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  2. 2. AL VE F OE RA INISH ALOEVERA possesses End Usesincredible moisturizing properties, Sports Wearimproves the skin’s ability to hydrate Women’s Wearitself, aids in the removal of deadskin.BENEFITS of ALOEVERA FINISH ALOEVERA benefits dry and cracked skin, blisters, frostbite, insect bites and allergic reactions. ALOEVERA keeps skin supple by Testing bringing oxygen to the cells and Standards therefore increasing synthesis and strength of the skin tissues. Keep Skin Healthy ALOEVERA has recognized healthy and restorative properties. Used in the treatment of various chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, inflammation, burns and wounds.
  3. 3. UV FINISH Fabric treated with UV absorbers End Uses ensures that the clothes deflect the Harmful Sports Wear, Women’s Wear, Kids ultraviolet rays of the sun, reducing a persons UVR exposure and protecting the Wear skin from potential damage. Requirement and Selection of an Ideal UV Absorber An effective UV absorber has to be absorb through out the spectrum to remain stable against UVR and then to dissipate the absorbed energy to avoid degradation of fabric or loss of color value. Highest absorbency in the ultraviolet region {290-340nm} and no absorbency in the visible region. Should be heat stable and compatible with Testing Standards other additives in the finish formulation UPF:AATCC 183 For Protection Should be non toxic and non- skin irritant. Against Ultraviolet Radiations (upto 25-39 washes)
  4. 4. W E RE E L NT F AT R P L E INISH Water Proof Breathable Fabrics End UsesWaterproof breathable fabrics are Sports Weardesigned for use in garments that provide Women’s Wear, Men’s wearprotection from the environmentalfactors like wind, rain and loss of body Kids Wearheat.Stain-Resist treatments have becomepopular for both apparel and floorcoverings. The aim of these finishes is toeliminate residual staining of a textile thathas suffered spillage of food and liquids. Densely Woven Water Proof Breathable FabricsWaterproof fabric completely prevents thepenetration and absorption of liquid Testing Standardswater. The term breathable implies that AATCC 118 For Oil Repellencythe fabric is actively ventilated. Breathable AATCC 193 For Water & Alcoholfabrics passively allow water vapour to Repellencydiffuse through them yet prevents the AATCC 22 For Spray Testpenetration of liquid water.
  5. 5. CH M E ICAL SP ASH F L INISH Chemical Splash fabrics End Uses combine the outstanding Sports Wear qualities of best-selling Men’s Wear garment rental polyester/cotton fabrics with a Women’s Wear high performance protective finish which repels ChemicalBenefits ofWater and Splash Finish Splash, Chemical Oil. Up to twice the durability and industrial wash performance of comparable finishes. Improved hand and dimensional stability. Superior fluid repellency and stain resistance Testing Standards: EN 13034 For Protection against limited chemical splash EN 368 For protection against liquid chemicals
  6. 6. ANT ICROB I-M IAL FINISH The Anti-Microbial Finish was End Uses designed to give long-lasting Sports Wear antimicrobial protection Swim Wear through a unique treatment to Women’s the garments. Wear Men’s Wear Bacteria can even be present in Kids Wear freshly-laundered garments so regular washing is not necessarily the solution.Testing Standards:: EN ISO 20645 For Protection against Bacteria and Microbes. (Upto 30 Washes)
  7. 7. AROMA FINISH AROM F A INISH Aroma Finish eliminates End Uses-human body odor on fabrics so Kids Wearthe wearer and their clothing Womens Wearstay fresh smelling in botheveryday and extremeconditions, the essence of fabricnever goes off. In addition to balancing thearomas of the other ingredients,Lavender, in its own right, is ananalgesic, anti-depressant,antiseptic and deodorant, wellknown for its restorative effecton humans. + Fatty oils in your Bacteria Body Odor sweat
  8. 8. B B AM OO F RIC AB  Imitation of silk :Silky soft texture. Similar to rayon or silk in feel, bambooBAMBOO & ITS BLENDS has been compared to the highest count cotton textiles. Sustainable : As a natural cellulose End Uses fiber it can be 100% biodegraded in soil Sports Wear by microorganisms and sunshine. Kids Wear, Women’s WearThe fabrics is knitted from a very renewable resource and is fully bio- degradable. Cooler and drier than cotton.Water Permeable :The fibers in Bamboo wick away moisture up to nine times faster than cotton, making this the perfect fabric for people who experience hot flashes or who tend to perspire in their sleep. Naturally Anti-microbial Bamboo fibers kill bacteria, fungus and microbes, which in turn keeps them virtually odor free between washing.
