An easy guide to creating hyperlinks in Wordpress


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A straightforward guide to how to create a link to another website or a link to another page within your own website if you are using Wordpress.

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An easy guide to creating hyperlinks in Wordpress

  1. 1. Arthur the cat’s Guide to Adding links in Wordpress (from Who is Arthur? Arthur is my blog cat – to see more of him come over to where Arthur stars in his own minibook of blog tips
  2. 2. Adding links in your WP pages or posts • Adding a link in Wordpress is pretty straight forward but there are one or two things to be aware of. • Let’s start by adding the link. She’s going to talk a lot about pages in this tutorial but she means either pages or posts in Wordpress.
  3. 3. • Sign in to your site via …/wp-admin • Go to the page where you want to add the link • Select edit page from the top or side menu
  4. 4. • Type the text you want to form the link into the page. • Then highlight the words you want to be the link by holding the left mouse button and dragging across the words
  5. 5. • With the words still highlighted look for the link button in the menu bar just above your text: • When you click this you will be presented with the following window Are you keeping up?
  6. 6. The Link Window Type your destination url in here – leave in the http:// bit The title is text that will appear when people move their mouse over your link in your page. If you are linking to a page already on your site, you can search for previous content and just click one of the items that comes up to form the link.
  7. 7. New window or not? • Did you notice the orange ring on the previous slide? It outlined the option to open the link in a new window. • Most website owners want to do this. • Most website readers don’t. The next slide will tell you why.
  8. 8. A moral dilemma? • Opening a link in a new window means you cannot go back to the previous page – because its in a new window so there is no previous page. • People worry that if they take users away from their site by opening a link to another site in the same window, they will never go back.
  9. 9. • But if you have annoyed them because you have caused their browser to open multiple windows, they probably won’t come back anyway! • Whatever your final decision about the window you should now have a nicely linked piece of text in your post.
  10. 10. The Link Window completed Here is the link window completed with an external link (a link outside my site) to the Google Search Engine. The title will show up like this when a reader moves their mouse over the link:
  11. 11. An internal link Here is the link window filled in using the “link to existing content box”. You can use any word that has appeared on your blog in the search terms – it doesn’t have to appear in the title of a post or page to come up in the search. Here you can see I used the term “dashboard”.
  12. 12. IMPORTANT! When you have finished with your link, don’t forget to press Update or Publish to present your page and its link to the world. Congratulations you can now do links in Wordpress! Time for tea – see you again next time For more basic Wordpress, blogging tips and social media please visit
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