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Network Software

Network Software



Encyclopedic Intelligence, EIS Ltd, Global Flow Networks, Next-Generation Algorithms, Smart Software, Data Flows Large Computer Networks ...

Encyclopedic Intelligence, EIS Ltd, Global Flow Networks, Next-Generation Algorithms, Smart Software, Data Flows Large Computer Networks
Intensive Traffic in Internet Networks
Information Flow in Telecommunication Networks
Intensive Traffic in Transportation Networks
Power Generation and Transmission in Electricity Networks
Electricity Flows in Smart Grid Networks
Green Energy Flows in Renewable Energy Networks
Oil or Gas Transportation in Oil and Gas Production Networks
Commodity Flows in Manufacturing Networks
Supply Chain Flow Networks
Social Connections in Social Networks
Big Data Streams
Open Data in Intelligent Communities and Smart Mobile Cities Networks



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    Network Software Network Software Presentation Transcript

    • ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE Platform VII: Fashioning the Global Network Software Market ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence http://www. slideshare. net/ ashabook/ encyclopedicENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-24260973 http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-24260973 ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE III http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-big-science-and-technology http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-big-science-and-technology ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE IV: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-global-marketing http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-global-marketing ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE V: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/global-intelligence-26413485 By http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-ltd http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-ltd Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev and Michael T. Todinov ООО "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы“ (Moscow/Russia, Skolkovo Innovation Center ) "Энциклопедические Системы“ EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU) http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-limited-28850348 Vision, Innovation and Technology shape the World to come http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/creating-the-future-tomorrows-world http://www. slideshare. net/ ashabook/ creating- the- future- tomorrowshttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smartworl-dabr http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/innovation-platform http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/iworld-25498222 http://www. slideshare. net/ ashabook/ iworld-25498222 http://iiisyla.livejournal.com Infusing Intelligence into the Global Networks
    • Global Networks Market: Ultra-fast Algorithms for Analysing, Optimising and Managing Network Flows EIS LTD is to bring on the Global Network Applications Market Next-Generation Software Tool for High-Speed Analysis, Optimisation and Management of Network Flows, with powerful applications in: •Oil and Gas in Oil or Gas Production and Transportation Networks •Computer Networks •Telecommunication Networks •Transportation Networks •Supply Chain Networks •Smart Electrical Grids, with distributed Renewable Sources of Generation •Manufacturing Networks •Reliability Networks of Complex Systems •Evacuation networks •Intelligent Communities and Smart Mobile Cities Networks
    • ANALYSIS AND OPTIMISATION OF REAL FLOW NETWORKS • • • A very recent analysis done by Prof. M. Todinov revealed that real complex networks exhibit with very large probability highly undesirable parasitic flow loops, associated with wastage of energy and other resources, increased levels of congestion and pollution to the environment. Parasitic flow loops can be removed without affecting the throughput flow from sources to destinations. Optimizing supply networks by removing such parasitic flow loops has the potential to reduce the wastage of resources, the environmental pollution and save billions of dollars for the world economy. The existence of parasitic flow loops in networks remained unnoticed by scientists for nearly 60 years! Ironically, despite the years of intensive research on static flow networks, parasitic flow loops appear even in the “network flow solutions” from all published algorithms (including the famous Ford-Fulkerson algorithm) for maximising the throughput flow in networks, since the creation of the theory of flow networks in 1956! Source: Todinov M., Parasitic flow loops in networks, International Journal of Operations Research, 10(3) pp.109-122 (2013). [http://www.orstw.org.tw/ijor/vol10no3/ijor_vol10_no3_109_122.pdf]
    • UNIQUE SOFTWARE TOOL with no world competitors THE ONLY SOFTWARE TOOL IN EXISTENCE: - With the capability of removing highly undesirable parasitic flow loops in logistic supply networks. - With the capability of optimising the network topology to achieve a maximum throughput flow. - With an ultra-fast algorithm for determining the availability of the output flow within a fraction of a second. The computational speed does not depend on the failure frequencies of the components and the length of the operation interval! - With a high-speed algorithm for determining the reliability of the output flow of complex networks. - With an ultra-fast algorithm for re-optimising within milliseconds the flow in large and complex flow networks, after failures and congestion. Often, the computational speed does not even depend on the size of the network!
    • UNIQUE SELLING POINTS FOR CUSTOMERS AND INVESTORS We are the only developer in the world: - who offers software functions for removing parasitic flow loops in real networks with complex topology. - who is capable of calculating the production availability of a complex system within a fraction of a second, independent of the time interval of operation and the failure frequencies of the components. - who offers algorithms for re-optimising the flows after failure or congestion, which are 10000 times faster than any known conventional algorithm. - who offers algorithms for determining the reliability of the output flow, on demand. times faster than any known conventional algorithm. - who offers algorithms for a topology optimisation of flow networks to maximise their throughput flow within a fixed budget for building the network. - who offers the fastest algorithms for maximising the throughput flow in networks. - who offers a software tool for building and analysing reliability networks of complex systems, with both directed and undirected edges. These unique selling points open a huge world market for the smart networks software. All companies, universities and research institutions worldwide engaged in network analysis and control, are in need of smart software tools for analysis, optimisation and management of flow networks. SOURCE: Todinov M.Т., Flow networks, Elsevier, 2013. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Flow-Networks-Michael-Todinov/
