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Smart Europe Manifesto

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I europe title

  1. 1. NEW EUROPE SMART EUROPE MANIFESTO FUTURE EUROPE as the intelligent and innovative, healthy and wealthy, livable and efficient, moral and fair, smart and sustainable UNION SUSTAINABLE EUROPE STRATEGY PROGRAM Smart Sustainable Community International Group [SMART WORLD GROUP/I-WORLD CONSORTIUM] EUROPEAN UNION 2011i-EUROPE Manifesto © EIS Ltd & SMART WORLD GROUP/I-WORLD CONSORTIUM 2011
  2. 2. I. THE WORLD’S STATE OF AFFAIRS II. WHO TODAY CREATES GLOBAL POLITICAL STRATEGIES III. WHY THE WORLD NEEDS THE SMART GLOBAL STRATEGY IV. THE EUROPEAN UNION AS THE WORLD’S LARGEST ECONOMY V. HOW THE LARGEST WORLD’S ECONOMY COULD AVOID THE WHOLESALE DISINTEGRATION VI. EUROPEAN FEDERATION: THE UNITED EU AND RUSSIA: SMART EU AND INTELLIGENT RUSSIA VII. i-EUROPE: INTELLIGENT, INTEGRATED, AND INNOVATIVE EUROPE VIII. NEW EUROPE: TRANSNATIONAL COMMUNITY: INTELLIGENT NATIONS: SMART/SUSTAINABLE CITY PROJECTSDeveloping Europe as an Innovative, Intelligent, Interconnected, and Instrumented Union with the sustainableagglomerations of natural environments and built environments, nations, peoples, activities, buildings, facilities, andinfrastructures Smart Sustainable Community International Group [SMART WORLD GROUP/I-WORLD CONSORTIUM]The Smart World Group (SWG) is the I-World Consortium of prime experts, specialists and investment advisorsfrom different parts of the world, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, EU, India, and USA.The Corporate Mission and Strategy of the Smart Group is to contribute in building a New World of intelligentnations and smart regions and cities by converging physical/ecological, technological/digital, and human/socialspaces.The Smart World Group is the leading innovative group enabling full sustainable communities and innovationenvironments and intelligent ecosystems of all sizes and scales: local, urban, regional, national, international andtransnational.The Smart Group is singular on the emerging global market of intelligent nations and smart cities by offeringintegrated, holistic models of innovation national ecosystems, digital cities, cyber cities, intelligent cities, greencities, and intelligent nations as smart sustainable communities, where new solutions, social spaces, collectiveintelligence, and innovative technologies are developed, tested and integrated.http://www.eis.com.cyontopaedia@gmail.com; abdoul@cytanet.com.cyThe only way for the EU to escape its wholesale bailout is “to respond to the crisis and to speed up economicgrowth”, relying on knowledge, innovation and intelligence, human, social and technological. For its leadership, toexhibit the political will and to show the political wisdom, launching the Intelligent International CommunityStrategy, successfully practiced on a smaller scale in the South Eastern Asian countries as the intelligent nationsprojects. The i-Europe provides the SMART EUROPE STRATEGY, the Intelligent Stabilization and GrowthMechanism, the most effective remedy against the current badness, social, economic, political, cultural andenvironmental.Implementing the Smart Europe Program, the European Union could start transforming into a TransnationalIntelligent Eco Community of Smart Regions and Intelligent Cities, primarily investing in: I. Sustainable Ecology II. Intelligent Infrastructure III. Smart Transportation IV. Smart Energy V. Smart Economy VI. Smart Finance VII. Smart Education VIII. Smart Public Safety and Security IX. Smart Citizens X. Sustainable Livingi-EUROPE Manifesto © EIS Ltd & SMART WORLD GROUP/I-WORLD CONSORTIUM 2011