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Business analytics pro odesk

  1. 1. North America 90+ Regions Served North America Australia Europe Asia Russia Experienced Business Consultant and Analytics Professional with 8+ years of experience in delivering market research, analytics and consulting projects. With ranking among top business consultants at Odesk, I come under a money back gurantee program initiated by Odesk. This means you get highest level of satisfaction guratnteed at no risk. 140+ Projects Delivered, and Growing Australia 15+ Europe 10+ Asia 2 Russia 1 *Size of bubble shows number of projects delivered Research Analytics Consulting Contact
  2. 2. The Journey So Far  2009 First market research project was delivered  2014 130+ projects are delivered till date.  1000+ Hours logged on  All time rating of 4.85 out of a score of 5  Among the top 10% Statisticians at consistently from last 6 years Client Reviews and Feedback https://www.Contact
  3. 3. Projects Delivered By Country USA 70% Australia 12% Canada 10% UK 2% Japan 2% Denmark 1% Norway 1% Switzerland 1% Russia 1% Tools Used – MS Excel, SAS, IBM SPSS, R (Basic User) North America remained the mostly served market in last 5 years. However, new clients are approaching for services from Europe, part of Asia and Russia as well. Skills Utilized – Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Human Capital Analytics, Feasibility & Research Studies https://www.Contact
  4. 4. Client Reviews and Feedback Word Cloud (2009 – 2014) https://www.Contact
  5. 5. Skills Cloud (2009 – 2014) Market Research Statistical Analysis HR Analytics Change Management Social Media Analytics SPSS Analytics Survey Analytics Management Consulting SAS Research Retail Analytics Market Assessment Span of Control Analysis Compensation and Benefit Analysis Employee Engagement Workforce Planning and Analytics https://www.Contact
  6. 6. Project Type – Market Sizing and Research Client is an Oracle’s gold partner based in USA and hired our team to estimate market size for a new application to be launched by Oracle. US higher education was targeted since it has great potential for deriving value for Oracle’s application. The objective was to estimate potential number of users for the Oracle application in the US higher education industry. Country USA Industry Consulting Project Cost $1000 & Above Duration (Hours) 132 Year 2013 Business Problem and Objective Approach Research - Extensive secondary research was conducted to estimate total number of new student registrations in US universities. Assumptions - Collected data was further challenged and given a logical shape by setting assumptions based on research to arrive at FTE estimates at department level for US higher education market. Solution and Deliverable Top down approach was used to understand US education industry. Statistics like total number of universities offering higher education, number of students enrolled in a year and total number of FTE’s by department in US higher education were researched. Appropriate ratios and assumptions were used to further identify the core target market for the client. https://www.Contact
  7. 7. Project Type – Pricing and Competition Assessment Client is a toy manufacturer based in US and wanted to price their new product by assessing the competitor price. Our team identified key competitors for them and suggested a price range for their products. Country Germany Industry Manufacturing Project Cost $500 and Above Duration (Hours) 50+ Year 2013 Business Problem and Objective Approach Research - Extensive secondary research was conducted to identify competitors and collected data regarding the price, distribution platforms used, location, type of product sold etc Assumptions - Collected data was analyzed to identify hidden price pattern based on type of product sold in the market. Solution and Deliverable  Provided pricing trend for different types of toys sold by competitors in the US. The analysis was provided in the form of a detailed market research report.  Helped client identify the average price of product sold which further helped them identify a range of prices to quote for their product in the market. https://www.Contact
  8. 8. Project Type – Steel Recycling Industry – Assessment Client is an Entrepreneur based in Calgary Canada, and willing to set up a steel recycling firm. Before making any final decision, client hired us to answer some vital questions about the Canadian recycling industry. This included, industry size, competition , potential customer , forecasted demand for recycled steel in Canada. Country Canada Industry Recycling Project Cost $500 and Above Duration (Hours) 50+ Year 2010 Business Problem and Objective Approach Research - Extensive secondary research was conducted to identify competitors and collected data regarding the price, total demand etc in Canada. Assumptions - Collected data was analyzed and presented in the form of tables and charts to provide useful insights to the client. Solution and Deliverable  Provided useful insights to the client with market statistics regarding the Canadian recycling industry with special reference to Alberta.  A comprehensive market research report was prepared keeping client’s objectives in mind. https://www.Contact
  9. 9. Project Type – Mobile Data Analytics Client is a Finance Service company based in US. They are not sure if their spending in online advertising contributing anything to get more customer. They have data for number of applications filled, number of approval and number of loans approved by the company. To understand if their advertising is showing any impact statistical analysis was conducted Country USA Industry Financial Service Project Cost $100 and Above Duration (Hours) 10 Year 2013 Business Problem and Objective Approach Data Source – Last 2 years transactional data was provided with information about number of applications applied online, number of approvals made and loans sanctioned. Method - Paired T test was used to understand if there is any significant increase in number of loans granted to customer. SPSS and SAS were used to run the analysis Solution and Deliverable  Though the results were not significant, the client demanded to extrapolate the data and provide a threshold point to conclude how much lift is required to make the test statistically significant Extrapolations were done using some logical assumptions and a range of data points were provided which were necessary for the test to be statistically significant. https://www.Contact
  10. 10. Project Type – Customer Survey Analytics An online survey was conducted to understand the newspaper consumption behavior in a select location in United States. A total of 664 responses were collected from diverse origin which included customers originating from Central American, Mexican, South American and United States. Country USA Industry Publication Project Cost $200 and Above Duration (Hours) 10 Year 2013 Business Problem and Objective Approach Data Source – An online survey was conducted by the client in Los Angeles and data was collected from 600+ customers. Method - Cross tabulations and descriptive statistics was provided to the client using MS Excel and SPSS. The data was interpreted and results were presented in a power point deck. Solution and Deliverable  News paper buying behavior was studied in detail by running cross tabulations using SPSS. This included understanding customer behavior by age, gender, location, origin along with others. Survey revealed some great insights about newspaper buying behavior in the select location. A small percentage of respondents have started demanding news on their cell phone. This is a result of the global revolution in mobile app technology which has spread around the world. However, this demand is mostly from the middle age working professional who only find time to see news paper over a weekend or after office https://www.Contact
  11. 11. About Ashish is a management consulting and analytics professional with specialization in small business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. In past 8 years, Ashish has worked on numerous business consulting, research and analytics assignments for clients in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. His key areas of focus are human capital analytics, customer analytics, change management, employee engagement, workforce planning and analytics, impact assessment and market research. Ashish holds a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in economics from reputed universities in India and also completed an advanced program in business administration from a reputed university in Canada. His key areas of specialization are Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematical methods for Economics, Small business management and Entrepreneurship Contact