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Friendship @ IIPM
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         2008-2009 SEASON
      IIPM, Gurgaon
      IIPM, Gurgaon
     SWAPNIL, SUN...
September 20, 2008

                     Four years of Boring
                     lectures, those sleepy
AAWAZ DILSE September 20, 2008
Kaju ki Barfi                       Rakhi Sawant


        WAR           CHARJEE

© Ashish Jain

                                           First day in the vision tree hall
Originally composed by: Sunil Seetharaman

                          What's up           I'm d
          what's up       ...
Hey rambo!!
you are so hot.. :P                               Ehhh??!!@$%
Previously on sex machine....

            I'm tHE SEX

             RAMBO is so
Hey MJ,
                                                       Lets do it :P

October 1, 2008

                  "The meeting of two
                  personalities is like the
LOST & FOUND October 1, 2008       I was feeling “ at the end of day, I
                               had nothing to reme...

                                  you look, you can
Could you imagine, at the very first of your job day and you
asked for an Psychiatric treatment....
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        FRIENDS REVIEW                     Aug-Oct 2008              Issue No. 1st & Last              ...
Marks on my Heart

                                                                                          Friends For...
Ashish Jain
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A Journey to the Life


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When you enter into professional-Ship and deported from Student-Ship. Story of making professionals as friend and searching college life in job for first few months.

Real stories..sketches...comics..done is all lectures for training. edited using photoshop. but all original work of ashish and his friends.

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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A Journey to the Life

