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We were asked to develop an aerosol-based mosquito repellent. So, we made a product called Shob Aerosol

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  • For Shob aerosol, we will be using a mixture demographic and psychographic segmentation. That is, we will divide the market by the customer’s social class and their income level. And from them, we will choose the people with low income and of the lower social class as our product is a budget type. And with it, our goal is to earn our customer's mind share, hoping to making them believe that Shob Aerosol is the better choice.
  • “Shob Aerosol” has a pleasant smell, and consumers do not need to leave theirroom after spraying the aerosol. They can just stay put and do whatever they were doing. Water based: Increase the durability, so the aerosol will last longer, and also there will not be any stains in your walls, souvenirs, etc. after every spray. Our product is not harmful to the human body as they are mostly made from natural ingredient. Even the container will be made from bio-plastic which is eco-friendly. It allows you to spray much easily and kill insects hiding in holes or corners. Nozzle is something made to let you spray at places where it is hard to spray. Mosquitoes do not only live or breed in large places but also where it is hard to reach. And there isn’t much direct competition at this price, but some indirect competitions like coils are there. To compete against them, our product will be sold at very low prices.
  • Marketing202 Presentation, Shob Aerosol

    1. 1. Marketing 202 Presentation Faculty Member: Anwar Sadat Shimul Group Members: • • • • • • Jobayer Bin Hasnat Md. Habibul Hasan Patwary Afnan Ahmed Khandokar Ashif uz Zaman Raian Ahmed Prantic Md. Wasif Alam
    2. 2. Shob Aerosol Market: Bangladesh (only some specific regions) Competitions: Aerosol (ACI), Xpel (Square),Mosquito Repellent (Mortein), etc.
    3. 3. Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Demographic and Psychographic Segmentation People with low income and of the lower social class The Better Choice
    4. 4. Product Strategies • Core Values • Actual values • Brand name • Product Quality • Product features
    5. 5. Pricing Strategies • Customer’s perception • Good value pricing • Target market • Initial Pricing
    6. 6. Distribution Strategies Wholesalers • Selective distribution • Supply means • Warehousing • Compensation Retailers • Direct customer relationship • Profit • Compensation
    7. 7. Promotion Strategies • Minding PLC and the competitors • Creating awareness to target market through correct media • Advertising in suitable places • Push strategy • Public relation • Presentation, money back guarantee, lottery, etc.
    8. 8. Competitive Advantage • • • • Pleasant Fragrance Water Based Aerosol Nozzle & Trigger System Low Priced Together, it is a package worth Investing
    9. 9. Conclusion