Creating the Future: Tomorrow's World: Towards a Singularity World


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Future Technologies (Agriculture, Biomedical, Electronics, Energy, ICT & Robotics, Manufacturing, Neuroscience, Military, Space, Transport)
Future Information,
Future Knowledge, Science & Technology, and Future Intelligence
Future Web Future Internet, Intelligent Internet, Smart WWW
Future Industry, Intelligent Integrated Industry
Future Government, Intelligent Global Government Future Cities,
Smart Green Urban Communities
Future Nations
Future Superpower
FUTURE WORLD dramatic developments and predictions
POST-SINGULARITY WORLD (Technological, Economic, Political, Social, Ecological, Human Singularities)

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    The Nation's and/or President's Challenge to creating the Intelligent State:
    Push your national government to follow the Initiative...
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  • Humanity will change more in the
    next 20 years than in all of human history
  • Smart and Sustainable Countries, Cities and Communities (SSCCC) Architecture
    Redeveloped as a Smart and Sustainable City, a City “X” is to emerge as an Intelligent City of the Future of three critical urban levels planned, managed and coordinated as integral multi-projects:
    Digital/ICT/Hi-Tech/Ubiquitous/Cyber/Mobile/Interconnected/Smart City (Districts, Municipalities, Communities)
    (Digital/Information Capital; Intelligent ICT Infrastructure, Multi-Play Telecom Networks, Smart Governance, Intelligent Management Platforms, Ubiquitous Computation, Internet of Things (M2M Technology), Network-integrated Buildings, Digital Communities, Digital/Virtual Lifestyle)
    Sustainable/Ecological/Green/Zero-Carbon/Zero-Waste/Zero-Energy/Nature Friendly/Eco City (Districts, Municipalities, Communities) (Natural Capital; Natural Resources, Physical Capital, Green Energy Networks, Green Buildings, Eco-Environment, Eco Communities, Green Lifestyle)
    Knowledge/Learning/Innovation/ Intelligent/Science/Intellectual/LivingLab/Creative/Human/Inclusive/Social City (Districts, Municipalities, Communities) (Knowledge or Innovation Capital; Human/Intellectual Capital, Social Capital and Networks, Social Cohesion, Inclusion, Knowledge Triangles/Health Triangles, Knowledge EcoSystems, Knowledge Communities, Intelligent/Smart Lifestyle)
    The goal of the Smart Sustainable City “X” Strategy is to enhance urban wealth, performance and competitiveness, advancing smart innovation and creativity, education, art and medicine, science and technology, industry and commerce, transportation and mobility, social communications and public administration and environment conservation.
    In all, Sustainable City “X” is to be renewed as a cyber-physical territorial ecosystem with interdependent urban systems: sustainable land and environment, smart people, interconnected info- and infrastructure and intelligent government.
    SMART TERRITORIES OF THE FUTURE: The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities.
    Рис. 1. Триединая модель устойчивого города
    Smart and Sustainable City “X” INVESTMENT STRATEGY
    In 2014-2015, Most Worldwide Spending on Smart City Projects Will Be Focused on Intelligent ICT, Energy, Transportation, and Public Safety, mainly Funded by National or International Government and governed by Joint Ventures or PPP.
    The “Smart City “X” Investment Strategy aims to transform a city as an intelligent eco city: environmentally sustainable, inter-connected, instrumented, innovative, and integrated, regionally and globally attractive for businesses, citizens, visitors and investors.
    Its Vision is to become a Smart City of the Future, Intelligent Eco City or Smart Sustainable Urban Community.While operating, SMART City “X” is to be managed by its urban brains, an intelligent city cloud platform, managing its resources, assets, processes and systems: Urban Land and Environment, Roads and Transportation, Energy networks and Utilities, ICT networks and fiber telecom infrastructure, Public and residential buildings, Natural Resources, Water and Waste management, Social infrastructure, Health and safety, Education and culture, Public administration and services, Communities and Businesses.
    As the key challenges, there are recognized the lack of technology and business models standardization, price competition and poor partnership, when each player protects its IP, thus failing to establish a working consortium of general contractors, architect firms, housing companies, IT vendors, auto companies, electronics companies and energy suppliers
    Thus, to build a real intelligent community or smart city, all the key sectors of communal life should be covered: land and environment, transportation, mobility, energy, buildings, ICT, water, waste, health, education, safety and security, and other social services, as closely interconnected and interfaced.
    Capitalizing on intelligent strategic planning and digital solutions, Smart City “X” is setting forward a total strategic investment package of the next-generation urban development, bettering the existing Smart City Value Chain of Plan, Research/FS and Implementation:
    {Concept, Design > Estate/Land Space Plan} > {Environment/energy plan> [Traffic plan/Water plan/IT plan/Business plan] >Financing} > {EPC > Production > Device Installation > Infrastructure Supply > Life Support > Community Activities}.
    (see Smart City Planning, Inc., World Cities Summit, 2012).

    I-City Governance Platform
    Its i-City Platform is to collect big data from intelligent instrumentation, smart devices and sensors embedded in its streets and roadways, power and water grids, buildings and other city assets, interconnected via smart communications networks, wired, wireless and mobile, using smart software  for delivering intelligent information and smart innovative services: digital citizens, smart politics, smart health, smart education, smart home, smart utilities (water, energy, waste, transportation, information), smart safety and security, online taxes and permits, utility bills, payments, GIS information on underground cables, pipes, water mains, bus arrival, traffic maps, crime reports, emergency warnings, cultural events, etc.:
  • Creating the Future: Tomorrow's World: Towards a Singularity World

    1. 1. CREATING THE FUTURE: Building Tomorrow’s World Future Technologies (Agriculture, Biomedical, Electronics, Energy, ICT & Robotics, Manufacturing, Neuroscience, Military, Space, Transport) Future Information, Future Knowledge, Science & Technology, and Future Intelligence Future Web Future Internet, Intelligent Internet, Smart WWW Future Industry, Intelligent Integrated Industry Future Government, Intelligent Global Government Future Cities, Smart Green Urban Communities Future Nations Future Superpower FUTURE WORLD Dramatic Developments and Predictions for 2030 Post-Singularity World (Scientific, Technological, Social, Economic, Political, Ecological Singularities) --------------------------------------------------------------------- ENCYLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: ENCYLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: SMART WORLD: Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev/Smart World Consortium/EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd Vision, Innovation and Technology shape the World to come “I’m more interested in the future than in the past, because the future is where I intend to live.” A. Einstein Our greatest interest in life comes from unknowing the future;
    2. 2. SMART WORLD: Dramatic Developments and Predictions for 2030 • Due to technology explosion and disruptive innovations, humanity will change in the next 15-20 years as never seen in all of human history, entering a post-singularity world of Encyclopedic Intelligence (superhuman AI): • The world will be free of poverty with free access to land, food, water, green energy, electricity, transit, shelter, freedom, information, education, healthcare, leisure, or creative work, making redundant the current socio-economic order, international and national governments, global businesses, fossil fuel industry and nature-destruction lifestyles. • Most urban agglomerations, global cities and metropolitan areas will become smart urban areas running by i-city governance platforms, making local authorities as redundant part of the future society • All traditional crimes will be solved by smart community intelligent video-surveillance systems, and smart neuro- technology systems, making police, judges, and lawyers as redundant part of the future society. • Revealing the mechanisms by which mind and consciousness emerge from the brain, cognitive neurotechnology is becoming a leading intelligent industry. • All transportation systems will be driverless technologies using clean energy, ITS and AI programs. • Today’s Fortune 500 companies will have disappeared, traditional educational systems will have collapsed, and India and China will make more than half of the world’s population. • People will have stopped taking pills in favor of smart nanodevices that cause the body to manufacture it’s own cures. • Space tourism, space colonies, robotic space crafts, smart drones, and flying cars will become a prevalent reality. • People will travel in a driverless car, “vactrain” tubes, use a 4D printer to print their needs in food, clothing, construction etc. and will spend their time on activities that haven’t been known yet, having any basic incomes. • All new construction will be “printed” buildings, direct democracy will be the only form of one global government, world religions will disappear, aging could be reversed, humans will control gravity and weather, smart internet of everything, i-web engines with smart drones instead of web crawlers, to search the physical world, people will travel to the center of the earth, intelligent vacuum tube and h/t superconducting maglev transportation to route traffic around the world. • The smart world of intelligent networks, ultraintelligent machines, virtual minds, superintelligent cyborgs, digital humans, human-machine systems, and future communities will replace the physical world. Cf. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    3. 3. THE WORLD’S REVOLUTIONS: Future World Disruptive Innovations Roadmap • WORLD 1.0 (Industrial World) :: Global Community 0.0 > Society 1.0> Nation 1.0 > City 1.0 > Science 1.0 > Technology 1.0 > Industry 1.0 > Infrastructure 1.0 > Network 1.0 > Telecom 1.0 > Internet 1.0 > Web 1.0 > Service 1.0 > Government 1.0 > Medicine 1.0 >…Space 1.0 • WORLD 2.0 (Information World) :: Global Community 2.0 > Society 2.0 > Nation 2.0> City 2.0 > Science 2.0 > Technology 2.0 > Industry 2.0 > Infrastructure 2.0 > Network 2.0 > Telecom 2.0 > Internet 2.0 > Web 2.0 > Service 2.0 > Government 2.0 > Medicine 2.0 > Human 2.0 > …Space 2.0 • WORLD 3.0 (Smart World) :: Global Community 3.0 > Society 3.0 > Nation 3.0> City 3.0 > Science 3.0 > Technology 3.0 > Industry 3.0 > Infrastructure 3.0 > Network 3.0 > Telecom 3.0 > Internet 3.0 > Web 3.0 > Service 3.0 > Government 3.0 > Medicine 3.0 > Human 3.0 > Space 3.0 …> SINGULARITY WORLD • ………………………………………… • WORLD X.0 :: Global Community X.0 > Society X.0 > Nation X.0> City X.0 > Science X.0 > Technology X.0 > Industry X.0 > Infrastructure X.0 > Network X.0 > Telecom X.0 > Internet X.0 > Web X.0 > Service X.0 > Government X.0 > Medicine X.0 > Human X.0 > …Space X.0 • The Future World Evolution Roadmap is life critical for the future world scenarios, for it holistically combines technological breakthroughs with political, economic, social and organizational innovations. • It shows a high way to the Smart Sustainable World of Intelligence, Innovation, Interconnection and Prosperity • THE 3.0 WORLD TECHNOLOGIES • Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Cognitive Science, Robotics and AI, • Computing and Communications, Display Technology, Electronics, Robotics and Applied Mechanics, Energy Systems, Materials Science, Manufacturing, • Space Technologies and Transportation • FUNDAMENTAL UNITS of matter, life, heredity, brain and mind • Bits, Atoms, Forces, Energy, Neurons, Genes, Ideas • NOTE. The idea of the X.0 World initially rooted in the terms “Web 2.0” and its indefinite extension, the Web X.0, both superseding the old and static business model of Web 1.0 of Netscape. Initially it was introduced as an “Internet operating system”, “Inventing the Future,”; “What Is Web 2.0,” web-20.html. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    4. 4. FUTURE TECHNOLOGY: Emerging Technologies • Future Technologies by Sectors (at different development stages and application fields): • Agriculture: Agricultural robot, Closed ecological systems, Genetically modified food, In vitro meat, Kitchen meat incubator, Vertical farming, or Urban Agriculture • Sustainable Agriculture: Genetic industries of renewable natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, and natural processes • Biomedical: Artificial uterus, Body implants, prosthesis, Cryonics, Expressive augmentation, Genetic engineering, Hibernation or suspended animation, Life extension, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, Oncolytic Virus, Personalized medicine, NG Genomics, full genome sequencing, Synthetic biology,synthetic genomics, Regenerative medicine, Robotic surgery, Tricorder, Tissue engineering, Virotherapy, Vitrification or cryoprotectant • Displays: 3D displays, Holography (Holographic display, Computer-generated holography), Organic light- emitting transistor, Screenless display (Virtual retinal display, Bionic contact lens), EyeTap, etc. • Electronics: Digital scent technology, Electronic nose, E-textiles, Flexible electronics, Memristor, Spintronics, Thermal copper pillar bump • Energy: Renewable Energy Technologies, Innovative Energy Storage, Generation and Transfer • IT, Computing and Telecommunications: Encyclopedic Intelligence (Ambient intelligence, Artificial brain, Artificial intelligence, Atomtronics, Augmented Reality, Cybermethodology, Virtual Reality); Mobile Internet and Wireless Web, Knowledge Work Automation, the Internet of Things or M2M Internet, Cloud Technology, Advanced Robotics, etc. • I-World Digital Platform: Smart World Applications (Intelligent Territories, Regions, Cities, Communities) CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    5. 5. FUTURE TECHNOLOGY: Emerging Technologies • Manufacturing: Additive Manufacturing or 3D/4D Printing, Claytronics, Molecular manufacturing, Molecular assembler, Materials science: Advanced Materials, Aerogel, Cloak of invisibility, Conductive Polymers, Femtotechnology,Picotechnology, Graphene, High-temperature superconductivity, High-temperature superfluidity, Metamaterials, Multi-function structures, Nanomaterials: carbon nanotubes, Programmable matter, Quantum dots, Silicene • Military: Smart Weaponry, Arms, Weapons Systems, Implements of War, or Munition, Intelligent Defence Systems • Neuroscience: Artificial brain, Brain-computer interface, Brain-reading, Neuroinformatics, Electroencephalography, Neuroprosthetics (Visual prosthesis, brain implant, exocortex, retinal implant) • Space: Asteroid mining, Moon mining, Domed city, Inflatable space habitat, Hypertelescope, Force field, Miniaturized satellite, Alcubierre drive, Propellant depot, Reusable launch system, Solar sail, Space elevator, Spaceplane, Nuclear Launch Cannon, High Altitude Platforms, Orion Nuclear Starship, Float to Orbit, etc. • Robotics: Molecular nanotechnology, nanorobotics, Powered exoskeleton, Self-reconfiguring modular robot, Swarm robotics, Unmanned vehicle • Transport: Alternative fuel vehicle, Autonomous Vehicles, Vehicular communication systems (Artificial Passenger, Dedicated short-range communications, Intelligent transportation system), Flexible wings (X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing, Adaptive Compliant Wing), fluidic flight controls, Flying car. Hovertrain, Ground effect train, Maglev train, Vactrain, Pod Cars, Jetpack, Space Transportation Technologies • Other: Anti-gravity, Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery, etc. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    6. 6. FUTURE ICT TECHNOLOGIES • Ambient intelligence • Artificial brain • Artificial intelligence • Atomtronics • Augmented Reality • Brain-computer interface • Brain-reading, Neuroinformatics, Mind Uploading • Cybermethodology • Cyber Security (Network Security, Security Operations, Data Security, Access and Identity Control, Endpoint Security, Application Security) • Emerging memory technologies T-RAM, Z-RAM, TTRAM, CBRAM, SONOS, RRAM,Racetrack memory, NRAM, Millipede memory • Fourth-generation optical discs (3D optical data storage, Holographic data storage) • 4G cellular communication (Mobile broadband, mobile TV,Interactive TV, 3D-TV, holographic cameras) • 5G mobile communication (mobile smart cities) • General-purpose computing on graphics processing units • Machine augmented cognition, exocortices • Machine translation, Machine vision, Speech recognition • Mobile collaboration • Optical computing • Quantum computing, Quantum cryptography • Radio-frequency identification • Semantic Web, or Web 3.0 • Smart Mobile Internet and Wireless Web • Three-dimensional integrated circuit • Virtual Reality or Virtual World (3D Simulated Environment for Interaction and Personal Experience) • Immersive virtual reality (Virtusphere, 3rd Space Vest, haptic suit,immersive technology, simulated reality, holodeck) • Internet of Things, M2M Communications, Web of Things, Smart Web, Smart Cyberspace • INTERNET OF EVERYTHING, INTELLIGENT INTERNET; DIGITAL CITIES AND INTELLIGENT COMMUNITIES CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    7. 7. FUTURE ENERGY: Intelligent Energy • Airborne wind turbine • Artificial photosynthesis • Biofuels • Concentrated solar power • Energy harvesting • Fusion power • Generation IV reactor • Grid energy storage • Home fuel cell • Hydrogen economy • LED lamp • Lithium-air battery • Molten salt reactor, Nantenna • Smart grid • Solar roadway • Space-based solar power • Wireless energy transfer • Vortex engine • SMART GREEN ENERGY COMMUNITIES, CITIES, STATES, REGIONS, CONTINENTS CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    8. 