Using LinkedIn To Get Business


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Want to get business using LinkedIn? Here is a start!!!

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Using LinkedIn To Get Business

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn to get Business Ashish Kulkarni
  2. 2. Glasgow Business Network• Focused on helping local businesses and charities• A well established, helpful leadership team able to help with business start-up, tax advise, business finance, payroll and book keeping, web design, graphic design, business purchase and sale, business growth, etc. and honest business advise/mentoring.• Inspiring regular events
  3. 3. TouchBase Business Centre• 7 Training Rooms – from £25 per day• Virtual Office• Mail Forwarding• Free SECURE Wi-Fi• Free Parking• All proceeds go to Sense Scotland – a national lottery award winning charity• Disability friendly
  4. 4. Business Needs• Inspiration• Products / Services• Customers• Cash-flow• This presentation aims to help you get customers using LinkedIn
  5. 5. This presentation• Skims over LinkedIn and LinkedIn profile• Concentrates on getting business using LinkedIn• All of us are happy to work hard. This presentation gives some guidance on how to use LinkedIn and work smarter.
  6. 6. LinkedIn• Professional Social Media• Connect with other professionals – Business Owners – Entrepreneurs – Forward thinking employees• Your online CV• Collect recommendations• Raise your profile
  7. 7. LinkedIn Profile
  8. 8. LinkedIn Connections
  9. 9. LinkedIn Recommendations
  10. 10. Customers – who are they?• They buy and they pay• They fall into a specific category – Age – they have minimum and maximum age – Gender – some businesses are gender specific – Marital status – Single, Engaged, Married, etc. – Business type – Alternate Therapists, Property Management Companies, Hotel Owners, etc. – Other specifics – the more specific, the better.• Remember, Everyone = No one
  11. 11. Selling makes me nervous• We are all good at what we do. But, modesty is drilled into us from an early age.• We don’t like to beat our own drum.• Trying to sell or Selling makes us all nervous.• People put up barriers when we try to sell which makes it worse.• But, we all have bills to pay and so, we have to sell.
  12. 12. LinkedIn for Business Development• Plan an event• Keep the event about information sharing and soft sale – everyone loves FREE• Invite your potential customers to this event• You can use LinkedIn to create an event• You can use LinkedIn to find the right people and invite them to this event
  13. 13. Creating an event
  14. 14. Sharing the event
  15. 15. Advanced people search
  16. 16. Advanced people search
  17. 17. Advanced people search results
  18. 18. Sending a message
  19. 19. TouchBase – an ideal venue• You can host your events at TouchBase.• TouchBase are offering a discount at the moment. You can speak to Ellen Tolsma to find out more.
  20. 20. Collaborators – why bother?• A business owner who has same customers or type of customers as you• Someone who is not your direct competitor• Someone who is reliable, good at what they do and you can work with• Someone you can pass business to• Someone who will pass business to you• A good collaborator is priceless
  21. 21. Advanced people search
  22. 22. Contacting Collaborators
  23. 23. Summary• It is important to know who your potential customers are• A collaborator can pass you many customers• LinkedIn can help you find and get in touch with potential customers as well as potential collaborators
  24. 24. How to contact me• Email –• Mobile – 07748107492
  25. 25. What next?• Jen and Elle’s story
  26. 26. What next?• I am offering a FREE group coaching for 7 members of GBN over a period of 3 months – Define your potential customers – Define your potential collaborators – Define strategies to contact them – Set and achieve targets – Just one meeting per month – Follow-up in 6 months – Available for advise by email
  27. 27. What next?• I have pre-selected the following 3 members: – Leeann Horton – Gordon Saunders – Maureen Leach• I would like to offer 4 more members this opportunity.
  28. 28. What next?• There is a Social Event on the evening of Monday 23-July-2012. Please RSVP now!!!