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Asheboro High School's journey to a 1 to 1 digital conversion.

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  • Comets get connected

    1. 1. Comets Get Connected “Golden opportunity to give our students a competitive edge for the 21st Century”-Diane Frost, Superintendent of Asheboro City Schools Asheboro High School’s Digital Conversion
    2. 2. AHS Data 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012Total Number of 1280 1261 1312StudentsBlack 14.8% 14.9% 15%Asian 2.7% 2.1% 2%Hispanic 26.2 28.3 29.1White 51.6% 50.1% 50%Other/Multicultural 3.7% 4.3% 3.9%Exceptional 9.01% 8.8% 8.9%ChildrenLimited English 10.2% 8.6% 9.1%ProficientTotal F/R Lunch 47.6% 45.3% 43.9%Dropout Data 5.4% 5.1%Graduation Rate 76.1% 83.8%
    3. 3. AHS Data 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012**English I 80.2% 74.2% 83.7%Algebra I 56% 36%* 75.3%Biology 69.3% 64% 71.1%Composite 72.7% 68.5% 76.7%* Asheboro High School’s Math sequencing transitioned to Integrated Math.Consequently, this is not an accurate population sample for testing** These are testing results as of the first semester.
    4. 4. Comets Blazing Trails• Asheboro High School has always been a school dedicated to student learning and excellence: – Block scheduling – Graduation Project – Asheboro Zoo School – Blue Comet Academy – Nova Academy – PLCs – Technology rich (Smart Boards, flip cameras, Senteos, etc.) … or so we thought…• And then a new horizon opened…
    5. 5. Site Visits Networking and Conferences Collaboration VisionResearch 1:1 Texts Committee Community Friday Advisory Institute Committee
    6. 6. Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, Illinois AL Brown High School, Kannapolis, North Carolina Mooresville High School, Mooresville, North Carolina J. Sam Gentry Middle School, Mount Airy, North CarolinaSite Visits New Tech High School, Denver, Colorado Jordan Matthews High School, Siler City, North Carolina Thomasville High School, Thomasville, North Carolina Watauga High School, Boone, North Carolina T&L Friday Institute: Summer InstitutesConferences ISTE NCTIES Included Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, District Finance Officer, Director of Secondary Curriculum, District Media Lead, District Technology Support , School Administrators, School Technology facilitator, School Media Coordinator, and Teachers 1:1 Met every two weeks to discuss Committee o Vision o Master Plan o Implementation Plan o Logistics o Professional Development o Strategic Plan •
    7. 7. Included representatives from parents, community college, hospital, local businesses, faith based organizations, and service groupsCommunity Met 3 times to discuss Advisory o VisionCommittee o Master Plan o Implementation Plan o Logistics o Questions, questions, and more questions Thomasville City Schools Networking Perquimans High School and School of Inquiry and Life Sciences at AshevilleCollaboration Pamlico High School Asheboro High School
    8. 8. Summer Leadership Institutes Teacher Leadership Institutes Friday Regional Professional DevelopmentInstitute On-Site Professional Development Online Professional Development Livingston, P. (2009). 1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs that Work. Eugene, Oregon: International Society for Technology in EducationResearch Prensky, M. (2010). Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Texts Pitler, H., E. Hubbell, M. Kuhn, K. Malenoski. (2007). Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works. Alexandria, Virginia: ASCD Intel K-12 Computing Blueprint, A variety of articles from research databases
    9. 9. Vision and GoalsVisionEvery Asheboro High School student will:• Graduate from a rigorous program that prepares students to be globally competitive.• Possess the skills and competencies needed to live, learn, and thrive in an ever- changing world that demands innovation and creativity.• Develop the abilities to collaborate, think critically, and use technology to solve problems.Goals• To transform and improve the delivery of instruction by leveraging the benefits of a 1:1 computing environment• To increase student achievement, engagement, and promote development of 21st Century skills• To develop and support equitable opportunities for student learning through the use of technology as an extension to the classroom• To prepare students to be safe, ethical, and responsible digital citizens
    10. 10. PLAN ImplementationLogic Map Master Plan Plan
    11. 11. Implementation Expectations LogisticsProfessionalDevelopment Support Coaching Tools and Resources
    12. 12. Implement• Expectations – Differentiation for ALL learners (administrators, staff and students)• Logistics – Infrastructure (wireless and electricity) – Device – Deployment• Support Coaching• Tools and Resources
    13. 13. • Professional Development (1 ½ years before deployment until further notice…) – PLCs and Common Planning – Technology • Learning Management System-MOODLE • Web 2.0 • Windows 7 • Summer PD • Google Docs – Managing 1:1 (FI and Onsite Teacher Leaders) – Curriculum and Pedagogy
    14. 14. Assess NationalState Local
    15. 15. • Local – STNA – Walkthrough (administrative and peer) – Survey from Summer PDs -Google Docs – Survey of teacher perception of preparedness – PLCs• State – NC Teacher Evaluation Instrument – FI Evaluation – IMPACT Evaluation – Teacher Working Condition Survey – Student Survey• National – Speak Up
    16. 16. Charting new territory• Data – State and National-Not yet – Local-Benchmarks demonstrate growth• Perception – Bright stars • Paper usage • Learning management • Projects • Student centered • Increased independence – Cosmic Storms • Classroom management • Infrastructure • Moderation
    17. 17. Questions?