8. FUTURE WEAPONS • Airborne laser (Advanced Tactical Laser, High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System) • Antimatter weapon • Caseless ammunition • Directed energy weapon • Electrolaser • Electromagnetic weapons • Electrothermal-chemical technology • Particle beam weapon • Plasma weapon • Pure fusion weapon • Sonic weapon • Stealth technology, Plasma stealth, Stealth aircraft, Radar-absorbent material • Vortex ring gun • Information, or Cyber Warfare Weapons (Smart Cyber Security Systems and Tools) • SMART WEAPONRY, CYBER WARFARE AND INTELLIGENT DEFENCE SYSTEMS CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    9. 9. FUTURE SPACE • Asteroid mining • Moon mining • Domed city • Inflatable space habitat • Hypertelescope • Force field, Plasma window • Miniaturized satellite • Alcubierre drive • Propellant depot • Reusable launch system • Solar sail • Space elevator (Non-rocket spacelaunch,Orbital ring, Sky hook, Space fountain) • Spaceplane • Nuclear Launch Cannon • High Altitude Platforms, Aeroscraft • Orion Nuclear Starship • Float to Orbit • EXTRATERRESTRIAL SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES: Intelligent Domed Cities • • • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    10. 10. FUTURE WAR: World War 3, or Cyber Warfare • World War 3: With Advancement in Technology, Information Warfare to be the Next Domain of Conflict • War should now be seen as being conducted in five domains: in the air and in space, on sea and on land, and also in the information environment. • Cyber warfare is becoming more and more powerful in today's battlefield. Effective use of cyber technologies can gain dominance on the battlefield or force the enemy to retreat by shutting down its command infrastructure or communication network. The role of Cyber Warfare is seen to be growing due to the digitization of conventional warfare technologies as well as using more complex devices to do more damage than they could in past. • Whilst discussing about nations, Cyber Warfare is not just limited to governments attacking governments. Any part of the critical infrastructure may be subject to attack, from banking and utilities to transport or the supply of essential goods and commodities. "Cyber Threats" include every threat that can be carried out over the internet. Cyber crimes cost countries billions of dollars every year. • By 2020, there will be approximately 927 Satellites (Communication – 405; Earth Observation – 151; Navigation – 85; Reconnaissance – 212 and R&D – 75) • Top 20 Global Mega Trends and their Impact of Business, Cultures and Society. Frost & Sullivan CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    11. 11. Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies • Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is covered by the Future World Technology Roadmap, presented as Six Business Era Model: Stage 1: Analog; Stage 2: Web; Stage 3: E-Business; Stage 4: Digital Marketing; Stage 5: Digital Business; Stage 6: Autonomous. • The Digital Marketing stage technologies comprise: Software-Defined Anything; Volumetric and Holographic Displays; Neurobusiness; Data Science; Prescriptive Analytics; Complex Event Processing; Big Data; In-Memory DBMS; Content Analytics; Hybrid Cloud Computing; Gamification; Augmented Reality; Cloud Computing; NFC; Virtual Reality; Gesture Control; In- Memory Analytics; Activity Streams; Speech Recognition. • The Digital Business stage technologies comprise: Bioacoustic Sensing; Digital Security; Smart Workspace; Connected Home; 3D Bioprinting Systems; Affective Computing; Speech-to-Speech Translation; Internet of Things; Cryptocurrencies; Wearable User Interfaces; Consumer 3D Printing; Machine-to-Machine Communication Services; Mobile Health Monitoring; Enterprise 3D Printing; 3D Scanners; Consumer Telematics. • Virtual Personal Assistants; Human Augmentation; Brain-Computer Interface; Quantum Computing; Smart Robots; Biochips; Smart Advisors; Autonomous Vehicles; Natural-Language Question Answering. • The Autonomous stage emerging technologies involve: Virtual Personal Assistants; Human Augmentation; Brain-Computer Interface; Quantum Computing; Smart Robots; Biochips; Smart Advisors; Autonomous Vehicles; Natural-Language Question Answering. • Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies:Strategic Intelligence - Foresight CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    12. 12. IEEE CS 2022: Landscape of 23 technologies Capable to Disrupt the World • Market Category • Life Sciences, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Medical Robotics • Technologies • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Device and Nanotechnology • Multicore, Photonics, Universal Memory • Quantum Computing • 3D Integrated Circuits • Networking & Interconnectivity, Software-Defined Networks • High-Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things • Natural User Interfaces, 3D Printing • Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems • Big Data and Analytics • Human Capital • Massively Online Open Courses • Policies • Open Intellectual Property Movement, Security Cross-Cutting Issues, Sustainability • IEEE CS 2022 Report CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    13. 13. The World Economic Forum on Emerging Technologies • The Intelligent World Technology Development Path covers the World Economic Forum’s Meta-Council foresight on Emerging Technologies identifying the most important technological trends as consisting of: • 1. Zero-emission “fuel cell” vehicles running on hydrogen • 2. Next-generation robotics benefiting from the cloud-computing revolution • 3. Recyclable thermoset plastics cutting landfill waste to advance a circular economy and cleaner world • 4. Precise genetic engineering techniques to advance agricultural sustainability and greener world • 5. Additive manufacturing making things, from printable organs and circuit boards to intelligent clothes using a digital template to advance a digitally smart world • 6. Emergent artificial intelligence learning automatically while interacting with the changing environment to become super-intelligent machines to advance an intelligent world • 7. Distributed manufacturing replacing the material supply chain with digital information to advance a smart world • 8. ‘Sense and avoid’ drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, able to sense and respond to their local environment to advance a smart world • 9. Neuromorphic technology simulating the brain’s architecture, its many neuronal connections, to deliver a critical increase in a computer’s thinking and responding power to advance a smart digital world of intelligent small-scale machines, intelligent cameras and smartphones, or smart data-crunching machines for financial markets or climate forecasting • 10. Digital genome delivering your genetic code on a USB stick for more personalized and effective healthcare to advance an intelligent and healthy world. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    14. 14. FUTURE INDUSTRY: Smart Eco Industry • SMART ECO INDUSTRY, a sector of nation’s sustainable economy; the stock of basic facilities of capital equipment to function for a smart country/area/region; a group of productive enterprises and organizations that produce or supply innovative goods, services, or sustainable sources of income. • Smart industries are reclassified as primary, secondary and tertiary, but as closely interconnected. • Primary industry, or Eco-Sustainable Industry • It covers genetic industries of renewable natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, and natural processes as renewable energy resources (solar energy, hydroenergy, geothermal energy, airthemal energy, wind energy, bioenergy and landfill gas, LFG, and energy from sewage thermal technologies, WTE plants). • It is downsizing extractive industries of mining of mineral ores, quarrying of stone and extraction of mineral fuels, considering it as part of national infrastructure. • Secondary Industry, or Smart Manufacturing Industry • Secondary or smart manufacturing industry, heavy and light industries, takes the replacable raw materials and goods to economically process into resource-efficient consumer goods and products; building sustainable capital goods. • It is optimizing energy-producing industries, aviation, construction/housing, automobile, chemical, coal, electronics, computer, steel trucking, oil, shipbuilding, fashion, film, show biz, fashion, and arms industries • Tertiary, or Smart Service Industry • It produces no tangible goods, provide services, intangible gains or generate sustainable wealth and prosperity, a mix of private and government enterprises. • The Smart Service Industry includes: • Smart banking, finance, insurance, investment and real estate services; smart wholesale, retail, and resale trade; Smart transportation, information and communications services; professional, consulting, legal and personal services; Sustainable tourism, hotels, restaurants and entertainment; Smart repair and maintenance services; Smart education and teaching; Smart health, social welfare, administrative, police, security, and defence services. • Smart Sustainable Industry is the base for knowledge society and economy, marked by innovative economy, intelligent services, knowledge, research and innovation CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    15. 