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Sustainable Nations Global Initiative Cyprus

  2. 2. INTELLIGENT NATION AGENDA 1. Intelligent Europe, Smart Cyprus and EU 2020: Origin and Evolution 2. Three Scenarios for EU and Cyprus 3. EUROPE 2013-2020 4. NATIONAL TARGETS: Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth 5. Digital Strategy 2012-2020 6. Large Scale Private Property Developments 7. CYPRUS 2013-2020 8. Smart Cyprus Stakeholders 9. Smart Cyprus Trinity 10. Smart Growth Programs 11. Finance Needs 2013-2016: Expenses and Resources 12. Memorandum of Understanding on Specific Economic Policy Conditionality: Between Cyprus and the EC/ECB/IMF 13. SMART CYPRUS PLANNING STAGES 14. FUTURE CYPRUS PROJECTS 15. i-Cyprus Platform : Smart Cyprus Portal 16. I-Government: Smart Executives, Parliament and Judiciary 17. Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure: Optical, Mobile, Renewable Energy and Natural Gas Networks 18. Innovation Seafront Eco-Corridors 19. Science and Technology Parks 20. Innovative Business Clusters 21. Sustainable Intelligent Communities and Cities 22. Smart City Projects across the Globe 23. EU Smart Cities and Communities Initiatives: European Innovation Partnership 24. EU Flagship Urban Project: Smart City Prototype 25. Smart Ecopolis Projects 1. Smart City Sunrise Industry 2. Sustainable Construction Industry: Green Property + Smart Property = Intelligent Investment 3. Energy Efficiency in Buildings 4. Smart Air and Space Port Cities 5. Smart Tourism Industry 6. Smart Health and Well Being Tourism 7. Smart Space Tourism 8. Smart Gas and Oil Fields 9. Smart Eco Industry 10. Smart Connected Infrastructure 11. Green Economics 12. FUNDING SOURCES: EU Funds, Solidarity Funds, Smart Investment 13. European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism (EFSM) 14. EU Cohesion Fund 2014-2020 15. Horizon 2020: The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 16. ORGANIZATION INFRASTRUCTURE: “SMART CYPRUS” CENTER 17. Intelligent Nation Branding Program 18. Intelligent Nations Projects across the World 19. Smart Cyprus Investment Projects: Exit from the Memo and Bailout Agreement 20. Large Scale Private Property Developments: Innovative Projects 21. Large Scale Smart Property Developments: A Roadmap Strategy 22. SMART CYPRUS INVESTMENT SOURCES Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  3. 3. NATIONAL TARGETS: EUROPE 2020 STRATEGY FOR SMART, SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE GROWTH  POVERTY. Increased to 23,7% (199.000 people) in 2011 compared to 23,5% (192.000 people) in 2010, with the 3 indicators, people at-risk-of-poverty (AROP), living in conditions of severe material deprivation, and/or living in low work intensity households; The IMF expects unemployment to reach 19.5 percent in 2014, from an average 17 percent in 2013.  EDUCATION. Reduce the dropout rate to 10% by 2020 from 11,9% in 2009. Increase participation in Higher education to 46%  EMPLOYMENT. 75%-77% of the population aged 20–64 should be employed by 2020. Dropped to 70,2% in 2012 compared to 73,4% in 2011  CLIMATE AND ENERGY. Achieve an increase of 14,3% (463 ktoe) in energy savings in the projected primary energy consumption of the year 2020  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5% by 2020 compared to 2005.  Increase of the contribution of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to 13% of the total energy consumption by the year 2020 (the 2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, domestic natural gas, 59%, energy saving Grant schemes, RES generation, 6%, road transport, 12%, building energy performance, Energy Efficiency Directive, 13%; Net-metering pilot and smart meters pilot, AMI project (300MW of wind parks, 192MW of photovoltaic systems, 17MW of biomass/biogas utilisation plants and 75MW of Concentrated Solar Thermal Plants to be installed).  COMPETITIVENES. The promotion of Cyprus as an attractive regional centre for the provision of high value added services, in the financial, legal, health, shipping and education sectors  Strengthening the productivity of the economy so that the total labour productivity reaches the EU27 average  Reduction of the administrative burden on national legislation by 20% by 2012  Restructuring of the economy towards innovation  DIGITAL SOCIETY, The Action Plans, 2013-2016,  By 2013, all households and businesses will have access to the Internet with at least 2Mbps.  By 2013, 70% of the enterprises will have access to the Internet with at least 20Mbps.  By 2020 all households and businesses will have access to the Internet with at least 30 Mbps.  Achieved 100% coverage of at least 2Mbps of all urban and rural areas since 2012  MONITORING MECHANISMS: Council of Ministers, National Advisory Committee, Coordinating Committee, Planning Bureau, 8 Technical Committee  The Largest Categories of Expenditure: Research and Technological Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 20%; Improving Human Capital; Transport; The Least Categories of Expenditure: Energy (1%), Investment in Social Infrastructure, Information Society  “…many more measures are required to boost growth, for which additional funds will be needed. To this end, a relevant request has been already addressed to the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament, including the request to increase the co-financing rate by Structural Funds. A needs assessment is also in process to finalise the most appropriate measures to be implemented, in order to help face the serious side effects of the Programme and put the economy back to the path of growth.”  The European Commission proposed on 18.09.2013 adjustments to its proposal for the EU budget, including an additional €200 million for Cyprus, of which €100 million in 2014  Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  4. 4. DIGITAL CYPRUS STRATEGY 2012-2020  The Digital Strategy for Cyprus will help Cyprus to overcome the crisis and will promote economical growth, increase of the competiveness of the private sector and modernization of the public sector. The following objectives and measures are included.  Objective 1: Connect Cyprus  Measure 1 - Promotion of a stable regulatory framework  Measure 2 - Licensing of wireless networks  Measure 3 - Promote competition and decrease broadband prices  Measure 4 - Establish Fiber to the Home network (FTTH)  Measure 5 - Network and information security  Objective 2: Modernize public administration and provide public electronic services  Measure 6 - Network and information security  Measure 7 - Paperless Government and eGovernment Services  Measure 8 - Electronic Local Authorities  Measure 9 – eHealth  Measure 10 - eID and esignatures  Measure 11 - Use of ICT to promote cultural heritage  Measure 12 –Use of ICT to promote tourism  Measure 13 –Knowledge park (Smart City)  Objective 3: Inclusion of all (including vulnerable groups) into digital Cyprus  Measure 14 –Promote digital literacy  Measure 15 –National program for broadband penetration  Objective 4: Education and Learning  Measure 16 –eEducation  Objective 5: Digital Entrepreneurship  Measure 17 –Promotion of Digital Entrepreneurship  Objective 6: ICT for the environment  Measure 18 –National Strategy for the Use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)  Measure 19 –Water management system  Measure 21 –Communication Plan  “Digital Strategy for Cyprus”, the Department of Electronic Communications (DEC), Ministry of Communications and Works, with the guidance of the Advisory Committee for Information Society Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  5. 5. PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS: UNSUSTAINABLE STOCK PROJECTS  Projects of an estimated value of €100M and above  Leptos Group Project –Neapolis (EU Smart City Model)  Cypeir PropertiesLtdDel Mare  Cyprus Limni Resorts & Golf courses  Fortune Health Resort  Helios Cyprus Project (50 MW, STPS)  Kykkos Project (New City District)  Nicosia City Hall  Leptos Group Project -Marina Residences  Leptos Group – Coral Seas  Limassol Landmark Luxury Residential  Macronisos Marina Ayia Napa  Santa Barbara Hills Park  St. Elisabeth Golf Resort  Aristo Developers Eagle Pine Golf Resort (integrated golf, spa and real estate development)  Aristo Developers Thalassea Residences  Aristo Developers Venus Rock (integrated golf, spa, commercial and real estate development, under sale for EUR 290 with 20% discount)  Source: Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency 2012-13: Large-Scale Development Projects offering Investment Opportunities  30 largest businesses are due to pay 6 billion Euro to its main creditor: The Bank of Cyprus  The alternative is to be declared as insolvent.  Projects estimated as below €100M  Agapinor Hotel & Shops Complex  Athina- Daycare Medical Center  Berengaria Mountain Hotel & Spa Resort  David Lloyd Olympia Spa Resort  David Lloyd Olympia Sports Village  Elea Estate Golf Resort  Erato Development  KANIKA, Agios Athanasios Hills; KIBC; Paphos Resort & Spa  Lefteris Livadhiotis & Sons Project  Med Life Club Village  Mythical Sands  Paris Business Center  Precast Factory Cyprus Ltd  Think Blue  University Campus at Palodia Limassol–Project  Source: Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency 2012-13: Large-Scale Development Projects offering Investment Opportunities  NEITHER PROJECT IS COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY  30 largest businesses are due to pay 6 billion Euro to its main creditor: The Bank of Cyprus  The alternative is to become an insolvent. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  6. 6. CYPRUS 2013-2020CYPRUS 2013 CYPRUS 2020  Collapsed Financial System  Social Exclusion, Mass Unemployment and Poverty  Unsustainability (in Society, Economy, and Finances)  Unsustainable Social Model ; Want of Knowledge/Innovation Society ; Lack of Digital Economy, Green Economy, and Innovation Economy; Lack of Social Cohesion; Poor Justice System ; Undeveloped Social and Human Capital, Low Quality of Life; Poor Leadership; Poor National Health System  Inefficient Governance ; Low Competitiveness, Low Productivity and Employment; Poor Mobility  Poor Natural Capital Management  Ecological Degradation: nonrenewable energy and CO2, unsustainable land use and buildings, transport, waste, water, sanitation, pollution, air/water/soil/food quality, urban expansion, soil sealing and erosion  Commercial/Inferior Real Estate Developments (standard low-quality construction projects, absence of smart, ecological, or sustainable projects)  “Given the dire economic situation, most national targets have deteriorated, especially employment and the risk of poverty, but also the R&D and the early school leavers targets. The employment rate dropped considerably in 2012 to 70,2% deviating from the national target, while unemployment reached the record high level of 14,7%, (January 2013) with more than 44.000 being unemployed and consequently increasing the people at the risk of poverty.” CNRP 2013  The IMF expects unemployment to reach 19.5 % next year, from an average 17 % in 2013.  The Troika estimates that the country`s GDP will shrink by 8.7% in 2013.  IMF Prospects: Cyprus's output loss is expected to be tremendous, by 2020 the economy will be growing by only 1.75 percent, instead of the 4 percent annual average of the past 30 years.  