  9. 9. STAIN RE E L ASE & E L T F ON FINISH BENEFITS OF End Uses STAIN RELEASE & TEFLON FINISH Sports Wear It modifies physical characteristics Men’s Wear of textile fabrics Women’s Wear Fabrics are water-repellent and oil- Kids Wear resistant Finish gives fabric a soft handle Finish is permanent up to 20 washings in 40 degrees of Celsius A possibility to use a swing ticket with marking NANO Testing Standards Effect can be recovered by ironing AATCC- 193 For Water Repellency , in 160 degrees of Celsius Initial 5 , 10 wash 4 AATCC- 130 For Soil Release It can be applied on all types of ( Upto 30 washes) fabrics AATCC- 118 For Oil Repellency It’s suitable for furnishing fabrics (Initial 4 , 10 wash 3 ) AATCC-22 For Spray Test: It increases strength of fabric
  10. 10. WRINK E F E F L RE INISH The Wrinkle Free Finish End Uses and the technically even more Women’s Wear demanding non-iron effect for Men’s Wear clothing and bed linen rely on Sports Wear high-quality finishing APPAREL products based on the highest S environmental standards. Advantages of wrinkle freeFinish Non- Iron Garment Care Low Formaldehyde to zeroFormaldehyde Range of handles can be possible. HOME No more unsightly creases during TEXTILESwear A Soft Silky touch for enhancedcomfort Testing Standards : AATCC- 124 For Wrinkle Free Finish
  11. 11. MOISTURE MANAGE E M NTMoisture wicking fabrics and hot End Usesand cold weather clothing combines Sports Wearthe finest fabrics with some of theworld’s most advanced garment- Men’s Wearmaking technologies. Women’s Wear Features of Wickable Finish High absorbency with quick dry effect. Higher performance and durability. Perfect combination of polymer system giving enhanced handle, Original Fabrics Hydrophilic water absorption, wickability and Softener capillary action. Testing Standards DIN 53924 For Wicking (Vertical Wicking Test Standard) 3 Inches in 30 Minutes
  12. 12. SOILOIL RE E / L ASE FINISH Soil release and the oily stain End Usesrelease is the ability of the fabrics to Sports Wearrelease oily stains during home Kids Wear, Men’s Wearlaundering. At the same time thefabric exhibits wrinkle resistancewhich is the ability to retainsubstantially the initial shape, flatseams, pressed in creases andunwrinkled appearance during useand after laundering permitting asmooth visual impression of planarityof the substrate. SOIL RELEASE ADVANTAGES of Soil/Oil Soil/Oil Release FINISH Repellency Testing Standards  Elimination of greasy and particulate soils from the first AATCC- 193 For Water Repellency wash. , Initial 5 , 10 wash 4  Performance of fabric improves AATCC- 130 For Soil Release wash after wash. ( Upto 30 washes)  Durable soft hand. AATCC- 118 For Oil Repellency  Exhaustible (Initial 4 , 10 wash 3 )  Fabric protection against the AATCC-22 For Spray Test: adhesion of greasy
  13. 13. NE RAL R F UT IZE INISHNeutralizer eliminates human body End Usesodor on fabrics so the wearer and Sports Weartheir clothing stay fresh smelling Kids Wearin both everyday and extreme Men’s Wearconditions. Women’s Features of Neutralizer Finish Wear Requirements For Protection The human heat balance  Measurements of Clothingequation. Performance: Thermal Insulation; Energy metabolism; heat Evaporative Resistance; Windproduction and physical work. Resistance; Water Resistance; Standards For Protective Clothing The cold environment: Against Cold And Foul Weatherconvection; radiation; evaporation;airway heat exchange.  Performance of Clothing For Cold Protection : Standard Values For Clothing Insulation; Influence of Walking And Wind; Influence of Water And Moisture; Effects of Solar Radiation; Effects of Treatments; Prediction of Protection Clothing For Sports : Endurance
  14. 14. RECYCL D P YE E E OL ST R RE-PET recycled yarns are  Recycled polyester yarns have bettermore environmentally friendly than light properties and washing resistance,traditional RE-PET products due to the and additionally offer better colorelimination of the dyeing process. reproducibility and shade variation. Benefits of Recycled Polyester  The Recycled Polyester is the Eco-friendly Using recycled fabrics and eco textiles, product designed on the basis of reducingrecycled polyester yarns reduce emissions energy use, greenhouse gases emissions,of GHG and COD, lower water and water and chemical consumption byconsumption, and decrease the amount eliminating the dyeing process.of chemicals involved in the productionprocess. End Uses Recycled yarns also offer higher Sports Wearperformance, including light-protection, Men’s Wearwater-protection, washing-protection, Women’s Wearanti-UV, anti-aging, anti-weathering, andcolor reproducibility properties. By omitting the dyeing process,discharged water waste can besignificantly decreased, reducing theoverall environmental load.