15. FUTURE INTELLIGENCE: EI vs. AI • Encyclopedic Intelligence, EI, is overriding Artificial Intelligence, AI, as the power of a digital computer or computer- controlled robot to perform the intellectual processes, characteristic of humans, such as intelligence, brain, mind and intellect, cognition and reasoning, discoverying meaning, natural language understanding, deduction and induction, planning, gaming, and learning from experience. Such an approach, where a cognition is always an immanent act of the mind, was a key reason of missing high expectations, seen from the current listing of AI specialized projects in brain simulation, cognitive architectures, games, knowledge and reasoning, natural language processing, planning, software libraries of data mining and intelligence algorithms, cloud computing, and robotics, motion and manipulation. • As a mind-centered example of the EI paradigm, it could be mentioned Grand Challenge 5 – Architecture of Brain and Mind, a UK attempt to understand and model natural intelligence at various levels of abstraction, being embodied in a succession of robots. • As a world-centered example of the EI approach, it could be mentioned Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations (SEAS), a model of the real world used by Homeland security and the United States Department of Defense that uses simulation and AI to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action. • Among many future application, EI Platform is the reliable operating environment for Cyber Warfare Defense Systems and Tools for smart governments and militaries. • EI is to pursue building AI, reasoning systems and thinking technologies, as well as intelligent global communities and smart cities, but on a scientific objective paradigm, modeling the world of entities and relations, where understanding, establishing or predicting all possible relationships among things make the core of real intelligence. • REFERENCES: • Artificial Superintelligence. Moscow: EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems, USA, 1999. • ENCYLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: ENCYLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: SMART WORLD: CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    16. 16. FUTURE KNOWLEDGE: Unified Science, Arts and Technology and Universal Computing Ontology • Global Theory of Everything, or Universal Ontology of the World, is about generic standards, structures, rules, policies, procedures, and processes applied globally and locally. It provides a comprehensive, consistent, converging and merging holistic framework, for specific theories, models, and strategies, as well as intelligent computable processes and structures. • The Global Ontology of the World is putting the universe in the human heads and computing machines, in the way of general intelligence and intelligent world content. • The formal global ontology is putting the world in the computing machines, the internet, and the World Wide Web, thus structuring the whole digital world and bridging it with the physical world. • The 21st century is marked with Big Knowledge convergence trends, to unify Science, Arts, and Technology. However, science and technology unification, the interlinking of information technologies, computing, media technology and content, and telecommunication networks, is hardly possible without a common interoperability framework, ‘a World- Wide Computing Ontology’ as the General Schemas of Everything. • The Schemas of Everything is a conceptual foundation for the most disruptive converging technology, the Future Internet of Everything, a Single Global Network, merging and converging all the world’s multimedia, systems, networks, infrastructures, facilities, and communities, and emerging as the Internet of Things, Knowledge, and People, a socio-technological platform for Smart Sustainable World (a keynote at CIT 2011, The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology). • We proposed an integrated schema of the future world knowledge, its things, concepts, theories and data as: • Integrated World Knowledge = Global Ontology + Domain Ontologies + Knowledge Domains + Big Data + Statistics • The world representation is distributed between a central ontology (maintaining a global schema, general semantics, and common interoperability framework), multiple regional ontologies with own local schemas and specific information sources and knowledge domains. • SOURCES FOR FUTURE WORLD KNOWLEDGE • Reality, Universal Ontology and Knowledge Systems, IGI Global, 2008. • The SMART WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA: ONTOPAEDIA™, or ONTOPEDIA™. A Unified Representation of the World • • METASCIENCE, UNISCIENCE, OR SAPIENTOLOGY: Unified Science, Technology, and Humanities CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    17. 17. FUTURE INFORMATION: DATA, INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM • The Information of the Future is about Intelligent Content, Intelligent World Content of Big Knowledge, Science and Technology • Big Science is all about acquiring and collecting Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom, as facts, correlations and laws of different grades, generalizations or universality, with a view to apply the research results to real world problems. The real source of any knowledge and learning is the world, its states, situations and changes, human actions and activities and events including. What is recorded as data or information in storage media is a body of signs and symbols or signal recordings, represented as knowledge or wisdom in the human mind, as a body of mental signs of know-what, know-how, or know-why. • In computer science, informatics, and knowledge management, the relationships among the world data, information and knowledge are best modelled as a structural hierarchy: the "Information Hierarchy", the "Knowledge Hierarchy", the "Knowledge Pyramid", or the "Wisdom Hierarchy". • Wisdom Cycle or Knowledge Spiral or Information Helix is characterized by the following distinct but interacting levels of knowledge (intelligent information): – The Data Level, the web of data – The Information Level, the web of information – The Knowledge Level, the web of knowledge – The Wisdom Level, the web of wisdom, intra-, multi-, meta-, and trans-fields, approximating the integrated scientific knowledge as a whole, the Grand Unification of the world knowledge fields: philosophies, sciences, arts, and engineering sciences. Technically, it is to be realized as the Wisdom Web, Intelligent Web, Real Semantic Web, or Future Internet of Everything, the knowledge infrastructure of Future World of intelligent cities, smart environments, and knowing nations. As a unifying knowledge framework, it is to be developed as a global ontology of all resources implying a system of normative standard categories and meanings and a universal identification system of entities. So, using the Business Intelligence (BI) Technology, OLAP, Portals / Dashboards, Data Warehousing / Data Marts / Operational Data Stores, Standard and Ad Hoc Reports, Data Mining, Analytics, Predictive Analytics, the BI describes the ability of organizations to create information from data, knowledge from information, and ultimately wise business solutions, insights and intelligence, from that knowledge. Reality, Universal Ontology and Knowledge Systems, IGI Global, 2008 ; CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    18. 18. FUTURE INTERNET/WEB: SuperGoogle and Web of Entities, or X.0 Web • Basing on the WORLD.Schema, the Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform essentially enriches the schema simulations, Schema.Org 2.1, markup schemas, a hierarchy of basic types and properties, for advanced search engines of Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex. For “the type hierarchy presented on this site is not intended to be a 'global ontology' of the world. It only covers the types of entities for which we (Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google), think we can provide some special treatment for, through our search engine, in the near future.” • The Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform underpins both the Web 2.0 collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, social tagging, or folksonomy, and the semantic web standard vocabularies and web ontologies for data integration, knowledge organization and reasoning as RDF and RDF Schemas, Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS), Web Ontology Language (OWL), and the Rule Interchange Format (RIF). • It makes a core for the Linked Open Data (LOD) seeking to connect distributed data across the cybernet, with the LOD cloud aiming to enable people to build “mash-ups” by combining data from multiple sources. • The X.0 Web, the Web of Everything, is characterized by the hierarchical structure anchored in the real world environment via the global ontology groundwork for the semantic web stack, as below: • <Global Intelligent Cyberspace, Total Web> :: = <Ontological Framework, WDF, or RMF> <Semiotics> <the World Wide Web, or the Syntactic Web> • <Ontological Framework> :: = <Unified Framework Ontology, Ontopaedia> <Upper Level Ontologies> <Domain Ontologies> • <Semiotics> :: = <Pragmatics> <Semantics> <Syntax> • <Pragmatics> :: = <Users> <Web