The threat of NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY is still looming The Mediterranean island is to go through a critical stage in its long history: to bankrupt or to transform towards a smart, sustainable, and inclusive society, to become a world-class destination for investors, businesses, citizens and visitors. The “Smart Cyprus” Strategy aims to recreate Cyprus as an Eco- Sustainable Land, Smart Country, and Intelligent Nation. Smart Cyprus is to be distinguished with the following innovative features: Eco Districts, Smart Cities, and Green Communities Eco-wise National, Urban and Rural Infrastructures Smart Utilities and National Green Energy Networks Modern security/defense infrastructure (intelligent monitoring and measurement systems, sensor/actuators networks, ground-based and marine, wired and wireless, data collection systems; cybersecurity, illegal activities prevention) Innovation/knowledge economy (industry and sustainable corporations, innovation clusters, innovation districts, CDB, techno parks, knowledge clusters, disruptive technology/business eco-parks smart malls, university eco campuses, seaports, airports) Smart government, i-services to citizens, businesses, and local governments Intelligent ICT networks and multi-play telecommunications systems, optical and wireless Smart banking systems and financial services; sustainability in public finances; stability funds World-class healthcare, e-health and telemedicine Knowledge Triangle Clusters (education, R&D and business) Sustainable living, wellbeing, quality of life, smart, green, and healthy lifestyles Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  7. 7. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev SUSTAINABLE NATION TRINITY Knowledge NATION/ Region/ City/ Community Smart & Sustainable NATION i-Nation Platform Eco- NATION/ Region/ City/ Community Digital NATION/ Region/ City/ Community Physical Capital Natural Capital Ecosystems Natural Resources Renewables/RES Eco Technologies Green Infrastructure Eco-Urbanization Green Society ECO-SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Information/Digital Capital Smart Mobility , Smart Services ICT Infrastructure, OTN, Optical Networks , NG Broadband 3DTV, HDTV, CC, Intelligent Clouds Internet of Things, u-Computation Digital/Smart Society TECHNOLOGICAL/SMART GROWTH Social/Human/I-Capital Innovation Ecosystems Smart Living Smart Economy Knowledge Infrastructure i-Industry Smart Governance Equity, Wellbeing, QoL Knowledge Society SOCIAL/INCLUSIVE GROWTH SMART TRINITY COMMUNITY of Wellbeing, Quality of Life and Sustainable Growth
  8. 8. SMART NATION STAKEHOLDERS  Governing Board:  Presidency and Council of Ministers  House President (Parliament)  Ministries and Government Departments  Stakeholders:  Municipalities  Local Communities  Political Parties  Civic Associations and NGOs  Business Groups & Innovative SMEs  Banking Institutions  Public-Service State Corporations:  Global IT and Local Telecom Corporations:  Academia, Universities and Research Institutes  Key Consultants: EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU, Cyprus Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  9. 9. SMART GROWTH PROGRAMS CYPRUS 2007 - 2013: UNDERACHIEVED GROWTH PROGRAM CYPRUS 2014-2024: FUTURE GROWTH PROGRAMS  OP “Sustainable Development and Competitiveness, 2007-2013” General Objectives: 1. Improving the attractiveness of the country, through the creation and upgrading of basic infrastructure 2. Promoting the knowledge society and innovation and improving the productive environment 3. Creating sustainable communities in urban and rural areas Priority Axes: 1) Basic Infrastructure in the Environment and Energy Sectors 2) Basic Transport Infrastructure 3) Knowledge Economy and Innovation 4) Productive Environment 5) Revitalisation of Urban and Rural Areas Operational Programme: “Employment, Human Capital and Social Cohesion” General Objectives: 1. Improvement of Human Capital and Increase of the Adaptability of the Private and Public Sector 2. Attracting and Maintaining More People in the Labour Market and Reinforcement of Social Inclusion Priority Axes: 1. Development of Human Capital and Adaptability; 2. Expansion of Labour Market and Social Cohesion The NSRF is co-financed with a sum of €612,4 mln from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Cohesion Fund (CF) of EU. European Territorial Cooperation”, €28 mln, by ERDF. By the end of December 2011, about 3.420 projects with a total budget (eligible public expenditure) of €830 mln have been approved, corresponding to 113% of the OPs total budget  Cyprus National Reform Program 2012. Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. Planning Bureau. April 2012. Cyprus, EU  Cyprus National Reform Program 2013. Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. Planning Bureau. April 2013. Cyprus, EU  National Program of Intelligent Sustainable Infrastructure (Telecommunications, Energy, Transportation, Water, Waste, Construction, Environment)  National Program of Innovative ICT and Broadband Knowledge Economy  National Program of Smart Eco Territories (communities, villages, towns, cities, districts, and country)  National Program of Science, Research and Innovation (Strategy for Research and Innovation)  National Program of Knowledge Industry 1. knowledge clusters, 2. university research parks, 3. science and technology parks, 4. healthcare parks, 5. technopolises, 6. business innovation parks, 7. industrial clusters, organic agro-clusters, 8. Smart villages, open economic zones, etc.  National Program of Smart Social Infrastructure (Governance , Economy, Society, institutions, data, policies, laws, regulations and standards)  National Program of Smart Government Agencies and State Corporations  National Program of Smart Industry, Corporations and Intelligent Business Management  National Program of Smart Lifestyle, Creativity and Knowledge and Persistent Learning  National Programs of the Smart Health System and Sustainable Social Insurance System Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  10. 10. FINANCE NEEDS 2013-2016: EXPENSES AND RESOURCES  The total financial needs of Cyprus: €23.5b, excluding a recapitalisation of banks or any new burden on depositors, supported by the Memorandum and the loan agreement  EXPENSES: €13.5b for the banks  €10b are for public finances  €5b for debt renewal  €5b for deficits  SOURCES:  €10b from the EU bailout: €9b will be covered by the ESM, €1b from the IMF  €10.6b from the Laiki and BoC restructuring  €0,6b from memorandum measures  €0,4b for the sale of gold  €1.4b for privatisation  €1b rollover  €0.1b from the Russian loan  SMART CYPRUS INVESTMENT SOURCES. The Fast Exit from the Memo Agreement and the Bailout Program Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  11. 11. PRIVATIZING CYPRUS: SMART ACTION PLAN  In March 2013, the Cypriot authorities agreed with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF, the Troika, on a €10 billion bailout. To generate €1.4 billion in order to restore public debt sustainability, one of the bailout’s preconditions was the implementation of a privatisations plan covering the disposal of:  Cyprus Telecommunications Authority by 2016  the Cyprus Ports Authority by 2016  the Cyprus Electricity Authority by 2018.  The bill titled "Privatisations Law 2014" is a precondition for the disbursement of the next tranche of the €10 billion financial assistance package granted to Cyprus.  Privatisations, an integral part of the Memorandum of Understanding on the conditions of the financial assistance, with a view of generating state revenue of €1.4 billion by 2018. According to the bill, the Council of Ministers can issue decrees on the sale of state-owned organizations. Under the bill, the Council will appoint a Ministerial Committee chaired by the Finance Minister and comprising "at least four Ministers" to supervise the procedure and to provide guidance to the Privatisations Unit and the Privatisations Commissioner with a four- year mandate.  Privatization Program: Action Plan The Action Plan includes the prospect of privatizing Government Organizations including the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA), as well as property of the State. For the general Action Plan download file, here. For the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) download file, here. For the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) download file, here. For the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA) download file, here.  It is plain that adopting the Sustainable Nation Growth Planning, the government agencies could generate maximum state revenues Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  12. 12. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ON SPECIFIC ECONOMIC POLICY CONDITIONALITY: BETWEEN CYPRUS AND THE EC/ECB/IMF  The economic adjustment programme will address short- and medium-term financial, fiscal and structural challenges facing Cyprus. The key programme objectives are:  to restore the soundness of the Cypriot banking sector by thoroughly restructuring, resolving and downsizing financial institutions, strengthening of supervision, addressing expected capital shortfall and improving liquidity management;  to continue the on-going process of fiscal consolidation in order to correct the excessive general government deficit, in particular through measures to reduce current primary expenditure, and maintain fiscal consolidation in the medium-term, in particular through measures to increase the efficiency of public spending within a medium-term budgetary framework, enhance revenue collection and improve the functioning of the public sector; and  to implement structural reforms to support competitiveness and sustainable and balanced growth, allowing for the unwinding of macroeconomic imbalances, in particular by reforming the wage indexation system and removing obstacles to the smooth functioning of services markets.  Fiscal Policy: Putting public finances on a sustainable path in order to stabilise the economy and to restore the confidence of companies, citizens and foreign investors in the longer-term economic prospects of Cyprus.  Fiscal-structural measures: (1) to improve the efficiency of public spending and the budgetary process by means of an effective Medium-Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF) that is fully compliant with the Directive on requirements for budgetary frameworks and the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (TSCG); (2) implement further reforms of the pension system to address the high projected increase in pension spending; (3) take further steps to control the growth of health expenditure; (4) enhance tax revenues by improving tax compliance and collection; (5) undertake reforms of the public administration to improve its functioning and cost-effectiveness, notably by reviewing the size, employment conditions and functional organisation of public services; (6) undertake reforms of the overall benefit structure with the aim of producing an efficient use of resources and ensuring an appropriate balance between welfare assistance and incentives to take up work; and (7) elaborate a programme for improving the efficiency of state-owned and semi-public enterprises and initiate a privatisation programme.  Labour Market: Cost of living adjustment (COLA) of wages and salaries  Goods and Services Market: Tourism and Offshore Natural Gas Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  13. 13. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev I-CYPRUS PROJECT PLANNING STAGES  Smart Cyprus Plan of Actions: I. Smart Eco Island Strategy (2014); II. Intelligent Nation Master plan (Fitting, Transforming and Adjusting Existing National Planning and Programs, 2014-2015); III. Intelligent Eco Island Development Projects: A. i-Cyprus Platform as an i-Europe Platform Pilot B. Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure: ICT & Energy & Transportation & Utilities & Smart Gas and Oil Fields C. Smart Cyprus Seafront Innovation Eco Corridor: Industrial Parks, International Port Development Parks, Smart Cities and Eco Communities, from Pyrgos to Pomos to Polis to Pegeya to Pafos to Pafos International Airport to Kouklia to Pissouri to Akrotiri to Limassol to Zygi to Larnaka International Airport to Larnaka to Xylofagou to Agia Napa to Protaras to Paralimni to Deryneia to Famagusta D. Smart Municipalities and Eco Communities Projects (2014-2024; Conception, Design, Legislations, Promotion and Implementation) E. Sustainable City and Community Development and Redevelopment Projects (2014-2024) F. Smart Property Development and Redevelopment Projects G. Smart Green Building Development and Redevelopment Projects  Smart Cyprus Project (Size and Implementation): partnership among government, civic associations, academia, research institutes, public sector, private corporations, and non-profit sector; Funding sources (EU Funding, national funding and private investment), Project Size (implementation costs, to be assessed)  Current Industries: tourism, construction, cement and gypsum production, ship repair and refurbishment, food and beverage processing, textiles, light chemicals, metal products, wood, paper, stone, and clay products; collapsing financial system  Smart Cyprus Industries: Modern tourism, smart housing industry, intelligent ICT industry, green economy, knowledge service industry, intelligent banking system, smart gas/oil industry, intelligent energy  Supporting Action Plans and Programs: The EU 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth; National Strategic Reference Framework Program for Cohesion Policy, 2014-2020; Cyprus National Reform Program 2011, 2012, 2013
  14. 14. FUTURE CYPRUS PROJECTS  i-CYPRUS PLATFORM  i-GOVERNMENT  i-INFRASTRUCTURE  GREEN ECONOMY  INNOVATION INDUSTRY  ECO, HEALTH, WELLNESS AND SMART TOURISM  INNOVATION ECO-CORRIDORS: KNOWLEDGE PARKS, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PARKS, AGRICULTURE PARKS, ECO FARMS, AIRPORT CITY PARKS, HARBOR DEVELOPMENT PARKS, SERVER FARMS, ENERGY PARKS  SMART AIRPORT CITIES AND SPACE TOURISTRY  ECO REGIONS (Districts)  SMART CITIES (Municipalities)  GREEN COMMUNITIES (Eco Villages)  SUSTAINABLE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS (Cultural Smart Settlements, China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.)  i-Cyprus Platform: i-Government System, Regional Operations Centers/Urban Management Systems  Nationwide Intelligent Sustainable Infrastructures Program and Developments  Intelligent Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure in Land and Environment, Transport, Utility, Buildings, Social Infrastructure and Government  Intelligent Energy Infrastructure Project: Renewable Energy and Natural Gas Networks  Innovation Seafront Eco-Corridors: Industrial Parks, Science/Technology Parks, Agricultural Parks, International Port Development Parks, Smart Cities and Eco Communities  Smart Eco City Programs: Eco Land and Territories, Eco Mobility, Environmental Infrastructure, Transportation and Road Networks, Green Energy and Utilities, ICT Infrastructure, Smart Economy, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Living  Districts as eco-regions: Comprehensive Management Plan/Regional Development Plan: Environmental Planning, Digital Planning, Social Planning; Green Economics, Green Property Developments, Environmental Infrastructures  Large master planned developments as smart eco-sustainable projects  Assisting businesses to align their strategies, projects and operations with the Smart Eco-Region Comprehensive Management Plan and strategic policy initiatives  Attracting to Smart Districts the EU Funding resources and sustainable/impact/socially responsible investment (EU Structural and Cohesion Funds 2014-2020, Horizon 2020)  Re-developing Cities as Smart and Green Cities, attractive destination for Ecological, Cultural, Sports, and Medical Tourism  Environment Protection and Natural Resources Conservation: Green Forestation, Eco Parks, A/C Development Parks  Advancing the EU NATURA 2000 Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Area (SPA) as Eco-Sustainable Developments Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  15. 15. I-CYPRUS PLATFORM: SMART CYPRUS PORTAL  The “i-Cyprus Platform” is enforcing the Digital Strategy Cyprus, realizing the European Interoperability Framework, and is part of the Smart Territories of the Future Program.  Based on a General Interoperability Framework (GIF), it is to provide integration and optimisation of energy, transport and data flows; intelligent traffic management; provision, supply and logistics; development of green infrastructure and use of smart ICT to manage it; optimised waste collection and energy generation therefrom, optimised water treatment and distribution; innovative business models; open data (smart city) urban platforms, etc.  The Smart Cyprus Portal will include the existing government portal, covering the pertinent objectives of the Digital Strategy Cyprus, as  Objective 2: Modernize public administration and provide public electronic services  Objective 3: Inclusion of all (including vulnerable groups) into digital Cyprus  Objective 4: Education and Learning  Objective 5: Digital Entrepreneurship  Objective 6: ICT for the environment  The cost range of the Pilot: EUR 0,1-1b, with 5 years of research, development and deployment.  The stakeholders include the national government, the EC, innovative organizations and major IT corporations  The Project is aiming to develop open intelligent technological platforms for sustainable communities and smart cities, knowledge zones and territorial ecosystems.  It will be virtually tested as an All-Cyprus MetaCloud Platform for Districts, Cities and Communities, making a Cyprus Sky, or Sky Cyprus Platform.  i-Cyprus Platform is planned as a Smart Europe Portal Pilot, supplying an islandwide service platform for identification, integration and optimisation, control and management of flows/streams/traffic (energy, information, materials, emissions, transport and vehicles, goods and services, transactions and finances, citizens and visitors).   The i-Cyprus Platform is to be extended to the i-Europe Portal to virtualize States, Regions, Cities and Communities in the Smart Connected Clouds, modelling all the core elements as centrally coordinated functional clouds, from the EC clouds to State clouds to Government clouds to Industry clouds to City clouds to Private clouds and to Smart Infrastructure clouds.  intelligence-global-marketing  Relevant Projects: EU Interoperability Framework, UK e-GIF, USA NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  16. 16. I-GOVERNMENT: SMART EXECUTIVES, PARLIAMENT AND JUDICIARY  “The Government through the use of ICT aims to become smart, sustainable and innovative, more effective and efficient and more friendly to citizens and businesses.” Digital Strategy for Cyprus 2013-2020.  I-Government (short for intelligent government, also i-gov, smart government, virtual/online cyber government, or smart connected government) is digitally intelligent interactions between a Government (Executive, Judiciary and Lawmakers) and citizens (G2C), government and businesses/Commerce (G2B), government and employees (G2E), and government to governments /agencies (G2G).  Formally, the i-Government delivery models can be summed up as G (E, J, L) x (C, B, E) U (C, B, E) x G (E, J, L):  G2C (Government to Citizens)  G2B (Government to Businesses)  G2E (Government to Employees)  G2G (Government to Government, international government, central/national government, local government, civil government)  C2G (Citizens to Governments)  B2G (Business to Government)  E2G (Employees to Government)  As a smart government reference framework, the i-Government model will be applied as 4i-Government, innovated, integrated, instrumented and intelligent, figured as a 4-tiered i-Government Pyramid Model.  I-Government succeeds smart government, transformational government, as well as e-government, with its subdivisions: m-government (mobile government), u-government (ubiquitous government), and g-government (GIS/GPS applications for e-government).  4I-Government Platform provides an ultimate vision of an integrated portfolio of government activities and public projects, like optimal budgeting, smart civil technologies, natural resources protection, public space management, intelligent policing, finance control, transportation efficiency, etc.  Comprise: Paperless Government and eGovernment Services (eGovernment, eOAS, ISS, Secure Gateway, Central Data Warehouse, Help Desk Systems, HRMS, PSC, epayments, eServices, eDemocracy, Data Consolidation, Call Centers, CSCs; eMunicipality, centralized information management system; eHealth (the Integrated Health Care Information System; the Hospital Drug Management System, eHealth records portal, Telemedicine, m-medicine, u- medicine, AAL programs); eID; eCulture (eHistory, 3D Museums, etc.), eTourism; eLiteracy (eSkill, eCitizen, eLearning, eBusiness, the Cyprus Business Portal; Broadband access, free wi-fi access; eEducation, eSchool, structured cabling, the Learning Management System , eContent, Multimedia and Computers Labs, Interactive Learning Centers and Distance Learning Applications, eUniversity; Digital Entrepreneurship (eCommerce Platform, “Epihirite Diadiktiaka”, eBusiness, eInvoicing, eReceipt, green policies and practices; eEnvironment (ITS, Water management systems, telemetry systems, smart electricity and water meters, Teleworking systems). Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  17. 17. INTEGRATED INTELLIGENT INFRASTRUCTURE  Optical Transport, Mobile, Green Energy, Eco Road, Intelligent Transport, and Natural Gas Networks  Fiber-Optic, Mobile, Sustainable Energy Infrastructure and Intelligent Transportation Systems Deployment Act of 2014  The key motivation is to build the national base for Sustainable Intelligent Communities, smart economy and innovative enterprises, ecotourism and smart development property projects and intelligent utilities, solar farms and wind parks, web farms and smart cloud computing industries, knowledge parks and innovation clusters, intelligent government and smart public services.  To create a nationwide integrated sustainable infrastructure of fiber optic networks, green energy and natural gas infrastructure, and intelligent transportation systems, the Ministry of Communications and Works shall install Fiber Optic and Green Energy conduit infrastructures as part of new public roads construction projects.  Further on the government, in cooperation with private sector, has to build the fiber-optic and green energy cable conduit systems into the sides of all new public road projects.  