Smart polis global prototype


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Smart Cities Global Initiative
Sustainable Polis Model
Eco Region
Urban Sustainability
Natural Sustainability
Smart Resilient Region, Connected Town and Communities

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Smart polis global prototype

  1. 1. SMART ECO POLIS: WORLD MODEL OF REGIONAL SUSTAINABILITYHTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/URBAN-EUROPE SMART POLIS GOVERNANCE PLATFORM IS TO COLLECT DATA FROM SMART DEVICES AND SENSORS EMBEDDED IN THE LAND AND ENVIRONMENT, STREETS AND ROADWAYS, POWER AND WATER GRIDS, BUILDINGS AND OTHER CITY ASSETS, SHARING DATA VIA SMART COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS, WIRED, WIRELESS AND MOBILE, USING SMART SOFTWARE FOR DELIVERING INTELLIGENT INFORMATION AND SERVICES: ONLINE TAXES AND PERMITS, UTILITY BILLS, PAYMENTS, GIS DATA ON ASSETS AND UTILITIES (UNDERGROUND CABLES, PIPES, WATER MAINS), TRAFFIC MAPS, CRIME REPORTS, EMERGENCY WARNINGS, CULTURAL EVENTS, ETC. HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/SUSTAINABLE-CITY EU, CYPRUS 08 AUGUST 2014 SMART CITIES GLOBAL INITIATIVE The Smart Cities Global Initiative is concerned about the large variety of narrow technical visions, models and approaches in which on many occasions “the push towards smart cities is being led by the wrong people –technology companies with naïve visions and short term commercial goals–, while the architects, planners and scientists often struggle to share their specific knowledge”. That is why this initiative is looking for megacities, municipalities, communities or brand new cities that are following a smart community development strategy aiming to unify all the city systems, services, operations, activities, departments and agencies as a sustainable smart urban ecosystem. Its choice legendary Aphrodite’s place in Europe, POLIS CHRISOCHOUS, extending from the national park of Akamas to Pafos forest, along the Med coastlines, is to meet the major concern of global urbanization: “…there are no examples to date of cities launching fully integrated, strategically designed Smart City development programs“. The Smart Eco POLIS Program aims to transform POILS, a legendary place of Aphrodite, as an intelligent green region: environmentally sustainable, inter-connected, instrumented, innovative, and integrated, regionally and globally attractive for businesses, citizens, visitors and investors. SMART AND SUSTAINABLE POLIS is to be run by its urban brains, an intelligent city cloud platform, managing its resources, assets, processes and systems: Urban Land and Environment, Roads and Transportation, Energy networks and Utilities, ICT networks and fiber telecom infrastructure, Public and residential buildings, Natural Resources, Water and Waste management, Social infrastructure, Health and safety, Education and culture, Public administration and services, Communities and Businesses. Launched under the Smart Cities Global Initiative, the Smart Polis Program presented for the “ World Smart Cities Award”, “looking for the most ambitious Smart City strategies, the most advanced projects and the most innovative solutions around the world which foster the evolution of the Smart City concept”.
  2. 2. POLIS CHRISOCHOUS – DECISION ANNOUNCEMENT “SMART ECO POLIS” GLOBAL INITIATIVE  Committed to the EU Smart Cities and Communities Initiative to improve the quality of life and communal well-being, the Council of POLIS is determined to transform the POLIS Region as a European (Mediterranean) model of regional sustainability, as an innovative corridor of seaside smart town resort and eco communities; carbon neutral or zero-carbon and zero-waste region with integrated “green” and “blue” economies.  We are working on the SMART ECO POLIS Strategy and Implementation Plan where our town and local communities are envisioned as smart and green, livable and creative, vibrant and attractive, climate-resilient places of the future and unique destination of excellence.  The Polis Region is to be run by a distributed intelligent management platform for future-proof infrastructure, smart mobility and transportation, efficient utilities, clean energy networks, smart power and communication grids, public facilities, intelligent street lighting, intelligent building systems, etc.  In order for the urban wealth and communal benefits to be pursued, the Urban Areas and Rural Communities shall have ecologically healthy living, safety and well-being, integrated sustainable town and communal planning and land use, connected residential areas, green living, clean environment, eco-friendly roads, car-free zones, smart streets, clean transportation, energy and advanced utilities, urban agriculture, home ecology, green buildings, renewable energy networks, rainwater catchment systems, solar desalination plants, biomass refineries, solar gardens, environmental quality, low utility bills, lease or sales premiums, increased property values, high property developments, coastal and maritime eco-tourism, quality jobs, solar eco communities and smart eco town, global branding and highly competitive marketability.  The SMART ECO POLIS Initiative shell be performed by the Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership, led by the Advisory Council, chaired by Mayor and assisted by the city councilors and local community presidents, and run by the program management, leading strategists and members of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.  The SMART ECO POLIS Advisory Council invites future-looking businesses and national ministries, utilities and NGOs, banking institutions and investment funds, developers and investors, academia and research organizations, citizens and civic associations, to adjoin the exciting journey of building intelligent eco communities and cities, as the keys to a sustainable recovery and smart growth of Cyprus and Europe.  Stimulated by the EU 2014-2020 schemes for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the creation of smart cities and sustainable communities is a future-building process where all sides shall continually learn from each other, discover new opportunities, develop relationships, proactively responding to evolving challenges, threats, opportunities and priorities.  Being in line with the EU Strategy 2020, the Eco Polis Investment Program is to utilize the EIB’s Framework Loan, EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020, 7-Years Planning, Strategies, Policies and Regulations, Funds, Programs and Projects, all innovative funding opportunities, schemes, and initiatives, as well as local government incentives for smart urban growth and sustainable redevelopment. Financing could follow the Public-Private-Citizen Partnership business models, and be shared by the private firms, investors and municipal government. SMART ECO POLIS Azamat Abdoullaev 2014
  3. 3. FAVORITE PLACE OF GODDESS OF BEAUTY AND LOVE POLIS – A BEAUTY OF NATURE INTEGRATED SUSTAINABLE RENEWAL  Polis Chrysochous is one of the most beautiful and romantic areas of Europe, where the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, met her beloved Adonis.  Polis is located in the northwestern part over the island and close to the Akamas peninsula.  It is built in an area gifted with rich natural environment and wonderful beaches.  The Municipality of Polis was founded in 1882 and has a population of 3,500, covering an area of 1925 hectares.  It is a continuation of the ancient cities of Marion and Arsinoe, and is the administrative and commercial center.  Polis Chrysochous is the backbone of social, economic and cultural life of the residents of Polis Region, an area with about 15,000 habitants.  Municipality of Polis and the surrounding area because of its unique beauty, idyllic natural environment and excellent climate is among the first choices of Cypriots and foreign visitors, mainly from EU countries, and in recent years from Russia as well, for housing market, whether for permanent residence or holiday  Digital or Cyber City Urban Projects, new and retrofitting, Cloud-Based Intelligent City Management Platform, advanced ICT Networks, Optical Internet Backbone, Municipal Wireless (WiFi) Communication Networks with open service model (tourist areas to start), smart ICT services for citizens (i-government, i-learning, i-health, i- commerce, etc)  Clean/Green Eco City Projects, Green Infrastructure, Transport, Buildings, RES Networks (environmental sustainability, climate change projects, natural and urban environment; climate, clean, solar region, town and communities, green homes, eco-smart neighborhoods, districts; solar gardens and farms; eco villages; nature- wise agriculture, environmentally sound farming systems)  Intelligent/Inclusive/Human-Centered City Projects/Events/Institutions to nurture social inclusion, creativity, innovation, and talents, investing in education, arts and culture, organizing high quality cultural and creative events and performances, attracting talented professionals and international knowledge, cultural, and multi-media industries SMART ECO POLIS Azamat Abdoullaev 2014
  4. 4. SMART ECO POLIS Azamat Abdoullaev 2014 SUSTAINABLE POLIS ARCHITECTURE Social Region/ Town/ Community SUSTAINABLE Region i-City Platform Smart City Command and Control Center Eco- Region/ Town/ Community Digital Region/ Town/ Community Physical Capital Natural Capital Ecosystems Natural Resources Renewables/RES Eco Technologies Green Infrastructure Eco-Urbanization Green Society ECO-SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Information/Digital Capital Smart Mobility , Smart Services ICT Infrastructure, OTN, Optical Networks , NG Broadband 3DTV, HDTV, CC, Intelligent Clouds Internet of Things, u-Computation Digital/Cyber Society TECHNOLOGICAL/SMART GROWTH Social/Human/I-Capital Innovation Ecosystems Smart Living Smart Economy Knowledge Infrastructure i-Industry Smart Governance Equity, Wellbeing, QoL Knowledge Society SOCIAL/INCLUSIVE GROWTH SUSTAINABLE TRINITY of Wellbeing, Quality of Life and Sustainable Growth
  6. 6. SMART POLIS EU INVESTMENT PROGRAMS  EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020  European Commission: Lighthouse Smart Community Projects (Horizon 2020)  Smart and Green Polis will be presented as an active member of the EU Lighthouse Projects, inviting institutions, public bodies, industries, city networks, and academia to proactively contribute to the cause.  To deploy smart city solutions across urban mobility; districts and built environment; and integrated infrastructures, the concept of Smart City ”Lighthouse Initiatives” is to be implemented, requesting collaboration between the European Commission, Member States and Industry, as well as cities and research institutions.  Over the next 7 years, a portfolio of at least 20 - 25 lighthouse projects is to be created: each with 6-10 cities (and partners), with the potential for Europe-wide roll out – dependent on levels of commitment, and access to / creation of funds.  