Agents> <Intentions> <Actions> <Communication> <Proof> <Trust> <Truth> • <Semantics> :: = <Signs, Data Type, Natural Language Expressions> < Constructs> <Meanings> • <Syntax> :: = <Logical Framework> <Rules> <OWL Ontology> <RDF Schema> <RDF M&S>< RDF> <XML/SGML> <Namespaces> • <the Web> ::= <Resources, Representation, Identification, URI, Unicode> <Interaction, Software Agents, Hypertext links, Protocols, HTTP> <Formats, HTML, XHTML> • The Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform, to be implemented as a SUPERGOOGLE, with its conceptual core of Global Knowledge Graph, comprises Google’s Knowledge Graph of interconnected entities and their attributes, using the entity-relationship database model. Tapping on Wikipedia, Freebase and CIA World Factbooks, it is currently containing more than 500 million people, places and things that have about 3.5 billion attributes. The graph presents an encyclopedia with structured information obtained from the web to help understanding queries, provide answers to complex questions and find more relevant results. • It capitalizes on FreeBase, a community-built online collection of databases, an open database of the world's knowledge, a massive, collaboratively edited database of cross-linked data, and where an interface affords to fill in information structured with metadata, and to categorize or connect data items in meaningful ways. • Thus SuperGoogle makes a paradigm shift from the word-matching query to search by things themselves, where the AI-like intelligence consists in understanding the relationships among things. REFERENCE: Reality, Universal Ontology and Knowledge Systems, IGI Global, 2008 CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    19. 19. FUTURE INTERNET: Internet of Everything • The Internet of Everything (IoE) is broadly defined as networks of networks with trillions of connections to totalize People, Process, Data, and Things into a world-wide cyber-physical socio-economic ecosystem, supposedly to be run by the EIS Platform. • The Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) believes that the Internet of Things (IoT), where millions of new devices are regularly being connected to the Internet is the matter of fact now, and it is a subset of the coming Internet of Everything. (Joseph Bradley, Joel Barbier, and Doug Handler, Embracing the Internet of everything to capture your share of $14.4 trillion, Cisco Systems, February 12, 2013.) • The Big Science projects are all to contribute to the IoE development, like establishing a Planetary Nervous System as a global sensor network by connecting the sensors in today’s smartphones. • What is planned by the EU FuturICT projects, aiming to create a planetary nervous system to measure the state of the world and the interactions in it. • Real-time data mining, or “reality mining”, will be established, using data of the Internet and the semantic web, as well as the data collected by linking sensors which aggregate information about the technological, social, or economic activities around them. • The Internet of Things has the potential to create economic impact of $2.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion annually by 2025, with the largest impact in healthcare and manufacturing. • For example, the total operating cost of global manufacturing is currently about $25 trillion per year and could reach more than $47 trillion by 2025. • Perhaps, 80 to 100 percent of all manufacturing could be using Internet of Things applications by that time. • (McKinsey Global Institute. Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy, May 2013) • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    20. 20. FUTURE GOVERNMENT: Citizenry, Executives, Parliament and Judiciary • I-Government (short for intelligent government, also i-gov, smart government, virtual/online cyber government, or smart connected government) implies digitally intelligent interactions between 1. Government (Executive, Judiciary and Lawmakers) and citizens (G2C), 2. government and businesses/Commerce (G2B), 3. government and employees (G2E), 4. government to governments /agencies (G2G). • The i-Government delivery models can be briefly summed up as G (E, J, L) x (C, B, E) U (C, B, E) x G (E, J, L): G2C (Government to Citizens); G2B (Government to Businesses); G2E (Government to Employees); G2G (Government to Government, international government, central/national government, local government, civil government); C2G (Citizens to Governments); B2G (Business to Government); E2G (Employees to Government) • As a smart government reference framework, the i-Government model will be applied as 4i-Government, innovated, integrated, instrumented and intelligent, figured as a 4-tiered i-Government Pyramid Model. • I-Government succeeds smart government, transformational government, as well as e-government, with its subdivisions: m-government (mobile government), u-government (ubiquitous government), and g-government (GIS/GPS applications for e-government). • 4I-Government Global Platform provides an ultimate vision of an integrated portfolio of government activities and public projects, like optimal budgeting, smart civil technologies, natural resources protection, public space management, intelligent policing, finance control, transportation efficiency, etc. • SMART GOVERNMENT PROJECTS: Социально-технологический проект «Умное Государство» • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    21. 21. SMART CITY SUNRISE INDUSTRY • EIS (I-World Strategy) • IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative) • Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities) • Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative) • Huawei (Smart City Initiative) • Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative) • Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative) • Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform) • Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform) • Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart) • Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative) • Hitachi (Smart City Initiative), • LG CNS • SAP AG, etc. • Smart City Planning, Inc. > • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    22. 22. FUTURE CITIES: The Platform for Sustainable Future • The world will experience an unprecedented urban expansion and city-building over the next few decades. The technological, economic, environmental and social challenges will be enormous, as well as the opportunities. Half of the growth is expected to happen in Asia, mostly from China and India. Africa will see the almost sixfold urban growth from its urban land mass in 2000. In North America urban land area will double, regardless it is one of the most urbanized countries in the world, where cities and metropolitan areas have over 83% of the population, generating 90% of national GDP. • Cities are viewed as the most suitable platform towards a sustainable future, inhabiting more than 50% of the world's population, emitting nearly 70% of greenhouse gas, consuming most world’s resources, as 75% of energy consumption, and producing most world’s waste and global pollution. • Cities create the most (some 80% of the EU's gross domestic product) of GDP, concentrating social live, science and technology, culture, trade, business and people while beset with fast aging technical, economic and social infrastructure. • Cities are classified as legacy cities (improving existing infrastructures, and, especially, governance models), spreading cities (realizing large new public transport infrastructure plans) and innovative lab cities, or clean and intelligent or smart cities (introducing smart technologies, improving sustainability and operational performance). • The Smart City Concept is the new socio-technological paradigm and advanced economic model for sustainable growth in the 21st century, the century of cities (Smart City World Congress). • Vision (a global plan), innovation and technology are the pillars of the smart city as well, where the innovative technologies are getting the leading role in essentially improving the urban wealth and the performance of city systems, services and operations, and raising the quality of urban life and functional areas. • Innovative cities are going for intelligent solutions of smarter cities, becoming “living laboratories” for advanced urban technologies of all kinds—integrated planning systems, land and environmental solutions, ultrafast information, computing and communication networks, smart water and transport systems, zero waste solutions, green buildings, clean energy, smart grids, intelligent city management systems, and social intelligence networks. • Cities need to innovate new development strategies adopting a fully integrated strategic planning to develop and deploy intelligent and sustainable solutions: Intelligent regulatory and policy frameworks, Intelligent financial and tax incentives, Intelligent partnering systems, intelligent info- and infrastructure, and intelligent urban environment . • Intelligent City is then emerging as an attractive economic, social, technological and ecological environment in which citizens, companies and government sustainably live, work, study, and interact, with a people-centered comprehensive approach focusing on future technologies, network-integrated public utilities and services, social inclusion, economic growth, universal accessibility, public amenities, urban transparency, efficiency and eco-sustainability. • Urban performance or wealth is no longer just dependent on a city's hard infrastructure – its 'physical capital' - but increasingly on the availability and quality of governance, communication and social resources. • REFERENCES • • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    23. 