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Shell Oil Retailing Strategy

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Shell presentation

  1. 1. Shell Case Study : Round 3 Ashish Anand Sanyal C Amey M
  2. 2. • India – one of the fastest growing country in the World• High demand for energy products• Earlier only IOCL , BPCL and HPCL in the market for selling transportation fuels• In 2002 private players allowed to market transportation fuels Government Regulation:• Govt. introduced Administered Pricing Mechanism in 1977 for pricing petroleum products• Motive : Insulate the domestic economy from the high & volatile international oil prices• Kirit Parikh report : Price of petrol has been decontrolled in June 2010• Diesel still not decontrolled by the govt. owing large dependence of industry and households on it Consumption Pattern: High Demand: Per capita consumption of Petrol and Diesel has doubled in the last decade High prices of petrol leading consumers to shift towards CNG and diesel automobiles Value Brand Retail Site The FinalOverview Proposition Promotion Opportunity Word
  3. 3. Petrol and Diesel Price-Pan India 80 75 Shell : Only dedicated oil marketing 70 company in India 65 60 • Involved in the marketing of petroleum 55 50 products 45 • Dont have a presence in the refining 40 Bangalore Chennai Pune Hyderabad • 2000 licenses but operates only 62 Sites NOC-Diesel Shell-Diesel NOC-Petrol Shell-Petrol 2004 : Started operations in India Fuels Project Mayback : Selection of Sites 2008 : Concentration Principle Shell Lubricants : Shell 2009: Project Stela to divest some sites SHELL-India Retail & Business Bitumen Value Brand Retail Site The FinalOverview Proposition Promotion Opportunity Word
  4. 4. Value Proposition of SHELL in India : Quality and• Quality fuel offering quantity• Providing best in class infrastructure• Stringent quality control & assurance of right quantity delivery• Highly skilled service station workforce FUEL World Class• Fuel Economy concept for efficient fuel utilization economy Infra• More focused on Passenger vehicles than commercial vehiclesIssues faced by NOC’s in India : Skilled• Premium charged for quality fuel Workers• Many reported instances of adulteration• Infrastructure is not at par with private players BPCL 1 2012 : Adulteration stats• Low skilled service station work force resulting in huge waiting time for the consumers IOC• High crime rate at the filling station in rural areas HPCL• Total vehicle management is available at very select outlets HPCL BPCL even in Urban areas 28• Operational inefficiency leading to frequent stock outs• Calibration issues at the filling stations IOC 46 Value Brand Retail Site The FinalOverview Proposition Promotion Opportunity Word
  5. 5.  Provide a branded value proposition Brand Promotion /Awareness:  Campaign locally about the same price structure with instead of offering fuel as a commodity better product offering Brand nomenclature :  Collaboration with leading manufacturers of vehicles for after sales service Fuel Brand Name  Launch of SHELL mascot who will address various Unleaded Petrol Mileage day to day issues of vehicles in ads Premium Petrol Mileage Plus  Association with Hot Wheels allowing to have SHELL logo on cars thus increasing brand familiarity Diesel Shell ShaktiWe know whats best for your vehicle : Campaign featuring various ads where user prefers only expert care when it comes to any important decision Think SHELL Think Happiness Your car needs the best care It also needs quality fuel Use transparent filling station machines (semiotics) And SHELL provides quality fuel Value Brand Retail Site The FinalOverview Proposition Promotion Opportunity Word
  6. 6. Brand Loyalty Promotion : Involving Corporate Platform to Share Experiences Generating First Trails Consumers• Collaborate with leading retail • Engage Govt. employees , large • Co-creation via Social CRM stores/brand private players etc. • Communication of new Products• Issue membership cards on high • Online web portal for members via this medium value purchases viz. INR1500 • Provide differentiated customer • Frequent polls to allow consumer• Offer cash back on collection of service register their preferences 100 points viz. 5% Consider The Loyalty Loop Evaluate Bond Enjoy Advocate Buy Value Brand Retail Site The Final Overview Proposition Loyalty Opportunity Word
  7. 7. Creating Brand Equity through Sustainable Development  Economic considerations  Environmental considerations • Inclusion of pre-fabricated buildings & • Shell takes environmental impact hydraulically lifted canopies at Retail Sites seriously & addresses it properly • Reducing the risks of working at height • Protection of the soil & ground water and there by additional costs and environment surrounding the • Reducing construction man- hours by retail outlet 25%  Social  CSR • Diversity at work place; favourable • Engage in CSR activities to create conditions for disabled persons & women Brand Awareness • Support economically marginalized youth • Organise Marathons to create a sense to take up entrepreneurship of Brand community opportunities Value Brand Retail Site The FinalOverview Proposition Promotion Opportunity Word
  8. 8. Current Retailing Opportunities Mobile App for• Open small convenience stores Ordering Groceries• Develop & Provide Shell Apps for ordering Grocery Online• Collection while coming for fuel refilling• Provide PUC(Pollution Under Control) Car Wash Services• Provide Maintenance & Repair Services GroceryLong Term Retailing Opportunities Stores• Partner with retailing majors as Wal- Collaborate Mart, Big Bazaar with online• Provide total vehicle management Grih sewa (Fuel, PUC, Maintenance services, Car services Wash Service)• Provide small recreational centers for kids for consumer involvement Value Brand Retail Site The FinalOverview Proposition Promotion Opportunity Word
  9. 9. Summary Recommendations:  Branding Fuel as Shell Mileage , Shell Mileage Plus and Shell Shakti  Launching Think Shell , Think Happiness Program for large scale promotion  Partnering with leading brands like Hot Wheels etc. for brand recall  Generate first trails through card launch programs and engage social media  Development of retail outlet with introduction of small convenience store and providing basic maitainence facilities Value Brand Retail Site The FinalOverview Proposition Promotion Opportunity Word