Boston as a preffered Investment Destination


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Presentation detailing some key facts about Boston World Partnerships, the Boston economy,the incentives to the investor when bringing FDI to the greater Boston economy, and the reasons why Boston is a preffered investment destination with assured ROI for the investor

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Boston as a preffered Investment Destination

  1. 1. Boston World Partnerships GROWTH. IMPACT. VALUE THROUGH STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS.Yoon Lee, Executive Director I I o 617-929-8627 I m 781-367-2403
  2. 2. ABOUT BOSTON WORLD PARTNERSHIPS Boston World Partnerships ("BWP"), founded and chaired by Mayor Menino, exists to promote Greater Boston as a vibrant place to live, work and do business. To achieve this goal, we have created an international influencer network with the mission of strengthening Greater Bostons economy by helping businesses and organizations identify business opportunities, make targeted connections in Greater Bostons diverse innovation economy, and access resources to grow in the region. The BWP network brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, and a wide range of business influencers and thought leaders. Through a varied range of partnerships with local business organizations, media and government, BWP is the sole economic development agency that represents Greater Boston region at the ground level.Yoon Lee, Executive Director I I o 617-929-8627 I m 781-367-2403
  3. 3. BOSTON WORLD PARTNERSHIPS: Network-Powered Growth Engine We are leaders. Mayor Thomas M. Menino Founder & Chairman of the Board Mark Maloney President of the Board Former Chief Economic Development Officer of Boston Frank Britt CEO, Penn Foster Advisory Partner, Bain Capital Ventures John McArthur Former Dean Harvard Business School Chris Mayer Special Advisor Publisher, The Boston Globe *A select number of BWP board members to demonstrate its caliber.Yoon Lee, Executive Director I I o 617-929-8627 I m 781-367-2403
  4. 4. BOSTON WORLD PARTNERSHIPS: Network-Powered Growth Engine We are Connectors. BWP Connectors are a unique and resourceful global network of committed professionals who represent the diverse business community of Greater Boston: banking, biotech, healthcare, high tech, venture capital investment, startup, consumer products, legal services, design, IT, academia, and arts. They are -subject matter expects -diverse -international -connected -involvedYoon Lee, Executive Director I I o 617-929-8627 I m 781-367-2403
  5. 5. CONNECTORS ARE… Leaders in Greater Boston • 68% of Connectors are CXO level or higher in their organizations • 20% of all Connectors are either President or Founders/Co-founders of their organization Diverse • 28% are professionals, who represent global ethnic groups. • 41% of Connectors are women. International • Representing the most active international agencies, consulates, and business associations – e.g. swissnex, French Consulate, British Consulate, Boston Irish Business Association, Office of the Vice-Prime Minister of Belgium, to name a few • Traveling abroad often to conduct business, expanding networks in France, Germany, India, Argentina, Brazil and other countries Connected • 98% of Connectors have LinkedIn accounts, almost 60% of which have over 500 connections • 75% of Connectors have Twitter with an average of 1100 followers Involved • 100% of Connectors are in at least 1 more organization, 82% are in 2 more, and 15% in 5 or more organizations. • Over half of Connectors are leaders in non-profit or volunteer organizationsYoon Lee, Executive Director I I o 617-929-8627 I m 781-367-2403
  6. 6. WHAT WE DO Market Boston + Make Connections = Generate Economic Growth INFORM CONNECT We inform the world about Boston’s We make innovative assets by social media targeted, timely, efficient business campaigns, offline events, strategic connections and help businesses partners and premier media find resources, ideas, and talent. partnership. BOSTON = innovation + talentYoon Lee, Executive Director I I o 617-929-8627 I m 781-367-2403
  7. 7. WHAT IS BWP’S UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION? PARTNERSHIPS + ACCESS GOVERNMENT BUSINESS BOSTON = innovation + talent MEDIA ACADEMIA * The logos represent a select number of partners in BWP community as examples.
  8. 8. Who does BWP serve? New entrants businesses and professionals looking to expand to and learn more about Boston Mid to large corporations who want to access and invest in Boston’s innovative capacity – its startup community, intellectual capital, emerging technologies Entrepreneurs international & local - exploring resources from a diverse network to launch their business Government & economic development agencies seeking to create bilateral relationships with Boston and Massachusetts Local businesses small to big, who are looking for current news about Boston, business opportunities, government connection, and access to talented minds Local professionals who offer their professional skills to enhance the city and community they love
