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120 ca mc qs 1

  1. 1. Current Awareness MCQs 2012 – Set 1 Follow us:- Fecebook.com/IBPSExamination , Twitter.com/IBPSExaminationThis 1st set of Current Affairs quizzes will equip you totake all competitive examinations as well. Thesequizzes are based on Corporate, Economy, Sports,Science, National Current Affairs of India. This willmake you better prepared to face competitiveexaminations like that of IBPS CWE, Bank PO, RRB,NABARD, RBI, LIC, Civil Services, MBA etc.1. Name the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) leader who wasinducted into the Union Cabinet as civil aviation ministeron 18 December 2011.a. Ajit Singhb. Jayant Chaudharyc. Devendra Nagpald. Sanjay Singh ChauhanAnswer: (a)2. Popularly known as Adam Gondvi, this Hindi poet who wrote revolutionary poetry focusingon the pathetic state of dalits and the poor breathed his last in Lucknow on 18 December 2011.Name the poet.a. Bharat Bhusanb. Ram Nath Singhc. Uday Prakashd. Shail Chaturvedie. Naresh MehtaAnswer: (b)3. Which world renowned architect was bestowed with Goas highest civilian honour, the GomantVibhushan, on the eve of the Golden Jubiliee of Goas Liberation on 18 December 2011?a. Michael Hopkins
  2. 2. b. Kengo Kumac. Charles Corread. Kevin KennonAnswer: (c)4. The Union cabinet of India on 22 December 2011 approved __ percent share for minoritieswithin the 27% OBC quota in jobs and university seats.a) 4.5b) 5.6c) 3.4d) 5Answer: (a) 4.55. The Manipur Legislative Assembly passed the Manipur Lokayukta Bill, 2011. Manipur will bethe __state in North-Eastern India to have alegislation of Lokayukta.a) Secondb) Thirdc) Firstd) FourthAnswer: (b) Third6. Oman Investment Fund (OIF), the Sultanate of Oman’s sovereign wealth fund, filed applicationwith the government to buy a stake in which of the software solutions company, IT Peoplepromoted exchange?a. Universal Commodity Exchangeb. Agri bourse NCDEXc. Intercontinental Exchanged. National Spot Exchange LimitedAnswer: (a)7. Which company on 27 Deember 2011 mentioned that it would acquire the remaining 51 per centstake from BP Alternative Energy Holdings in the joint venture that it formed with BP?a. Reliance Powerb. Tata Powerc. Adani Power Limitedd. ABB LtdAnswer: (b)8. Which paharmaceutical company announced in December 2011 the launch of Supamovecreamused for treating pain and inflammation in India?a. Ciplab. Ranbaxyc. Dr. Reddy’sd. Sun PharmaceuticalsAnswer: (c)
  3. 3. 9. Name the state-run Mumbai-headquartered bank which on 29 December 2011 surprised themarket by cutting its base rate, the minimum lending rate, by 10 basis points, thereby becoming thefirst banker this year to do so when others are waiting for a signal from the central bank.a. State Bank of Indiab. Union Bankc. United Bank of Indiad. Allahabad BankAnswer: (b)10. The $35-billion Aditya Birla group plans to set up a viscose staple fibre (VSF) plant in theAdana Organised Industrial Zone in which of the following countries?a. Tunisiab. Tanzaniac. Turkeyd. TibetAnswer: (c)11. Reserve Bank of India deregulated non-resident external (NRE) deposits on 16 December2011 allowing banks to offer higher interest rates to dollar-denominated accounts. Which of thefollowing facts related to the above statement is/are not true?2. Reserve Bank freed the rates on non-resident external accounts, offering interest as high as9.6% per annum3. Following RBI’s deregulation five Indian banks, including HDFC Bank and Yes Bank on 23December 2011 raised their interest rates on such deposits in order to lure foreign money4. Private lender Yes Bank increased the interest rates on fixed deposits held by non-residentIndians (NRIs) to 8.4 per cent from 3.82 per cent5. The new rates are effective from 24 December for fresh deposits as well as those beingrenewed on maturity.a. 1 & 2b. Only4c. Only 3d. 1 & 4Answer: (c)12. According to the RBI data, Indias foreign exchange reserves fell by what amount to $302.1billion during the week ended 16 December 2011 on account of a fall in foreign currency assets?a. $4.67 billionb. $3.33 billionc. $5 billiond. $5.75 billionAnswer: (a)13. According to the Tea Board data released in December 2011, tea imports declined by what percent to 9.91 million kg in the April-October period of 2011?a. 10%b. 12.5%