  15. 15. 6 in 1 FINISHIntelligence Redefined…….. End Uses True essence of intelligent Sports Wearfabric developed by capturing the Men’s Wearessential values in a Single Women’s WearGarment. Kids Wear Moisture Management Sun/UV Protection Stain Release Bio Wash Easy Care Testing Standards AATCC- 124 For Easy Care Anti-Microbial AATCC- 79 For Moisture Mgmnt. ( upto 30 sec) Color Lasting AATCC- 100/JIS 1902 For Anti-Microbial- (upto 30 washes)The 6 in 1 finish provides the highesteasy care’ performance together with AATCC- 130 For Soil Release- (upto 30 washes)optimum retention of strength AATCC- 183 For UV Protection-properties in a very short time. (25-39 UPF RATING)
  16. 16. B W IO ASH FINISH Bio Washing is a laundering processes which uses enzymes to End Uses finish fabric (BIO POLISHING) , especially in the case of jeans Men’s Wear and other garments with a worn- Women’s out look. For regular cleaning, Wear enzymes carry numerous economic and environmental BENEFITS benefits. Provides softness to the fabric Improves Drapability of the fabric Absorbency of the fabric also improves Creasing problem of the fabric reduces The appearance of fabric by changing the colour or luster Shrinkage property improves with the softness
  17. 17. T NCE F RIC E L ABTencel is a manufactured fiber, but it End Usesis not synthetic and is becomingincreasingly popular as an eco- Sports Wearfriendly alternative to fabrics such as Women’spolyester, nylon, and even cotton. . WearTencel begins with cellulose which isprocessed with a non-toxic,recyclable dissolving agent, most ofwhich is recycled back into the fibermanufacturing process. Like othernatural fibers, tencel is naturallybiodegradable. Tencel is yarn dyedand absorbs colors much better thanBenefits othermost of Tencel Fabric and fibers, it isparticularly striking in deep tones, Soft & Luxurious feeltaking on a jewel-like appearance. Drapes Beautifully Eco-Friendly & Environmental Sustainable Breathable & Naturally Wrinkle- Resistant
  18. 18. MODAL F RIC ABModal is currently called the Modal fabric have level upnew Wonder Fabric. It is a surface, fine and smooth andnew kind of Natural Fabric. velvet, which have the effectWith Hygroscopic Cotton and of natural silk.the Luster of Silk, it remains Modal fabric have bright andSoft and Lustrous after colorful luster, which is aseveral washes. The effect of natural mercerizing fabric.the finished Modal fabric isvery good, and the form is The wearing ability of Modalmuch steady, which is Anti- fabric is very good, it is muchCrease and Easy Care softer and bright andnaturally, and can make colorful.Benefits of MODAL FABRICwearing much convenientModal fabric have softnessand nature. handle, good drape and is End Uses comfortable wearing . Sports WearModal fabric have good Kids Wear moisture regain and air permeability. Women’s WearModal is by nature cellulosic fibre. It is biodegradable.
  19. 19. ORGANIC COT ON Torganmi
  20. 20. INSE RE E L NT F CT P L E INISH Insect Repellent Clothing Applications of these Textile Treatment is a well-proven aid to Products fighting this growing world health  The mosquito repellant textiles can be problem. A Mosquito repellent textile is used in apparels and also in home one such textile product. It protects the textile industry. human beings from the bite of  In the mosquito prone areas these mosquitoes and thereby promising textiles find their applications in wall safety from the diseases like malaria and coverings & tents. Nile fever. To impart this character a  The insect repelling textiles find their finish of the mosquito repelling applications in apparels and home agent is given to the textile material. It textiles too. is a universal need for outdoor fabrics suitable for apparel use to provide long term insect repellency . Cage tests are the quick and cost-effective way determine the mosquito-repelling qualities of treated textiles.Cone test of an Insecticide-Treated