  1. 1. © Ashish Jain Friendship @ IIPM
  2. 2. +91 963 00 1212 5 IIT Bombay, india B.Tech, Civil Engg. Ashish Samdariya [Jain] Ashish Samdariya (B.Tech, IIT Bombay) © Ashish Jain Biography I am Ashish Jain, graduated from IIT Bombay as a Civil Engineer. I am originally from Jodhpur, India. Being a frequent traveller, I have visited a lot more countries[USA, UK, Germany] but still India Ratlam, M.P. Sailana Downyard Depot, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd didn't get any chance to explore heaven of my own country. Though there is no connection with civil engineering to Photography, I found my own way here. I am a published photogra- pher with recognition from Chicago Art Mu- seum, USA, BBC World, UK and Kaladarshan art exhibition at IIT Bombay . For the past five years, experiencing nature and photographing her beauty has been my form of relaxation and spiritual fulfillment. I am largely self taught in the photographic arts. My belief is that art is in every one, the only thing we need to explore it. I can’t think of a single photographic journey in which I haven’t learned some further nuance of the light and how it interacts with the world © Ashish Jain around me.
  3. 3. Goglin PAUL © Ashish Jain 2008-2009 SEASON
  6. 6. AAWAZ DILSE September 20, 2008 Four years of Boring lectures, those sleepy class rooms with proxy on attendance sheets. Time is still the same, © Ashish Jain the only thing changed is when I don’t sleep, I dream and draw. Fourth Dimension !! We are at Work... By Ashish Samdariya [Jain] I Never wanted to come here, and for a piece of paper. First guy, I I was happy that, I’ll gonna for that I had two reasons. as we met at reception is Amar, though meet lots of new people here, a all have some image of PSU in many of you even don’t know (A new life after IIT or my other back of our mind. Which was also fantastic person, miss ya man). trips somewhere around the not complying with my Room No 121, me and globe. expectations (not in terms of Somesh [Love u Bro]. An Next two to three days gone money but as an engineer). second amazing person wins your heart waste to just asking the same is more personal so better not to with his humble nature and person about his/her identity with say it here. silence. Though It took me 1-2 a childish innocence on everyone’s Any way past is vast, so days to realize and then, those 12 face. I welcomed everyone I met, don’t dig. Finally I am here at days, Loud music and talking but some are too shy to respond. IIPM, a day before I suppose to about formals, I’ll never gonna They might have reasons to be there, with no letter of miss. justify. No one could be like invitation to show at main gate. I The most hatred thing Saleem :P. On other hand, To be requested the guard to let me in happened to me is wearing frank, I hatred people who liked and I’ll give you the offer letter, formals, as I didn’t carry any to live in their shell of university it’s in my suitcase. No offense, but single formal clothing. Finally, I identity and group came along. as usual Haryanvi tone and it managed to buy stuff there and Anyway that also gone away with forced me to look into my suitcase became officer “A” grade :). Singh is Kingg song and running
  7. 7. AAWAZ DILSE September 20, 2008 “An Unforgettable stay at IIPM, Though I haven’t mention your name here but you all are close to my heart. I’ll gonna miss these days !!” Thanks for being part of my life Ashish Jain © Ashish Jain © Ashish Jain around meeting almost all the people. After all, a guy stood up and said “Sir, 5 min is too short to talk!!” and I think you all We all remember the incidence of Piyush Mittal saying may be victimized by him. You know, when he start talking “GOOD COLD Vs BAD COLD” :D :D :D. All of us had a junta says “Ab yeh kab khatm hoga :((”...... “chup kar yaar” and name (label, u can say) and which was also showed up on name many more. plates. Sude did u remember the incidence of Piyush mittal saying “Yeh Kaju kis Laddu ne Lika hai :P”. From then, all days came with new exposure to the life. I found a lot people, who are still a college students like me, My good time had gone, since I met bobby darling. Since whereas few were scared to being professional saying that day one, he became rock star and I proved dumb :((. Vo saare “Now, we are no more students”. I was okay with it, what else I prank calls and “guru muttu swwami ayyar” calls were the could do ;). The day came when I became a part of never shock of richter scale 9 at that day. The “Hooooowwwww” forgetting group of 9nies (Gaurav, Rakesh, Shalabh, Sandeep, effect didn’t work at that day, it was kind of spoof of some Sudeshna, Manika, Priyanka, Roopansh and Ashish). We are horror movie. missing sandeep (I hope, he is doing good). Those days were gone, my half life is with me. Half The fun of nik names and sketching began and pages after has gone away. We are in touch but, still there a gap. pages gone for sketch. I’ll never gonna miss the graffiti created Hoping to see them very soon. I lost a lot than actual by me, gaurav and priyanka. The old rules of classroom games gain I made. I make my apology to all whom, I hurt. I were being modified for more entertainment by roopansh and hope, we will be good friend again, than carrying a tag me. We believed that game has to stand last long. of professional relationships. Laddu and burfi story was famous among us. Later on, we had two burfiis (Kaju and Badam) to pronounce but we had restricted access to Badam :D.