  4. 4. c. 14%d. 15.3%Answer: (c)14. Infrastructure sector recorded a growth of what per cent in Novemberr 2011 after touching five-year low of 0.3% in October 2011 due to an impressive growth in cement, electricity and refineryproducts?a. 2.3%b. 3.9%c. 4.6%d. 6.8%Answer: (d)15. Telecom Commission, the decision-making body of the Department of Telecommunicationsrecommended a uniform licence fee of what per cent of adjusted gross revenues (AGR) as againstthe prevalent rate of 6-8 per cent?a. 10%b. 8%c. 5.2%d. 9.3%Answer: (b)16. Theatre director, screenplay writer and actor Satyadev Dubey, credited with introducingexistential and absurd theatre, passed away on 25 December 2011. Which facts about the concernedperson is/are not true?2. he got attracted to the post-1947 theatre and joined Theatre Unit, the theatre group-cum-schoolfounded by Ebrahim Alkazi3. Dubey came into prominence with Dharamvir Bharati’s radio-play Andha Yug that brought tothe fore the pervasive criminal and homicidal tendencies during the times of war.4. He penned screenplays/dialogue of some acclaimed films in the 1970s, including ShyamBenegals Nishant, Ankur, Kalyug and Bhumika5. He won the Filmfare Award for Best Dialogue in 1980 for the film Ankura. Only 1b. Only4c. 2 & 3d. Only 2Answer: (b)17. Identify the veteran politician and former Chief Minister of Karnataka with the help of thefollowing clues.1. He was the Chief Minister of Karnataka from 1990-92 and died on 26 December 20112. The three time Lok Sabha member represented Bellary constituency3. He was on the national political stage as a Lok Sabha member for three terms in 1996, 1999and 2003.4. He was instrumental in holding the first Indian international film festival in Bengaluru in 1993a. H. D. Kumaraswamy
  5. 5. b. J. H. Patelc. S. M. Krishnad. S.BangarappaAnswer: (d)18. India’s infant mortality rate (IMR) showed a 3 point decline, dropping to what number per1,000 live births, as per government data released on 28 December 2011?a. 43b. 55c. 47d. 50Answer: (c)19. Maharashtra government planned to provide free medicare for poor families. Consider thefollowing statements:i) The plan will benefit 50 lakh families.ii) The plan will cover eight districts in state.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct20. Lok Sabha on 27 December 2011 passed the Lokpal and Lokayukta bill, 2011. Consider thefollowing statements:i) The setting up of Lokayuktas by the states would not be mandatory.ii) The constitutional amendment bill fell through.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct21. Name the Mumbai skipper who on 22 December 2011 overtook former teammate as thehighest run-getter in Ranji Trophy by scoring a total of 8242 runs.a. Wasim Jafferb. Amol Muzumdarc. Amarjeet Kaypeed. Pankaj DharmaniAnswer: (a)22. Who won his first Men’s Singles title of 2011 at the 2011 $120,000 Syed Modi India OpenGrand Prix Gold badminton championship?a. Sourabh Vermab. Taufik Hidayat
  6. 6. c. Anup Sridhard. Hendra SetiawanAnswer: (b)23. Which team won both the mens & women’s title in the 10th All-India Invitational volleyballtournament for the Vajpayee Cup?a. Andhra Pradeshb. Punjabc. Keralad. Southern RailwayAnswer: (c)24. Identify the Indian footballer with the help of the following clues.1. This Indian football team defender announced his retirement from international football on 26December 20112. He captained the Indian team in one match (against Malaysia) in November 20113. He had scored one goal against Bhutan in SAFF Cup in 20054. He was part of the Indian teams which won SAFF Cup (2005), Nehru Cup (2007 and 2009),AFC Challenge Cup (2008) apart from the recent SAFF championshipa. Arnab Mondalb. Gurwinder Singhc. Anas Edathodikad. Mahesh GawliAnswer: (d)25. The Indian team finished at the fourth position in the World Womens Team ChessChampionship at Mardin,Turkey on 27 December 2011. Which team won gold and emerged at thetop in the competition?a. Ukraineb. Russiac. Chinad. GreeceAnswer: (c)26. Which leading NRI industrialist was conferred with the Life Time Achievement award for hisoutstanding contributions in various fields on 12 December 2011?a. Lakshmi Mittalb. G P Hindujac. Lord Swraj Pauld. Jassi KhanguraAnswer: (c)27. The world renowned cartoonist who famously captured vignettes of Goan life on canvas inhis trademark style for over two decades died in Goa on 11 December 2011. Name him.a. Mario Mirandab. Sam Gross
  7. 7. c. Ed Subitzkyd. Bob BoyleAnswer: (a)28. Which one of the following countries made an exit from Kyoto Protocol?a) Franceb) Canadac) Indiad) ChinaAnswer: (b) Canada29. OPEC countries in its meeting held in Vienna on 14 December 2011 decided to increase itsproduction ceiling to __ million barrels a day.a) 30b) 20c) 25d) 27Answer: (a) 3030. Which one of the following countries barred veiled women from taking oath of citizenship?a) Canadab) Russiac) UKd) IndiaAnswer: (a) Canada31. The book Non-Stop India by a journalist-author was launched in Chennai by Editor-in-Chiefof The Hindu, N Ram on 13 December 2011. Name the journalist-author who authored the book?a. Mark Tullyb. Sophie Raworthc. Jane Hilld. Babita SharmaAnswer: (a)32. The Sangita Kalanidhi M.S. Subbulakshmi Award was presented to whom at the inaugurationof the 85th annual conference of the Music Academy in Chennai on 15 December 2011?a. S.R. Nathanb. Trichy Sankaranc. Subramania Pillaid. Subramaniyam IyerAnswer: (b)33. The 40th anniversary of vijay diwas was celebrated on which day marking the finest hour ofthe Indian armed forces when they defeated Pakistan, leading to the creation of Bangladesh in1971?a. 12 December