  9. 9. BWP PROGRAMS Connector Program Boston World Partnership Connectors are the cornerstone of the organization. They inform the world about doing business in Boston and connect fellow businesspeople with the resources they need to launch, locate or grow. Global Business Hub on BWP Connectors and guest bloggers contribute on Global Business Hub blog on Boston Globe’s business section, making it one of the highest viewed blog on the site. Global Business Hub covers a wide range of topics: Boston’s innovation story, Business tips, Industry trends, event coverage, global perspective on Boston. Captains of Innovation A joint program with Venture Café Foundation of Cambridge Innovation Center, Captains of Innovation creates partnership and growth opportunities between multinational corporations and high-potential startups in Greater Boston. We serve as a trusted and knowledgeable local partner to navigate the diverse and dynamic startup community in Boston. Outer Spaces Outer Spaces matches unused office space in Greater Boston with startups and small businesses. It is an innovative program designed to provide entrepreneurs with a professional working environment and host companies with an efficient cost-cutting measure. Strategy Session BWP Strategy Sessions help early-stage entrepreneurs find the specific expertise they need. You tell us your hurdles, and we customize a panel of seasoned managers, investors, and industry experts to help you address those challenges.Yoon Lee, Executive Director I I o 617-929-8627 I m 781-367-2403
  10. 10. Highlights of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy1 • Leading research universities, academic health centers, research institutes, and other non-profits in Massachusetts attract more than $3.3 billion annually to support research in advancing the frontiers of knowledge. • Companies in Massachusetts perform more than $13.3 billion in corporate and federally-sponsored research, creating a climate for innovation that is among the most R&D intensive ($ R&D/$ GDP) in the world. (Measured as the ratio of R&D investment / gross state product) • Massachusetts academic institutions grant 40% more engineering degrees per capita than the closest competing Leading Technology State. • Massachusetts students ranked 2nd globally in international TIMSS exam for fourth grade science, 4th globally in fourth grade mathematics. • Massachusetts has the highest level of venture capital investment per high technology establishment in the country – four times the US average and more than 35% higher than California, its closest competitor.1 Massachusetts Technology Collaborative John Adams Innovation Institute Yoon Lee
  11. 11. Massachusetts: #1 in talent#1 producer of college graduates• 30% more per capita than the nextclosest state in the U.S.• #1 among leading nationsBoston area alone:50+ colleges and universities with225,000+ students Yoon Lee Entrepreneurial Impact: The Role of MIT, E. Roberts, C. Eesley, MIT Sloan and the Kauffman Institutte, February 2009. Map:
  12. 12. Boston is #1 in venture capital in the USSource: NVCA 2009 Yearbook. Graphic taken from "Boston Startup Scene" presentation by Jeffrey Bussgang, Flybridge Capital Partners.
  13. 13. Massachusetts: a global hub of innovation, capital, and talent• In 2007, $25.4 billion was spent on R&D in • 1st in the world in academic articles Massachusetts published per capita (2007)• 1st in science and technology capabilities in • 3rd in the world in patents published per the United States (2010, The Milken billion dollars of GDP under the Patent Institute) Cooperation Treaty (2009, WIPO)• 1st in innovation capacity in the US • Kendall Square, in Cambridge, has the (2010, The Kauffman Foundation for highest concentration of venture-backed Entrepreneurship and Information biotech and IT firms in the world Technology & Innovation Foundation)• 1st among states in education level of the workforce• 1st among states in industry-performed R%D as a percent of industry output (2007)• 1st among states in venture capital investment per capita, 34% higher than California (2010)• 1st among states in technology licenses and options executed by universities, hospitals and nonprofit research institutes
  14. 14. Massachusetts: a low tax state• In 2007, Massachusetts (4.0%) ranked well below the national average (4.7%) in business taxes as a percentage of Gross State Product• This placed Massachusetts 8th of 50 states• Massachusetts (10.5%) also ranked well below the national average (11.3%) in all taxes as a percentage of State Personal Income• This placed Massachusetts 13th of 50 states Yoon Lee
  15. 15. 4 top reasons why you should invest in the state ofMassachusetts and in Boston1. Economic Development Incentive Program2. Investment Tax Credit (ITC)3. Research & Development Tax Credit4. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Yoon Lee
  16. 16. Economic Development Incentive ProgramThe Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP) is a tax incentive program designed to foster job creation and stimulate business growth throughout the Commonwealth. Participating companies may receive state and local tax incentives in exchange for job creation, manufacturing job retention and private investment commitments. Yoon Lee
  17. 17. Investment Tax CreditThe Massachusetts Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a three-percent credit for qualifying businesses against their Massachusetts corporate excise tax. The credit is to be used for the purchase and lease of qualified tangible property used in the course of doing business. Yoon Lee
  18. 18. Research and Development Tax CreditThe R&D tax credit closely resembles the federal credit program, however, it specifically offers qualifying Massachusetts companies many unique features for doing business in Massachusetts. Yoon Lee
  19. 19. Tax Increment FinancingMassachusetts version of Tax Increment Financing allows municipalities to provide flexible targeted incentives to stimulate job-creating development. Yoon Lee
  20. 20. Contact:Yoon Lee, Executive Directoryoon@bostonworldpartnerships.como 617-929-8627m 781-367-2403