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Music Magazine Evaluation - First Draft

Music Magazine Evaluation - First Draft

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Evaluation
    By Atul Sharma
  • 2. Billionaire Music Magazine
    Billionaire is the magazine that I constructed. It includes:
    A Front Page
    Contents Page
    Double Page Spread
  • 3. Billionaire Reader Profile
    The reader of my magazine will be between 16- 24.
    They will either be a student or working.
    They will need have disposable income in order to purchase the magazine, or parents may have a disposable income.
    Also they should aware of latest fashion trends and music.
  • 4. Billionaire Mood board
  • 5. Construction of Front Cover
    This shows the conversion of from a blank page with my magazine title to a image and selected background. I decided to place the image in the centre of the page as it would the main feature also I would be to adjust text around it.
  • 6. I faded the image into the background to allow it to look more realistic also text would be easier to read at the bottom of the page.
    The conversion between the two print screen shows adaption of the convection of a magazine. This is by inserting a price, bar code, issue details, magazine motto and main cover line.
  • 7. Billionaire Front Page Analysis
    The black magazine title stands out due to the lighter background set.
    This is my magazine cover with all cover lines, it have used a small range of colours in order to keep a house style also I have adjusted text around the main image.
    The date and issue number are in small text as it not a main feature of the magazine.
    The image is the main attraction of the front cover, therefore it is in the centre of the page, the text is adjusted around it.
    A constant house style is used which makes the magazine more easily recognised by readers.
  • 8. Construction of Contents Page
    I have placed my images on the left hand side of the page, as it would allow me to insert the text around it. Also due to my title being on the left , it shows a equal balance displaying my images on the left.
    Above is a print screen from Photoshop of where I positioned my title. This positioning allowed me to display my images and text effectively.
    Above is a print screen with my images, I was able to remove the background of my images to make them look more professional.
  • 9. This is my contents page with the text. I have divided the text into two sections: on the front page and features articles. This allows customers to easily find what they want to read, also it is in numerical order. The headings are in a larger and bolder text which attracts readers attention. Finally the front cover main story is in red, which makes it stand out.
  • 10. Billionaire Contents Page Analysis
    The contents page is divided into two sections. This is the ‘front cover’ and ‘featured articles’
    The images are related to the featured articles, also they have the page number.
    I improved my contents page by including the appropriate page numbers next to the images. This allows readers to link the images with the cover lines. The number are easily seen as I have chosen the right contrast colour. E.g. White font for black background and vice versa.
    The headings are in a larger font so they can easily read by viewers.
    The text is adjusted around the images.
  • 11. Construction of Double Page Spread
    My title is split into two sections, they displayed in the top left hand corner and bottom right hand corner. I have showed that they are linked by including dots.
    This type of layout will allow me to maximise the use of the double spread page.
  • 12. I have changed the background to grey which has a good contrast with my images. Also I have again faded my image, so text below it can be seen. I have place two images in opposite side of the page in order to use the maximum amount of width.
    In order to make my double spread more attractive I added a cartoonist skyscraper view. I used the magnetic lasso in order to remove the unwanted background. I then placed it in front of the image. This created a layer effect.
  • 13. Billionaire Double Page Analysis
    The first paragraph of the double spread page is in white font as the reader will be able to distinguish between the interview without reading it.
    The image is faded into the page and is overlapped by text.
    My double spread page I structured in columns which is a convection of a magazine article. Also I have used a variety of fonts sizes and colours. The writing is overlapping the image which shows dept.
  • 14. Other Peoples Opinion
    Good Points
    ‘ I really like your magazine title font, it goes well with the word billionaire.’
    ‘The use of colours is fantastic, you have used the same colours as the models clothes.’
    Bad Points
    • ‘Colours could be more vibrant, so they will be able to been seen from a further distance.’
    By Mo Patel
  • 15. Other Peoples Opinion
    Good Points
    ‘The way you overlapped some images gives dept to your contents page.‘
    ‘By inserting number on the picture makes it easier to be accessible.’
    ‘The use red, allows me to know the main feature’
    Bad Points
    • ‘The title should be in either capitals or not, that’s just my personal preference.’
    By James Moore
  • 16. Other Peoples Opinion
    Good Points
    ‘ The title is fantastic, it sounds great, the font used is perfect for what it is trying to portray.‘
    ‘The way you have overlapped images and text, gives it a professional look.’
    ‘The use red, as limited colour gives a real exclusive feeling.’
    Bad Points
    • ‘You could have added quotes in a larger font size, as you see in Q&A magazine articles’.
    By Ashok Kumar
  • 17. In what way does your media product use magazine conventions?
    The front cover of my magazine has many conventions you would normally find on a front cover of a real hip hop music cover, which you would purchase in a shop.
    My front cover has a masthead, which is the main focus of the cover and takes up the top of the cover, thus allows it to stand out and be easily read by customers. You would find this in music magazine as well therefore showing I have adhered to this convention.
    The main image is a vital part of the front cover. The common convention is to have a clear cut image which takes up a large proportion of the front. From my front page you would be able to clearly see that my image takes up most of the front cover and is clearly visible than any other item.
    Most music magazine will link the front cover feature with the main article. I have adhered this convention by relating my main article to the front cover image.
    Finally, you would always see barcodes, issue numbers and price tags on music magazines. I have also adhered this convection as my barcode and price is visible to customers.
  • 18. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
    My music magazine appeals to an middle class and upwards audience, this due to the price being £2.50 which can only be afforded by customers with disposable income.
    My magazine motto is ‘Made for the people who have reached the peak’. This sums up the target audience, it is for determined young adults who have a set goal that are determined to meet. The magazine will give these individuals encouragement as the magazine is packed with articles of successful young stars.
    The name of the magazine ‘Billionaire’ will motivate individuals to reach the peak. As it is every young adults dream to be star when older.
    The image I haves used throughout my magazine allows reader to have self belief because the images will motivate them to achieve as the models are young adults who are achieving excellence.
  • 19. What have you learnt about technologies form the process of constructing this product?
    I have used different types of technologies to construct my music magazine.
    The most import and most used to construct my magazine was Photoshop CS3, this allowed me to make my music magazine without any limitations. This software allowed me to have full control of the construction process of the magazine. Having this software helped me greatly and I found it very easy to get hang off and let me fulfil my potential. However there is one drawback with Photoshop, you are not able to gain full control over writing tools, this lead to the resolution of text not as clear as Microsoft Publisher and the moving of text is limited. However the advantages are countless compared with the one disadvantage.
    Another technology which I used is a digital camera. I was fortunate enough to use my personal 15 mega pixel digital camera. This enabled me to take high quality pictures of my models which used in my music magazine. The quality of the camera allowed me to have realistic photos which would enhance the quality of the magazine which I have made.
  • 20. What do you feel you have learnt in the progression form it to the full product?
    I believe that I have learnt a huge amount from the beginning to the end product of my music magazine. I have learnt how a magazine should be presented to the customers. This allowed me to implement those convections into my own magazine.
    I can confidently say I have also learnt how to use Photoshop CS3 to its full capabilities and through the project I have expanded my Photoshop skills.
    I have also learnt how to take effective images which would be suitable for my magazine. This allowed me to capture different types of shots such as mid-shots and close-ups.