  8. 8. b. 15 Decemberc. 16 Decemberd. 18 DecemberAnswer: (c)34. The Himachal Pradesh Cabinet on 15 December 2011 approved amendment to the stateindustrial policy. Consider the following statements:i) The amended industrial policy seeks to promote environmentally sustainable development in thestate and encourage cleaner production and adoption.ii) Under this policy, disincentive industries will be put on negative list.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct35. The Supreme Court of India directed Tamil Nadu to ensure that the water level in theMullaperiyar dam does not exceed __but declined to entertain Kerala’s plea for reducing the levelto__.a) 136 feet; 120 feetb) 120 feet; 136 feetc) 140 feet; 112 feetd) 150 feet; 140 feetAnswer: (a) 136 feet; 120 feet36. Scientists discovered that the protein__ is responsible for regulating fatty acid oxidation in theliver and is critical for metabolism. a) CPT1b) CTP1c) CTT1d) CPT2Answer: (a) CPT137. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) developed Space Harpoon to takeSamples from Comets. Where are the headquarters of NASA located?a) Washington DCb) New Yorkc) Floridad) ParisAnswer: (a) Washington DC38. British Scientists recently developed a technology to produce pocket TV. Consider thefollowing statements:i) Scientists developed a new form of light-emitting crystals, known as quantum dots.ii) These tiny crystals are 100000 times smaller than the width of human hair.
  9. 9. Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct39. Scientists developed a hydrogel that regenerate healthy and scar-free tissue on skin damagedby severe burns. Consider the following statements: i) The hydrogel helps in formatting of new blood vessels and skin including hair follicles.ii) The injured soldiers, fire victims and people with third degree burns can avail of the gel.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct40. A cargo ship called MV Rak sank off Mumbai coast on 5 August 2011. Consider the followingstatements:i) The oil spill from the ship enters into the food chain.ii)The algae imbibe the oil and this affects entire marine ecology.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct41. Which digital technology major received an award for its Air conditioners at the NationalEnergy Conservation Awards, 2011?a. Samsung Electronicsb. Phillipsc. Hitachid. VideoconAnswer: (a)42. Swedish multinational SKF launched the companys Global Technical Centre in which of thefollowing cities in India on 14 December 2011?a. Chennaib. Hyderabadc. Bangalored. New DelhiAnswer: (c)
  10. 10. 43. Which PSU lender decided to aggressively market its gold loan scheme for farmers to preventdefaults after the agriculture sector witnessed a sharp spike in bad debt in the past one year?a. Union Bankb. United Bank of Indiac. Industrial Development Bank of Indiad. State Bank of IndiaAnswer: (d)44. Who did the Central Government appoint as Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) ofAndhra Bank?a. B. A. Prabhakarb. O. P. Bhattc. Pratip Chaudhurid. S. VishvanathanAnswer: (a)45. The directorate general of hydrocarbons (DGH), the technical arm of the oil ministryapproved which company’s proposal to commence production from Bhagyam, the second-largestoil field in the Rajasthan block?a. Essar Oilb. ONGCc. Cairn Indiad. Indian OilAnswer: (c)46. Who did Colgate-Palmolive India (CPIL) on 20 December 2011 appoint as ManagingDirector for five years from 1 February 2012?a. Prabha Parameswaranb. Mukul Deorac. R. A. Shahd. P. K. GhoshAnswer: (a)47. AstraZeneca, a biopharmaceutical company in December 2011 chose which of the followingcompanies as a strategic infrastructure outsourcing partner?a. Infosysb. HCL Technologiesc. Wipro BPOd. Cape GeminiAnswer: (b)48. Which of Indias leading commodity bourses on 20 December 2011 became the worlds fifth-largest commodity futures exchange?a. National Multi Commodity Exchange of Indiab. Bharat Diamond Bourse