  8. 8. Kaju ki Barfi Rakhi Sawant P. PAULI Balloooooo... Sho**u Mika Paul Shont Baccha Halkat Badam ki Barfi DOPChee BaBu Komedy BURFI GOGLIN MANoj KuMAR Rasogulla LADDU SALEEM Officer Don’t get LABELed
  9. 9. UP BHATTA DIL KI JUBAAAN WAR CHARJEE BIS © Ashish Jain E K HASEEN A HAI... LO VE AT IIPOMTREE HALL I N 29TH AUG; VIS r hai, saara L B , LLte ho.. on mai jo suru Y LOVaEhai AnamEjaanE.. tum kuch naa kahnege hum.....muh m! teri aakh abbat ki kasa M sa Dil tera diwan !! i! isi ka kasur ha
  10. 10. © Ashish Jain First day in the vision tree hall I heard a light voice “May I come in” A beautiful lass in her early twenties stepped in Amidst her beautiful tresses A bright face flashed Her eyes were like black diamonds Her lips were like a pink ribbon We went on a visit to Panipat refinery On the bus she sat beside me Her simple touch shivered me Her breath refreshed me Her long locks soothing me I said to her “What’s your name?” She took a pause and replied “I am La Belle” On the 12th the last day of training She looked more beautiful than ever I walk in a groove By this time we knew a lot about each other Not has the sun risen yet I thought today I should say to her Fall my eyes a main “I love you” On a beautiful lass I told her to come near the swimming pool Very beautiful she is! She was wearing a pink saree Very graceful her movements are This time she was shining like a star I take a few steps forward Though it was very dark outside And slowly follow her I held her hands and said “I love you” I looked at her dark eyes She looked at me with surprise Singing some loving tunes; As if I was an alien Suddenly I woke up from my sleep Who just landed on the Earth Realizing it was a dream She told me “We are good friends but…..” Beautiful was the lady “Give me one week time then I’ll call you” Very graceful did she seem Can I ever forget her? Now I’m posted in Guwahati refinery Can I ever forget this dream? She is posted in Panipat refinery I’m anxiously waiting for the phone to ring “Tring Tring Tring Tring”
  11. 11. Originally composed by: Sunil Seetharaman What's up I'm d what's up batman!! I hate MJ?? with the Bats!!, you rediculous looser:( costume I love Boxers & Swimmers.. but sunny ..told me, I'm the batman. A he is the sex sex machine.. machine... I'm the Sunny??? batman. I'm that asshole the real sex gay. He keeps machine. I do hitting on chicks all the me. he is an time. I'm the old gay sex real deal!! machine. Yeah!!...you Nike.. do it with JUST DO IT!! sunny. I love rambo. To be continued...
  12. 12. Hey rambo!! you are so hot.. :P Ehhh??!!@$% * #!!! You are the Ehhhhh....!!!! hottest man, @@@##$% *@ I'hv ()! ever...seen :P Rambo-eat-you. Rambo-hungry I love your huge muscles HELPPPPP .... Rambo-eat-you eyaaaakk...:(( to be continued...
  13. 13. Previously on sex machine.... I'm tHE SEX MACHINE RAMBO is so hott!! Rambo eat- MJ Hari om, hari om, RAMBO-eat-MJ hari om om....& Helppp:( Helppp !! Ohhhhh...aawww:(( rambo-no-eat-mj I hate you rambo-eat-himesh rambo!!
  14. 14. Hey MJ, Lets do it :P I don't do Ohh, fuck!! Spiders...:(( Spider man is soo Brave.. this is blahsphemy , this is madness. this is blahsphemy , this is madness. this is blahsphemy , this is blahsphemy this is madness go, buzz , this is madness off.. Deep pit, Don't jump DIE...Pakistani....:(( AAAaaahhhh MADness??? WarninG: thisss iss Don't FART sparta jai hind!! Spidey!! ohh, fuck!! I lovee youu!! what has sunny uncle done?? I think, I Let's do it !! love spiders I want to do spiders he...he.. ohh!! let's do it heehee again.. EPILOGUE: # Sunny deol went to jail for killing Next Morning 853396413 pakistanis. #batman went back to fighting crime. #Rambo is still eating himesh.
  15. 15. LOST & FOUND October 1, 2008 "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." ~Carl Jung~ © Ashish Jain ON THE END OF A FRIENDSHIP By Ashish Samdariya [Jain] "The meeting of two personalities friendships and relationships end. wasn’t more than 2 hours for the is like the contact of two chemical I think that everything in my life, last shock in my life. At the substances: if there is any whether experiences, people or beginning I never felt reaction, both are transformed." things, have meaning. People, I uncomfortable with her, her ~Carl Jung~ believe come into my life for a presence filled me with ease and reason, a season or a life time. she comforted me in her own Friendship is a funny thing, at Some times you know right away, peaceful way. I was upset