Source: European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities - Strategic Implementation Plan 14.10.2013   Sustainable Urban Development Platform (ESIF):  In the new EU budget 2014-2020, at least 5% of the European Regional Development Fund will have to be used for sustainable urban development. Based on a list of cities prepared by Member States in their Partnership Contract, the Commission will establish an Urban Development Platform comprising 300 cities throughout Europe, which will stimulate a more policy-oriented dialogue on urban development between the cities at European level and the Commission  Smart Eco Polis as a town implementing integrated and innovative actions for sustainable urban development to be included in the Partnership Contract and the Operational Programmes to have the EU CSF Funding 2014-2020 benefits.  EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK: Multi-component loans  EIB’s multi-component, multi annual investment programmes using a single “framework loan”. This funds a range of projects, usually by a national or local public sector body, most frequently regarding infrastructure, energy efficiency/renewables, transport and urban renovation SMART ECO POLIS Azamat Abdoullaev 2014
  7. 7. FUTURE INTELLIGENT POLIS: SMART CLOUD PLATFORM + INTERNET OF EVERYTHING  The Smart Polis Cloud Platform  The Urban Internet of Everything is the cloud-networked connection of people, processes, data, and things.  PEOPLE(PERSON, ORGANIZATIONS)  PROCESS (ACTIVITIES, SERVICES)  DATA (INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE)  THINGS (BUILDINGS, MACHINES, DEVICES)  The i-City Operation Center is connected with thousands of sensors and cameras spread throughout the cities, as the city brain of the Urban IoE, in which M2M technologies are vital to present intelligent data analytics for city processes.  “Smart Polis “Intelligent Platform is to integrate a technology-centric (smart) level, an intelligent (people- centric) level, and eco-sustainable level improving the Urban Economy, Community Integration, Quality of Life, and overall Sustainability.  $14.4 trillion of potential value at stake for the private sector, IoE is a $19 trillion opportunity for businesses and governments globally 2013-2022.  The Smart Cloud Platform (IBM or Cisco Powered) SMART ECO POLIS Azamat Abdoullaev 2014
  8. 8. SMART CITIES OF THE FUTURE: EIP STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATION PLAN  The Intelligent Community and Smart City Strategic Development Planning is to include the Strategic Implementation Plan of the EIP on Smart Cities and Communities:  Sustainable Urban Mobility – Alternative energies, public transport, efficient logistics, planning;  Sustainable Districts and Built Environment – improving the energy efficiency of buildings and districts, increasing the share of renewable energy sources used and the liveability of our communities;  Integrated Infrastructures and processes across Energy, ICT and Transport – connecting infrastructure assets to improve the efficiency and sustainability of cities  The Plan puts forward eight key horizontal enablers on the themes of Decisions, Insight, and Financing.  Eleven inter-dependent priority areas are considered to be the most important concerning Smart Cities and Communities, and the intersection with the areas of energy, transport and ICT, as in the diagram, Priority Areas.  Each priority area is to be specified against: context and challenges; drivers and goals; and actions to perform.  Source: European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities - Strategic Implementation Plan 14.10.2013;  partnership-smart-cities-and-communities Smart City Program EIS Ltd 2014
  9. 9. SMART POLIS PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: EUROPEAN INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP  Dr Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev, Founding Member of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities  Initiator of Global Initiatives on Smart Cities, Sustainable States, and Smart Superpowers  Author of the Model Community for the European Smart Cities and Communities                 SMART ECO POLIS Azamat Abdoullaev 2014
  10. 10. SMART POLIS PROGRAM: WORLD SMART CITIES AWARD  The SMART AND SUSTAINABLE POLIS IS PERFORMED UNDER THE SMART CITIES GLOBAL INITIATIVE  The SMART POLIS PROGRAM is to advance the comprehensive Smart City development strategies to systematically improve urban land and environment, physical and social infrastructures, quality of life and well-being, resilience and sustainability, innovation and creativity, economy and competitiveness, governance and management:  The SMART POLIS PROGRAM is to be presented for World Smart Cities Awards "looking for the most ambitious Smart City strategies, the most advanced projects and the most innovative solutions around the world which foster the evolution of the Smart City concept.  The award aims to boost the development of future cities while improving quality of life, sustainability, innovation, creativity, competitiveness and efficient management".   The Initiative is to meet the major future cities concern: "The Climate Group’s research revealed that there are no examples to date of cities launching fully integrated, strategically designed Smart City development programs", including the EU cities and communities as committed to be smart: http://eu-  Italy (369);· Spain (267);· France (82);· Portugal (65);· Germany (64);· Greece (62);· Romania (42);· Sweden (42);· United Kingdom (32); Belgium (27);· Netherlands (24)      SMART ECO POLIS Azamat Abdoullaev 2014