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Bellset credentials lite

  1. 1. Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF IMAGINATION
  2. 2. Coke Family DayObjective:Coke employees family day. Imagination
  3. 3. Nokia – License To SellObjectiveTo plan strong marketing strategies of newNokia handsets in different segments.Along with sales training of Nokia SalesteamChallengeExecute the entire event in 24 hoursResultHighly appreciated by the top managementof Nokia Imagination
  4. 4. Samsung Olympic Torch Relay,2008ObjectiveTo showcase the association of Samsungwith the games as the principle sponsor allthrough the rallyChallengeDesign & device a float adhering toInternational guidelines, so that the floatlooks exactly similar to its counter parts.Multiple stakeholders, Multiple Activities,Security Threat and Short NoticeResultRight build-ups at the Right place at theRight time… Imagination
  5. 5. First-ever Mobile Smoking Lounge createdfor smoking lovers on the move anywhere,anytime without violating the govt. policyon smoking in public. Imagination
  6. 6. Spread awareness about Dabur productsespecially Honey along with yoga and fun filled activities for the entire RWA. Imagination
  7. 7. Imagination
  8. 8. Volvo S60 Press Launch Mumbai
  9. 9. Volvo S60 Press Launch MumbaiObjective:Press launch of the new Volvo S60 in Mumbai at ITC Maratha Hotel.
  10. 10. ING Renault F1 RoadshowClient: Renault F1ObjectiveIntroduce F1 cars for the first time onIndian roadsChallengePrecise conceptualization, planning &execution of a show adhering to F1standards on RAJPATHResultAn audience of 1,20,000 people wasenthralled Imagination
  11. 11. Lamborghini Driving Experience -ChennaiObjective:Create an informed „touch & feel‟experience for potential LamborghinibuyersChallenge:Hosting a set of guests each day over6 days. Program included: Cocktails &Dinner featuring showcase ofLamborghini Apparel and track dayfrom 9am till 4pm. Executing a luxuryexperience given torrential rainespecially at Sri Perumbudur RaceTrackResult:A positive response from guests and amemorable all-in-all luxuryexperience Imagination
  12. 12. Volvo XC 60 Launch at LavasaObjective:Press Launch of the all new Volvo SC60through an awe-inducing Holographicprojection. Also displayed SC60‟s variousconsumer drive & safety features at Lavasa. Imagination
  13. 13. Jaguar & Land Rover Launch (New Delhi)Objective:Press conference followed by theshowroom launch & in the eveningboth Jaguar & Land Rover car modellaunches at the British HighCommissioners Residence Imagination
  14. 14. Jaguar & Land Rover Launch At British High Commissioner‟s Residence (New Delhi) Imagination
  15. 15. General Motors – Auto Expo‟10Objective:Unveiling new car models, brandpositioning „Showcasing the newChevrolet‟ & creating a uniqueentertaining pavilionChallenge:Logistical planning, entire stall setup,coordinating hostesses, models,artists timely performances & full daysentertainment schedule, back stage,security, housekeeping etcResult:Got appreciated for Best Pavilion &Best Entertainment Imagination
  16. 16. Shell Ferrari Showcase, 2008ObjectiveShowcasing the prowess of Helix EngineOil and its association with FerrariChallengeExcite the media about Ferrari runningexclusively on Shell Engine oils &ensuring the audience is appraised aboutShell‟s „Clean Inside Technology‟ResultLooking at the entire activity; even theFerrari International Team said, “Helix hashijacked the entire show…despite theFerraris being there…” Imagination
  17. 17. Volvo Auto India Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) Imagination
  18. 18. Cruze Launch „Goa‟Objective:Showcase the new arrival of ChevroletCar to the DealersChallenge:Back to back 4 events in 2 daysResult:Successful launch and test drivesession Imagination
  19. 19. GM Cruze Launch Dealers Meet Imagination
  20. 20. General Motors Talegaon Plant LaunchObjective:Inaugural ceremony of GM Talegaon „PowerTrain Launch‟. GM‟s first power train plantin the world that enables both petrol anddiesel engines to be manufacturedsimultaneously, followed by pressconference. Imagination
  21. 21. General Motors Smartech Engine LaunchObjective:All new GM‟s Smartech Engine presslaunch. Imagination
  22. 22. General Motors BOD Meet at PuneObjective:General Motors Board of Directors Meet atTalegaon Manufacturing Plant. Imagination
  23. 23. Volvo Car DisplayObjective:Volvo XC 60, XC 90, S80 and S60 cardisplay at the DLF Golf Course, Gurgaon,India. Imagination
  24. 24. Vikas Group: An Evening with Musical JugalbandiObjective:Vikas Group factory launch post entertainmentevening.