To provide the nationwide fiber-optic and green energy and natural gas infrastructure and cutting-edge broadband connectivity, the Government of Cyprus and Ministry of Communications and Works introduced the following bill; which was referred to the House President and the Committee on Communications and Works by EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (Cyprus) as a “Smart Cyprus” Infrastructure Project.  Addressing major concerns in the EU as climate change and urbanization, developing eco communities, smart economy, knowledge industry, sustainable infrastructure, developing sustainable transport and smart mobility, and making renewable energy more affordable, the Bill is enforcing the EU 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.  Regulatory Framework: “Regulation strategies on the development of new generation broadband infrastructure (NGA) in Cyprus”; “The regulatory framework for the installation and operation of FTTH network”; “the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme”; National ITS Strategy, National Energy Strategy, the 2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan ;  Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  18. 18. INNOVATION SEAFRONT ECO-CORRIDORS  Smart Cyprus Seafront Innovation Eco Corridors:  Industrial Innovation Parks, Business Clusters, Knowledge Parks, Science & Technology Parks, Health Parks, Biomedical Parks with Immortality Centers, Agriculture Technology Parks, Energy Parks, Server Farms, Eco Farms, ICT Parks  International Airport and Seaport Development Parks (Free Economic Zone, Intercontinental Logistics Centers, Smart Commerce & Trade Centers), Coastal Eco Parks (large fishing ports, recreation zones and seaside touristic facilities)  Environmental Protection Projects (Coastal Regeneration, marine parks, sea farms and large fishing ports and recreational zones; Green Forestation, forest protection, large forest recreation areas; Water Management and Flood Prevention, ground water replenishment, natural land and NATURA sites conservation; Sustainable Sewer Construction)  Sustainable Urban and Rural Redevelopment  Smart Cities, Eco Communities, Smart Property Developments  Cultural Sustainable Settlements (China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.)  Seafront Islandwide Territorial Corridors: from Pyrgos to Pomos to Polis to Pegeya to Pafos to Pafos International Airport to Kouklia to Pissouri to Akrotiri to Limassol to Zygi to Larnaka International Airport to Larnaka to Xylofagou to Agia Napa to Protaras to Paralimni to Deryneia to Famagusta Area  Green Transportation Network (connected eco mobility, bike lanes, public transit, pathways, nature trails, European Path E4) Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  19. 19. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PARKS  Smart environments of knowledge, creativity, learning and inventions [of the academia and research lab], modern marketplace [of business world], innovative products, processes, and intelligent services.  knowledge economy and technology development: intellectual capital and knowledge assets of regions and cities  Increasing economic regional leadership through innovation networks and common research areas  Creating new business opportunities and adding knowledge value to economy  Stimulating entrepreneurship and incubating new innovative companies  Stimulating education and research, creativity and innovation and social reforms  Generating knowledge-based projects, enterprises and jobs  Building knowledge spaces for the emerging knowledge workers and creative professions  Enhancing the social cohesion and synergy between governments, companies, universities and population.  “Creating a Knowledge park (Smart City) that will be comprised of the art facilities (e.g telecoms infrastructure and smart buildings) to accommodate knowledge-based companies. The government will offer the land (accompanied by terms to be agreed) and a strategic investor will implement the park. Incentives will be offered to the strategic investor as well as to the companies that will be accommodated in the park project. A call for expression of interest by potential strategic investors will take place and depending on the outcomes, government will proceed accordingly. Government will have no other cost except for the land.”  “Digital Strategy for Cyprus”. Cyprus National Reform Programme 2012: Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  20. 20. INNOVATIVE BUSINESS (INDUSTRY) CLUSTERS: BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTER  A geographic concentration of related businesses, suppliers, and institutions in different fields of economy, commerce or industry  Innovative Ecology, Smart Techno-clusters; Know-how clusters; Intelligent Eco-parks, Agro-Clusters; geo- clusters, sector clusters, horizontal clusters, vertical supply chain clusters.  Maximizing the business intelligence capital, productivity and creativity  Stimulating innovative businesses and intelligent industry (eg, integrated operations of people, processes and technology, e-Field, i-Field, Digital Gas/Oilfield, intelligent field, field of the future, or Smart Fields of Smart Wells)  Driving innovation in a new field of knowledge economy, commerce or industry (Smart Property, Intelligent Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Energy, Smart Gas/Oil)  Innovation Networks: Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication Innovation inputs: government and fiscal policy, educational policy, R&D investment, innovation environments  Innovation outputs: intellectual property, new technology, patents, technology transfer; business performance, quality management, productivity and shareholder returns; knowledge business booming and economic growth, knowledge-based society  BUSINESS INNOVATION STRATEGY 2013-2020: Development of innovative products, services and processes from existing and neophyte companies.  Source of Funds (ERDF, ESF, CF)  Initiator: Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  21. 21. SUSTAINABLE INTELLIGENT COMMUNITIES AND CITIES: SMART CITY OF THE FUTURE  Three city archetypes need to be considered: New build cities, as Masdar in Abu Dhabi and Songdo in Korea; Developed market cities; Developing market cities, adopting sustainable development policies, intelligent ICT networks, and eco- engineering technologies and solutions to optimize community assets and resources and protect energy reserves, land and environment.  A roadmap strategy with the implementation plan for building a smart sustainable community as a model community for wellbeing and quality of life, characterized by Intelligent Infrastructure, Creative Education, Research, Innovation, Productive Entrepreneurship, Intelligent Lifestyle, Smart City Management, and Sustainable Environment.  A master-planned iconic township of the 21st century is trademarked as “Smart Eco City™”, modeled as the paradigm community to live, to work, to learn and to visit. The viability of the holistic conception is validated by converging the most valuable concepts and practices of digital/smart cities, ecological communities, intelligent cities and knowledge clusters.  The “Smart Sustainable City™” makes a unified project of three innovative cities, as three critical layers/levels planned, managed and coordinated as integral multi-projects:  Digital/ICT/Hi-Tech/Ubiquitous/Cyber/Mobile/Smart City (Districts, Municipalities, Communities)  (Digital/Information Capital; Intelligent ICT Infrastructure, Multi-Play Telecom Networks, Smart Governance, Intelligent Management Platforms, Ubiquitous Computation, Network-integrated Buildings, Digital Communities, Virtual Lifestyle)  Sustainable/Ecological/Green/Zero-Carbon/Zero-Waste/Zero-Energy/Nature Friendly/Eco City (Districts, Municipalities, Communities) (Natural Capital; Natural Resources, Physical Capital, Green Energy Networks, Green Buildings, Eco- Environment, Eco Communities, Green Lifestyle)  Knowledge/Learning/Innovation/ /Intelligent/Science/Intellectual/LivingLab/Creative/Human/Social City (Districts, Municipalities, Communities) (Knowledge or Innovation Capital; Human/Intellectual Capital, Social Capital and Networks, Social Cohesion, Knowledge Triangles/Health Triangles, Knowledge EcoSystems, Knowledge Communities, Intelligent/Smart Lifestyle)  The goal of the Smart City, the blueprint for urban development, is to enhance urban wealth, performance and competitiveness, promoting smart innovation and creativity, education, art and medicine, science and technology, industry and commerce, transportation and mobility, social communications and public administration and environment conservation. ; Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  22. 22. SMART CITY PROJECTS ACROSS THE WORLD  1. Smart Economy (Innovation, Productivity, Innovative Spirit, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Market/Industry, Openness)  Holyoke, Massachusetts; Kochi, India; Malta; Manado, Indonesia; Nanjing, China  2. Smart Environment (Natural Capital and Resources, Sustainable Resource Management)  Amsterdam, Netherlands; Burlington, Ontario; Dublin, Ireland; Dubuque, Iowa; Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom; Lyon, France; Malaga, Spain; Peterborough, United Kingdom; San Diego, California; Shenyang, China; Santa Barbara, California; Stockholm, Sweden; Sydney, Australia; Yokohama, Japan  3. Smart Governance (e-Participation, public/social services, transparency, political strategies and perspectives)  Chengdu, China; Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Matosinhos, Portugal; Syracuse, New York; Wilmington, North Carolina  4. Smart Lifestyle (Smart Living, Quality of Life)  Boise, Idaho; Houston, Texas; Johannesburg, South Africa  5. Smart Transportation (Smart Mobility, innovative, safe and sustainable transport systems and facilities)  Alameda County, California; Alcoa, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; Southampton, United Kingdom  6. Smart Community (Social Cohesion, Unity in Community, Human Infrastructure, Interfaces, Integration)  Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dublin, Ohio; Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Issy-les-Moulineaux, France; Luxembourg; Queensland, Australia; Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada  Integrating Model of 3.0 City: Smart Sustainable Cities: the way to smart, sustainable and inclusive national and regional growth, all six dimensions of a ‘Smart City’ are merged and interrelated: Smart People, Smart Economy, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Environments, and Smart Living.  SEE: The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities.  Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  23. 23. EU SMART CITIES AND COMMUNITIES INITIATIVES: EUROPEAN INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP  On 10 July 2012, the European Commission launched the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership. The funding will be awarded through yearly calls for proposals: €365 million for 2013.  The partnership proposes to pool resources to support the demonstration of energy, transport and information and communication technologies (ICT) in urban areas. The energy, transport and ICT industries are to work together with cities to combine their technologies for cities' needs. This will enable innovative, integrated and efficient technologies to roll out and enter the smart city market, placing cities at the centre of innovation.  