    • FASHIONING THE GLOBAL NETWORK SOFTWARE MARKET: Who Needs Our Products • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Universities. There are about 11994 universities in the world according to the ranking web of universities (http://www.webometrics.info/en/world?page=119). Many of these universities have Engineering, Computer Science, Business management and Operational Research departments. Oil and gas production companies (e.g. BP, Shell, Gazprom, Rosneft, Total). Logistic companies and consultancies, environmental agencies and research centres will use our software for removing parasitic flow loops in networks. Companies engaged in transportation and supply through the road networks, airlines and railways. Engineering companies, research groups and consultancies (worldwide), conducting system reliability analysis. Telecommunication companies. Internet service provider companies. Engineering companies, reliability consultancies and consultancies in the area of power networks, computer networks and gas production networks. Electric power companies. Cities and urban utilities. Manufacturing companies. Research scientists active in the area of flow networks. Chemical production companies.
    • PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR • Prof. Todinov is a leading international expert in flow networks, network algorithms and network reliability and principal investigator of the Skolkovo Innovation Center project “ A software tool for high-speed analysis, control and optimisation of flow networks”, December, Moscow, 2013, Russia. • Prof. Todinov holds a PhD in Mathematical Modelling from Birmingham University (1999) and a higher doctorate (DEng/DSc) for major contributions in the area of probabilistic modelling in Engineering, from Birmingham University (2008). By using probabilistic reasoning, thought experiments and computer simulations, Prof. Todinov demonstrated for the first time that contrary to the common belief for more than 60 years, the famous Weibull distribution is a fundamentally flawed model for the probability of failure of materials. He also proposed the correct alternative. • M.Todinov's name is associated with creating the foundations of risk-based reliability analysis (driven by the cost of system failure), the theory of repairable flow networks, the theory of networks with disturbed flows and the theory of parasitic flow loops in networks. • M.Todinov has more than 100 refereed publications - journal papers, conference papers, three monographs and three book chapters. Substantial part of his research has been funded by the oil and gas industry, nuclear industry, automotive industry and agencies funding academic research. M.Todinov is also an expert programmer in C/C++.
    • EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM • • EIS Encyclopedic Intelligence, EI, is designed as an open ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: http:// innovation and disruptive technology platform, comprising www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedicArtificial Intelligence Paradigms, human-centered and intelligence reality-oriented: ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: http://sourceforge.net/directory/os:windows/freshness:recently-up http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-24260973 • • As a mind-centered paradigm, it could be mentioned ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE III: Grand Challenge 5 – Architecture of Brain and Mind, a UK attempt to understand http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-global-marketing and model natural intelligence at various levels of abstraction, being embodied in a succession of robots. ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE IV: • As a world-centered example, it could http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-big-science-and-technology be mentioned Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations (SEAS), a model of the real world used by ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE V: http:// Homeland security and the www.slideshare.net/ashabook/global-intelligence-26413485 United States Department of Defense • that uses simulation and AI to predict and evaluate future EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE: events and courses of action. GLOBAL INNOVATION AND DISRUPTIVE • EI is a universal intelligent environment for building AI TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: http systems and Intelligent Governance Platforms for smart ://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/innovation-platform territories and intelligent communities (a world, nations, cities and local settlements of the future). • Specifically, “the Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform is an he excellent intelligent environment for the Global Network Applications and Software Tools”.
    • ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM APPLICATIONS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Global Ontology of the World, or Digital Aristotle; World Encyclopedia; Big Science Knowledge Base; World Knowledge Graph vs. Google’s Knowledge Graph; Smart Web Search Schema; Human knowledge integration systems and semantic networks; Generic reasoning mechanisms and units; World data processing physical cognitive systems, from smart transducers and intelligent sensors to all-purpose cosmic robonauts; Natural language understanding software packages; Knowledge intensive embedded reasoning systems; Intelligent content systems for the Internet, as online smart encyclopedias, catalogues, taxonomies, vocabularies, and terminologies; Generic reasoning platforms and intelligent search technology for the Semantic World Wide Web, interactive home TV, etc.; Encyclopedic intelligent applications, as i-business smart technologies, global web trading systems, forecasting business systems, business management i-consultancy, etc.; Integrated intelligent solutions for i-Government, i-Learning, i-Science, i-Health, and i-Business; Business intelligent technology providing generic industry solutions and autonomously implementing commercial processes, activities, transactions, and trading operations (e.g., logistic management systems, inventory management modules, enterprise resource planning agents, export-import brokering agents, etc.); Digital Earth; Intelligent City Operations, Control and Command Centers;  Smart City Management Platform; Urban Operations Cloud System; Digital Cities in the Sky Sky/Cloud Computing Cities, Virtual Cities in the Sky, Cities In the Sky™; • Global Networks Platforms; • • • • • • Intelligent Community Platforms; i-Europe Platform, i-Cyprus Platform; i-Russia Platform; i-Moscow Platform; I-World Platform