23. SMART CITIES OF THE FUTURE: DEFINITIONS • Given the global scope, scale and ambition of smart cities, conflicts are to be expected in their worldwide realization, management and growth. • The proposed models and types of smart cities of the future vary greatly according to their meanings and contexts and understanding and market strategies. • The standard future cities and communities models “make or break” the entire strategy, its implementation and delivery, as it’s stressed by the EIP on Smart Cities and Communities and its newly established Action Clusters, specifically, Policy and Regulations and Integrated Planning AC. • Given that, for the further conceptual clarity and semantic disambiguity, we produced typologies of SCC definitions, identifying four major types: • general or global or universal definitions, eg, “a system of core urban systems composed of different networks, infrastructures and environments related to their key functions: city services, citizens, business, transport, communication, water and energy” (IBM Smart Cities). • (2) definitions which break the concept down into a series of component parts, constituents, aspects, or dimensions, “It is a “System of Smart Systems” addressing the different layers of cities such as infrastructures (ICT, energy, water, transportation, waste, etc.), facilities (buildings, dwellings, office and commercial buildings, factories, hospitals, schools, recreation facilities, etc.) and services (education, healthcare, safety and security, tourism, etc.)” (Japan Smart Community Alliance & Orgalime Smart Cities). • (3) definitions that focus on only one or two of the constituent parts, eg. the information-rich, connected cities; cities with automated management of complex physical flows such as electrical power, gas, water, mobility, emergency management, waste management and others. [most cities follow such a specific smart city approach like as a “global city of Smart London” (see the “Smart London” Plan]. • (4) integrated definitions combining global definitions (same as type I) with specific dimensions (as in type II or III), “Smart cities should be regarded as systems of people interacting with and using flows of energy, materials, services and financingto catalyse sustainable economic development, resilience, and high quality of life; these flows and interactions become smart through making strategic use of information and communication infrastructure and services in a process of transparent urban planning and management that is responsive to the social and economic needs of society.” (EIP Smart Cities) • In all, smart cities could be cross-classified by strategies, scales, motivations (social, economic or ecological), financial models, ownership or initiator, greenfield or brownfield, business model or driving industrial sector, or driving technology >>> CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    24. 24. SMART CITIES: Classes and Types 1. CLASS I. Ideal City of full sustainability, or Smart and Sustainable Cities, Smart Eco Cities, or Green and Intelligent Cities (PPP turnkey urban greenfield project with a global smart city plan, all functional areas and all aspects of urban life are covered by an all-encompassing and all-inclusive Master Development Plan of 3.0 City, Types: All-Inclusive, Innovation, Eco-sustainable, Economic, Energy, Oil/Gas, Financial, Mobile, etc.); 2. CLASS II. IT projects of various scales (u-cities, with all-IP citywide network with comprehensive smart city platforms intelligently connecting networked devices, machines and vehicles to create an urban Internet of Things infrastructure, no global smart city plan, Types: all-encompassing, special and economic recovery), 2.0 City; 3. CLASS III. Private or public fragmented urban projects, with no global smart city plan (Types: Innovation-centric, Health, Education, Tourism, Mobility, Energy, etc.), 2.0 City; 4. CLASS IV. Closed government-led PPP ecosystem projects, usually no comprehensive urban master plan, 2.0 City • An IT smart city relies on information and communications technologies, including mobile networks, to improve the quality of life of its citizens in a sustainable way. It combines and shares disparate data sets captured by intelligently-connected infrastructure, people and vehicles, to generate new insights and provide ubiquitous services that enable citizens to access information about city services and move around easily, improve the efficiency of city operations, enhance security, fuel economic activity and increase resilience to natural disasters. • IT smart city service categories and applications • ■ Transport, including public transport, intelligent transport systems and parking, GIS; • ■ Environment/Energy, Environment Management, Energy networks, such as smart grids, smart meters, smart energy-efficient buildings; • Telecom networks, all-IP core networks, ultra-high broadband access convergence networks, advanced services and applications, such as FTTx, GPON, LTE, multi-play services, urban traffic management, building automation, lighting and energy management, access and security networks, location-based services, trust and security platforms, multimodal user Interfaces, Anytime/any place Ubiquitous connectivity, the Internet of Things between machines (multiple devices and sensors and actuators) and humans, M2M and M2M2H (real time data and control) • ■ Municipal projects, city administration and public utilities, waste management, modernisation of water systems, smart lighting systems, public safety and city resilience programms; • ■ Public Services, Education and Health, Safety and Security, and Social Networking, Economic Stimulus projects • Getting Smart about Smart Cities. Understanding the market opportunity in the cities of tomorrow. Alcatel-Lucent. 2012 CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    25. 25. 3.0 City: A Model City for Future World Urbanization • At the PanEuropean Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel: Place Rogier 3, 1210 Brussels, the Smart City and Community Concept originated by EIS LTD for a specific green field locality in EU, Cyprus, has been advanced by the European Commission as a European Smart City Prototype for cities and communities: • 1. Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Brussels: 25_agenda_smartcities_10july.pdf; • 2. The Cyprus Presidency’s view on Smart Cities and Communities: = • 3. EU Smart Cities and Communities Prototype: • 4. Abdoullaev, A., 2010, Neapolis Smart EcoCity™: A Development Framework for Sustainable Communities, ISBN 978-9963-9958-0-6; Cyprus, EU • 5. Abdoullaev, A., 2011, Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent Eco City™): How To Build Smart Green Communities. ISBN 978-9963-9958-1-3; Cyprus, EU • Abdoullaev, A., 2011, A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities. Keynote. The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology; • The goal of the Smart Sustainable City “X” Strategy is to enhance urban wealth, performance and competitiveness, advancing smart innovation and creativity, education, art and medicine, science and technology, industry and commerce, transportation and mobility, social communications and public administration and environment conservation. • The Smart Sustainable Country, City and Community “X” Initiative is aimed to transform the metropolises and global cities according to the Smart Eco Life Strategy to re- emerge them as: • Smart Eco London™; Smart Eco Paris™; Smart Eco Rome™; Smart Eco Geneva™; Smart Eco Moscow™; Smart Eco New York™; Smart Eco Dubai™ ; Smart Eco Tokyo™ - スマートエコ東京; Smart Eco Shanghai™ 上海; Smart Eco Taipei™ 臺北; Smart Eco Singapore™ 新加坡 ;Smart Eco Hong Kong™ 香港; Smart Eco Shenzhen™ 深 圳, etc. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    26. 