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A new era of sensing experience with Xtrinsic sensing solutions that offer the right combination of intelligent integration, logic and customizable software to deliver smarter, more differentiated applications. Xtrinsic solutions involve intelligent contextual sensing where a sensor has decision making capabilities within the context of its environment, enabling a variety of use cases. The MAG3110 magnetometer marks our expansion into magnetic sensors, complementing our broad portfolio of inertial, pressure and touch sensors. Freescale is a leading provider of sensors for the appliance, automotive, consumer, industrial and health care markets. The sensor ICs complement our broad portfolio of ZigBeeR technology, MCUs, MPUs, DSPs, analog ICs, CodeWarrior and other development tools to offer system solutions to customers.

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Xtrinsic sensing solutions-ask creatives

  1. 1. Xtrinsic Sensing Solutionsintelligent contextual sensing Ashik.S.R ashikask@live.com ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENT 2010-13 CENTRAL POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE TVPM, KERALA 03/17/14 1designed by ask™ in association with mcea Ashik.S.R presents
  2. 2. Introduction 03/17/14 2designed by ask™
  3. 3. A New Era of Sensing Experience Xtrinsic sensors go far beyond a sensor translating a signal—it’s enabling greater levels of sensing context and intelligence. By increasing levels of modular integration with multiple sensor inputs, logic and other building blocks, Freescale brings greater value and decision making to the overall sensing solution. We’ve put our expertise at your fingertips so it is easy to tailor our sensing capabilities for your needs—your imagination is the only limiter.
  4. 4. Building On a Heritage of Sensor Innovation Introducing a giant in the manufacturing of MEMS based & CMOS state machine based touch sensing components & touch sensing software on hundred of microcontrollers. Freescale Semiconductors. Freescale new era sensing experience involves intelligent context of its environment. o Sensor has decision making capacity within the context of its environment. Freescale is a leading provider of Acceleration, pressure& touch sensors •Automotive •Consumer •Industrial •Health care markets. • Microcontrollers • Microproccessors • Digital signal proccessors • Analog Ics •Code warrior & other development tools. 03/17/14 4designed by ask™
  5. 5. Dimensions of Intelligent Contextual Sensing Building on a strong portfolio of diverse sensor types: • Inertial, pressure and touch sensors • Provide a multiplicity of sensor inputs for greater value to the overall solution • Extract the maximum context from the environment Intelligent integration: • The right combination of leading sensor types, logic and other building blocks to solve use case needs efficiently • Advanced, modular integration that can include multiple sensor types, connectivity and low-power • Enables fusion of applications and high re-use of sensor data Amplifying sensing: • Adds contextual analysis to sensor performance by including algorithms to make a decision • The sensor can be a final or sub-level decision maker that feeds into a central point • By providing interpreted sensing information and control over a number of sensing decisions, developers can focus on higher levels of innovation Ingenuity of design: • Novel ways for how the solution is designed and delivered that leverage Freescale’s remarkable sensor portfolio and other IP, expertise and innovation ° System partitioning ° Packaging ° Power management ° Connectivity 03/17/14 5designed by ask™
  6. 6. Increasing Levels of Intelligence • Decision making • Software enablement • Programmability • Applications • Third-party software Increasing Levels of Integration • Sensor fusion • Non-volatile storage • Connectivity • Power management • Logic • Actuation 03/17/14 6designed by ask™
  7. 7. Freescale Xtrinsic Accelerometers scalable intelligence in motion Freescale Xtrinsic Accelerometers scalable intelligence in motion Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)- based acceleration sensors are designed for end products and embedded systems that require measurement of forces resulting from fall, orientation, tap, double tap, tilt, jolt, motion, positioning, shake, shock or vibration. 03/17/14 7designed by ask™