EU funding will be concentrated on a limited number of demonstration projects with high impact. It is therefore foreseen that:  1. Starting from 2014, a High Level Group will formulate a technological agenda with the most important aspects/issues to be addressed.  2. Based on this agenda, the European Commission will make calls for proposals. Industry-consortia can apply, submitting their project ideas.  A first wave of lighthouse projects will be launched as of now, on the basis of a substantially increased budget.  What is new compared to the 2011" Smart Cities and Communities initiative"?  •Strategic Guidance by Group of CEOs, Mayors and Bank Managers  A "High Level Group for Smart Cities & Communities" is being established to formulate a technological transformation agenda. It will advise on the strategic orientation of the initiative identifying bottlenecks that are blocking the transformation of our cities and necessary action. This will help to identify the main issues to be addressed by the lighthouse projects.  •Full implementation from 2014 onwards…  This Innovation partnership will be fully operational under "Horizon 2020", the new research and innovation funding framework under the next Multiannual Financing Framework (MFF 2014-2020).  SMART CITIES AND COMMUNITIES - EUROPEAN INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP. Communication from the Commission, European Commission, 10th of July, 2012, Brussels, EU:   Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  24. 24. EU FLAGSHIP URBAN PROJECT: SMART CITY PROTOTYPE EUROPEAN SMART CITY PROTOTYPE THE SMART ECOCITY  At the EU Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, the Smart City and Community Concept originated by EIS LTD for a specific green field locality in EU, Cyprus, has been advanced by the European Commission as a European Smart City Prototype for cities and communities:  1. Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Brussels: cities/20120625_agenda_smartcities_10july.pdf;  2. The Cyprus Presidency’s view on Smart Cities and Communities: w==  3. EU Smart Cities and Communities Prototype:  Abdoullaev, A., 2011, A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities. Keynote. The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology;  A. Abdoullaev. Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent EcoCity™), ISBN 978-9963- 9958-1-3, 2011, Cyprus, EU  A. Abdoullaev. Neapolis Smart EcoCity, ISBN 978-9963-9958-0- 6,2011, Cyprus, EU   CONCEPT: The Trinity City; Smart Eco City, Intelligent Green City  STRATEGY: The most innovative urban development strategy, as integrating the Eco City Strategy, Digital City Strategy and Knowledge City Strategy  ARCHITECTURE: Integrated architecture of urban systems and services to achieve a fully sustainable “New City” of Eco-Intelligence  OBJECTIVE: Prototype Model for European Smart City for other cities and communities  SMART TERRITORIES OF THE FUTURE: The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities.    Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  25. 25. SMART ECO DEVELOPMENT NATIONWIDE PROJECTS  Vision, Planning and Development (ECO Polis Master Plan, green development strategy, spatial digital planning, sustainable land use, eco building standards, integrated communal ecosystems; Integrated planning and sustainable development).  Land and Environment (smart environment, sustainable land use, green infrastructure, eco parks and zones, sustainable community drainage systems, advanced sewerage system, balance with nature, reduction, re-use and recycling waste, integrated green areas, preserving the EU NATURA 2000 Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Area (SPA) as Eco-Sustainable Zones and Developments; Integrated Environment Management).  Roads and Transportation (green roads, smart transit, eco-mobility, car-free zones, ecological roads and streets, nature trails, bicycle lanes, pedestrian-oriented community; intelligent transportation systems; integrated transportation networks).  Energy and Utilities (intelligent sustainable energy, renewable energy networks, biomass, solar thermal, ambient thermal, and geothermal applications; heat storage technologies, tri-generation and district heating/cooling systems; advanced metering infrastructure, energy management systems, smart domestic appliances, intelligent street lighting, solar farms; water management systems, wastage treatment systems, biological sewerage systems; Integrated utility networks).  Information and Telecommunication (Digital Strategy, Optical Urban Networks, Common Service Delivery Platform, Multi-play telecommunication services, Smart ICT services, FTTx, Free Wireless Zones, Intelligent Home Environment; Integrated ICT Networks, copper-fixed, mobile, wireless, and optical).  Construction and Building (sustainable construction, building, civil and industrial, green buildings, eco-efficient refurbishment of public and private buildings, net zero energy buildings; intelligent buildings, or smart housing; building 3.0).  Economy (smart economy, green economy, strong local economy, commercial spaces, innovation, employment opportunities, green tourism and quality jobs; Integrated urban economy).  Governance and Community Services (i-government, e-Participation, i-administration, common service delivery platform, community management platform, smart public services; Integrated government networks).  Social Infrastructure (smart community complexes, leisure and health facilities, educational and cultural facilities, athletic centers, etc.; Integrated social infrastructure).  Eco Communities (smart sustainable communities, social and territorial cohesion, smart and green lifestyle; Integrated intelligent communities).  Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  26. 26. SMART CITIES AND COMMUNITIES: EUROPEAN INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP  On 10 July 2012, the European Commission launched the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership. The partnership proposes to pool resources to support the demonstration of energy, transport and information and communication technologies (ICT) in urban areas, following the selected EU Cities and Communities Prototype, conceived by EIS for the greenfield smart eco city project in Pafos District.  The energy, transport and ICT industries are invited to work together with cities to combine their technologies to address cities' needs. This will enable innovative, integrated and efficient technologies to roll out and enter the market more easily, while placing cities at the centre of innovation. The funding will be awarded through yearly calls for proposals: €365 million for 2013. Communication from the Commission "Smart Cities and Communities - European Innovation Partnership" [COM(2012)4701.  This Innovation partnership will be fully operational under "Horizon 2020", the new research and innovation funding framework under the next Multiannual Financing Framework (MFF 2014-2020).  What is new compared to the 2011" Smart Cities and Communities initiative"? Strategic Guidance by Group of CEOs, Mayors and Bank Managers, as below:  Smart Cities Member States Initiative Stakeholders represented by:  12 ‐ Industry; 8 ‐ Cities, city networks; 1 ‐ Member States Networks (JPI Urban Europe, SCMSI); 1 ‐ Research Networks (EERA)  EIP SCC HLG – Industry  1. Alstom, 2. Siemens,3. MAPEI,4. Schneider Electric, 5. Bouygues SA, 6. Orange, 7. Volkswagen, 8. Nokia, 9. Urban Mark LLC, 10. Alliander, 11. Philips, 12. Ericsson  EIP SCC HLG – Cities & City Networks  1. RATP Group (Paris transport, FR), 2. Almere (NL), 3. Barcelona (ES), 4. London Assembly (UK), 5. Bratislava (SK), 6. Funchal (PT), 7. UITP (International Association of Public Transport), 8. Warsaw (PL)      Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  27. 27. SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: SMART & ECO BUILDINGS  Future Buildings: Connected Buildings + Green Buildings + Intelligent Buildings  BUILDINGS: Apartment, Apartment Building/House, Center, Farm Building, Government Building, Hall, Hotel, House, Library, Health Facility, Office Building, Plant, Restaurant, Retail, School, Skyscraper, Theatre, Outbuilding; Building Complex  Eco-Sustainability in Building Construction: ISO 15392:2008  Sustainability in building construction – General principles: (NEQ) ISO/TS 21929-1:2006  Sustainability in building construction – Sustainability indicators –  Part 1: Framework for development of indicators for buildings (NEQ) ISO 21930:2007  Sustainability in building construction – Environmental declaration of building products (NEQ) ISO/TS 21931-1:2010  Sustainability in building construction – Framework for methods of assessment for environmental performance of construction works – Part 1: Buildings (NEQ)  GREEN PROPERTY + SMART PROPERTY = INTELLIGENT INVESTMENT  Type I. SMART BUILDING: Intelligent Home: Smart Villa  Type II. GREEN BUILDING: Eco-Wise Home  Type III. BUILDING 3.0: A SMART AND GREEN BUILDING WITH INTELLIGENT BUILDING SYSTEMS, HIGH INSULATION, ECO-WISE TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATIVE SOLAR SYSTEMS  Regulations: ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS, Residential, Commercial, Public, Institutional, Industrial  On 18 May 2010 a recast of The Directive on energy performance of buildings (2002/91/EC) was adopted  Green Certification Systems  Russia National Eco-Standards: НАЦИОНАЛЬНЫЙ СТАНДАРТ РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ ГОСТ Р 54954-2012  UK BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)  USA LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) (> 50,000 commercial and > 100,000 housing projects in 130 countries across the globe)  Germany DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Nachhaltiges Bauen/German Sustainable Building Council)  France HQE (Haute Qualite? Environmentale/High Environmental Quality)  Japan CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency)  Аustralia Green Star, etc.  CYPRUS: Smart Eco Building (SEB): Principles, Objectives, Measures, Indicators (EPBD, NEEAP, Energy Performance Certificate; > 400,000 homes, only 15% with part thermal insulation; 0-Energy Building Program)   Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  28. 28. ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS: RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, PUBLIC, INSTITUTIONAL, INDUSTRIAL  Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of EU CO2 emissions. Buildings are the major user of electrical energy, 65% of electrical energy is used in buildings.  On 18 May 2010 a recast of The Directive on energy performance of buildings (2002/91/EC) was adopted. The Directive promotes the improvement of the energy performance of buildings within the Union, taking into account outdoor climatic and local conditions, as well as indoor climate requirements and cost-effectiveness. The following definition is applied: Building is a roofed construction having foundation and walls, for which energy is used to condition the indoor climate  2. This Directive lays down requirements as regards:  (a) the common general framework for a methodology for calculating the integrated energy performance of buildings and building units;  (b) the application of minimum requirements to the energy performance of new buildings and new building units;  (c) the application of minimum requirements to the energy performance of:  (i) existing buildings, building units and building elements that are subject to major renovation;  (ii) building elements that form part of the building envelope and that have a significant impact on the energy performance of the building envelope when they are retrofitted or replaced; and  (iii) technical building systems whenever they are installed, replaced or upgraded;  (d) national plans for increasing the number of nearly zero- energy buildings;  (e) energy certification of buildings or building units;  (f) regular inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems in buildings;  (g) independent control systems for energy performance certificates and inspection reports.  