  25. 25. Vikas Group: An Evening with Musical Jugalbandi
  26. 26. Siemens Family DayObjective:Siemens employees family day. Imagination
  27. 27. Siemens Family Day Imagination
  28. 28. GM Senior Leadership Meet GoaObjective:GM Senior Leadership Team Meet, anoffsite of MDs & Staff Heads. Intensemeeting on future developments of GMIndia. Imagination
  29. 29. General Motors Annual Meet AgraObjective:Offsite for GM sales and marketing team. Imagination
  30. 30. General Motors Annual Meet Agra Imagination
  31. 31. Income Tax Exhibition Stall Imagination
  32. 32. Small & Medium Entrepreneurs Awards (SME)Objective:Small & Medium Entrepreneurs Award. Imagination
  33. 33. Opulence LaunchObjective:The launch of Opulence – a diamondjewelry company at DLF Emporio Mall,along with a showcase of their newcollectionChallenge:Conceptualizing a show in order to reachout to Delhi‟s crème de la crème; a showwith 10 of Delhi‟s leading ladies walkingthe Ramp, whilst in keeping the Mall‟sspace constraints in mindResult:A glamorous affair with 250 of the mostinfluential audience in Delhi captivatedfor the evening Imagination
  34. 34. Chevrolet First „GM Service Camp‟Objective:To show Chevrolet customers thatChevy Cares.Challenge:Calling around 6000 customers inevery city. Erecting 32000 sq.ft ACand Non AC hanger (water proof) inheavy rains. Coordinating with 400Technical and Non-technical Staff.Arrangement of F&B for Staff and theCustomers.Result:Successfully completing 3 servicecamps in Chandigarh / Delhi / Jaipur Imagination
  35. 35. Launch Of The New Skoda SuperbClient: Skoda Auto IndiaObjectiveLaunch the new Superb in 5 cities aroundthe Country targeting SEC A audienceChallengeAn innovative platform A Golf promotionin Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabadand KolkattaResultAn overwhelming response for Skoda anda great golfing day for Members Imagination
  36. 36. GM Plant Launch (Talegaon)Client: General Motors IndiaObjectiveTo roll-out the first SPARK from GM‟snew facility at TalegaonChallengeTo manage multi level launches across30,000 sq.ft area, 60 kms away fromPuneResultHandle crowd of over 5000 people &1500 Press invitees Imagination
  37. 37. ZENOTORIUMBellset Patent PropertyObjective:Create a never before experience forentertainment-starved Tourist DestinationShimlaChallenge:Entertaining Audiences of all age and incomegroupResult:161 power packed shows over 53 consecutivedays Imagination
  38. 38. ING Platina Launch(Mumbai – J.W.Marriott)ObjectiveAn evening of entertainment for existingand potential Platina account holdersChallengeUnveil the Platina card using a mechanicalturn table mechanismResultStand-up comedy by Vikram Sathe, AnilKumble launched the card, followed byperformance by renowned singer K.K. Imagination
  39. 39. General Motors : Spark LaunchObjectiveLaunch GM‟s latest compact car SparkChallengeconceptualize and manage the showdivided over 5 sub-locationsWith zero-failure especially where theChairman – GM Worldwide is going to bepresentResultSuccessful launch with over 200 paxattending the show Imagination
  40. 40. Skoda Fabia LaunchObjectiveTo announce the launch of Fabia to thedealer communityChallengeTo Launch a car at a location where thereis no accessible road to reach thelocationResultGrand success of the Press meet Imagination
  41. 41. Apollo Annual Conference @Aamby ValleyObjectiveAnnual meet and team building exercisefor the employeesChallengeCoordinating 4 different venues forevents inside the valley followed by one-on-one conferencing with the MD overthe videoResultGrand success of the press conference &training session for the employees Imagination
  42. 42. Shell Cut Car PromotionClient: ShellObjectiveTo make people experience the quality ofShell Helix Ultra engine oil throughshowcasing the half cut originalChampionship Rally Car that was broughtdown to IndiaChallengeTo showcase the car inside malls ofMumbai & DelhiResultGood amount of hype and involvementwas created Imagination
  43. 43. Pepe JeansObjectiveLaunch of the global partnership withPepe Jeans London and the ING RenaultF1 TeamChallengeDrive footfalls to the displayResultCreated Pepe Jeans‟ positioning as ahigh-street fashion brand associatedwith Formula One globally Imagination
  44. 44. Lyrca RendezvousClient: LycraObjectiveShowcase apparels that use Lycra;connect with trade partnersChallengeOrganized fashion show showcasingLyrca , also Lycra was used as prop in theentire setupResultOverwhelming response from TradePartners Imagination