  8. 8. Analog and Digital Solutions for Design Flexibility • X, XY, XZ, XYZ and Z axes of sensitivity • 1.5 to 250g for a wide variety of applications • High sensitivity • Signal conditioned with internal filter • Calibrated self-test for functional verification • Linear output • Ratio metric, ideally suited to interface with analog-to-digital converters Freescale Xtrinsic Accelerometers scalable intelligence in motion • Hermetically sealed g-cell • Digital output with I2C/SPI for processor system performance • Customer assigned registers for offset calibration • Programmable bandwidth and data rate • Single-board 3D sensing • Bidirectional multi-axis sensing • Direction detection • Adaptable functionality • Design flexibility • Lower power, higher function in smaller footprints • G-Select products offer flexibility to select acceleration level for multifunctional applications • Click and double click recognition • Low power for extended battery life • Low component count saves cost and space • Highly sensitive with low noise • High frequency and resolution for accurate fall, tilt, motion, positioning, shock and vibration sensing • Two-die solution utilizes partitioning, allowing greater design flexibility and maximizing product performance • Cost-effective packages 03/17/14 8designed by ask™
  9. 9. Typical applications Freescale Xtrinsic Accelerometers scalable intelligence in motion Mobile phones/PMP/PDA/digital cameras Smart books/e-readers/net books/laptops Security o Orientation detection (portrait/landscape) o Tilt control enabled with higher resoution o Gesture dialing enhanced with HPF o Tap to control Auto wake/sleep for low power consumption o Anti-theft o Freefall detection for hard disk drives o Orientation detection o Tap detection o Small motions detected with extremely high resolution o Tilt Fleet monitoring, tracking o Dead reckoning o Shock recording o Anti-theft o Toll payment Power tools and small appliances o Tilt o Safety shutoff Health Care Monitoring • Blood pressure monitors • Invasive blood pressure monitors • Intrauterine blood pressure monitors • Hospital bed controls • Respirators • Sleep apnea monitors 03/17/14 9designed by ask™
  10. 10. 03/17/14 10designed by ask™
  11. 11. Freescale Xtrinsic Pressure SensorsDiverse packaging, pressure ranges and porting options Freescale Xtrinsic Pressure Sensors Diverse packaging, pressure ranges and Porting options • Pressure ranges up to 300 kPa • Temperature compensated from –40 ºC to +125 ºC • Amplified analog output • Ideally suited for MCU interfacing • Small rugged polyphenylene-sulfide (PPS) surface mount package • High accuracy in the 0 ºC to 85 ºC range • Available with axial and side port Typical applications • Barometric absolute pressure (BAP) • Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) • Barometric and altimetric measurements • Industrial control • Water level measurement for washing machines and dishwashers 03/17/14 11designed by ask™
  12. 12. Reliably Replace mechanical Buttons and switches Freescale Xtrinsic Touch Sensors Reliably Replace mechanical Buttons and switches Freescale Xtrinsic Touch Sensors Freescale touch-sensing technology makes mechanical buttons and switches obsolete. Touch sensors with simple sliders, rotary wheels and touch pads offer significant advantages for more intuitive user interfaces, allowing greater freedom for designers while reducing overall system cost. Touch sensor development tools offer design evaluation examples with simple linear or rotational sliders, rotary wheels and touch pads. Freescale touch sensors can support multiple electrodes, where several different applications can be controlled by one sensor. By multiplexing the electrodes, the single sensor becomes an extension for detection at multiple points. Capacitive touch sensors are in user interfaces that manage multiple configurations of touch pads, sliders, rotary positions and mechanical keys. Freescale offers numerous development tools to easily evaluate the capabilities of capacitive touch sensing 03/17/14 12designed by ask™
  13. 13. CRTouch Xtrinsic Capacitive and Resistive touch-Sensing Platform Resistive touch screens to handle basic gesture recognition Allows the addition of up to four capacitive electrodes 5X5 mm lead free 32pin QFN 4 to 5 wire touch screens USART & I2 C 03/17/14 13designed by ask™
  14. 14. Freescale Xtrinsic Magnetic Sensors Latest innovation Freescale Xtrinsic Magnetic Sensors Latest innovation The MAG3110 3-axis magnetometer is the latest addition to our extensive family of inertial, pressure and touch sensors. MAG3110 magnetometer can measure magnetic fields in three dimensions with a wide dynamic range of +/-1000 μT. Flexible output data rate and oversampling options allow for noise as low as 0.25 μT and current consumption as low as 8.6 μA. MAG3110 Consumer Applications • E-compass • Map orientation • Location-based services • GPS assist • Remote controls/3D pointers • 3D motion control and heading • Navigation • Smartphones • Tablets • Gaming • User interface 03/17/14 14designed by ask™
  15. 15. Freescale Xtrinsic Application Examples Real-World Products that Utilize Freescale Solutions Freescale Xtrinsic Application Examples Real world products that utilize freescale solutions. Consumer Smartphone— Augmented RealityWindows 8 Tablet Slates, Laptops and Other Portable DevicesElectronic Tamper Detection Smart Meter Reference DesignBlood Pressure Monitor designed by ask™ 15
  16. 16. let me conclude 03/17/14 16designed by ask™ created & designed by ©ask creative’s™ thank you