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  • Ericsson is shaping the way world communicates Employees 90,261 worldwide The majority of Ericsson’s Business Unit Multimedia’s portfolio, where I work, is software-related. About 2,300 R&D engineers work with Agile practices.
  • Hi , I am Ashish Mahajan. Around 5+ years of software development. For the last one year
  • Contract in software industry became fixed price and fixed date, because of the history In general deliveries were: too late: deadlines are hardly met too less: requirements are out -scoped because of cost, time and technical limitations. to expensive: to get everything more money was spent than anticipated With the outsourcing trend customers still faced those problems so they wanted fixed price and fixed date contrcat to have the full risk at het delivering side.
  • With the outsourcing trend customers still faced those problems so they wanted fixed price and fixed date contract to have the full risk at the delivering side.
  • Customers discovers what they Developers discovers how to build software Everything changes along the way >
  • Change for free means that the customer can replace stories from the backlog with other stories with the same amount of storypoints at any time without any extra cost
  • Money for nothing means that the customer can say that he has The Customer may terminate the contract at the end of any Sprint. The standard metric for termination is when the Customer perceives the cost of continuing the project is higher than the additional value received. The Customer will pay Company 20% of the remaining contract value to exercise early termination. 
  • Is it a kind of OxyMoron ? This is what happened when we have all the features commited to customer , with a strong deadline.. This make us feel as if we we are trying to fit Scrum
  • Be aggressive on deadlines Try with a low risk project Inspect and Adapt
  • If the client only understand fixed contracts, Multiplication factor Overhaeads incoomunication,teams etc.. Some will take less or more as initially , but if you get the factor right in averaging , you are in game.
  • Cust might get frustrated when two people from same company say same things. Open communication and early delivery, Scrum can do a lot in damage control.
  • We keep on working in sprints , building potentially shippable every sprint , but if we ship it after considerable time ,say 4 months, is it still Scrum? How do we get to know what the customer really wants , “earlier” He gets to test what he wants?
  • This is one thing that comes out in mind Try out with a low risk customer, where it doesn’t effect much. One of the methods of forcing customer to think that it is better to give him what he doesn’t want It will force him to collaborate more.
  • This is where true leadership comes in Better to have 1 delighted customer , rather than 3 not so happy Customer . Bcoz that satisfied customer will be your life long customer. And not so happy will spread it 10 ten times .. So you should be able to say no , if you think that you are going to fail.. Even if you make it , you are going to burn ur bright people.. They are the people who change the orgs, or change the organizations.
  • Bring the whole team together and ask for a solution: The people will feel more commited ,if you let them involved in the situation very early. You can raise the emergency , but let the team decide upon the actions.


  • 1. Brahmastra : Fixed Price Scrum Ashish Mahajan Agile Evangelist Ericsson 1 st October Pitney Bowes,Noida
  • 2. Intro to Ericsson
  • 3. About myself
  • 4. Why Fixed price ?
  • 5. Transfer the risk
  • 6. What about Scrum ?
  • 7. Brahmastra ?
  • 8. Change for free
  • 9. Money for nothing
  • 10. Fixed Price Scrum ?
  • 11. MoSCoW Slicing on every feature
  • 12. Bidding Low on Features
  • 13. Bloat Upfront
  • 14. Do "Fix Bid" as "Fixed Number of Hours"
  • 15. Enable trust
  • 16. Deliver early and Frequent
  • 17. Give Customer what he doesn’t want
  • 18. Upfront Courage
  • 19. Do or Die !!
  • 20.