Consumer behaviour


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Johnie Walker Consumer Perceptions of the Brand

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Consumer behaviour

  1. 1. Johnnie WalkerConsumer Perceptions Group 5
  2. 2. Brand History and Market Presence • Started : 1820 • Scotch Blending : 1865 • A product of Diageo : 1997 • A symbol of Forward Thinking • Pursuit of excellence • The Man Who Walked Around The World • The smoky Finish : the walker signature • Growing it by blending • 2nd largest brand after Smirnoff
  3. 3. Consumer perception • Sense Seeking behavior: Willing to go for varied, novel and complex sensation • For Consumers who know what Johnnie Walker is all about • Sophistication and Upper Class • Association of Colors of brand with Authority and sophistication(Black Label) • Red Label : Hot, Passionate Exciting • Green Label: Secure, Natural and Relaxed
  4. 4. Creating Perceptions• Survey Customers: Knowing the current perceptions of customers and elevating them• Touchpoint Analysis: Interactions Between Customers via Marketing Piece, Used to identify Gaps• Develop a Strategy: Defining the perception that the company wants its customers to have• Connect: Creating opportunities for engaging with customers, for achieving positive perceptions
  5. 5. Consumer perception based on Primary data• Occasional Drinkers  More conscious about the taste• Only 10% of them willing to pay above 3000, so Johnnie walker is itself an elite brand• Most preferred brand  Black Label , Gives a sense of sophistication• Regular Drinkers willing to shell out around 1000 to 1500 for a whiskey• Johnnie Walker is regarded as more of the status symbol by the consumers• Perceived benefits : Drinking for chilling out• Perceived Value : classy, Elite, Premium• A significant no of consumers were affected by the brand image while going for a choice of brands for consumption• Consuming Johnnie Walker is more about experience so people want to consume it in Bar or pub or parties rather than at home• Price increase is undermined by the brand value• Most of the times Johnnie Walker is associated with Status
  6. 6. Creating Perceptions Contd.• Creating an overall experience around the Brand• Selling Drink Kits along with scotch Whiskey• Invitation to Journey of Taste• Formula One “Inside the circuit”• Organizing Jet Black Parties• One Recently held in Delhi• Sense of Success by showing world champions Louis Hamilton and Jenson Button
  7. 7. Perceptual Map Sophistication Johnnie Walker Antiquity Smirnoff Chivas Regal Occasional Drinkers, Pub Goers less price sensitive Blenders Pride Regular Drinkers, Social Price Drinkers, parties Royal Stag Highly Regular Drinkers, High Price Sensitive Royal Challenge Old MonkCountry Made
  8. 8. What contributes to this…… Product attributes • Taste: enjoyable subtle aroma, Rarity Redefined • Shape of the bottle: unique shapes of bottle viz. King George V edition, XR 21 • Packaging: Signifying Dynamism, sophistication ( by back color with gold lining) • Color: The color of whiskey is mostly visible to appeal to sensory stimuli. (sensory branding) In words of the consumer “On tasting you get a good shot of smoke with a little astringency and some good warmth in the mouth. The scotch clings to your tongue and the peatiness comes out with hints of bitterness, like bittersweet chocolate”
  9. 9. Other contributing Factors • Maven : People who are actually the users are the ones who recommend it • Pricing : premium, High price shapes consumer perceptions • Rich History around the brand
  10. 10. Managing Consumer Perceptions Educate Inspire Commercialize• More than 10,000 plus exclusively trained bartenders across 34 countries• Localized packaging (few countries)• Meeting the luxury and International trends for all consumers• Informing the customers about the various styles and trends of alcohol consumers• Inspiring people about the different styles and ways of drinking• Association with F1- A sense of Exclusivity and status symbol
  11. 11. Managing perception….• Chinese story: a cultural insight
  12. 12. Elevating Perceived Value • Coming up with limited edition • Capturing notion of “total package” • Availability • Association with high profile events, persons etc. • Organizing Johnnie Walker PartiesLimited Edition Total Package • Organizing events as Black Circuit Lounge with the celebs in different countries, Johnnie Walker Jet black Parties etc. Johnnie Walker Jet Black Parties
  13. 13. Perception formation• Culture: how one grows up and the related social norms, values shapes one’s attitude• One stimuli (say color, packaging) not to be interpreted in the same way across the globe• Personal/past experience: if experience has been bad, a fresh stimuli not very likely to reinforce perception positively• Level of knowledge, interest, and kind of need sought from the product• Gender, Age Final WordsIf a brand is shaped by everything its owner does, itis also shaped by everything else associated withthe brand in the minds of its customers.
  14. 14. Thank You 