    • GLOBAL COOPERATION • • • • • • • • • • EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Limited Company, Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center Participant, is a valid owner and creator of the ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE Platform Products. EIS Ltd is open for a cooperation to design, develop, and distribute the ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE Platform of different scales and kinds, from smart sustainable communities to intelligent information technologies and computing knowledge applications. The company is planning to grant brand licences under intellectual property laws to authorize a use for its Intelligent Intangible Assets to prospective partners, to develop the EIS Platform systems, applications and services. Considering the type of legal entities and the form of knowledge transfer, the scale of cooperation and the scope of territories, the terms and conditions, knowledge transfer fees, royalties, and renewal provisions will have been properly stipulated, including other specifications and limitations deemed vital to the licensor. Below is an example of the licensed product process steps: Licensor is informed by a prospective partner on the product categories to be licensed Licensor negotiates a knowledge transfer license and fees with the best licensees Licensees develop concepts, prototypes and final production samples and submit for approval Licensor approves licensed products for public development, software coding and programming, and commercial sale Licensees sell licensed knowledge products or intelligent services In all, the forms of cooperation involve consultancy, licensing, cooperative R&D or contract R&D agreements, and spin-offs.
    • ООО "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы" • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Предметом уставной деятельности Общества является: является: исследование, разработка и коммерциализация единой платформы интеллектуальных городов, инновационных кластеров, экоградов, умных эко-проектов и инновационных застроек; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация цифровых моделей интеллектуальных городов, виртуальных интернет и веб городов с умными системами, процессами, услугами; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация цифровых моделей умных интеллектуальных городов и регионов; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных моделей эко-градов, эко-полисов и эко-комлексов: жилых, коммерческих и промышленных; промышленных; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных моделей и прототипов умных городов, регионов и стран; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация умных экологических городов, их основных комплексов, структур, систем, элементов и компонентов; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных инновационных систем, инновационных кластеров, исследовательских и технологических парков; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация экологичной инфраструктуры инновационных эко-городов, застроек, кварталов, комплексов и отдельных зданий; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальной инфраструктуры инновационного эко-города, высокотехнологичного городского комплекса; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных интеллектуальных инженерных, оптических телекоммуникационных и возобновляемых энергетических сетей; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация виртуального многомерного проектирования городского пространства, объектов гражданского и промышленного строительства, интеллектуальных инженерных сетей и коммуникаций; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных информационных моделей, систем, услуг и технологий; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных компьютерных моделей, систем, услуг и технологий; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация универсальных систем научного и технологического знания; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных энциклопедически систем в форме физических роботов, виртуальных интернет систем и компьютерных программ; исследование, разработка и коммерциализация будущих интернет технологий и семантических сетей.
    • Уникальное Программное Обеспечение для Сложных Сетей с Потокaми: Стратегические компьютерные технологии и программное обеспечение • • • • • • • • • • • В настоящее время, программноe обеспечениe для анализа, оптимизации и контроля сложных реальных сетей с потоками не прeдлагается нигде в мире. Ни одна исследовательская группа или компания не подозревает о существовании паразитных петель потока в реальных сетях и необходимости разработки программного обеспечения для их устранения. Ни одна исследовательская группа или компания в мире не способна оптимизировать потоки в сетях в режиме реального времени, которое не зависит от размера сети. Ни одна исследовательская группа или компания в мире не способна определить доступность сети во времени, которая не зависит от частоты отказов компонентов и от длины интервала времени. В настоящее время нет опубликованных алгоритмов максимизирования потока, которые не оставляют паразитные петли потока в оптимизированных сетях. Мы являемся единственным разработчиком в мире, который предлагает программное обеспечение для максимизации потокa в сетях, без нежелательных паразитных петель потока. Мы являемся единственными разработчиками в мире, которые предлагают программное обеспечение для определения оптимальной топологии сети с наибольшей доступностью и надежностью потока В наших оптимизированных сетях, трата ресурсов и заторы сводятся к минимуму. Удаления паразитных петель потока в реальных сетях может сэкономить миллиарды долларов в виде логистических и транспортных расходов и за счет снижения загрязнения окружающей среды. Эти обстоятельства открывает новый глобальный рынок для нашего уникального программного обеспечения, а также для потенциальных инвестров. РЕЗЮМЕ ПРОЕКТА: «Программное обеспечение для высокоскоростного анализа, контроля и оптимизации сетей с потокaми», ООО «ЭИС», Инновационный Центр Сколково, Москва, Россия