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Md.ashadulla, t-6195,section-f2

  1. 1. Summer training programme<br />Synopsis<br />Project Title<br />“A study on performance evaluation of Mutual funds equity schemes”<br /> (With Special Reference to Religare Securities ltd)<br /> Submitted to: Submitted by: <br /> STP Guide MD. ASHADULLA<br /> Prof. jagdish raddy Reg. No .T-6195<br /> Finance - 02<br />Contents<br /><ul><li>Introduction
  2. 2. Company profile
  3. 3. Objective
  4. 4. Mission and vision
  5. 5. What is mutual fund
  6. 6. Characteristics of a Mutual Fund</li></ul>1.Introduction<br />2.Company profile<br />Religare is an emerging markets financial services group with a presence across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. In India, Religare’s largest market, the group offers a wide array of products and services including broking, insurance, asset management, lending solutions, investment banking and wealth management. With 10,000-plus employees across multiple geographies, Religare serves over a million clients, including corporate and institutions, high net worth families and individuals, and retail investors.<br />Religare Securities Limited (RSL) is a leading equity and securities firm in India. The company currently handles sizeable volumes traded on NSE and in the realm of online trading and investments it currently holds a reasonable share of the market. The major activities and offerings of the company today are Equity broking, Depository Participant Services, Portfolio Management Services, Institutional Brokerage & Research, Investment Banking and Corporate Finance. To broaden the gamut of services offered to its investors, the company has also recently unveiled a new avatar of it's online investment portal armed with a host of revolutionary features.<br /> RSL is a member of the National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange of India, Depository Participant with National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (I) Limited, and SEBI approved Portfolio Manager. <br />Religare has been constantly innovating in terms of product and services and to offer such incisive services to specific user segments it has also started the NRI, FII, HNI and Corporate Servicing groups. These groups take all the portfolio investment decisions depending upon a client’s risk / return parameter. <br />Religare has a very credible Research and Analysis division, which not only caters to the need of our Institutional clientele, but also gives their valuable inputs to investment dealers.<br />Religare is also providing in-house Depository services to its clientele and is one of the leading depository service providers in the country. <br /> Religare also has one of the largest retail networks, with its presence in more than 1300 locations across more than 400 towns & cities. This means, one can walk into any of these branches and connect to highly skilled and dedicated relationship managers to get the best services. <br />Religare Enterprises Limited (REL) , is one of the leading integrated financial services groups of India. Backed by a blue chip promoter pedigree and a proven track record, REL’s businesses are broadly clubbed across three key verticals, the Retail, Institutional and Wealth spectrums, catering to a diverse and wide base of clients. <br />REL offers a multitude of investment options and a diverse bouquet of financial services and can boast of a reach that spreads across the length and breadth of the country with its presence in more than 1460 locations across more than 450 cities and towns. <br />As part of its recent initiatives, the group has also started expanding globally and has acquired London’s oldest brokerage & investment firm, Hichens Harrison & Co Plc. Following this acquisition Religare now proposes to operate out of 10 countries. Religare has successfully partnered with Aegon, one of the global leaders to launch Life Insurance and Mutual Fund products in India and with Macquarie, Australia’s leading financial services provider for a Wealth Management joint venture. It has also partnered with Vistaar Entertainment to launch India’s first film fund. <br />Address: Registered Office Address:#1 : 19, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019 Phone :- +91-11-30815100 Email us at :-, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaPUNE:-Ground floor ,Amar Caliber,BMCC Road, Shivajinagar,PUNE-411004AHMEDNAGAR:-5&6, Himalaya Tower,OPP. Deepak Hospital, Savedi Road,-4140033.OBJECTIVE<br />4.Mission and vision<br />The vision is to build Religare as a globally trusted brand in the financial services domain and present it as the ‘Investment Gateway of India’. All employees of the group ceaselessly strive to provide financial care driven by the core values of diligence and transparency.<br />Vision - To build Religare as a globally trusted brand in the financial services domain and present it as the ‘Investment Gateway of India’ <br />Mission - To provide financial care driven by the core values of diligence & transparency <br />Brand Essence - Diligent, dynamic & ethical processes for wealth creation. 5.What is mutual fund?<br />A Mutual Fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. The corpus of the fund is then deployed in investment alternatives (these could be equities, debentures / bonds or money market instruments.) that help to meet predefined investment objectives. The income earned through these investments are shared by its unit holders in proportion to the number of units they own.<br />A mutual fund is a pool of money collected from investors and is invested according to tasted investment objectives<br /><ul><li>Terms to know
  7. 7. Mutual
  8. 8. Pool
  9. 9. Investment objectives</li></ul>6.Characteristics<br /><ul><li>Investors own the mutual fund.
  10. 10. Professional managers manage the affairs for a fee.
  11. 11. The funds are invested in a portfolio of marketable securities, reflecting the investment objective.
  12. 12. Value of the portfolio and investors’ holdings, alters with change in market value of investments.</li></ul>Advantages <br /><ul><li>Portfolio diversification
  13. 13. Professional management
  14. 14. Reduction in risk
  15. 15. Reduction in transaction cost
  16. 16. Liquidity
  17. 17. Convenience and flexibility</li></ul>Disadvantages <br /><ul><li>No control over costs
  18. 18. No tailor-made portfolios
  19. 19. Issues relating to management of a portfolio of mutual funds