  11. 11. c. Multi Commodity Exchanged. Bombay Stock ExchangeAnswer: (d)49. Ravi Ruia decided on 21 December 2011 to step down as chairman of which of the followingLondon-listed after a trial court admitted a criminal chargesheet filed by the investigating agency,CBI?a. Essar Energyb. Essar Shippingc. Essar Oild. Eaasr TechnologiesAnswer: (a)50. Which company won the award for Alternative Thinking and Driving Positive Change in theFleet Owner category at the Mahindra Navistar Transport Excellence Awards 2011 at Hotel Ashokhere on 20 December 2011?a. Tata Motorsb. Hero Groupc. Edu Compd. Agarwal Packers & MoversAnswer: (d)51. According to the International Data Corporations (IDC) Quarter 3 2011 Mobile PhoneTracker release, the Indian mobile phone market grew by what percentage in units shipped in theJuly-September quarter of 2011 to clock 47.07 million units?a. 10%b. 10.5%c. 11.3%d. 12%Answer: (d)52. Diesel consumption in Delhi declined by a startling 26% in 2010-11 compared to 2009-10.Delhi was however found to have used 2.24% more petrol in the same period. As per the latestDelhi government figures, the consumption of diesel in the city stood at what amount in 2010-2011?a. 10.98 lakh metric tonnesb. 7.5 lakh metric tonnesc. 8.11 lakh metric tonnesd. 6 lakh metric tonnesAnswer: (c)53. Fears of continuing economic slowdown, lack of decision making at the centre, rising fiscaldeficit combined with not-so-impressive revenue collections upset Dalal Street investors on 20December 2011. Which of the foolowing facts related to the above statement is/are not true?
  12. 12. 1. Fears of continuing economic slowdown, lack of decision making at the centre, rising fiscaldeficit combined with not-so-impressive revenue collections led to a 204 points loss in sensex thatended at 151752. The slide on 20 December 2011 was triggered by FII selling which recorded a net outflow ofRs 600 crore, taking the month’s total net outflow to about Rs 1700 crore.3. The combined effect of the market’s slide and the depreciation of the rupee forced India to exitfrom the select group of countries with a $1 trillion market capitalization4. There was not even a single ADR issue in 2011. However, companies raised about $220million through GDRs (Global Depository Receipts) during 2011a. Only 1b. 3 & 4c. Only 3d. Only 2Answer: (d)54. Credit rating agency Moodys on 21 December 2011 upgraded the credit rating of the Indiangovernments bonds from the speculative to investment grade. Which of the following facts relatedto the above statement is/are true?1. According to a release issued by the Finance Ministry, Moodys unified Indias local andforeign currency bond ratings at Baa32. Moodys Investor Service upgraded its local currency rating for Indian government bonds toBaa3 which is speculative grade as compared to the earlier Ba1 which is junk or investment grade.3. Indias foreign currency bond ceiling is unchanged at Baa2, and the foreign currency bankdeposit ceiling is Baa3. The local currency bond and bank deposit ceilings are unified at A1.4. The governments local currency short-term rating has been changed to P-3 from NP,indicating the governments ability to repay short-term debts.a. Only 2b. Only 1c. 1 & 3d. Only 4Answer: (a)55. According to official data released here on 22 December 2011, food inflation dropped sharplyto an almost four-year low of what per cent during the week ended 10 December indicating anoverall easing of prices?a. 1.5%b. 1.32%c. 1.81 %d. 2.32%Answer: (c)56. Former Czech president Vaclav Havel who had been suffering from chronic respiratoryproblems died on 18 December 2011. Which of the following facts mentioned about him is/are nottrue?2. He was the tenth and last president of Czechoslovakia (1989–92) and the second President ofthe Czech Republic (1993–2003)
  13. 13. 3. He played a seminal role in the Velvet Revolution that ended four decades of repression by aregime which Havel ridiculed as Absurdistan.4. He co-authored the human rights manifesto Charter 77, which drew wide attention in the West.5. As president, he oversaw the countrys transition to democracy and a free-market economy andalso the peaceful 1993 breakup into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.a. Only 3b. Only 1c. 1 & 4d. Only 4Answer: (b)57. The enigmatic leader of North Korea Kim who led his nation for 17 years through a devastatingfamine while frustrating the United States and other global powers with approach to talks on givingup nuclear arms in return for food and other assistanceon died on 17 December 2011 after hesuffered a massive heart attack. Name the leadera. Kim Jong-ilb. Kim Il-sungc. Kim Jong-und. Kim Jong-chulAnswer: (a)58. Which Controversial film based on the 116-year-old Mullaperiyar dam and directed by SohanRoy made it to a shortlist for the Oscars under the Best Picture category?a. Rio and The Muppetsb. Undefeatedc. Project Nimd. Dam 999Answer: (d)59. As per the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index which one of the following nationswas adjudged as the most generous one in terms of charitable acts and monetary donations?a) Indiab) Thailandc) Chinad) Sri LankaAnswer: (b) Thailand60. India and Australia on 16 December 2011 signed an agreement to amend DTAA (DoubleTaxation Avoidance Agreement). DTAA was signed between India and Australia in__.a) 1990b) 1991c) 1992d) 1995Answer: (b) 199161. The leaders of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation) on 21 December 2011