26. Smart Cities and Communities: European Innovation Partnership • On 10 July 2012, the European Commission launched the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership. The partnership proposes to pool resources to support the demonstration of energy, transport and information and communication technologies (ICT) in urban areas, following the selected EU Cities and Communities Prototype, conceived by the author for the greenfield smart eco city project demonstrating that “the Cities of tomorrow have to deal with challenges in an integrated, holistic way”. • The energy, transport and ICT industries are invited to work together with cities to combine their technologies to address cities' needs. This will enable innovative, integrated and efficient technologies to roll out and enter the market more easily, while placing cities at the centre of innovation. The funding will be awarded through yearly calls for proposals: €365 million for 2013. Communication from the Commission "Smart Cities and Communities - European Innovation Partnership" [COM(2012)4701. • This Innovation partnership will be fully operational under "Horizon 2020", the new research and innovation funding framework under the next Multiannual Financing Framework (MFF 2014-2020). • What is new compared to the 2011" Smart Cities and Communities initiative"? • Strategic Guidance by Group of CEOs, Mayors and Bank Managers, as below: • Smart Cities Member States Initiative Stakeholders represented by: • 12 ‐ Industry; 8 ‐ Cities, city networks; 1 ‐ Member States Networks (JPI Urban Europe, SCMSI); 1 ‐ Research Networks (EERA) • EIP SCC HLG – Industry • 1. Alstom, 2. Siemens, 3. MAPEI,4. Schneider Electric, 5. Bouygues SA, 6. Orange, 7. Volkswagen, 8. Nokia, 9. Urban Mark LLC, 10. Alliander, 11. Philips, 12. Ericsson • EIP SCC HLG – Cities & City Networks • 1. RATP Group (Paris transport, FR), 2. Almere (NL), 3. Barcelona (ES), 4. London Assembly (UK), 5. Bratislava (SK), 6. Funchal (PT), 7. UITP (International Association of Public Transport), 8. Warsaw (PL) • SOURCE. Smart Cities Member States Initiative. Recent European developments regarding Smart Cities. SC MSI Meeting, Swedish Energy Agency, Stockholm. 22 March 2013. Hans‐Günther Schwarz. Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. • • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    27. 27. SMART NATION TRINITY • Eco-NATION/ • Region/ • City/ • Community • Digital NATION/ • Region/ • City/ • Community • Knowledge NATION/ • Region/ • City/ • Community • The National Governments are invited to participate in the Future Nation’s Challenge to the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda under Smart Superpower or Smart Nations Global Initiatives. • • NATURAL CAPITAL • Physical Capital • Ecosystems • Natural Resources • Renewables/RES • Eco Technologies • Green Infrastructure • Eco-Urbanization • Green Society • ECO-SUSTAINABLE GROWTH • INFORMATION/DIGITAL CAPITAL • Smart Mobility , Smart Services • ICT Infrastructure, OTN, Optical Networks , NG Broadband • 3DTV, HDTV, CC, Intelligent Clouds • Internet of Things, u-Computation • Digital/Smart Society • TECHNOLOGICAL/SMART GROWTH • SOCIAL/HUMAN/INTELLIGENT CAPITAL/I-Capital • Innovation Ecosystems • Smart Living • Smart Economy • Knowledge Infrastructure • i-Industry • Smart Governance • Equity, Wellbeing, QoL Knowledge Society • SOCIAL/INCLUSIVE GROWTH CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    28. 28. TOMORROW’S WORLD: The Smart Intelligent World • Demographic, environmental, economic, political, and socio-cultural factors are forcing the future world to become more efficient, rational, dynamic, intelligent, technological, and self-sustaining, or smart and sustainable. • The World has to go through a substantial transformation, to become smart, intelligent and ecological (see the “Smart World™” Trinity diagram), driven by three key factors: Intelligence, Integration, and Innovation. • The Smart World™ Strategy aims to model Future World as an eco-intelligent Planet of sustainable communities, villages, cities, regions, and countries. • The Smart World™ is to be distinguished with the structures and features as below. • Repealing the old world-systems partition into core zones, specialized in information, finance, service, or high-technology industries, transitory semi-periphery countries and undeveloped periphery zones. • Limitless Growth, smart, sustainable and inclusive, driven by natural capital, human capital, knowledge capital, intellectual resources development • Globally Connected Virtual Reality Communities, Towns, Cities, Regions, and Countries • Sustainable global infrastructures and public utilities and distributed green energy networks • Smart security/defense infrastructures (intelligent monitoring and measurement systems, sensor/actuators networks, ground- based and marine, wired and wireless, data collection systems; cybersecurity, illegal activities prevention) • Innovation/knowledge economies (industry and sustainable corporations, innovation clusters, innovation districts, CDB, techno parks, knowledge clusters, disruptive technology/business eco-parks smart malls, university eco campuses, seaports, airports) • Smart Global Governance and i-governments, i-services to citizens, businesses, and local governments • Intelligent eco-communities, ubiquitous eco-cities and eco-regions • Ecological environments, i-infrastructures and innovative transportation systems • Smart mobility, innovative ICT networks and multi-play telecommunications systems, optical and wireless global connectivity • Smart banking systems and financial services; sustainability in public finances; stability funds • Healthcare Triangles, i-health and telemedicine • Knowledge Triangles, education, R&D and business; innovation clusters • Smart living, wellbeing, quality of life, smart, green, and healthy lifestyle • Intelligent space exploration (smart navigations systems, autonomic spaceships, mass space tourism) CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    29. 29. SHAPING FUTURE WORLD • We are finally realizing that many life-critical things are at critical points when radical political decisions must be made and crucial economic actions must be performed. We are finally recognizing that many significant things are never will be the same. We finally understand that there is no close end for the current global crisis without creatively disruptive changes. • The worldwide crisis might continue concurrently with the regional wars and sweeping social unrest, ultimately ending up with: • the Ubiquitous Global Chaos (of a “multipolar world” style) • the Military World State (of an IGIL style) • the Intelligent World Order, a Smart World of Intelligence, Innovation, Integration and Prosperity • To show a possibility of the best of all possible worlds, the Smart Superpower Global Initiative has been launched considering as the potential superpowers of the 21st century Europe (intellectual and socio-political capital), China (human and economic capital), Russia (ecological capital), America (technological and military capital) and India (human resources and cultural capital). • As a transnational intelligent community pilot and demonstration project, the “Smart Green Europe” has been proposed to the President-elect Jean-Claude JUNCKER and the President of the Central Bank of Europe as a Pan- European Investment Platform under the European Fund of Strategic Investments. • The “Smart Green Russia” has been welcomed by the Russian Government for seeking funding from the National Well-Being Fund and Pension Fund. Europe, China, Russia and India are possible candidates for growing Smart Green Superpower and Technological Leader of the 21st century, depending on several key factors, having the least “unresponsive, unaccountable, inefficient, and ineffective bureaucracies…”, real direct democracy and socio-political dominance of intellectual elites and smart people over political, technical, managerial or business elites. • Currently, this might be the European Union where new top decision makers look inclined towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, intelligent governance, social changes and global industrial leadership. • ; • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    30. 30. The Future World Projects • ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM • • • • SMART WORLD • CREATING THE FUTURE: Building Tomorrow’s World: • A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities, Keynote, 11th IEEE Int. Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT- 2011): 2011/ • Smart World:; • 3.0 WORLD, from Dumb to Intelligent World. [The Future World Investment Projects]: • Smart Silk Road: • SMART EUROPE • Intelligent Europe Center Program: • i-EUROPE Manifesto: • The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities: prototype • Smart Green Europe: • SMART RUSSIA • i-RUSSIA; «Интеллектуальная РОССИЯ: Эко Регионы и Умные Города» (Smart Sustainable Russia: Intelligent Russia Strategy 2012- 2020): • Smart Russia: «Умная Россия»: • Russia: Smart Government: «Умное Государство»: • Smart Russia: Smart City of the Future: • «УМНАЯ РОССИЯ»: Умные Дома, Города и Регионы Будущего: Здание 3.0, Город 3.0, Регион 3.0: • Устойчивые Регионы Будущего: Умное Подмосковье. • «Москва – Интеллектуальный Экогород» (i-Moscow): compatibility-mode CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    31. 