Building Classification: (a) single-family houses of different types; (b) apartment blocks; (c) offices; (d) educational buildings; (e) hospitals; (f) hotels and restaurants; (g) sports facilities; (h) wholesale and retail trade services buildings; (i) other types of energy-consuming buildings.  ENERGY EFFICIENCY FOR INDUSTRY, 30%; TRANSPORT, 32%; LANDFILL GASSES MANAGEMENT; CITYSCAPE ENERGY SAVINGS (STREETSCAPE, Connected Outdoor/Streetlighting, LED Technology, HPS, Light Polution); ENERGY SAVINGS FOR CONSUMERS  A smart city implies a general, synergetic energy saving solutions for the whole energy chain, including an invisible network of devices that can communicate and control buildings as complex hi-tech eco systems. For example, taking the building control systems and making them energy aware and intelligent will reduce energy by 20-30%. Smart cities can efficiently manage everything in a city, homes, street light, transport, waste, and power utilities.  New Building Concept: Building is an advanced technological eco system, realizing an eco-sustainable design, integrating many building systems and individual components. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  29. 29. SMART AIR AND SPACE PORT CITIES  International Airport Cities in Pafos and Larnaka  Airport Special Districts  Free Trade Zones  Airport Development Parks  Intercontinental Logistics Centers/Transshipment Parks  Smart Transshipment Centers  Multi-functional Commerce & Trade Parks  Heliport Parks  Pafos Air and Space Port or Larnaka Air and Space Port Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  30. 30. SMART TOURISM: THE BEST DESTINATION  Smart Cyprus is Leading Travel Destination of High-Quality Tourism: Smart EcoTourism  Smart Tourism is the business of providing smart services to tourists  Ecotourism, tourism to unique territorial ecosystem to preserve nature and observe wildlife  i-Cyprus Portal  Tourism & Hospitality & Shopping Web Platform  Smart Property Platform  Quality Tourism, BTMITCE, Business Travel, Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions, BTMITCE visitors contribute most of the total visitor arrivals  Smart Digital Steward, Custodian, Keeper, or Intelligent Travel Agent Portal provides new integrated experience, seamless interactions, and personalized information (on culture and history, national plans and projects, conference schedules, attractions, tours, shopping and retails, etc.) and one-stop services, commercial and public, through mobile internet for full life cycle trip (pre-trip, during trip and post-trip): Personalized Portal, Digital Travel Plan, Online Booking, Visa Registration, Airport/Seaport (arrival), Accommodation, Hotel, Beach, Sights and Activities, Shopping and Eating Facilities, Country’s Touring, Leisure and Entertainment, Airport/Seaport (departure), Personalized Portal Monitoring  Target: Triple tourism receipts, double quality visitor arrivals, create smart tourism jobs  Intelligent Travel Agent System as a commercial module of the i-Cyprus Platform needs to merge offerings form the various service providers, testing its added-value service chain with the BTMITCE visitors.  It requests from the Government to introduce standard identity management system (biometrics, tourist card, mobile code access, etc.), coordinate various content providers, to stimulate companies to provide focused services, and to supply a free internet access anytime and anywhere to the required infrastructure, as wireless broadband network, and services, as NFC payments and location-based content and services, private and government, via the i-Government portal. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  31. 31. SMART HEALTH AND WELL BEING TOURISM  “Smart health” means an advanced healthcare system deploying sophisticated computing, ICT and networking technologies to help prevent disease, improve the quality of care and reduce medical costs for patients, doctors and taxpayers.  HEALTH INFORMATICS and Real-Time Monitoring  The application of information and communication technology to healthcare, public health, the delivery of healthcare services and consumer health informatics aspects, and the related social and ethical issues. Wireless sensors and mobile devices to feed real-time medical data directly to patients and doctors via reliable computing networks.  Telemedicine, Telecare and mobile Telemedicine  Covers all types of physical and psychological measurements that do not require a patient to visit/travel to a specialist. Automated tools in the home and on mobile devices to assist patients interact with healthcare providers remotely.  Personalized Medicine (considering genetic, environmental and behavioral factors)  Data analytics, Machine learning and Predictive modeling to identify trends and causal relationships in medical data – leading to better understanding of disease, development of new cures, and specific treatments adapted to each patient’s specific needs.  Decision Support  Computer systems as diagnostic tools offer diagnoses and recommend treatment approaches, allowing doctors to quickly assess situations and viable options.  Integrated Computer-Aided Surgery  Advanced robotic devices ,computer processing, and sensors to make surgery more accurate, less harmful and less invasive.  SMART HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS:  DEVICES, NETWORKS, INFRASTRUCTURE, PLATFORM, APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES  Smart healthcare systems (SHS): to reduce medical costs and improve patient comfort, medical treatment provided in the domestic environment as ambient intelligence setting capable of assisting patients and satisfying their needs.  The SHS technologies combine devices (sensors, actuators, special hardware and equipment), ICT networks and service platforms to meaningfully process information about medical conditions, patient records, allergies and illnesses. The big data healthcare information datasets can be used both for medical assistance or for research and statistical purposes.  “Digital Strategy for Cyprus”: Measure 9 - eHealth  Action 9.1 Install and operate in all hospitals the Integrated Health Care Information System that covers the key elements of the hospital procedures in order to control both quality of service to patients and hospital cost, in all public hospitals. With the Integrated Health Care Information System the Ministry of Health will achieve the standardization of hospital procedures at all public hospitals (the public hospitals will work the same way).  Action 9.2 Install and operate the drug management system in all hospitals.  Action 9.3 Create regional health networks to exchange information between all health care providers.  Action 9.4 Create an Internet portal to provide private physicians access to patients’ electronic health records.  Action 9.5 Design and implement an Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) program. Introduce an AAL program on a pilot basis by choosing a group of elder people that lives in a remote area. Depending on the results of the pilot project the AAL program will be expanded.  Action 9.6 Use Telemedicine Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  32. 32. SMART GAS/OIL FIELDS: APPLYING INTELLIGENT OILFIELD TECHNOLOGIES  Smart Wells (Shell); Integrated Operations (Statoil, ABB); e-Field; i-Field (Chevron); Digital Oilfield (Schlumberger); Intelligent Oilfield; Field of the Future (BP); Intelligent Energy (SPE)  Sustainable Smart Fields (Cyprus)  Intelligent operations remote center, Intelligent oilfield technology, fiber-optic networks, computing systems, knowledge management systems, wireless sensor networks, big data analytics, 3-D visualization, always-on videoconferencing between off-shore platforms and land-based offices, green energy networks  Goals: integrating people, processes and technology to turn historical trends and real time data as rates, cuts, pressures, acoustics and temperatures into knowledge, extending the lifespan of oil and gas fields, increasing safety measures, optimizing production, reducing environmental issues, production losses (20- 40%), operation and maintenance costs (15-30%), and improving the output of gas/oilfields.  Products: Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG, Cleaner Fuel Efficiency: A gas/oil field might generate a terabyte of data every day, requesting up to 60% of an engineer’s working time for data mining.  Smart Gas/Oil Field of the Future, a single industrial process, optimizing the oil and gas production from the reservoir, through the wells, and surface facilities by means of intelligent technologies and systems.  Following the discovery in block 12 by Noble, Cyprus granted concessions for natural gas exploration to ENI/KOGAS consortium in blocks 2, 3 and 9 within Cyprus’ EEZ and Total for blocks 10 and 11  en?OpenDocument Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  33. 33. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev FUNDING SOURCES: EU FUNDS, SOLIDARITY FUNDS AND SMART INVESTMENT  Smart Cyprus Programming Period 2014-2020: New Cyprus Strategic Development Plan 2014-2020, estimated funding requested from EU Funds budget about EUR 5 bn, mostly for large-scale smart growth projects, national, urban and inter-communal  European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism (EFSM);  the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), the Cohesion Fund (CF), the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, European Union Programme for Social Change and Innovation, European Territorial Cooperation (ETC), European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC):  Horizon 2020, the new research and innovation funding framework under the next Multiannual Financing Framework (MFF 2014-2020). The financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. Running from 2014 to 2020 with an €80 billion budget, the EU’s new programme for research and innovation is part of the drive to create new growth and jobs in Europe.  National Solidarity Fund  Frozen funds of the Bank of Cyprus and Popular Bank (issuance of long-term smart bonds)  Sovereign Funds (Russia, China, the Middle East)  Smart Nation/City Investment of Major Corporations:  Huawei (Smart City Initiative); IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative); Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities); Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative); Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative); Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative); Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform); Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform); Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart); Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative); Hitachi (Smart City Initiative), etc.