when I times it will be a powerful sometimes it's only after the fact left breakfast next day and she connection you never could that the realization hits you. walked away when I sat besides imagine leaving you. Then one for a game, the look on her face, day you look back and find some On a common evening I the tone of her voice the lack of surprise in how easy it was for you spent a great deal of time eye contact illustrated that I was to drift apart. Whether it is a pondering this thought after no longer at that place in her life. lifestyle change, a move to a new meeting with a once very close On that day, I was in trough city, or just finding that over time friend for an uncomfortable visit. I realizing that it won’t be possible what you thought you had in couldn't decide if she was meant for me to get a same place is more common, is less of a link, then to be a reason or a season. At the difficult and in other hand I was you once thought, changes do time we met I was struggling to loosing the company of few other occur, people drift apart and hide myself. I was in guilt that it close friends.
  16. 16. LOST & FOUND October 1, 2008 I was feeling “ at the end of day, I had nothing to remember. I stood Still how do you define a alone, no one around”. A silence was "Seasonal", "Reason", or there, but being social I tried to say "Life time" friend? This good bye to everyone. friend was in my life for a Now I accept my responsibility in season, a few days, longer the demise of our relationship. I've not than most, still not a year been a good friend. I've cancelled plans or for the life time. more times than not, I'm horrible at Ashish Samdariya calling, and chances are, if I don't work with a friend, I rarely see them. It's not just this friendship that has suffered by these methods of mine, family and friends often comment on my unavailability. However, once that is said, I believe both people play a part in a relationship, friendship or other, and I have taken a step back, after feeling that she did so as well. I wish that I could have asked her why she pulled away, but by the time I realized that she had, I couldn't ask her, I felt she was making a © Ashish Jain point of showing me it was none of my business. Sometimes I think it's important Still how do you define a "Seasonal", to happen. What have I learned from her not to push familiarity on someone who "Reason", or "Life time" friend? This you ask? I've learned that time changes doesn't want it. I tried to patching up the friend was in my life for a season, a few people, both her and I. That it's hard to past but it’s was all my mistakes. People days, longer than most, still not a year or go back, that one sentence spoken can say I laugh a lot, they don’t know the for the life time. I learned many lessons change everything. Looking back on my other hand of it. from her, does that make it a reason? She actions I've realized that all it took was helped me to deal with the thought of one sentence, one night, that changed the That being said, I have been blessed impending death, my emotional baggage, way I approached her. I've learned that with a few people whose lives are busy and personal demons. In that way I life is a thousand shades of gray, and very like mine, and with whom I can pick up would say that there were many reason's little black and white. where left off in a moment, with no hard for our friendship. feelings or accusations of neglect. Not With her I learned to trust. I learned that this friend has accused me, but I can There are lots of moments that are to look at life from a more detached tell that she is finished with me. That I still fresh in me. She once told me that I position. Most people know that my understand, but still the sadness that should not hesitate to stand as a leader if heart is worn on my sleeve, and I've got a comes with moving on is still there. its your work even in the team, there is terrible poker face. She showed me how no hearty feelings in profession. I knew to reign that in and think a little more that was true but I couldn’t manage that logically. © Ashish Jain We share a lot of the same ideas, she is the kind of sister that every brother would like to have one day. In the end, she is was a friend for a season, a friend of many reason's. For the future, I wish her only the best, I pray that her and her family thrive in life and find great happiness along the way. I hope that we will find our way back to each other one day, and in life, hope seems to be one of the few consistencies we can bank on. Lots of Regrets! "Some times the measure of She says” forget things that had happened in past, there is a wast future ahead” friendship isn't our ability not to harm but your capacity to forgive the things done to you and ask for forgiveness for your own mistakes." ~Randy K. Milholland.
  17. 17. August ICE BREAKING Everywhere you look, you can write a book, On trouble of a woman & man in lectures!! ~Alan Jackson © Mridu Khanna
