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Aja group presentation_4[1]

  1. 1. AJA Group “We think outside the square” Creative Presentation Client: Tourism Western Australia Campaign: Experience Perth Date: 06/3/2010 Account Managers: Aimie Smith, Jessica Abood and Ashleigh Wright
  2. 2. A-b-e benefit claim model 1.Attribute 2.Benefit Intrigue Exhilaration 3.Emotion Bliss Empowerment + -
  3. 3. KBC: Experience Something Unexpected
  4. 4. Brand Awareness Grid Brand Recognition Brand awareness (at point of purchase) (Prior to Purchase) AJA Group “We think outside the square”
  5. 5. Brand Preference Grid Informational Transformational Low involvement Low risk “relief” Low risk “reward” purchases purchases Established Audience High- involvement High risk “relief” High risk “reward” purchases purchases New Audience AJA Group “We think outside the square”
  6. 6. THE BIG IDEA AJA Group “We think outside the square”
  7. 7. The Black Swan Theory: The Black Swan Theory or "Theory of Black Swan Events" explains the role of high-impact, unpredicted and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations. - Nassim Nicholas Talib
  8. 8. PERTH Experience Something Unexpected
  9. 9. P E R T H Experience Something Unexpected.
  10. 10. Concept 1. Experience your own Black Swan Event • Perth has long been renowned as The city of the black swan • The symbolism of the Black swan and “Black swan theory” will act as a visual conveyor to leverage the KBC “Experience something unexpected”. Use of this conveyor will illustrate the mysterious allure of Perth emphasising the destination in terms of its distinctiveness of experience. • This should create a chain reaction of meaning within the target audiences mind Black swan  intriguing/unpredictable/different  Perth • The concept of the “black swan theory” will be tactical in that it intellectually stimulates the target audience leaving them searching for answers. • In terms of emotions this campaign centralises on intrigue and particularly Empowerment. The target audience should experience feelings of excitement and freedom, prompting them to engage in behaviour to express these emotions. • The concept also over claims the Key benefit, and strives towards emotional authenticity for the target audience to create a “that could be me” effect. This is best illustrated through the outdoor executions “tourist photographs”. • Branding will be incorporated extensively throughout the campaign in order to promote brand recognition
  11. 11. Executions Phase 1.  Outdoor  Online During phase 1 two below the line executions will be utilised to generate a viral response. We are hopeful to create an aura of mystery surrounding the “black swan theory” and get people talking, while not directly pinpointing an immediate connection to Perth. Phase 2.  Mystery TVC Commercial Phase 2 of the campaign will be used to associate Perth with the black swan conveyor and promote brand recognition. In this respect all questions will be answered and… Specific Attention tactics are detailed as follows.
  12. 12. Outdoor P E R T H… Experience your own Black Swan Event
  13. 13. P E R T H… Experience your own Black Swan Event
  14. 14. Online Tell us about your black swan experience for your chance to win …
  15. 15. Mystery TV Commercial
  16. 16. Concept Check against Grids Brand Preference Creative Tactics Check Concept Check Concept 1. 2. 1.Use a logo or pack shot that is realistic and exposed 2. Ensure sufficient exposure of logo or brand item 3. Category need should be mentioned or portrayed unless it is immediately obvious
  17. 17. Brand Preference Creative Tactics Concept 1. Concept 2. 1. Branding – new key benefit positioning of a brand or sub-brand using an ISP, ASP or ESP – should be regarded as high involvement/transformational and 2,3,5 should be applied 2. The overall ad and the specific portrayal of the product or service must be highly emotionally authentic in the reaction of the target audience. 3. The transformational key benefit claim or claims should be extreme (Overclaimed) 4. There may be secondary informational benefits which should be pitched at the upper level of the target consumers latitude of acceptance 5. Any person shown or hear in the ad is automatically a presenter and must strongly have the characteristics of N/A expertise ( expertise user) and ideal – similarity ( aspirational for the target customer )
  18. 18. Perth…The City of the Perth… Black Swan Experience Something Unexpected
  19. 19. PHE. .R T H P ER T . Oddly…Different. A little bit Different.
  20. 20. PERTH P E R T H . . Oddly…Different. A little bit Different.
  21. 21. PERTH A little bit Different.