborates with a highly valued and experienced network of Market Research Engagement Strategy associates. Our core strengths in print, design, strategy consultancy, online and Brand Strategy Dynamic Web Solutions interactive solutions when complemented with services of our associates allow Brand Identity UI Design + Info Architecture us to create truly impressive and comprehensive solutions that will exceed your Brand Communication App Development Creative Copy SEO + Social Media Optimization needs. Collaboration does not dilute the level of reliability we offer or our Publication Design Mobile Web Optimization fanatical detail to quality. In fact it amplifies our vision.
  4. 4. portfolio / brand identity LiquidDesigns.in Your brand identity tells the world who you are. A successful identity design defines the perceptions others have of you and leaves an indelible mark on your audience. Liquid Designs offers highly sophisticated and comprehensive solutions in corporate identity, logo development, style guides, stationary, naming and slogans
  5. 5. portfolio / brand communication LiquidDesigns.in A symbol alone can never show your true character and uniqueness. Liquid Designs helps you converse and engage with your audience. Our brand communication design solutions extend to corporate brochures, posters, advertisements, illustrations, postcards, mailouts and promotions
  6. 6. portfolio / publication design LiquidDesigns.in Publications are considerably important even in today’s fast evolving digital age. We still like to touch, feel and turn pages. Liquid Designs provides specialized design and content services for Books, Magazines, Corporate Newsletters and Reports. Interested in taking your publication digital? Take a look at our Online & Interactive Solutions ...
  7. 7. portfolio / online & interactive solutions LiquidDesigns.in Liquid Designs helps you identify, plan and deploy a truly unique, customized and scalable online solution. The power of open source technologies provides you with the flexibility, freedom and security you require. We provide high-end solutions in UI Design, Customized CMS, SEO, Social Media Dev & Optimization, Web Apps and Mobile Web Optimization
  8. 8. clients LiquidDesigns.in Over the years, we have provided diverse services and built custom solutions for a variety of clients. Here are just a few:
  9. 9. people LiquidDesigns.in Ashish Dhir Ashish Dhir co-founded Liquid Designs (India) in 2004. MBA and Director - Strategy, Business graduate in applied arts, Ashish brings with him a solid foundation in Development and Operations visual communication and business management. Anand Hirvey Anand Hirvey, graduate in applied arts, and after working with India Director - Design Today Group for 5 years co-founded Liquid Designs (India) (now LDI Graphics Pvt. Ltd.) with Ashish. Anand brings with him an unrivaled visual flair and a fanatic eye for detail. Ani Gupta Ani Gupta co-founded LDI Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2009 and Director - Strategy and Technology brings with him a solid Liberal Arts education combined with unparalleled tech-savvy, a unique perspective in web technologies, having seen the birth of the web, and experience spanning three continents.
  10. 10. © LDI Graphics Pvt. Ltd. / LDI Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. LDI Graphics Pvt. Ltd. 310 Local Shopping Complex H3 Block, Vikas Puri LDI Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi - 110018 p : +91-11-4563 8155/66 e :info@LiquidDesigns.in w:LiquidDesigns.in t : twitter.com/LDInews