  14. 14. agreed that the deployment of foreign bases in their territory will be done with the approval of allpartners of the defence alliance. Which one of the following nations is not the member of CSTO?a)Armeniab) Russiac) Chinad) UzbekistanAnswer: (c) China62. A parliamentary committee on 13 December 2011 rejected the proposal to allow whatpercentage foreign direct investment in the insurance sector?a. 51%b. 49%c. 43%d. 29%Answer: (b)63. According to data from research body All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists(AIOCD), Indian drugmakers posted a certain per cent month-on-month growth in sales ofNovember 2011 which was the highest in the past 14 months. What was the per cent of salesgrowth projected for the month?a. 23%b. 31%c. 21%d. 43%Answer: (c)64. The government waived loan of handloom weavers in India to help revive the sector under thescheme of Revival, Reform and Restructuring Package for Handloom Sector. What amount of loanwas waived?a. Rs 548.35 croreb. Rs 420.66 crorec. Rs 506.64 crored. Rs 3521 croreAnswer: (d)65. Food inflation fell to nearly a four-year low at what per cent for the week ended 3 December20112 due to significant fall in prices of wheat and vegetable owing to seasonal factors?a. 4.35%b. 4%c. 5.21%d. 5.33%Answer: (a)66. A committee on mutual funds, constituted by SEBI in december 2011 recommended to theregulator’s board to break down the bifurcation within the fee structure known as expense ratio.Which of the following facts are not true with regard to the above statement?
  15. 15. 1. Currently mutual funds are allowed to charge up to 2.25% as expense ratio. fund houses areallowed to accept only 1.25% as asset management charges2. Funds with large corpuses currently charge 1.55% as expenses charges3. SEBI was suggested to keep overall scheme expenses unchanged at 2.25% for schemes withassets under management not exceeding Rs 400 crore4. Expense ratio is more than important in debt schemes where the rate of return is not hig.a. 1 & 2b. 3 & 4c. 1 & 3d. Only 2e. None of the aboveAnswer: (d)67. Which player became the first player to win the Orders of Merit on both sides of the Atlanticon 11 December 2011 when he shot a closing 66 to finish third in the Dubai World Championship?a. Luke Donaldb. Alvaro Quirosc. Rory McIlroyd. Paul LawrieAnswer: (a)68. Which country defeated Spain 1-0 to win for the 4th time hockey’s Champions Trophy titleon 11 December 2011?a. Pakistanb. New Zealandc. Australiad. GreeceAnswer: (c)69. Name the woman squash player who on 10 December 2011 annexed the elusive women’s titlewhile in the Senior National Squash Championship in Chennai.a. Sarah Fitz-Geraldb. Dipika Pallikalc. Anaka Alankamonyd. Sushma PillaiAnswer: (b)70. Who defeated David Vofsonof Canada 1-6, 6-1, 10-6 in the final of the under-14 boys sectionof the 23rd America Cup international tennis championship at the Miccosukee Tennis Club inMiami?a. Evgeny Tyurnevb. Bobby Mahalc. Fernando Gonzalezd. Sumit NagalAnswer: (d)
  16. 16. 71. Which squash player retained the mens crown in the Senior National Squash Championshipin Chennai on 10 December 2011?a. Saurav Ghosalb. Harinder Pal Sandhuc. Rohit Thanwanid. Cyrus PonchaAnswer: (a)72. NASA’s Kepler mission recently discovered a Habitable Earth-like planet__.a) Kepler 22-bb)Kepler-22 bc) Kepler 22-cc) kepler 22-aAnswer: (b) Kepler-22b73. Which one of the following countries recently approved the bill that reformed the rules on theamount of land farmers must preserve as forest?a) Brazilb) Indiac) USAd) ChinaAnswer: (a) Brazil74. The Labour Party conference in Australia approved Uranium Exports to India. What is theatomic number of Uranium?a) 92b) 82c) 88d) 86Answer: (a) 9275. Scientists produced the most detailed map of Antarctica called BEDMAP. Consider thefollowing statements on BEDMAP:i) This is the second generation of the digital BEDMAP.ii) It incorporates 27 million measurement points.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Both i and ii are incorrect.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct76. An icon of Indian cinema and evergreen star Dev Anand died at the age of 88 in London on 3December 2011 (4 December according to IST) after suffering a massive cardiac arrest. Which ofthe following facts about him is/are not true?