  34. 34. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev ORGANIZATION INFRASTRUCTURE: “SMART CYPRUS” CENTER SMART GROWTH STRATEGY, PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS: National, Regional, Urban and Inter-Communal 1. Smart Cyprus Sustainable Infrastructure 2. Eco Regions and Sustainable Communities 3. Smart Cities and Municipalities: EcoPolis and EcoVillage Projects 4. Eco Development Projects, NATURA 2000 Sites Green Redevelopment 5. Sustainable Building/Eco Construction Projects (Green Buildings, Eco Homes, Smart Villas, Intelligent Homes) ORGANIZING SMART PUBLIC AND BUSINESS CLUSTERS of related enterprises, suppliers, and institutions in different fields of economy, commerce, industry, or civil services 1) Knowledge Parks of Third Generation 2) Innovatiion Parks, Smart Techno-clusters; Know-how clusters; Intelligent Eco-parks, Agro-Clusters; Medical or Hospital Clusters; sector clusters, horizontal clusters, vertical supply chain clusters 3) Maximizing the business intelligence capital, productivity and creativity 4) Stimulating innovative businesses and intelligent industry (eg, integrated operations of people, processes and technology, e-Field, i-Field, Digital Gas/Oilfield, intelligent field, or Smart Fields of Smart Wells) 5) Driving innovation in a new field of knowledge economy, commerce or industry (Smart Property, Intelligent Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Energy, Smart Gas/Oil) HIGH-LEVEL EDUCATION PROGRAMS 1. Global Initiatives for Smart Communities: IBM’s Smarter Planet, Cisco’s Intelligent Urbanization, EIS’ Smart World, EU 2020 Strategy, and EU Initiatives on Smart Cities 2. Europe 2020 and Cyprus: Lost Decade, Sluggish Recovery or Sustainable Recovery 3. Smart City Projects across the World, or Why Smart Cities make Priorities for Global Investors and Corporations (IBM, Cisco, Hitachi, Toshiba, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Huawei, etc.) 4. Smart City as a Model Settlement, or How to Become a Smart Municipality and Green Community 5. From Greek Polis to Intelligent Eco-Polis: Launching Smart City Programs and Eco Community Projects in Cyprus
  35. 35. INTELLIGENT NATION BRANDING PROGRAM: BRANDING CYPRUS AS A SMART ECO ISLAND  In today's world, every country/city must compete with every other country/city for the world's investors, talent, cultural exchange, tourists, businesses, media profile and international events, cultural, political, economic, and scientific.  In today’s world, every nation, intentionally or unintentionally, has its brand, brand name, trade name, marque, national branding, core message, logo, claim, the way the nation is perceived (brand perception) and imaged globally and locally, by the world (global image formation) as well as its subjects and nationals.  Intelligent National Branding is instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment, tourism, enhancing geo political influence, global national image, facilitating trade and private-sector competitiveness, supporting for exports, and creating internal pride.  Up to now, countries and states are building the national brand and global image, employing the standard approaches and old public diplomacy, antique public relations and aggressive advertising and propaganda, including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Korea, and some Western European countries  Sustainable Branding Strategy  Intelligent Nation Branding >  Destination Branding, Place Marketing, Place Promotion, holistic, interactive, ongoing, broad activities involving social, economic, political and cultural processes >  Intelligent Infrastructure, Smart Economy, Innovation Industry (Primary & Secondary & Tertiary) Branding >  Eco Region (Connected Urban and Rural Development) Branding >  Smart City (Polis, Municipality and Eco Community) Branding >  Sustainable (Public and Private Project) Development Branding >  Cultural Settlements Smart Branding (China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.) >  Innovative Corporate Branding   Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  36. 36. SMART CYPRUS INVESTMENT PROJECTS: EXIT FROM THE MEMO AND THE BAILOUT AGREEMENT  Smart Cyprus Plan of Actions: I. Smart Eco Island Strategy: Intelligent Nation Branding Program (2013); II. Intelligent Nation Master plan (Fitting, Transforming and Adjusting Existing National Planning and Programs, 2013-2014); III. Intelligent Eco Island Development Projects (Conception, Vision, Design, Legislations, Promotion and Implementation): A. i-Cyprus Portal with the i-Government Platform as an i-Europe Platform Pilot B. Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure: ICT & Energy & Transportation & Utilities & Smart Gas and Oil Fields C. Public Projects: Smart Municipalities and Eco Communities (2013-2020; (Intelligent City Strategy, Eco Polis Strategy, Knowledge City Strategy; Eco Mobility, Intelligent Traffic, Eco Districts, Eco-Neighborhoods, Eco Streets, Public Eco Transport, Innovative Investment Projects on sustainable construction and buildings, local energy networks, transportation, ICT Networks, and social infrastructure) D. Public Projects: Sustainable City and Community Redevelopment (2013-2020)  Public Projects: Smart Municipality Clusters: Smart Limassol Project, Pafos Smart Eco District; East Eco Coast of Smart Municipalities: Derynea-Sotira-Paralimni-Protaras-Agia Napa; Eco Community Clusters, Green Connected Communities: West Eco Coast of Eco Villages: Makounta-Argaka-Gialia-Agia Marina-Nea Dimmata- Pomos-Pachyammos; South Eco Coast of Eco Villages: Timi-Mandria-Kouklia A. Private Projects: Large Scale Smart Property Developments B. Cultural Smart Settlements Projects (China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.) C. Smart Green Building Development and Redevelopment Projects Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  37. 37. SMART PROPERTY “X”DEVELOPMENT: FUTURE WORLD PROJECTS  EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd is the smart/intelligent eco city brand holder and sustainable development strategy consultant  EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems ltd is herewith entering into a business partnership relationship with … to facilitate developing “X Project” as an intelligent ecological development project of Sustainable Living - Well Being and Quality of Life, with the mission, strategy, description, benefits and obligations as below.  MISSION: Creating a world-class development of global visibility, with the following features: exclusive well-being and quality of life, smart villas and eco homes, healthy and intelligent environment, green urban infrastructure, smart connected real estate, world-class healthcare, top recreation, leisure and athletic facilities, green lifestyle, intelligent community services, to deliver its citizens and visitors a state of full well-being, physical, mental, and social.  BUSINESS GOAL: Building a World-Class Real Estate Development, A Smart Green Community for healthy living and smart leisure life. An ideal synergy of the built environment and the natural environment, a Unique Destination Point for Smart, Ecological, Sports, and Medical Tourism)  METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES: Sustainable Green Design, Zero-Waste/Zero-Carbon Technologies, Green Energy Network, Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Geothermal and Biomass Technologies), Next Generation ICT Networks, Intelligent Urban Infrastructure, Ecological Building Technologies, Smart/Intelligent Home Systems, Green Resort Facilities, Smart Tourism Facilities, Sustainable Golf Courses, Advanced Health Care Equipment and Smart Community Services  SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS STRATEGY: Sustainable Development, Eco Building and Smart Housing Strategy, the Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Model (Full Cost Account, Natural Capital (Environmental Protection and Ecosystems Conservation and Enrichment), Social Capital (Citizens, Social Well-Being and Equity), Economical Capital (Growth, Business, Profit))  SMART INVESTMENT STRATEGY: Impact Investing, Socially Responsible Investing, Sustainable Investment, Community Development Financing, GIIN, Strategic Sustainable Investing  A Roadmap Strategy for the Future Development X Project  A roadmap strategy is aimed to build the X Project as a smart sustainable real estate development, a model community for wellbeing and healthy lifestyles, characterized by Sustainable Living, Environmental Infrastructure, Next Generation ICT Networks, Eco Buildings and Smart Housing, Integrated Community Management Platform, and Intelligent Environment. It is to be created as an iconic model community to live, to work, and to visit.  From THE SMART ECO DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT    Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  38. 38. LARGE SCALE SMART PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS: A ROADMAP STRATEGY  SMART ECO DEVELOPMENT (Community): Vision & Strategy & Program Management Plan  VIRTUAL/DIGITAL COMMUNITY INTELLIGENT PLATFORM (design, cost, implementation, delivery)  FUTURE PROOF INFRASTRUCTURE  Green Core Infrastructure, Sustainable site, landscape, street lighting, smart roads networks, sustainable urban drainage system, tourist facilities (design, cost, construction, delivery; Projects Financing Types)  ICT Infrastructure, Gigabit Metropolitan Ethernet Network, GigaMEN (design, cost, construction, delivery; project financing type, BOT project)  Water Supply Networks (design, cost, construction, delivery; project financing type)  Smart Green Energy Network, GEN (design, cost, construction, delivery date; project financing type, BOT projects)  Centralized Heating/Cooling (design, cost, construction, delivery)  Centralized Onsite Power Network (design, cost, construction, delivery)  Centralized BioGas Network (design, cost, construction, delivery)  Solar Farm (Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant, BOT project)  Seawater Cogeneration Desalination Plant (powered by RES, reverse osmosis or multi-stage flash distillation or LTTD technology; BOT project)  Sewerage/Waste Treatment Networks (design, cost, construction, delivery; BOO project)  TOURIST INSTALLATIONS: Smart Marina, Ecological Golf Courses (design, cost, construction, delivery)  SMART CONNECTED GREEN REAL ESTATE,  Green Homes (design, cost, construction, delivery)  Smart Homes (design, cost, construction, delivery)  Smart Eco Homes (design, cost, construction, delivery)  Community Buildings (design, cost, construction, delivery)  ECO-INTELLIGENT SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE (design, cost, construction, delivery)  SMART COMMUNITY QoL Services (design, cost, construction, delivery) Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  39. 39. SMASMART CYPRUS INVESTMENT SOURCEST CYPRUS INVESTMNT SOURCES  €3-5b, EU FUNDING 2014-2020, STRUCTURAL FUND, COHESION FUND, HORIZON, EIB, etc.;  €3b, Russia (Government);  €4-5b, Sovereign Funds (China, Middle East);  > €2-4b, International Sustainable Funds and Global Corporate Investment;  > €2-4b, Private Investors Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  40. 