  18. 18. ICE BREAKING/ HEAD HUNTING Could you imagine, at the very first of your job day and you asked for an Psychiatric treatment...not an hour or two! It’s gonna be full three days×seven hours. By: Mridu Khanna BY: MRIDU KHANNA BHATTTT.... ( means “GET LOST” ) I don’t know how do, UFF.... I don’t wanna no no no, why wud ppl First day @ IiPM. remember those days pay thousands of bucks Officially. when we managed to to his consultancy in Behavioural Module. bear him. Woh Bola “ I order to get mad and Lot of restlessness & started speaking for then need to go to excitement going on in the first time in psychiatrist after my mind. How will my 1990” , main boli “ listening to his first day at work and since then u have baseless, nonsense be??? But Fate had never stopped talks. I hope he something else in speaking”. BUT, why is becomes Paul Gogglins store for us. The he eating our head to spare the coming Faculty comprised of with anything he felt generations of the Ashok Bhatt. He proved lik saying..... I torture...... NAHI TO to be exactly like his know m boring u ppl WOH DIN DOOR NAHI KI name. with all this stuff INDIAN OIL MEIN A “SHOCK”......... & I but if you hav already PSYCHIATRY CELL BHI felt like saying, attended his sessions, BANANA PADEGA>>>>>>>> rather, everyone felt going thru this will like saying, us be a cakewalk for u... BHEJA Disclaimer Points to Remember Yahaan par jo bhi pravachan hua hai, uska • Don’t get Labeled: Keep yourself away sacchai se kuch lena dena nahi hai. aayi from sticky glue • Take a Lead: and jump into well of death baat samj mai. Agar thanne laage ki aisi • Be a Team Player: Only when you find FRY kuch baat huii hai to manne pareshan karne yourself in loss :D vaase naa aaiyo, kyonki angerji mai ek sabd • Be yourself: No mask is permanent so no excuses for that!! hota hai “that is just a COINCIDENCE”. • Take the Opportunity: then loose it Ashish Hum “A Journey to the life” ki tarf se Mridu • Don’t remember anything, even if you ji ka aaBHAR vyaqt karte hai. can Samdariya
  19. 19. Comment Back!! FRIENDS REVIEW Aug-Oct 2008 Issue No. 1st & Last A Journey to the Life DEEPIKA Dear Ashish, Its said “ Friends are just strangers waiting to happen!” In a span of very short time, I found a wonderful friend in you. A-Amiable, S-Sweet, H- , I-Intelligent, S-Smart, H- :). Handsome Its been wonderful writing you. You are immensely talented. Preserve your quality of goodness and stay as charming, friendly, and creative as ever.... Loved “A Journey to the Life” by Ashish Jain :P. Good Luck!! Keep in Touch. PRIYANKA Mr. Paul Goglin in the truest sense and hopefully you’ll become more famous than him :-P. Keep the artistic fire burning always..... May be you’ll become a celebrity photographer before you become a “C” grade officer. ASHISH = ARTISTIC There are no thing subjective about it.......... ANKITA Excellent Job!! Must say you worked really hard to put things together. All the best for your future. SUNIL Dude!! Do well in life.. PRANAB SAHA Keep your creativity alive, come what way. Try to explore your true asset & excel in your hobbies....Take care and stay tuned. YOGESH Excellent Job man...You don’t like work rather, you love work. Keep it up. Try to mugup with friends (Boys also) :D. ASHWINI Beauty is the only word that comes to my mind right now. Great!! Ashish Samdariya, Flat No. 106, City Heart, Ratlam, M.P. | +91 9630012125 | http://ashishsamdariya.photoblog.com
  20. 20. Marks on my Heart Friends Forever The Real Journey In our lives, thousand of people come and go. Some of them remain for a while and leave with us wonderful memories, memories that linger on & on in our hearts. This was an attempt by me to preserve few of these with us. “A Journey to The Life” is about a very tiny phase of my life, about friends I made, and about their views. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in someway towards making of this piece of work. Because “WITHOUT THEIR SUPPORT AND INTEREST, THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE.” One more thing, Hope all readers find it at par with their expectation. Nothing more to say.... Go Ahead!! Happy Reading...!!! Never Lasting Words I learnt a lot from you guys and wish I could be like you, more entertaining, funny, friendly etc etc. Lot more to grasp in a very short time, could able to make you all good friend of mine, but wish you we will be someday. In this Journey, I discovered few close friends and I wish my relations will be fresh and fine with all of you till I live and survive. I love you all: Varun, Sudeshna, Gaurav, Roopansh, Priyanka, Mridu, Rahul and Komudi. Location Location IIPM VVGiri Gurgaon Noida Haryana, India UttarPradesh, India The Special thanks to Mridu for her immense support while writing to publishing and publishing to demo. Her views and words supported me to come up with this. She knows it better.
  21. 21. Ashish Jain http://ashishsamdariya.photoblog.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashishsamdariya