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SMART America

  2. 2. NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA: I-NATION DEVELOPMENT  Argentina  Belize  Bolivia  Brazil  Chile  Colombia  Costa Rica  Ecuador  El Salvador  French Guiana  Guatemala  Guyana  Honduras  Mexico  Nicaragua  Panama  Paraguay  Peru  Suriname  Uruguay  Venezuela  Canada  The United States  5i-Nation Sustainable Development Projects (Innovative, Instrumented, Interconnected, Intelligent and Inclusive)  i-USA  i-Canada for a Nation of Intelligent Communities  Canada is aspiring for the world’s leading Intelligent Nation or “i-Nation” because a sufficiently broad base of Canadian communities, large and small, have all won international awards as the world’s leading Intelligent Communities.  More than 1,000 experts, including i-CANADA Governors, Premiers, Mayors, CEOs, expert advisors, and other supporters are debating issues on the i-CANADA social network.  i-Community Projects  The global I-Community Forum defines the principal characteristics of truly revolutionary Intelligent Community as applying: Integrated Planning, Revolutionary Broadband, Innovation, Knowledge Workforce, Digital Inclusion, and Marketing and Advocacy:  Smart and Sustainable City Developments  In Brazil, Canada and USA  brand-name  sustainable-cities  administration-announces-new-smart-cities-initiative-help SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  3. 3. SMART AMERICA: LEADING AN INTELLIGENT WORLD  The Smart America Concept is emerging in the quest for sustainable growth and smart economic, technological and socio-cultural development and intelligent governance for the leading World economy, USA, its states, regions and cities, as well as for its enterprises, industries and economies, local, regional and federal.  Smart America implies Intelligent States and Smart Eco Cities, Smart People and Smart Life, Sustainable Land and Environment, Sustainable Infrastructure and Smart Industry, Smart Grids and Eco Buildings, Intelligent ICT and Eco Mobility, Big Science and Future Technology, Internet of Everything and Smart Web, Smart Financing and Intelligent Banking, Smart Health and Education, Smart Security and Safety, Smart Government, Regulations and Standards.  SMART AMERICA Concept covers the American Innovation Strategy, slides, 31-37, by innovating all the key spheres of life, infrastructure and industry, science and technology, ICT and Internet, society and economy, health and education, safety and security, administration and governance  SMART AMERICA is about building the intelligent and innovative, interconnected and instrumented, democratic and inclusive, healthy and wealthy, livable and efficient, moral and fair, smart and sustainable FEDERATION, or briefly, i-America  SMART AMERICA is about seeking a global socio-technological leadership in the 21st Century:     ; SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  4. 4. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  The United States of America (USA or U.S.A.), referred to as the United States (US or U.S.), America, or the States, is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and the federal district of Washington, D.C.  GEOGRAPHY AND CLIMATE. The land area of the contiguous United States is 7,663,941 km2 , third in size behind Russia and China. The climate is extremely diverse, with deserts, plains, forests, and mountains that are home to a wide variety of wildlife  POLITICS. The United States is the world's oldest surviving federation, and citizens are subject to three levels of government: federal, state, and local. It is a constitutional republic and representative democracy, being under a two-party system for most of its history. The federal government is composed of three branches: legislative, executive, judicial, regulated by a system of checks and balances defined by the U.S. Constitution.  DEMOGRAPHICS. The U.S. Census Bureauestimates the country's population as 316,617,000, including an approximate 11.2 million illegal aliens, with the following races: White (72,4%), Black (12,6%), Asian (4,8%), Indian, Hawaiian, Multiracial, and Other (6,2%)  ECONOMY. Wealth and Poverty. The United States has a capitalist mixed economy, being a leading economic power. Nominal GDP, $15, 984 trillion, 22% of the gross world product. Real GDP growth, 1.7% . Unemployment, 7,4 %; Poverty, 15,1 %; Public debt, $16.433 trillion. Americans had the highest average household and employee income among OECD nations. In 2011 16.7 millionchildrenlived in food insecure households. Tere are about 0,7 mln homeless persons. The richest 10% of the adult population possesses 69.8% of the country's household wealth. In 2013, 400 of the richest Americans have more wealth than the 150 millioncitizens who comprise the poorest half of the population.  SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. The United States has been a leader in scientific research and technological innovation since the late 19th century. It is largely developed the ARPANET and its successor, the Internet. Most R&D funding comes from the private sector. The United States leads the world in scientific research papers. It is currently leading in space exploration.  INFRASTRUCTURE. The American Society of Civil Engineers grades the country’s physical infrastructure as a "D."  TRANSPORTATION. There is a network of 13 million roads, including one of the world's longest Interstate Highway System of 75,440 km, and the world's second largest automobile market of personal transportation. Bicycle usage is minimal. Mass transit accounts for 9% of total U.S. work trips.  ENERGY. The United States is the world's largest consumer of petroleum. The United States energy market is 29,000 terawatt hours per year, coming from petroleum (40%), coal (23%) and gas (22%), nuclear energy and RES.  CULTURE and LANGUAGE. The United States is a multicultural nation, home to a wide variety of ethnic groups, traditions, and values, with Western culture and pop art as domineering. American English is a dominant language, Protestantism is a dominant religion.  HEALTH. The U.S. is a global leader in medical innovation. But in 2010, 49.9 million residents or 16.3% of the populationdid not carry health insurance. Most health concerns come from high risk factors as poor diet and fast food consumption. High maternal death rate and teenage abortion pregnancy and abortion rate. The life expectancy is currently 78.4 years at birth.  EDUCATION. The basic literacy rate is approximately 99%. 13 or 15 American colleges and universities are ranked among the top 20 in the world. As of 2012, student loandebt exceeded one trillion dollars, more than Americans owe on credit cards  NATURAL RESOURCES. It is the world's largest producerof natural gas and crude oil. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  5. 5. TERRITORIAL AND URBAN DIVISION CONSTITUENT STATES AND MAIN CITIES POLITICAL DIVISIONS OF THE UNITED STATES  The United States is a federal union of 50 states  The United States also possesses five major overseas territories: Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean; and American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific  New York City  Los Angeles  Chicago  Dallas–Fort Worth  Houston  Philadelphia  Washington, D.C.  Miami  Atlanta  Boston SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  6. 6. GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS  The federal government is composed of three branches:  Legislative: The bicameral Congress, made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives, makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, has the power of the purse, and has the power of impeachment, by which it can remove sitting members of the government.  Executive: The president is the commander-in-chief of the military, can veto legislative bills before they become law (subject to Congressional override), and appoints the members of the Cabinet (subject to Senate approval) and other officers, who administer and enforce federal laws and policies.  Judicial: The Supreme Court and lower federal courts, whose judges are appointed by the president with Senate approval, interpret laws and overturn unconstitutional decisions.  The president serves a four-year term and may be elected to the office no more than twice. The president is not elected by direct vote.  The Senate has 100 members with each state having two senators, elected to six-year terms  The House of Representatives has 435 voting members, each representing a congressional district for a two-year term. [for more see Wikipedia, USA, article] SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  7. 7. THE CURRENT STATUS  The USA is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. It is a member of the G8, G20, and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  The United States emerged from World War II as a global superpower, along with the USSR  The dissolution of the Soviet Union left the United States the sole superpower.  The economy is fueled by consuming nonrenewable natural resources, a developed infrastructure, and high productivity. The U.S. dollar is the world's primary reserve currency.  It is one of the world's largest manufacturers.  The country recognized as being the economic superpower, with a prominent political and cultural influence in the world, and a leader in scientific research and technological innovation.  The country recognized as being the foremost military due to 39% of global military spending, equal to the next 14 largest national military expenditures combined.  The global recession has a harmful impact on the United States: high unemployment, low consumer confidence, the continuing decline in home values and increase in foreclosures and personal bankruptcies, an escalating federal debt crisis, inflation, rising petroleum and food prices, and increasing trade deficit.  Half of the U.S. population lives in poverty or is low-income, according to U.S.census data, and as to the AP, four out of five U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives.  The U.S. is widely viewed as being in recession or depression despite official data that shows a historically modest recovery.  THE CURRENT STATUS OF THE US ASKS FOR ADOPTING THE SMART GROWTH PROGRAM TO SECURE FULL SUSTAINABILITY, ECONOMIC, TECHNOLOGICAL, POLITICAL, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  8. 8. ECONOMIC GROWTH GLOBAL COMPETITION IMF GDP FORECAST (2011-2018), PPP ADJUSTED (USD BILLIONS) Rank Country 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Estimate as of World 79,285.920 83,140.055 87,209.739 92,483.482 98,414.787 104,888.46 2 111,909.15 9 119,344.05 7 April 2013 1 China 12,305.769 13,405.670 14,623.255 14,039.001 16,647.491 18,442.890 22,440.875 21,641.047 April 2013 2 United States 13,075.675 14,684.750 15,237.746 17,676.165 20,126.421 22,588.835 21,063.733 23,551.454 May 2013 3 India 4,425.642 4,684.372 5,031.678 5,451.406 5,930.097 6,468.908 7,065.249 7,717.562 April 2013 4 Japan 4,457.555 4,627.891 4,778.523 4,942.314 5,095.029 5,264.340 5,441.342 5,619.492 April 2013 5 Germany 3,113.927 3,197.069 3,269.562 3,383.051 3,496.759 3,616.584 3,741.501 3,868.064 April 2013 6 Russia 2,387.934 2,513.299 2,640.737 2,795.067 2,956.892 3,127.126 3,309.291 3,501.100 April 2013 7 Brazil 2,294.178 2,355.586 2,466.567 2,617.292 2,780.283 2,956.225 3,145.328 3,345.601 April 2013 8 United Kingdom 2,291.431 2,336.295 2,391.042 2,476.090 2,572.432 2,676.888 2,791.251 2,920.877 April 2013 9 France 2,213.780 2,254.067 2,289.622 2,355.727 2,438.218 2,532.454 2,634.650 2,741.658 April 2013 10 Mexico 1,662.364 1,758.896 1,848.416 1,949.248 2,055.105 2,167.207 2,286.826 2,412.430 April 2013 11 South Korea 1,554.124 1,613.921 1,687.138 1,787.683 1,897.170 2,013.951 2,138.890 2,270.913 April 2013 12 Italy 1,844.392 1,832.916 1,835.657 1,881.811 1,942.833 2,011.055 2,083.028 2,152.709 April 2013 13 Indonesia 1,125.286 1,216.738 1,314.660 1,426.600 1,549.072 1,684.114 1,832.107 1,992.555 April 2013 14 Canada 1,435.781 1,488.311 1,534.937 1,602.809 1,675.880 1,752.581 1,832.405 1,912.198 April 2013 15 Spain 1,405.787 1,410.628 1,411.493 1,450.178 1,499.399 1,552.973 1,610.225 1,670.221 April 2013 SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  9. 9. USA: SUSTAINABILITY PROSPECTS PAST AND PRESENT: UNSUSTAINABLE AMERICA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: SMART AMERICA  An unsustainable economy reliant on bubble-driven growth. House prices lost a quarter of their value in two and a half years. The housing decline and accompanying stock market collapse wiped out over $13 trillion in wealth in 1,5 years.  Experiencing the longest and deepest recession since World War II, with the unemployment the highest level in a quarter century.  Neglecting fundamental investments in education, infrastructure, healthcare, energy, and hi-tech research driving future growth  Lost leadership in broadband deployment: wireless networks in many countries abroad are faster and more advanced. The power grids are still constructed around the same model employed immediately after World War II.  Health care costs are spiraling out of control, while the number of uninsured Americans has jumped to 46 million. The economy is dependent on fossil fuels, exposing consumers and businesses to harmful price shocks, threatening economic and national security, thus missing opportunity to lead the clean energy economy of the future.  With huge foreign debts, the military budget reached $ 682 bn, making 39% of global military spending,  Regardless, the American economy remains as one of the most dynamic, innovative, and resilient in the world.  The country has world-class research universities, flexible labor markets, capital markets, and an entrepreneurial culture.  New Initiatives , including novel regulatory and executive order initiatives, have been taken to improve America’s economic growth and competitiveness on many critical dimensions.  A Strategy for American Innovation has been adopted to secure sustainable growth and quality jobs, and to lay the foundation for the innovation economy of the future.  The Innovation Strategy builds on over $100 billion of Recovery Act funds that support innovation, additional support for education, infrastructure and others in the Recovery Act and the President’s Budget  It has three parts: 1. Invest in the Building Blocks of American Innovation. 2. Promote Competitive Markets that Spur Productive Entrepreneurship. 3. Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities.  In all, the USA is in need of a full comprehensive National Intelligent Development Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, as i-America Program is proposing, with a globally competitive productivity growth. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  10. 10. A. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015 SMART AMERICA ARCHITECTURE Knowledge AMERICA/ Country/ City/ Community Smart AMERICA i-AMERICA Platform Eco- AMERICA/ Country/ City/ Community Digital AMERICA/ Country/ City/ Community Physical Capital Natural Capital Ecosystems Natural Resources Renewables/RES Eco Technologies Green Infrastructure Eco-Urbanization Green Society ECO-SUSTAINABLEGROWTH Information/DigitalCapital Smart Mobility , Smart Services ICT Infrastructure,OTN, Optical Networks , NG Broadband 3DTV, HDTV, CC, Intelligent Clouds Internet of Things, u-Computation Digital/Cyber Society TECHNOLOGICAL/SMARTGROWTH Social/Human/I-Capital Innovation Ecosystems Smart Living Smart Economy Knowledge Infrastructure i-Industry Smart Governance Equity, Wellbeing, QoL Knowledge Society SOCIAL/INCLUSIVE GROWTH SMART TRINITY AMERICA of Wellbeing, Quality of Life and Sustainable Growth
  11. 11. SMART AMERICA STAKEHOLDERS  Governing Board:  Presidency and Federal Government  Congress  Ministries and Government Departments  State Governments  PARTICIPANTS  Municipalities  Local Communities  Political Parties  Civic Associations and NGOs  Business Groups & Innovative SMEs  Banking Institutions  Public-Service State Corporations  Global IT and Local Telecom Corporations : IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, Google, GE, etc.  Academia, Universities and Research Institutes: the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, NIH, NSF, the Departments of Agriculture, Defense and Energy, NASA, NIST, NOAA, DARPA.  Key Consultants: Smart Eco Community “X” Consortium; EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU) SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  12. 12. THE EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT (EOP)  I-America Strategy for Smart , Sustainable and Inclusive Growth is to be offered to the Top Public Administration.  Barack Obama, President of the USA  White House Staff  the White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough  Deputy Chiefs of Staff:  Anita Decker Breckenridge Kristie Canegallo  Counselor to the President:  Pete Rouse  Senior Advisors:  Valerie Jarrett Brian Deese  Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Government: Megan Smith  Office of the Vice President  White House Office  Council of Economic Advisers  Council on Environmental Quality  Executive Residence  National Security Staff  Office of Administration  Office of Management and Budget  Office of National Drug Control Policy  Office of Science and Technology Policy  Office of the United States Trade Representative     questions-and-comments SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  13. 13. INNOVATIVE AMERICA: I-COUNTRY, SMART AND SUSTAINABLE STATES, CITIES AND COMMUNITIES  VISION: SUSTAINABLE AND INTELLIGENT AMERICA: Smart States, Intelligent Cities and Green Communities  MISSION: smart eco communities, intelligent green cities, sustainable living, healthy and smart environments, renewable energy global infrastructure, smart green real estates; the citizens’ well-being, physical, mental, and social  GOALS: Promoting a Smart America Development Framework, the principles, guidelines, standards, solutions, specifications, technologies, for constructing Sustainable Communities: local, regional and national; Networking government leaders, policy makers, industry players, local governments, city managers, academia, developers, technology providers and NGOs across the country, promoting smart sustainable communities; smart solutions to critical global problems, as climate change, fresh water, or green energy; advancing converging solutions in Education, Science, and Research, Technology, Engineering and Industry  PRINCIPLES AND STRATEGIES: Smart World Strategy, Sustainable Development, Eco America Development, Digital America Development, Social America Development, Comprehensive Planning, Sustainable Urban Design and Planning, Smart/Intelligent City Solutions, Eco City Development Principles  TECHNOLOGIES: Intelligent ICT Technologies; Ecological/Clean/Environmental Technologies; Social Innovations and Technologies, KM Technologies, Integrated Networks; Emerging and Disruptive Technologies  SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY: The Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Model (Full Cost Account)  Natural Capital (Planet, Environmental Protection and Ecosystems Conservation and Enrichment),  Social Capital (People, Citizens, Social Well-Being and Equity),  Economical Capital (Profit, Growth, Sustainable Business)  SUSTAINABLE WORLD/CITIES PROGRAMS: EIS’ Smart World Strategy, UN Global Compact Cities Program: Sustainable Cities; IBM’s Smarter Planet, Cisco’s Smart + Connected Communities.   SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  15. 15. FUTURE AMERICA - INTELLIGENT NATION: SMART POLICIES AND STRATEGIES, LAWS AND REGULATIONS, PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS  i-AMERICA PLATFORM  i-GOVERNMENT  National Innovation Ecosystem  Smart Land and Environment  Integrated Sustainable INFRASTRUCTURE (Land, Transportation, Energy, ICT, Water, Waste)  National Fiber Network (with FTTH/B full penetration)  Sustainable Roads  GREEN ECONOMY  INNOVATION INDUSTRY  ECO, HEALTH, WELLNESS, AND SMART TOURISM  INNOVATION ECO-CORRIDORS: KNOWLEDGE PARKS, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PARKS, AGRICULTURE PARKS, ECO FARMS, AIRPORT CITY PARKS, HARBOR DEVELOPMENT PARKS, SERVER FARMS, ENERGY PARKS  SMART AIRPORT CITIES AND SPACE TOURISTRY  ECO REGIONS (States, Districts, Counties)  SMART CITIES (Municipalities)  GREEN COMMUNITIES (Eco Villages)  SMART YOUTH (full employment, quality jobs, STEM and non- STEM skills)  SMART EDUCATION, HEALTH, JOB, AND BUSINESS  KNOWLEDGE LAND  INTELLIGENT NATION OF SMART DEMOCRACY  National Program of Intelligent Sustainable Infrastructure (Telecommunications, Energy, Transportation, Water, Waste, Construction, Environment)  National Program of Innovative ICT and Broadband Knowledge Economy  National Program of Smart Eco Territories (communities, villages, towns, cities, districts, and country)  National Program of Science, Research and Innovation (Strategy for Research and Innovation)  National Program of Knowledge Industry 1. knowledge clusters, 2. university research parks, 3. science and technology parks, 4. healthcare parks, 5. technopolises, innovation clusters, 6. business innovation parks, 7. industrial clusters, organic agro-clusters, 8. smart communities, open economic zones, etc.  National Program of Smart Social Infrastructure (Governance , Economy, Society, institutions, data, policies, laws, regulations and standards)  National Program of Smart Government Agencies and State Corporations  National Program of Smart Industry, Advanced Manufacturing, Corporations and Intelligent Business Management  National Program of Smart Lifestyle, Creativity and Knowledge and Persistent Learning  National Programs of the Smart Health System and Sustainable Social Insurance System SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  16. 16. I-AMERICA PLATFORM: CLOUDAMERICA i-America Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Applications (Software as a Service, SaaS, Web access Portals, User-driven web-based services for citizens and businesses, Front end interface to clouds, applications and services) America Cloud, Land Cloud, Transport Cloud, Utilities Cloud, Energy Cloud, Building Cloud, Facility Cloud, Security Cloud, Health Cloud, Education Cloud, Research & Innovation Cloud Space Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Government Cloud, Business Cloud, Culture Cloud, Environment Cloud, Social Media Cloud, CitizenCloud; Future Digital Europe: Cloud States, Cloud Cities, Cloud Communities, Digital Persons/Avatars i-America Cloud Software Environment (Platform as a Service, PaaS, eg, Google’s App Engine and Salesforce Customer Relation Management) SMART COMMUNITY PLATFORM, FUTURE COMMUNITY INTERNET MIDDLEWARE, INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT PLATFORM, INTELLIGENT GIS/SMART WDEM, BIG DATA SYSTEMS i-America Software Management Kernel (OS kernel, hypervisor, virtual machine monitor and/or clustering middleware; grid and cluster computing applications) SMART (MULTICORE PROCESSOR) VIRTUAL MACHINES i-America Cloud Software Infrastructure Computational Resources (Virtual Machines, Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, eg, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2 ) Storage (Data as a Service, DaaS, eg, Amazon S3, Urban Service Data Sets and Smart ICT Service Knowledge Bases) Communications (Communication as a Service, CaaS, eg, Broadband Networks, Broadband Networks, Mobile Networks, Next Generation Intelligent Telecommunications, Future Internet, Communications Internet, Energy Internet, Logistics Internet, Intelligent Manufacturing Internet, Environment Internet, etc., Optical Network Infrastructure, as Huawei’s Intelligent Optical Distribution Network (iODN), Cisco’s Smart Connected Communities, or Microsoft Connected Service Framework (CSF) i-America Firmware / Hardware /Smart Technology Infrastructure Hardware as a Service, HaaS, eg, IBM Kittyhawk, HW Cloud Data Centers i-AMERICA KNOWLEDGE CENTER, STATE KNOWLEDGE CENTERS, INTERNET OF THINGS, SENSOR NETWORKS, M2M SYSTEMS, RFID TECHNOLOGIES, EMBEDED SYSTEMS, SCADA, INTERNET OF EVERYTHING (interconnecting Communities/People, Things/Machines, Data/Knowledge and Processes/Services) NATIONAL, REGIONAL, STATE AND URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE: Territories, Land, Environment and Natural resources, Transportation and logistics, Energy, Gas and Electricity, Water and Wastewater, Waste and Sewerage, Facilities and Buildings, ICT and Telecommunications, Education, Research and Innovation, Economy, Industry and Business, Healthcare, Safety and Security, Governance and Administration, Regions and States, Cities, Communities and People SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  17. 17. I-AMERICA GOVERNANCE SYSTEM: SMART SERVICES AND APPLICATIONS  The i-America Government System is key element of the Sustainable Digital Services Infrastructure, implying active participation of European citizens and high-quality public administrations, with rethinking “business as usual” practices, standard organizations and ineffective processes and procedures, and essential changes of mentality and behavior.  As a matter of fact, the i-AMERICA Strategy demands to develop the Smart Digital USA putting “i” instead of “e” as below:  Smart Government and iGovernment Services (iGovernment, iCommission, i-Procurement, iOAS, ISS, Secure Gateway, Central Data iWarehouse, Intelligent Help Desk Systems, HRMS, PSC, iPayment, iServices, iDemocracy, Data Consolidation, Call Centers, CSCs; iMunicipality, centralized information intelligent management system);  iHealth (the Integrated Smart Health Care Information System; the Hospital Drug Management System, iHealth records portal, Telemedicine, m-medicine, u-medicine, AAL programs);  iID; iCulture (iHistory, 3D Museums, etc.);  iTourism; iLiteracy (iSkill, iCitizen, iLearning);  iBusiness, the Smart Business Portal; Broadband access, free wi-fi access;  iEducation (iSchool, structured cabling, the iLearning Management System, iContent, Multimedia and Computers Labs, Interactive Learning Centers and Distance Learning Applications, iUniversity);  Smart Digital Entrepreneurship (iCommerce Platform, iBusiness, iInvoicing, iReceipt, green policies and practices); iEnvironment (Smart Communities, Smart Water management systems, i-telemetry systems, smart electricity and water meters, Intelligent Teleworking systems).  The i-America Smart Computing Federal Platform is to collect Big Data from intelligent instrumentation, smart devices and sensors embedded in streets and roadways, power and water grids, buildings and other capital assets, interconnected via smart communications networks, wired, wireless and mobile, using advanced software for delivering intelligent information and services: digital citizens, smart politics, smart health, smart education, smart home, smart utilities (water, energy, waste, transportation, information), smart safety and security, online taxes and permits, utility bills, i-payments, GIS information, traffic maps, crime reports, emergency warnings, etc. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  18. 18. I-AMERICA NATIONAL KNOWLEDGE BASE  The Sustainable LAND and ENVIRONMENT or NATURE AND GEOGRAPHY  Natural Heritage, Relief, Drainage, Soils, Climate, Plant and animal life, Eco Settlement patterns  The Smart PEOPLE  Ethnic composition, Language, Demography, Social structures, Family structure, Religion  The Smart ECONOMY  Management, Force, Personnel, Work force, Resources, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Industry, Banking and finance, Trade, Transportation, Information structure and communications  The Smart Territory  Eco Regions, Smart States, Intelligent Cities and Green Communities  The Smart ADMINISTRATION  Government, Executive, Legislative, Judicial; Armed forces or Military, Police force, Security force; Education and Health and Welfare services and Social conditions; Transnational issues  The Smart CULTURE  Cultural Heritage, The arts, Folk culture, Architecture, Literature, Music, Visual arts, Theatre and motion pictures, Libraries and museums, Science, Technology, Cultural institutions, Sport and recreation, The media, Press and broadcasting, History  The Sustainable FUTURE: Intelligent Nation, Eco Land, Future State, or Smart Country SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  19. 19. I-AMERICA OF SMART AND SUSTAINABLE CITIES  A new innovation strategy is needed for American cities to respond to globalization, urbanization, social, environmental and economic challenges.  Being heavily urbanized, the prospect of America is decided by the quality of its future cities. Globally, there are about 700 cities, each with population exceeding 500,000. The infrastructure investment for these cities is forecasted to be $30 trillion to $40 trillion, cumulatively, over the next 20 years.  Considering the 21st century will be a century of cities, most global investment and public funding should go for innovative city developments.  The Human Smart Cities Manifesto addresses the main challenges facing our cities today as:  The devastating effects of the financial crisis … is leading to severe limitations in cities’ abilities to invest in new infrastructures, and in some areas even for the provision of basic city services such as transportation and social services.  The increasing threat and disruption brought about by climate change to our territories. As major floods and droughts become ever more common, the environmental effects of urbanisation and the lack of adequate tools and behaviour patterns becomes increasingly evident.  The United Cities and Local Governments, a global network of cities, local and regional governments, defines smart cities as using new technologies, the promotion of innovation and knowledge management to become more liveable, functional, competitive and modern.  The idea of a Smart or Intelligent City, or the City 2.0, awarded the Ted Prize 2012, as an idea on which the planet’s future is depending on. The City 2.0, “the city of the future”, the Ted Prize 2012,  Overall, the Cities of the Future are Smart and Sustainable cities, or 3.0 Cities, brand new cities or transformed urban communities as sustainable, inclusive, interconnected, instrumented, innovative, and integrated, regionally and globally attractive for businesses, citizens, visitors and investors.  SMART TERRITORIES OF THE FUTURE:.   SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  20. 20. SMART GREEN CITY PROTOTYPE FUTURE CITY PROTOTYPE FUTURE AMERICAN CITIES: THE SMART ECOCITY   project-smart-sustainable-cities   CONCEPT: The Trinity City; Smart Eco City, Intelligent Green City  STRATEGY: The most innovative urban development strategy, as integrating the Eco City Strategy, Digital City Strategy and Knowledge City Strategy  ARCHITECTURE: Integrated architecture of urban systems and services to achieve a fully sustainable “New City” of Eco-Intelligence  OBJECTIVE: Prototype Model for European Smart City for other cities and communities  SMART TERRITORIES OF THE FUTURE: The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities.  SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  21. 21. I-AMERICA: SMART CITIES DEVELOPMENTS  Smart City projects are mostly developed in fragmented ways, as disunited, piecemeal implementations, while building intelligent communities and smart sustainable urban areas requires a system-wide approach and an integrated view, holistic thinking, integrated planning and collaborative work among all stakeholders.  Very often, they focus on a specific urban dimension, as in:  1. Smart Economy (Innovation, Productivity, Innovative Spirit, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Market/Industry, Openness)  Smart Economy: Holyoke, Massachusetts  2. Smart Environment (Natural Capital and Resources, Sustainable Resource Management)  Smart Environment: Burlington, Ontario  Smart Environment: Dubuque, Iowa  Smart Environment: San Diego, California  Smart Environment: Santa Barbara, California  3. Smart Governance (e-Participation, public/social services, transparency, political strategies and  perspectives)  Smart Governance: Syracuse, New York  Smart Governance: Wilmington, North Carolina  Digital Governance: New York  4. Smart Lifestyle (Smart Living, Quality of Life)  Smart Lifestyle: Boise, Idaho  Smart Lifestyle: Houston, Texas  5. Smart Transportation (Smart Mobility, innovative, safe and sustainable transport systems and facilities)  Smart Transportation: Alameda County, California  Smart Transportation: Alcoa, Tennessee  Smart Transportation: Portland, Oregon  6. Smart Community (Social Cohesion, Unity in Community, Human Infrastructure, Interfaces, Integration)  Smart Community: Chattanooga, Tennessee  Smart Community: Dublin, Ohio  Smart Community: Stratford, Ontario, Canada  Smart Community: Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada  At best, the smart cities are modeled as a mechanical assortment and a mixed bag of the mentioned dimensions, lacking its total conception, comprehensive planning and unifying intelligent management platforms.  SMART CITY is to be managed by its urban brains, an intelligent city cloud smart computing platform, managing its resources, assets, processes and systems. 27402134 SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  22. 22. NEW “SMART CITIES” INITIATIVE  The Administration has announced “a new “Smart Cities” Initiative that will invest over $160 million in federal research and leverage more than 25 new technology collaborations to help local communities tackle key challenges such as reducing traffic congestion, fighting crime, fostering economic growth, managing the effects of a changing climate, and improving the delivery of city services”.  The goal is “to build “Smart Cities” – communities that are building an infrastructure to continuously improve the collection, aggregation, and use of data to improve the life of their residents – by harnessing the growing data revolution, low-cost sensors, and research collaborations, and doing so securely to protect safety and privacy”.  The Administration’s Smart Cities Initiative will begin with a focus on key strategies:  • Creating test beds for “Internet of Things” applications and developing new multi-sector collaborative models  • Collaborating with the civic tech movement and forging intercity collaborations  • Leveraging existing Federal activity: from research on sensor networks and cybersecurity to investments in broadband infrastructure and intelligent transportation systems  • Pursuing international collaboration  Key Steps by the Administration Being Announced  Building a Research Infrastructure for Smart Cities  FACT SHEET: Administration Announces New “Smart Cities” Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges and Improve City Services  cities-initiative-help SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  23. 23. I-AMERICA: SMART CITY INDUSTRY FIELD  EIS (Smart World Group)  IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative)  Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities)  Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative)  Huawei (Smart City Initiative)  Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative)  Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative)  Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform)  Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform)  Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart)  Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative)  Hitachi (Smart City Initiative),  LG CNS  SAP AG, etc.  Smart City Project  Smart City Planning, Inc. > SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  24. 24. I-AMERICA: SMART CONNECTED INFRASTRUCTURE  Physical/Hard infrastructure refers to the large physical/technical/fixed networks and capital assets, as ecological capital and digital capital, serving to convey or channel or transmit people, vehicles, materials, fluids, energy, information, or electro- magnetic waves.  It is the base for the functioning of a smart industrial nation, as  Green Infrastructure, Land, Environment and Landscape  Sustainable Transportation infrastructure  Green Energy infrastructure  Water management infrastructure  Smart ICT infrastructure & Fiber Optic Telecommunications Network  Solid waste management infrastructure  Environment/Earth monitoring and measurement networks  Basic energy or communications facilities, such as oil refineries, gold mines, coal mines, oil wells and natural gas wells, radio and television broadcasting facilities, are classified as part of national infrastructure.  Social/Soft infrastructure refers to all the institutions which are required to maintain the economic, health, cultural and social sustainability and quality of being of a country/region/area/city:  the smart financial system,  the smart education system,  the smart health care system,  the smart system of government,  law smart enforcement system,  Smart emergency services  Smart defence system.  Smart Infrastructure systems include the fixed assets, the control systems and intelligent software to operate, manage and monitor the systems, as well as constructions, facilities and vehicles SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  25. 25. I-AMERICA: SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE ACT  Integrated Sustainable Infrastructure of Fiber Telecommunications, Green Roads, Clean Energy, Intelligent Transportation, and Ubiquitous Mobile Networks makes a key enabler for building Smart or Intelligent or Innovation Nations, with healthy economy, society and environment  Optical Transport, Mobile, Eco Energy, Green Roads, and Intelligent Transportation Networks  Fiber-Optic, Mobile, Sustainable Energy Infrastructure and Intelligent Transportation Systems Deployment Act of 2015  The key motivation is to build the national base for Sustainable Intelligent Communities, smart economy and innovative enterprises, ecotourism and smart development property projects and intelligent utilities, solar farms and wind parks, web farms and smart cloud computing industries, knowledge parks and innovation clusters, intelligent government and smart public services.  To create a nationwide integrated sustainable infrastructure of nation-wide fiber optic networks, green energy and natural gas infrastructure, and intelligent transportation systems  The Federal Government shall install Fiber Optic and Green Energy conduit infrastructures as part of new public roads construction projects.  Further on the Government has to build the fiber-optic and green energy cable conduit systems into the sides of all new public road projects.  To provide the nationwide fiber-optic and green energy and sustainable roads and natural gas infrastructure and cutting-edge broadband connectivity, the Federal Government introduced the following bill as a “Smart America” Infrastructure Project.  Addressing major concerns in the USA as climate change and urbanization, developing eco communities, smart economy, knowledge industry, sustainable infrastructure, developing sustainable transport and smart mobility, and making renewable energy more affordable, the Bill is enforcing the i-America Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  26. 26. I-AMERICA: SMART ECO INDUSTRY  SMART ECO INDUSTRY, a sector of nation’s sustainable economy; the stock of basic facilities of capital equipment to function for a smart country/area/region; a group of productive enterprises and organizations that produce or supply innovative goods, services, or sustainable sources of income.  Smart industries are reclassified as primary, secondary and tertiary, but as closely interconnected.  Primary industry  It covers genetic industries of renewable natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, and natural processes as renewable energy resources (solar energy, hydroenergy, geothermal energy, airthemal energy, wind energy, bioenergy and landfill gas, LFG, and energy from sewage thermal technologies, WTE plants).  It is downsizing extractive industries of mining of mineral ores, quarrying of stone and extraction of mineral fuels, considering it as part of national infrastructure.  Secondary or smart manufacturing industry  Secondary or smart manufacturing industry, heavy and light industries, takes the replacable raw materials and goods to economically process into resource-efficient consumer goods and products; building sustainable capital goods.  It is optimizing energy-producing industries, aviation, construction/housing, automobile, chemical, coal, electronics, computer, steel trucking, oil, shipbuilding, fashion, film, show biz, fashion, and arms industries  Tertiary or smart service industry,  It produces no tangible goods, provide services, intangible gains or generate sustainable wealth and prosperity, a mix of private and government enterprises.  It includes:  Smart banking, finance, insurance, investment and real estate services;  smart wholesale, retail, and resale trade;  Smart transportation, informationand communications services; professional, consulting, legal and personal services;  Sustainable tourism, hotels, restaurants and entertainment;  Smart repair and maintenance services;  Smart education and teaching;  Smart health, social welfare, administrative, police, security, and defence services.  Smart Sustainable Industry is the base for knowledge society and economy, marked by innovative economy, intelligent services, knowledge, research and innovation SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  27. 27. I-AMERICA: NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION  Integrated Manufacturing Infrastructure (Renewables, Optical ICT Networks, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Utilities, Facilities, Buildings, Industrial Parks, Economic Zones, etc.)  Sustainable Facility Industry (Buildings, Plants, Fields, Athletic Facilities, Recreational Facilities, Utilities, Gas System, Grids, Sewage Works, Transportation Systems, Water Systems)  Smart City Industry (Intelligent Urbanization Industry)  Future Internet Industry (Internet of Everything)  Smart Additive Manufacturing (Digital Manufacturing, Machines, Materials, Technologies, 3D & 4D Printing, The printing world industry of buildings, aircrafts, ships, cars, computers, drugs, toys, weapons, etc.)  Smart Environment Industry: genetic industries of renewable energy and natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, and fishing   Renewables  Buildings as Power Plants  Energy Storage Technology  Smart Grid Technology (Energy Internet)  Plug in, Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Transportation  The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism.  “The Industrial Revolution, powered by oil and other fossil fuels, is spiraling into a dangerous endgame. The price of gas and food are climbing, unemployment remains high, the housing market has tanked, consumer and government debt is soaring, and the recovery is slowing. Facing the prospect of a second collapse of the global economy, humanity is desperate for a sustainable economic game plan to take us into the future”.  The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World  "RECORDED Conference "Mission Growth - Europe at the Lead of the New Industrial Revolution"". European Commission. Retrieved April 11, 2013. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  28. 28. I-AMERICA: SMART SPACE TOURISM  Smart America is to extend its influence beyond the earth’s scope as mass space tourism business and deep space exploration  A web-based survey suggested that over 70% of those surveyed wanted less than or equal to 2 weeks in space; in addition, 88% wanted to spacewalk (only 14% of these would do it for a 50% premium), and 21% wanted a hotel or space station  Initially, the wealthy will serve as a focus group for the space tourism services, working out the logistic, comfort, and safety that may currently be present in the emerging space tourism industry.  Expected economic growth of space research tourism is significant. For example, Virgin Galactic has sold 500 tickets worth $200,000 dollars each as of 2012. Its ticket sales are expected to increase by the year 2013, when Virgin Galactic was planning to begin flights. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  29. 29. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015 SMART AMERICA FUNDING SOURCES  Federal Funding and State Funding Programs  Sovereign Funds (China, the Middle East)  International Monetary Fund  Smart Nation/City Investment of Major Corporations:  IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative); Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities); Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative); Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative); Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative); Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform); Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform); Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart); Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative); Hitachi (Smart City Initiative), Huawei (Smart City Initiative); etc.  Smart City Planning, Inc.
  30. 30. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015 “I-AMERICA” R&D CENTER SMART GROWTH STRATEGY, PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS 1. Smart America Sustainable Infrastructure 2. Eco States, Regions and Sustainable Communities 3. Smart Green Cities and Municipalities 4. Eco Development Projects 5. Sustainable Building/Eco Construction Projects (Green Buildings, Eco Homes, Smart Villas, Intelligent Homes) ORGANIZING SMART PUBLIC AND BUSINESS CLUSTERS of related enterprises, suppliers, and institutions in different fields of economy, commerce, industry, or civil services 1) Knowledge Parks of Third Generation 2) Innovation Parks, Smart Techno-clusters; Know-how clusters; Intelligent Eco-parks, Agro-Clusters; Medical or Hospital Clusters; sector clusters, horizontal clusters, vertical supply chain clusters 3) Maximizing the business intelligence capital, productivity and creativity 4) Stimulating innovative businesses and intelligent industry (eg, integrated operations of people, processes and technology, e-Field, i-Field, Digital Gas/Oilfield, intelligent field, or Smart Fields of Smart Wells) 5) Driving innovation in a new field of knowledge economy, commerce or industry (Smart Property, Intelligent Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Energy, Smart Gas/Oil) HIGH-LEVEL EDUCATION PROGRAMS 1. Global Initiatives for Smart World Communities: EIS’ Smart World, IBM’s Smarter Planet, Cisco’s Intelligent Urbanization, EIS’ Smart World, EU 2020 Strategy, and EU Initiatives on Smart Cities 2. World 2020: Lost Decade, Sluggish Recovery or Sustainable Recovery 3. Smart City Projects across the World, or Why Smart Cities make Priorities for Global Investors and Corporations (IBM, Cisco, Hitachi, Toshiba, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Huawei, etc.) 4. Smart City as a Model Settlement, or How to Become a Smart Municipality and Green Community 5. Science and Technology of the 21st Century: unification
  31. 31. I-AMERICA: INTELLIGENT NATION BRANDING PROGRAMS  In today's world, every country/city must compete with every other country/city for the world's investors, talent, cultural exchange, tourists, businesses, media profile and international events, cultural, political, economic, and scientific.  In today’s world, every nation, intentionally or unintentionally, has its brand, brand name, trade name, marque, national branding, core message, logo, claim, the way the nation is perceived (brand perception) and imaged globally and locally, by the world (global image formation) as well as its subjects and nationals.  Intelligent National Branding is instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment, tourism, enhancing geo political influence, global national image, facilitating trade and private-sector competitiveness, supporting for exports, and creating internal pride.  Up to now, countries and states are building the national brand and global image, employing the standard approaches and old public diplomacy, antique public relations and aggressive advertising and propaganda, including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Korea, and some Western European countries  Sustainable Branding Strategy  Intelligent or Innovation or Inclusive Nation Branding > i-USA>  Destination Branding, Place Marketing, Place Promotion, holistic, interactive, ongoing, broad activities involving social, economic, political and cultural processes >  Intelligent Infrastructure, Smart Economy, Innovation Industry (Primary & Secondary & Tertiary) Branding >  Eco Region (Connected Urban and Rural Development) Branding >  Smart City (Polis, Municipality and Eco Community) Branding >  Sustainable (Public and Private Project) Development Branding >  Innovative Corporate Branding > global brands (Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, GE, etc.)  Smart Nation Branding: SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  32. 32. I-AMERICA: SOLVING STRATEGIC QUESTIONS  Overarching Questions  1) What specific policies or initiatives should the Administration consider prioritizing in the next version of the Strategy for American Innovation?  (2) What are the biggest challenges to, and opportunities for, innovation in the United States that will generate long-term economic growth, increased productivity, sustained leadership in knowledge-intensive sectors, job creation, entrepreneurship, and rising standards of living for more Americans?  (3) What specific actions can the Federal Government take to build and sustain U.S. strengths including its entrepreneurial culture, flexible labor markets, world-class research universities, strong regional innovation ecosystems, and large share of global venture capital investment?  4) How can the Federal Government augment its overall capacity for analysis of both the forces that determine the competitiveness of specific sectors and the impact of Federal policies?  5) What innovation practices and policies have other countries adopted that deserve further consideration in the United States?  Innovation Trends  (6) How has the nature of the innovation process itself changed in recent years and what new models for science and technology investment and innovation policy, if any, do these changes require?...  Novel Government Tools for Promoting Innovation  (22) What are specific areas where a greater capacity for experimentation in law, policy, and regulation at the Federal level is likely to have large benefits?...  National Priorities  (24) Which new areas should be identified as “national priorities,” either because they address important challenges confronting U.S. security or living standards, or they present an opportunity for public investments to catalyze advances, bring about key breakthroughs and establish U.S. leadership faster than what might be possible otherwise?... A Notice by the Science and Technology Policy Office and the National Economic Council on 07/29/2014; SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  33. 33. THE RECOVERY ACT FOR NEW ECONOMY  There are steps to lay the foundation for the innovation economy of the future taken by the current US top administration.  In the Recovery Act, it is committed over $100 billion to support groundbreaking innovation in energy, basic research, education and training, advanced vehicle technology, innovative programs, health IT and health research, high speed rail, smart grid, and information technology (see Figure 1).  The commitment also includes broader support in the Recovery Act and the FY2010 budget on initiatives from education to infrastructure.  The President’s commitment also extends to important regulatory and executive order initiatives such as patent reform, coordinated fuel efficiency standards, net neutrality, permit policy for offshore wind farms, added with the first ever Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Government.  Figure 1. Innovation Funding in the Recovery Act  SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  34. 34. STRATEGY FOR AMERICAN INNOVATION: SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND QUALITY JOBS  “President Obama’s Strategy for American Innovation seeks to harness the inherent ingenuity of the American people to ensure that the economic growth is rapid, broad-based, and sustained. Innovation-based economic growth will bring greater income, higher quality jobs, and improved health and quality of life to all U.S. citizens. The Strategy for American Innovation provides a multifaceted, commonsense, and sustained approach to ensuring America’s future prosperity.”  Executive Summary  Introduction  Invest in the Building Blocks of American Innovation  Promote Market-Based Innovation  Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities  Appendix A: Invest in the Building Blocks of American Innovation  Appendix B: Promote Market-Based Innovation  Appendix C: Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities   SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  35. 35. THE 2011 STRATEGY FOR AMERICAN INNOVATION: THE ADMINISTRATION'S POLICY INITIATIVES TO DRIVE ECONOMIC GROWTH AND PROSPERITY  1. Invest in the Building Blocks of American Innovation.  Restore American leadership in fundamental research.  Educate the next generation with 21st century knowledge and skills while creating a world-class workforce in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Build a leading physical infrastructure.  Develop an advanced information technology ecosystem, for all Americans to have affordable 21st century access to the Internet.  2. Promote Competitive Markets that Spur Productive Entrepreneurship.  Promote American exports.  Support open capital markets that allocate resources to the most promising ideas.  Encourage high-growth and innovation-based entrepreneurship.  Improve public sector innovation and support community innovation.  3. Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities.  Unleash a clean energy revolution. Historic investments in smart grid, energy efficiency, and renewable technologies like wind, solar, and biofuels will help unleash a wave of ingenuity and progress that creates jobs, grows our economy, and ends our dependence on oil. Support advanced vehicle technologies, from electric cars to biofuels to advanced combustion. Drive innovations in health care technology.  Harness science and technology to address the "grand challenges" of the 21st century.   SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  36. 36. UPDATING A STRATEGY FOR AMERICAN INNOVATION  “The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Economic Council request public comments to provide input into an upcoming update of the Strategy for American Innovation, which helps to guide the Administration's efforts to promote lasting economic growth and competitiveness through policies that support transformative American innovation in products, processes, and services and spur new fundamental discoveries that in the long run lead to growing economic prosperity and rising living standards.  These efforts include policies to promote critical components of the American innovation ecosystem, including scientific research and development (R&D), technical workforce, entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, advanced manufacturing, and others.  The strategy also provides an important framework to channel these Federal investments in innovation capacity towards innovative activity for specific national priorities.  The public input provided through this notice will inform the deliberations of the National Economic Council and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, which are together responsible for publishing an updated Strategy for American Innovation”. 014-17761/strategy-for-american-innovation  Background  (1) Invest in the Building Blocks of American Innovation  (2) Promote Market-Based Innovation  (3) Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities  Questions  Overarching Questions  Innovation Trends  Science, Technology, and R&D Priorities  Skilled Workforce Development  Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship  Regional Innovation Ecosystems  Intellectual Property/Antitrust  Novel Government Tools for Promoting Innovation  National Priorities SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  37. 37. SMART EUROPE VS. SMART AMERICA: GOOD EUROPEAN INNOVATION PRACTICES AND POLICIES I. Smart growth: developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation (INNOVATION; EDUCATION; DIGITAL SOCIETY). II. Sustainable growth: promoting a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy (CLIMATE, ENERGY AND MOBILITY; COMPETITIVENESS). III. Inclusive growth: fostering a high-employment economy delivering social and territorial cohesion (EMPLOYMENT AND SKILLS; FIGHTING POVERTY).  The flagship initiatives: 1. INNOVATION: "Innovation Union" . 2. EDUCATION: "Youth on the move. 3. DIGITAL SOCIETY: "A digital agenda for Europe" . 4. CLIMATE, ENERGY and MOBILITY: "Resource efficient Europe" 5. COMPETITIVENESS: "An industrial policy for the globalisation era". 6. EMPLOYMENT and SKILLS: "An agenda for new skills and jobs" . 7. FIGHTING POVERTY: "European platform against poverty". EUROPE 2020: A Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. Communication from the Commission, European Commission, 2010, Brussels, EU  Investing 1 trillion in smart EUROPE  Multi-Annual Financial Framework, MFF, to deliver the Europe 2020 strategy.  Heading 1: Smart and Inclusive Growth, 490.908 (EUR million in 2011 prices);  H2: Sustainable Growth, Natural Resources, 382.927;  H3: Security and Citizenship, 18.535;  H4: Global Europe, 70.000;  H5: Administration, 62.629.  Total Commitment Appropriations, 1.025.000, 1,05% of GNI.  Total Outside MAFF, 58.316  EU funding is helping to support: Development of new technologies; Cutting-edge research; High-speed internet access; Smart transport and energy infrastructure; Energy efficiency and renewable energies; Business development; Skills and training  cial/regulation/pdf/2014/proposals/regulation/cohesion/ cohesion_proposal_en.pdf  10150491 SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  38. 38. SMART CHINA VS. SMART AMERICA: GOOD CHINESE PRACTICE  In China, to become smart and green is the matter of government policy, involving the State Council and the key government departments, such as Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, the National Tourism Administration and other relevant departments.  China's State Council issued “Several Opinions on Promoting Consumer Spending on Information Technology and Expanding Domestic Demand” proposing to develop pilot and demonstrative smart cities.  It required all pilot cities to issue policies to encourage market-based investment and financing, supporting intelligent upgrading of public utilities and fast implementation of smart grids, smart transport, smart water supplies, smart land administration and smart logistics.  In all, during the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, the plan investment in Chinese smart cities is expected to be more than 1.6 trillion Yuan. [Report on Study of the Progress and Problems of Smart City Development in China, CATR, 2013].  To support smart city development in China, a number of the 12th Five-year Plan had been formulated for the development of: Information Security Industry; Internet of Things; E-commerce, as well as fast rail networks, with a planned investment exceeding 2.5 trillion Yuan.  This all has been enhanced with the Chinese president’s geopolitical move for the $40bn Silk Road Mega Project: the 21st Century Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road, to be funded by the new $100bn Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  Besides, China Development Bank should provide an investment and financing no less than 80 billion Yuan in 3 years after the 12th Five-year Plan Period.  The “Smart Green America” is to unify all the funding and economic investments towards building a sustainable intelligent Federation, thus securing a competitive advantage to emerging Smart China. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  39. 39. EIS SMART BRANDS AND PROJECTS EIS INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY BRANDS EIS INTELLIGENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS  X.0 World ™; World X.0 ™; 3.0 World ™; World 3.0; 3.0 City ™; City 3.0 ™;  I-WORLD™; Global SkyNet™;  Smart Sustainable Communities™;  Smart Sustainable World ™;  Intelligent Eco City™; Smart Eco City™; Neapolis Smart EcoCity™;  i-City Operating Systems™; Smart City Software™;  i-Community Package™; Intelligent Urban Operating Systems; Smart Eco Community Operating Systems, SECOS™;  Territorial Intelligent Platform™, TIP;  Territorial Intelligent Systems™, TIS;  i-Europe™, Intelligent Europe™, Smart Europe™, Smart Green Europe™, Europe SkyNet™;  i-Germany ™, i-Britain ™;  i-Russia™, Smart Russia™, Intelligent Russia™, Smart Green Russia™, Russia SkyNet™  Smart Cyprus™, Intelligent Eco Island™, i-Cyprus;  i-America™, Smart America ™, Smart Green America™;  Smart Space ™, Intelligent Cosmos ™, i-Space ™  Global SkyNet™ pe_center_en.pdf 24260973 science-and-technology df (RUSSIA XXI) everything2internetofeverything SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  40. 40. FUTURE WORLD PROJECTS FOR IMPLEMENTATION: SMART AMERICA DEVELOPMENT  VISION AND MISSION:  The vision is to create the tomorrow’s America of sustainable states, eco regions, intelligent cities and green communities. The mission is to implement SMART US Development Projects by developing integrated intelligent models, strategies, conceptual designs and master plans for smart eco territories of the future (country, its states, cities and communities)  SELLING POINTS  Intelligent Nations and Smart Cities offer major market opportunities for the government, big business and innovative SMEs. Global systems integrators and technology vendors, such as IBM, Cisco and Accenture, are spearheading smart city implementations across the globe, trying to develop comprehensive smart city platforms, but without a global smart city strategy.  EIS LTD is the conceptual leader in conceiving, planning and (re)developing large smart eco territories of the future, intelligent nations and smart regions or innovative mega corridors, as well as sustainable urban areas, intelligent cities and eco communities.  EIS Ltd is designing the tomorrow’s world of sustainable countries, cities and communities from the most fundamental and broad perspectives, integrating national innovation strategies  Smart Territories of the Future  Smart World, I-WORLD Platform, to be offered for the global organizations, as the UN, World Bank, G 20, etc.  i-America (Intelligent Growth Strategy and i-US Digital Platform), to be offered for the Federal Government, and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc.  i-Europe (Smart Germany, Smart Britain, Smart France, Smart Italy, and Smart Spain), to be offered for the national governments, and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc.  i-Russia (Smart Russia and i-Government), to be offered for the federal government and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc.  i-City (Intelligent Eco Cities and Smart Sustainable Communities), to be offered for municipalities and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc. SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  41. 41. I-AMERICA PROMOTERS  Dr Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev, Managing Director, EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU)  E-mail:  Internet Sites:   The Smart Eco Community “X” Consortium is engaged with a nonlinear growth for potential superpowers of the 21st century, such as the EU, the USA, China, India, or Russia:  hyperpowers  Smart Eco Community “X” Consortium/EIP on Smart Cities and Communities Stakeholder    EIS LTD is an innovative enterprise, which is advancing across the globe  1. the I-World Concept,  2. Intelligent Nation Development Strategy  3. Smart Sustainable City Policy   4. Global Innovation Platform  SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  42. 42. THE FUTURE WORLD ACTIONS & PROJECTS  For more on the Future World visions, strategies, challenges and projects, visit the links as below:  BUILDING INTELLIGENT WORLD       THE FUTURE WORLD ACTIONS  Smart Cities Global Initiative  Smart Nations Global Initiative  Smart Superpower Global Initiative   CHINA-EUROPE SMART SILK ROAD  THE FUTURE EUROPE ACTIONS  European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities  Smart Urban Europe Agenda  Smart Green Europe Investment Project (Under Study by the President of the EC)  THE FUTURE RUSSIA ACTIONS  Smart Green Russia (considered for funding from the National Well-Being Fund and Pension Fund):  THE FUTURE WORLD ECONOMY    SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015
  43. 43. CREATING SUSTAINABLE WORLD DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES  Nowadays, the sustainable development strategies, initiatives, and actions are coming both from international organizations, government’s think tanks, and from innovative businesses, modeling the Future World as: I. Smarter Planet (IBM) II. Smart + Connected Communities (Cisco) III. UN: Millennium Development Goals and BEYOND IV. Smart Sustainable World (Smart World Group & EIS LTD)  The IBM’s Smarter Planet is envisioned as the world with digitally smarter cities, buildings, infrastructure, government, intelligence, education, healthcare, public safety, telecom, banking, retail, stimulus, work, traffic, transport, computing, products, food, energy, oil, water.  The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20 to 22 June 2012, resulted in an agreement by Member States to launch a process to develop a set of sustainable development goals that can be used to pursue focused and coherent action on sustainable development  The Cisco's Intelligent Urbanization, a.k.a. Smart + Connected Communities, aims to convert physical communities into connected (intelligent) communities, targeting at such significant areas of human life as: Smart Connected Buildings, Smart Grid, Smart Connected Real Estate, Safety and Security, Connected Transportation, Environment, Education, Healthcare, Sports and Entertainment, and Government.  The Smart World’s holistic global strategy is integrating the future world scenarios, like the Smarter World or the World’s Intelligent Urbanization, and Sustainable World Development Goals, in the single Smart World Development Framework, as specified in the I-World Manifesto. ; future-tomorrows-world; SMART AMERICA Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013-2015