  17. 17. 2. Dev Anand started his career with Prabhat Films Hum Ek Hain (1946) soon after he joinedIPTA3. Anand started producing films after the success of Ziddi. He launched his own companyNavketan in 1949 which, by 2011, had produced 31 films4. His first colour film, Johny Mera Naam with Waheeda Rehman was based on the novel of thesame name by R. K. Narayan5. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan in 2001 and the DadasahebPhalke Award in 2002a. 1 & 4b. Only 3c. 2 & 4d. 1 & 4Answer: (b)77. The Golden Peacock Award for the Best Film was given to which of the following films at the42nd International Film Festival of India which came to an end at the Kala Academy in Panaji, Goaon 3 December 2011?a. Russian film Elenab. an Israeli film Restorationc. Columbian Film Porfiriod. Malayalam film Adaminte Makan AbuAnswer: (c)78. Readers of international travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller voted which city in Rajasthan asthe best leisure destination in India?a. Jaipurb. Udaipurc. Jaisalmerd. BikanerAnswer: (b)79. The state assembly of Bihar passed the Bihar Lokayukta Bill 2011. Consider the followingstatements on the features of the bill:i) The bill will have Chief Minister, ministers, former chief ministers, the speaker of the vidhansabha and chairman of the legislative council, legislative council, legislators and former legislatorsunder its purview.ii) The bill provides for a three-member Lokayukta, which will have at least two members from thejudiciary.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct
  18. 18. 80. The Chhattisgarh government on 7 December 2011 decided to raise the percentage ofreservation for the scheduled tribes and schedule castes. The STs will now get __ whereas the SCswill get_ reservation.a) 32; 12b) 12; 32c) 32; 32d) 12; 12Answer: (a) 32; 1281. Brazils former football captain, Socrates died of septic shock on 4 December 2011 in SaoPaulo. Which of the following facts mentioned below about Socrates is/are not true?2. Socrates Brasileiro de Souza Viera de Oliveira made his international debut in 1979 andcaptained Brazil at the 1982 and 1986 World Cups3. Brazil won 1986 World Cup under his captaincy4. Socrates won 60 caps and scored 21 goals in his seven-year Brazil career. He had scored 25goals in 63 games for Brazil5. He was notable for the use of the backheel and was also known as the Golden Hee and the BigThin One.a. 1 & 3b. Only 2c. 2 & 3d. 1 & 4Answer: (b)82. World Aids Day is observed anually on 1 December 2011. What was the theme of World AIDSDay 2011?1. Getting to Zero2. Stigma and Discrimination3. Women & AIDS4. Force For Change: World AIDS Campaign With Young PeopleAnswer: (a)83. In 2011, the theme for the International Day of Person’s With Disability was- Together for abetter world for all: Including persons with disabilities in development. Which day is anuallyobserved as World Disability Day (WDD)?a. 2 Decemberb. 5 Decemberc. 3 Decemberd. 8 DecemberAnswer: (c)84. The one-day Bonn conference on Afghanistan’s future ended on 5 December 2011. Bonn is thecapital of_.a) Germanyb) UKc) Spain
  19. 19. d) FranceAnswer: (a) Germany85. Turkey announced a New Set of Sanctions against Syria. Turkey is located to the__ of Syria.a) Northb) Southc) Eastd)WestAnswer: (a) North86. The Labour Party conference in Australia approved Uranium Exports to India. Consider thefollowing statements:i) The Conference was held in Sydney.ii) Australia possesses approximately 40 percent of the world’s known uranium reserves.Choose the right option:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct87. Which country won its fifth Davis Cup title after Rafael Nadal defeated Argentina’s JuanMartin del Potro 1-6 6-4 6-1 7-6 (0) on 4 December 2011?a. Switzerlandb. Spainc. USAd. FranceAnswer: (b)88. Who won the Fukuoka mens marathon in Japan winning the 42.195km race in 2hrs 7minsand 36secs on 4 December 2011?a. Josphat Ndambirib. Mwangic. Yuki Kawauchid. Joan BoltAnswer: (a)89. Which English batsman on 6 December 2011 received Member of the Order of the BritishEmpire (MBE) medal from Britains Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace?a. Andrew Straussb. Andrew Straussc. Alastair Cookd. Steve FinnAnswer: (c)