40. EIS SMART BRANDS AND PROJECTS EIS INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY BRANDS EIS INTELLIGENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS  X.0 World ™; World X.0 ™; 3.0 World ™; World 3.0; 3.0 City ™; City 3.0 ™;  I-WORLD™; Global SkyNet™;  Smart Sustainable Communities™;  Smart Sustainable World ™;  Intelligent Eco City™; Smart Eco City™; Neapolis Smart EcoCity™;  i-City Operating Systems™; Smart City Software™;  i-Community Package™; Intelligent Urban Operating Systems; Smart Eco Community Operating Systems, SECOS™;  Territorial Intelligent Platform™, TIP;  Territorial Intelligent Systems™, TIS;  i-Europe™, Intelligent Europe™, Smart Europe™, Europe SkyNet™;  i-America™, Smart USA ™  i-Germany ™, Smart Germany; i-Britain™, Smart Britain  i-Russia™, Smart Russia™, Intelligent Russia™, Russia SkyNet™  Smart Cyprus™, Intelligent Eco Island™, i-Cyprus pe_center_en.pdf 24260973 science-and-technology df     http:// brand-name Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  41. 41. SMART WORLD: VISION AND MISSION  EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd, EU, the Leading Smart Nation Consultant, Promoter of Smart World, Smart Europe and Urban Europe Strategy 2020; Dedicated Stakeholder of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities; the Creator of Smart Growth Strategies for the Largest Economies: USA, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, UK, etc..  Vision:  A vision of the world where a holistic smart policy thinking, intelligent design, digital technology, eco- engineering solutions and social innovations are synergized for smart and sustainable nation/state/land/country development  Core Activities and Deeds:  1. Developing a comprehensive “smart nation” development strategy covering land and energy, transport and mobility, information and communications, as well as water and waste; economy and business; education and health; safety and security; food and consumption; government and public services; environment and nature.  2. Deploying centralized mobile “state intelligence” distributed by the countrywide internet of things or M2M communication Networks (city is governed by an intelligent urban platform in the public smart cloud for control and management, integration and optimisation of national networks, systems and flows (traffic, energy, water, waste, emissions, people, goods, services, data and information).  3. To explore a “holistic smart policy thinking”, Smart Europe Strategy was conceived, with an intelligent eco city pilot, selected in 2012 as a showcase model for the European smart city and communities.  ;  Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  42. 42. SMART NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE: EIS PROJECTS  Sustainable World, I-WORLD Platform   i-Russia (Smart Russia and i-Government)   i-Europe (i-Europe Platform and Smart Big Europe, i-Germany, i-Britain, i-France, i-Italy, i-Spain)   i-Germany   i-Britain   i-Cyprus (Smart Cyprus 2013-2020), offered for the national government   i-America (Smart USA and i-Government)   i-China (Smart China and i-Government)   i-Japan (Smart Japan Growth Strategy)  Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  43. 43. BECOME A SMART NATION TO BUILD YOUR BRAND NAME  Have you thought about intelligent global branding? Nowadays, not only companies compete to stand out, but also countries have to struggle for businesses, tourists or international events.  These days, there are 195 independent sovereign states, 60 independent areas and 5 disputed territories and the world is looking for a radical transformation in all ways.  In this context, every nation has its own brand which represents its international image, the way in which it is globally perceived. Intelligent global branding results in attracting investment, facilitating trade and creating internal pride.  The Smart Nations Global Initiative is concerned with the inequality of modern states. For this reason, its main objective is to foster the transition to smart, resilient and inclusive nations.  This initiative aims to become the key driver of an instrumented, interconnected, intelligent, inclusive and innovative world of the future.  If you are committed to contribute to the sustainable development of your nation, country or state, you can submit your applications via e-mail to Dr. Azamat Abdoullaev, Director of EIS Smart Nation Global Initiative, at until the 15th of September.    Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  44. 44. SMART CYPRUS: NATION’S OR PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE  Smart and Sustainable State (SSS) is the Nation’s Challenge, not just a national issue for the national government; for many national governments are risk aversive of disruptive technologies and conservative to nation-wide territorial innovations  The SSS addresses to the whole nation and a wide array of stakeholders:  citizens and cities, central and local authorities, universities and research centers, large businesses and national corporations,  investment funds and banking institutions, utilities and telcos, power companies and transport operators, SMEs and NGOs,  political parties and civic associations, etc.  The national government of Cyprus is encouraged to respond the President’s Challenge to the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda under Smart Nations Global Initiative:   Given the current socio-economic situation, the Smart Land/Nation Growth Strategy is the most viable solutions for sustainable recovery. Posted online, the Smart Cyprus Strategy brief caused a great public interest, being among mostly viewed intelligent content in 2013:  Future Cyprus 2020:; New Cyprus 2013-2020:  In addition, following the reviewing procedure, the designated Ministry of Energy assessed the Strategy with a supporting letter to the Presidential Office recommending it as the national smart growth reference program. Besides, Smart Cyprus is generally welcomed by the House President, former Minister of Communications, and Minister of Interior.  The Smart Nation Investment Strategy is to deliver the social and economic growth by advancing sustainable construction, green roads, intelligent energy, business innovation, smart commerce, intelligent industry and sustainable tourism infrastructures and cutting-edge facilities, initiating the Innovation Eco Corridor of smart cities, green communities and eco developments.  Its strategic business model is a PPP network of the government, innovative business groups, state utilities, municipalities and communities, academia and research institutions, with active citizen engagement and involvement.  As the initiator of the Smart Nations Global Initiative, our consultancy firm has a strategic leadership in creating the Smart Territories of the Future: Sustainable States, Intelligent Cities, Green Communities, and Eco-Sustainable Developments.  Upon the government decision, the Overall Intelligent Growth Strategy and Implementation Plan of Sustainable Cyprus could be developed within 6 months.  EIS MANAGEMENT  Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  45. 45. SUSTAINABLE NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE: HOW TO SUBMIT  Instructions on Smart Nations Applications:  Please submit Smart Nations applications to the contact provided below following the basic requirements, criteria, application guide, sources and resources as indicated.  The Smart Nation applications will be accomplished in stages within 1-3 year.  The first session national applications are invited to be submitted via email to:  Dr Azamat Abdoullaev, Director – EIS Smart Nation “X” Global Initiative, Nation’s or President’s Challenge  Email:  First Application Deadline is by 15th September 2014.  Direct Inquiries: + 357 99 683 849    Instructions on Smart Cities Global Initiative Applications:  Deadline for the first Smart City “X” group submissions is 15th July 2014.  Please submit applications by the deadline indicated to:  Panayiotis Ioannou, Executive Manager – EIS Smart City “X” Global Initiative  Email:  Direct Inquiries: + 357 99 649 835 Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  46. 46. INTELLIGENT NATIONS PROJECTS ACROSS THE GLOBE  Singapore, Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015), 10 years master plan of “an Intelligent Nation, a Global City, powered by Infocomm”, to enable: Innovation, Integration, Internationalisation. To achieve the goals of the masterplan, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), together with the industry, identified programmes and initiatives categorized under four building blocks: globally competitive infocomm industry; sectorial transformation of the key economic sectors, government and society; ultra-high speed, pervasive, intelligent and trusted infocomm infrastructure; globally competitive infocomm manpower.  The Smart Island Malta, the National ICT Strategy (the Smart Island strategy of seven streams, the national RTDI strategy; the National Industrial Policy; SmartCity Malta Project of the global knowledge-based township; the next generation ICT environment, a connected society, putting the ‘e’ on everything, a smart and global workforce, reinventing government, e-Business, world leading ICT industry).  Intelligent Taiwan, formulated by the Council for Economic Planning and Development, and involving all ministries. The i-Taiwan is advancing 12 construction projects in transportation (fast network, port-city regeneration, international airport city), industrial innovation (hi-tech industrial clusters, intelligent Taiwan, industrial innovation corridors), urban and rural development (urban and industrial park-regeneration, farm village regeneration), environmental protection (coastal regeneration, green forestation, flood prevention and water management, and sewer construction), as well as intelligent industries (cloud computing). Its five key concepts are: regional development balance, industrial innovation, new urban and regional features, intelligent capital accumulation, and sustainable development. Its key purposes are expanding domestic demand, improving the investment environment, boosting the health of the economy, and upgrading the quality of life. The total investment is about NT$ 4 trillion. Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev
  47. 47. SMART STATES GLOBAL INITIATIVE: SUSTAINABLE NATIONS PILOTS  i-CYPRUS, the Smart Europe Prototype Project, the i-Cyprus 2020 Strategy is aimed to create an Eco-Smart Island of  knowledge hub and innovative society, effective government, knowledge industry and green energy sector, high quality eco  tourism, intelligent banking system and financial services, progressive logistics and the maritime services, smart ICT services,  world-class healthcare, innovational education and research, creative work and green lifestyle (Status: Under Negotiations with the Cyprus Government).  i-RUSSIA, The Smart Russia Strategy aims to model Future Russia as the largest eco-intelligent Land,  Country, or Nation. Driven by innovative economy and industries, the New Russia is to be distinguished with the most advanced  structures and features. The i-Russia Strategy aims at a Smart/Intelligent Russia, the global technology and business hub and  innovative Federation of integrated governments, central, regional and local, intelligent communities and cities, knowledge  industry, advanced ICT, intelligent banking systems and financial services, modern healthcare, innovational research and  education, creative work and smart lifestyle. As a result, Russian Federation is to go through a substantial transformation never seen before by any world power, to grow as smart, intelligent and ecological.  (Status: Under Negotiations with the Russian Government)  i-Europe, the Smart Cloud Platform will be virtually tested as a Pan-European MetaCloud Platform for States, Regions,  Cities and Communities, making a Europe SkyNet, or Sky/Integrated Clouds Europe Platform. (Status: To Be Offered for the EC).      Smart Nations Commitments CYPRUS EIS 2014 A.Abdoullaev