Hypnobirthing an introduction to the easibirthing method


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Ken Scott, Master Hypnotherapist and qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, explains what is involved and how it can help to allow a more natural birth experience.
Ken runs regular classes for groups and individuals in Sheffield UK and online too

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Hypnobirthing an introduction to the easibirthing method

  1. 1. Introduction to Easibirthing (tm) Ken Scott CHBPP MABNLPMaster NLP Coach and Master Hypnotherapist
  2. 2. Introduction to Easibirthing (tm)What we will cover today Why choose hypnobirthing? What hypnobirthing is and isnt How it works How it will help you, your baby and your family
  3. 3. Introduction to Easibirthing (tm) Housekeeping Introductions
  4. 4. Why Choose Hypnobirthing? A more natural approach to childbirth Clinical trials showing good results Good for baby, mum and family Complements antenatal care
  5. 5. Why Choose Hypnobirthing? Less medication due to control of fear Feeling more in control Enjoying and celebrating the birth, not getting it over with Even if complications arise, can still stay calm, confident and in control
  6. 6. Why Choose Hypnobirthing? Clinical trials show -  Less need for medication  Less medical intervention needed  Lower incidence of PND  May lead to happier children
  7. 7. What Hypnobirthing is and what it isnt A combination of  Visualisation  Self-hypnosis  Anchoring Not an antenatal class  We will cover some of what happens to you and baby A very empowering experience!
  8. 8. What Hypnobirthing is and what it isntSome history  Hypnosis goes back to sleep temple in ancient Egypt  Accepted in maintream medicine for 60 years  Hypnobirthing started by Dick Grantly-Reid 1950  Is not stage hypnosis!  The TV trance – we all practice hypnosis
  9. 9. What do we expect of Childbirth?Sometimes, birth can be easySo – what are your fears and expectations of childbirth?
  10. 10. What do we expect of Childbirth? Long labour Intervention Drugs Complications Fatigue Painand what you expect, you may get!
  11. 11. Fear tension and pain cycle What is missing in easy comfortable births? FEAR! Fear Tension Pain
  12. 12. Anxiety - oxytocin vs cortisol Flight or fight mechanism hinders the birth process Cortisol inhibits release of oxytocin that makes birth possible (and easier) Tension = tight muscles Self-fulfilling! Tsunami story
  13. 13. Breathing Visualisation and Anchoring Diaphramatic breathing exercise Visualisation explained Anchoring explained
  14. 14. Practical Hypnosis session All hypnosis is self-hypnosis You cannot be forced to do anything Just like before you nod off
  15. 15. Practical Hypnosis session 1a (40 mins) How was it? Time distortion Did the baby move? How does this help?  Hypnosis sends a relaxing messge  Breaks the fear cycle  Allows oxytocin to be produced
  16. 16. Practical Hypnosis session 1b (15 mins) How was it? For antenatal and post-natal relaxation Deeper trance Quick Breathing and relaxation really helps the birth
  17. 17. Summary A more natural approach Complements medical approach Breaks the fear pain tension cycle  Breathing  Visualisation  Anchoring  self-hypnosis For both you and your partner
  18. 18. Questions?www.hypnobirthsheffield.comwww.ashesscott.comThanks Ken Scott 07505 353369 ashesnlp@nym.hush.com