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  1. 1. APPLEMost Admired Company
  2. 2. Apple- A timeline Apple was started in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak 1998 first iMac was released 2001 first iPod and OSX released  Revolutionized the music market 2003 iTunes music store released  1 million songs sold in the first week 2007 first iPhone launched 2010 first iPad launched  15 million sold in first year
  3. 3. The iPod Currently holds 70% of the market for digital music players Revolutionized the way people listen and experience music As of October 2011, Apple has sold over 300 million iPods world wide “altered the landscape for portable audio players”- PC World iPod touch, so much more than just music
  4. 4. iTunes Music Store Number 1 music vendor in the United States As of October 2011, 16 billion songs downloaded Not only music, but movies, TV shows, and Apps for iOS devices  Over 15 billion apps downloaded
  5. 5. iPhone Phone, Messenger, Media Player, Social Network Center, HD Camera, GPS, Web Browser and Gaming system 28.1% market share for smart phones As of March 2011, 108 million iPhones have been sold Similar Web Browsing to a computer Simplicity is key
  6. 6. Why is Apple so Successful? Tryto appeal to all audiences Emphasis on versatility of products Focus on how Apple product becomes a necessary part of one’s life
  7. 7. Why is Apple so admired? Ranked #1 Most admired company for the fourth year in a row by Forbes Creativity:  Physically attractive designs  Products break the mold Innovation:  -Knowing what people want before they know they want it
  8. 8. Marketing Extreme Focus on Branding  Brand promotes creativity, making life easier, connecting people, dreams etc “Mobile-Device Company” Cool factor Music behind much of Apples success
  9. 9. Steve Jobs Cofounded apple in 1976 Passed away two months ago The face behind the technology giant Incorporated himself into every aspect of the company Some question if Apple is a one man company, and how it will successful it will be in the future
  10. 10. Successes The company now holds about 5.2% of the worldwide market, growing 24.6% in the past year iPhone 4S accounted for 42.8% of all mobile phone sales in October iPad market share at 68% as of Sept, 2011 projected to top 75%
  11. 11. Why I Admire Apple iPod apart of my life everyday for years Products are always fresh, new, and exciting True underdog story Growing company