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role of media in present scenario
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role of media in present scenario



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  • 1. ROLE OF MEDIA INPRESENT SCENARIO Ashiq Sofi 29165 Fasial Shabir Faisal Rafiq Jiran Ali
  • 3. Who Controls the Media?Today, the majority of media companies world-wide are managed by men. While some women have advanced into media leadership, men make most of the decisions about what does and does not constitute as news. In addition, women are not moving into leadership positions in the media in numbers that reflect their numbers in society.” Leading in a Different Language: Will Women Change the News Media? A report by International Womens Media Foundation, 2001
  • 4. MEDIA’S ROLE IN Our lives.1) inform (a teacher function)2) surveillance (a watcher function).3) service the economic system4) hold society together (act as sort of a cultural glue)5) entertain6) act as a community forum (media equivalent of town hallmeeting or group discussion).7) set the agenda8) service the political system
  • 5. Various examples can be quoted.America’s war of Iraq and Afghanistan and in its policies for gulf states.
  • 6. Media role as watchdog
  • 7. How the media, through their coverage of 9/11, legitimized the future US military attackon Afghanistan, in the United StatesLegitimizing through technical devices The organization of the newspaper Eliminating the emergence of dissent Reaching consensusLegitimizing through the trauma of 9/11 The Pearl Harbor analogy Need for a proportional response War as the logical outcome of the attacks Creation of fear among the population Noble motives For the United States For Afghanistan For the world
  • 8. Media on War and ConflictThe power of media in warfare isformidable. It can be a mediator or aninterpreter or even a facilitator of conflict.If only by editing away facts that do notfit the demands of air time or print space” Elizabeth Rehan, Ellen Sirleaf, Women, War and Peace
  • 9. How media portrays conflict storiesMedia mostly just follow events. They don’t explain what led to those events.They concentrate on bad news. They are problem-focused.They are often sensational and emotional in tone.Who are the news makers? They tend to focus on powerful people, political leaders, the rich and the famous, who live in town and cities.They often reinforce stereotypes
  • 10. Media ‘s view of women and issuesRape is seen as an atrocity that spoils a girl/ women (for other men)Only young, virginal girls get raped.There’s no such crime as marital rape because of the sanctity of conjugal rightsMen are breadwinners; women are home makers and should take care of the home and children
  • 11. It’s Effects on the AudienceIt is depressing for our women listeners to hear all these horrible stories of women becoming victims of sexual violence and harassment.It can discourage women not to go out any more because they are afraid.We also have to talk about the success-stories of women who fight against violence, whether as an individual or as a group in a rally or forum.Only then, listeners can get the complete the picture.
  • 12. Media role in conflict Areas