  20. 20. 90. According to the latest ICC ranking released on 7 December 2011, Indias R Ashwin movedinto top 20 of the ICC ODI bowling charts for the first time in his career. What is the position ofVirat Kohli in the list?a. 3rdb. 4thc. 5thd. 7thAnswer: (b)91. Name the Broadcaster which on 8 December 2011 announced a new five-year contract withCricket Australia, a deal which for the first time will give them the rights to showcase two of Indiancricket teams visits Down Under?a. Ten Sportsb. DD Sportsc. Zee Sportsd. ESPN STAR SportsAnswer: (d)92. The UPA-II Government set up an expert group to suggest restructuring of power utilities ofseven major States. Which of the following statements given below are not true in this context?2. The expert group headed by Planning Commission member (Energy) B. K. Chaturvedi isexpected to submit its report by March 2012.3. The group was entrusted with the responsibility to make an assessment of the cumulativelosses of distribution utilities of seven major States.4. Uttar Pradesh and tamil Nadu are not amon gthe list of seven states where the power utilitystructure is to be restructured.5. The expert group will have to suggest a strategy for capital restructuring of these powerdiscoms (distribution companies), including commitment by other stakeholders like Stategovernments.a. 1 & 4b. 2 & 4c. Only 3d. Only 1Answer: (c)93. Which stock exchange in India launched operations on the National Stock Exchange (NSE)platform on 28 November 2011 and became the only stock exchange in India to offer facility totrade on three trading platforms?a. Guwahati Stock Exchangeb. Bombay Stock Exchangec. MCX Stock Exchange (MCX-SX)d. Ahmedabad Stock Exchangee. Calcutta Stock ExchangeAnswer: (e)
  21. 21. 94. The Union government on 28 November 2011 asserted that a certain percentage sourcing underFDI in multi-brand retail has been made mandatory from Indian MSEs only. Quote the per centage.a. 23%b. 30%c. 33%d. 49%Answer: (b)95. According to the the quarterly public debt management report released by the Finance Ministryon 28 November 2011, the Indian governments internal debt rose during the second quarter (July-September) of 2011-12.The internal debt to GDP ratio increased to what per cent of GDP duringsecond quarter of 2011-12 from 31.4% in the April-June quarter?a. 31.9%b. 31.3%c. 32.3%d. 33%Answer: (c)96. The government’s three oil marketing companies (OMCs) on 29 November 2011 cut petrolprices by what amount. It would now cost Rs 65.64 in Delhi.a. Rs 0.50 per litrb. Rs 0.70 per litrc. Rs 0.78 per litrd. Rs 0.82 per litrAnswer: (c)97. Which of the following facts regarding the acclaimed and eccentric British film director KenRussell who died on 27 November 2011 is/are not true?2. Russell is best known for controversial films including Women In Love and The Devils.3. Russells first feature film was French Dressing (1963), a comedy loosely based on RogerVadims And God Created Woman.4. Vanessa Redgrave won the Oscar the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for herperformance in Women In Love directed by Ken5. Ken Russell (1927-2011) won a BAFTA in 1969 for creative contribution to television.a. 2 & 3b. Only 4c. Only2d. Only 3Answer: (d)98. Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s only daughter, Lana Peters, who had defected to the US while inIndia at the height of the Cold War died on 22 November 2011 in Wisconsin. Which of thefollowing facts about her is not true?1. At her birth, on 28 February 1926 she was named Svetlana Stalina.2. She took the name Lana Peters upon marrying architect William Wesley Peters in the US.Peters became a United States citizen in 1978.
  22. 22. 3. Her first memoir, Only One Year, was published in 1967 and made more than $2.5m (£1.6m).In 1969 she recounted her journey from the Soviet Union in a second memoir, Twenty letters to aFriend.4. She returned to the Soviet Union briefly in 1984. She had defected to the US in 1967a. Only 1b. Only 2c. Only 3d. Only 4Answer: (c)99. Which film was judged the Best Picture at the 2011 New York Film Critics Circle Awardswhich announced its winners on 29 November on its official Twitter feed?a. The Artistb. The Iron Ladyc. Tree of Lifed. The HelpAnswer: (a)100. India on 27 November 2011 signed revised DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement)with which one of the following countries?a) Nepalb) Bhutanc) Pakistand) Sri LankaAnswer: (a) Nepal101. The Arab League on 27 November 2011 imposed a set of sanctions against Syria for itsfailure to comply with the League mediated peace plan to end violence in the country. When wasArab league set up?a) 22 March 1945b) 21 august 1945c) 22 March 1946d) 22 September 1950Answer: (a) 22 March 1945102. Which one of the following countries recently passed a bill, the Vested Properties Return(Amendment) Bill 2011?a) Pakistanb) Bangladeshc) Nepald) Sri LankaAnswer: (b) Bangladesh103. The Election Commission announced on 28 November that by-elections to Rajya Sabhaseats in 2 states would be held on 22 December 2011. Which are the two states where the by-elections are to be held?
  23. 23. a. Assam and Arunachal Pradeshb. Nagaland and Arunachal Pradeshc. Orissa and Bihard. Assam and BiharAnswer: (d)104. Eminent Assamese litterateur and Jnanpith award winner, Indira Goswami, popularly knownas Mamoni Raisom Goswami passed away in Guwahati on 29 November 2011. Which of thefollowing facts regarding her is/are not true?1. Goswami who was an expert in Ramayani studies, published her first collection of short storiesChinaki Morom at the age of 20.2. She won the Sahitya Akademi Award for her powerful novel Dasarathir Khoj in 19823. She was Indias first Principal Prince Claus Laureate.4. Dr. Goswami in 2004 mediated between the Centre and the ULFA and succeeded inconvincing both the government and the ULFA to come forward for negotiationsa. 1 & 2b. Only 2c. Only 3d. 3 & 4Answer: (b)105. Social activist who was chosen for the Basava award for the year 2010 for excellence inservice in the social sector by the Karnataka State Government?a. C.R. Neelakandanb. Reetika Kherac. Medha Patkard. Aruna RoyAnswer: (c)106. Which one of the following governments launched Kishori scheme for adolescent girls?a) Delhi State governmentb) Haryana state governmentc) Bihar state governmentd) Orissa state governmentAnswer: (a) Delhi State Government107. Which one of the state governments gave Kahtedari rights to its farmers occupying thecustodian land in Alwar, Sriganganagar, Bharatpur and Hanumangarh.?a) Rajasthanb) Biharc) Haryanad) Uttar PradeshAnswer: (a) Rajasthan
  24. 24. 108. The Delhi Assembly on 1 December 2011 passed the Delhi Municipal Corporation, MCD(Amendment) Bill -2011 to trifurcate the Civic body with voice vote. The MCD came intoexistence on__.a) 7 April 1958b) 5 April 1950c) 10 March 1960d) 2 November 1990Answer: (a) 7 April 1958109. Scientists identified genes that can increase a person’s risk of developing multiple myelomaby 30 percent. Consider the following statements on multiple myeloma:i) Multiple myeloma is also known as plasma cell myeloma or Kahler’s disease.ii) It is a cancer of plasma cells.a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct110. As per the report compiled by British-based firm Maplecroft, which one of the followingcountries is top greenhouse gas emitter?a) Indiab) USAc) Chinad) JapanAnswer: (c) China111. NASA launched rover, nicknamed Curiosity to explore the planet Mars. The rover waslaunched from which one of the following province of USA?a) Floridab) Texasc) Washingtond) CaliforniaAnswer: (a) Florida112. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 1 December 2011 approved 1656crore rupees scheme for __ of Yamuna Action plan.a) phase-3b) phase-2c) phase-1d) phase-4Answer: (a) phase-3113. The first Eld’s deer was born via in vitro fertilization in Thailand.i) Elds Deer is also known as the Thamin or Brow-antlered Deer.ii) It is an endangered species of deer indigenous to southeastern Asia.
  25. 25. Consider the following statements:a) Both i and ii are correct.b) Only i is correct.c) Only ii is correct.d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct114. Which real eastate major company acquired the additional 26 per cent stake in its jointventure company with Hilton Hotel from Aro Participation Ltd and Splendid Property CompanyLtd, affiliates of Hilton International?a. Larsen & Toubro Limitedb. DLFc. Punj Lloyd Limitedd. Tata Construction & Projects LtdAnswer: (b)115. Which Power distribution company on 5 December 2011 announced change of its name toTata Power Delhi Distribution Limited?a. North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL)b. Adani Powerc. Lanco Infratechd. CLP PowerAnswer: (a)116. Name the mobile phone operator in India which decided to renew its contract with NokiaSiemens Networks (NSN) to manage and maintain its networks in eight circles for three years.a. BSNLb. Idea Cellularc. Bharti Airteld. UninorAnswer: (c)117. Retail entrepreneur Kishore Biyani exited his financial services through two separatetransactions worth over Rs 1000 crore. Which company purchased Pantaloons 26% stake in itsinsurance Future group’s joint venture Future Generali Life for Rs 250-300 crore?a. Deccan Chronicleb. Investment Trust ( IITL)c. RILd. Tata groupAnswer: (b)118. Which bank signed a memorandum of understanding with Life Insurance Corporation ofIndia (LIC) to use the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) facility to facilitate electronicfunds transfer of policy payments to policyholders?a. IDBIb. Corp Bank
  26. 26. c. Indian Overseas Bankd. Dhanlaxmi BankAnswer: (d)119. Bank lending to the priority sector grew at what percentagein October 2011 on an annual basisdue to lower offtake by agriculture and MSME segments as well as decline in micro credit?a. 10%b. 12%c. 13.7%d. 8.3%Answer: (a)120. With the inauguration of the first state-of-the-art ATDC-SMART (Skill for ManufacturingApparels through Research and Training) in Egmore, Chennai, the Ministry of Textiles launchedwhich of the following schemes?a. National Technology Mission for Technical Textilesb. Integrated Skill Development Schemec. Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) For Textiled. Rural Textiles Technology Development SkillAnswer: (b) Follow us:- Fecebook.com/IBPSExamination , Twitter.com/IBPSExamination Best of Luck for your Preparation Very Useful website for Civil Services Aspirants Visit Now:- www.AllCurrentAffairs.tk www.BharatNewsPortal.blogspot.com