31. EIS I-Communities Brands • I-WORLD™, 3.0 World™, 4.0 World™, X.0 World™, World 3.0™, World 4.0™, World X.0™; Global SkyNet™ • Smart Sustainable Communities™; Smart World™; Smart Sustainable World ™ • Smart Sustainable City™, Intelligent Eco City™; Smart Eco City™; iEcoCity™; Neapolis Smart EcoCity™ • iCITY™, i-City™, iCity™, i-City Operating Systems™; Smart City Software™; i-Community Package™ • Intelligent Urban Operating Systems; Smart Eco Community Operating Systems, SECOS™ • Territorial Intelligent Platform™, TIP; Territorial Intelligent Systems™, TIS • X.0 World ™; World X.0 ™; 3.0 World ™; World 3.0; 3.0 City ™; City 3.0 ™ • i-Europe™, Intelligent Europe™, Smart Europe™, Smart Green Europe, Smart Eco Europe; Europe SkyNet™ • i-Russia™, Smart Russia™, Intelligent Russia™, Smart Green Russia; Smart Eco Russia; Russia SkyNet™ • i-America™, i-China™, i-Japan™, i-Germany™, i-Britain™ • Smart America™, Smart China™, Smart Japan™, Smart Germany™, Smart Britain™ • Smart Cyprus ™, i-Cyprus ™, Smart EcoIsland™ • 3.0 City™; City 3.0™; Building 3.0 • Умная Россия™, Интеллектуальная Россия ™, Умное Подмосковье™; • Москва – Интеллектуальный Экоград™ • Здание 3.0™, Город 3.0™, Регион 3.0™ • Энциклопедический Интеллект ™ • Encyclopedic Intelligence ™, Global Innovation Platform™ • Smart Internet™, Intelligent Cyberspace, Intelligent Internet™, iNet™, Smart Web™ • Smart Cosmos™, Умный Космос™ • NOTE. All Relevant Governments, National and Urban, are Kindly Requested to Respect our Brand Names and Trade Marks. This also addresses to the Smart London Board, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, planning the iCity Program, the ITU–T Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities , or the IEEE’s Smart World Congress. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    32. 32. SMART WORLD™ PROJECTS PROMOTERS • VISION AND MISSION: • The strategic goal of the company is to create the tomorrow’s world of sustainable regions, smart nations, intelligent cities and green communities. The business target is marketing the Smart World™ product lines: integrated intelligent models, strategies, conceptual designs and master plans for smart territories of the future (regions, countries, cities and communities) • SELLING POINT • Smart cities offer major market opportunities for the government, big business and innovative SMEs. Systems integrators and vendors, such as IBM, Cisco and Accenture, are spearheading smart city implementations across the globe, trying to develop comprehensive smart city platforms but without a global smart city strategy. • EIS LTD is the conceptual leader in conceiving, planning and (re)developing entire cities as well as regions and countries as the large smart territories of the future. • EIS Ltd is creating the future from the most fundamental and broad perspectives, integrating different scientific, technological and corporate views, like the Siemens’ Pictures of the Future, with specific technical solutions for tomorrow’s world • FUTURE WORLD PROJECTS FOR IMPLEMENTATION: Smart Territories of the Future (World, EU, Cyprus, Russia, Cities and Communities) • Smart World™, I-WORLD, to be offered for the global organizations, international assemblies of business leaders, etc. • i-Russia (Smart Russia and i-Government), to be offered for the government and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc. • i-Europe (i-Europe Platform), to be offered for the EC, Member States and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc. • i-Cyprus (Smart Cyprus 2013-2020), to be offered for the government and/or global systems integrators and vendors or large multinationals or big real estate developers • i-City (Intelligent Eco Cities and Smart Sustainable Communities), to be offered for municipalities and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc. • CREATORS • Dr Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev, Smart Eco Community “X” Consortium Leader, Smart World Group • EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (Cyprus, EU)/ EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (Moscow, Russia) • E-mail:; Internet Sites: • The SEC “X” Consortium is committed to transform future communities, global, national, urban and local, as sustainable intelligent territories according to the Smart Eco Life Strategy. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    33. 33. WHO TO LEAD THE FUTURE WORLD • Regardless regional wars and social conflicts, we witness an emerging digital world of supercomputing combining natural language processing with BIG DATA systems in the COMPUTING CLOUD ENVIRONMENT accessible from anywhere; massively online services, games, courses, politics, etc.; consumer-driven native original content; no-touch interfaces; and the web of things or internet of everything, where anything becoming a computable entity. • The power of innovation and emerging technologies is so enormous that the tech giants have pursuing their plan for global domination by building the “next big thing”, “smart killer application”: IBM, Watson, the super-intelligent computer system; Google, autonomous cars at its secret Google X lab; Microsoft, the cloud operating system with Azure; Apple, smarter personal communicating devices’; or Cisco, Smart + Connected Communities. • Most prospects stay with the IBM, “Corporate America’s Secret Weapon”, promoting a global socio-technological ideology of the Smarter Planet, an extension of the Intelligent World. • Nevertheless, the “best of all possible worlds” is to be led not by some tech giant, but by a technological green hyperpower, which might be Smart Eco China, Smart Green Europe, Intelligent Eco Russia, or Smart Green America, which is to first launch the Smart Superpower Global Initiative. CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    34. 34. THE FUTURE WORLD ACTIONS • For more on the Future World visions, strategies, challenges and projects, visit the links as below: • BUILDING INTELLIGENT WORLD • • • • • • THE FUTURE WORLD ACTIONS • Smart Sustainable Cities Global Initiative • Smart Sustainable Nations Global Initiative • Smart Sustainable Superpower Global Initiative • • CHINA-RUSSIA-EUROPE SMART SILK ROAD • THE FUTURE EUROPE ACTIONS • European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities • Smart Urban Europe Agenda • Smart Green Europe Development Projects (to be submitted under Juncker’s Investment in Europe Fund) • THE FUTURE RUSSIA ACTIONS • Smart Green Russia (to be submitted under the National Well-Being Fund and Pension Fund) • • THE FUTURE WORLD ECONOMY • • • • • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    35. 35. SMART WORLD, FUTURE COUNTRY, CITY, COMMUNITY; SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION; INFRASTRUCTURE, INDUSTRY: SKYPE COUNSELLING • Within the Initiative “Counselling Europe”, we offer Smart World Skype Counselling as a digital alternative to face-to-face counselling enabling world-wide communication from/with any parts of the world. • Skype is free software that makes it possible to place free calls, chats and video conferences over the internet ( get a free Skype account, • Smart World Skype sessions can be conducted by the phone call option or the video chat • Fees & Options, include all the relevant materials, digital links and web resources • Option I - 60 minute sessions using audio only or video – 1500 euro • Option II – 90 minute sessions using audio only or video – 2000 euro • All Skype sessions are prepaid using Paypal or prepayment into the counsellor’s account. • To get benefit from the Smart World Skype Counselling, please send us a SMS message or give us a call on + 357 99 683 849 or email at our offshore email, • Our Skype name is EIS.Skolkovo, and all what you need to schedule a conversation, download Skype from the link mentioned add us as a contact and indicate the topic. • Each request for Skype counselling will be considered on an individual base. • The scope, topics and themes of the Smart World Skype counselling are as different as follows >>> CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    36. 36. “SMART WORLD” SKYPE COUNSELLING: Themes and Topics • Future Technologies (Agriculture, Biomedical, Electronics, Energy, ICT & Robotics, Manufacturing, Neuroscience, Military, Space, Transport) Future Information, Future Knowledge, Science & Technology, and Future Intelligence Future Web, Future Internet, Intelligent Internet, Smart WWW Future Industry, Intelligent Integrated Industry Future Government, Intelligent Global Government Future Cities, Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Future Nations, Smart and Sustainable Countries Future Superpower (EU, USA, China, Russia, India,…) FUTURE WORLD: SMART WORLD, INTELLIGENT WORLD, GREEN WORLD CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    37. 37. “SMART WORLD” SKYPE COUNSELLING: Who needs it • International Organizations (the United Nations, World Bank, etc.) • Leading Powers and National Governments • Megalopolises, Global Cities and Innovative New Cities • International Corporations and Major Companies • Regional governments and local authorities, municipal governments and other government agencies • Future Technology Institutions • ICT companies • Intelligent Networking and telecommunications vendors • Smart Utilities • Smart City infrastructure suppliers • Smart transport system providers • Sustainable City planners and City Architects • Investment Communities and Funding Agencies • Industry associations and standards organizations • Non-profit organizations and advocacy groups • Academia and Research Institutions • Think Tanks • National Development Strategists and Strategic Planners CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    38. 38. SMART B4G • Intelligent Communities Sustainable Developments, transnational, national, urban or local, are to become the leading mega trend of the 21st century. • We are offering world countries future-wise innovation strategies and know-how of i-Country digital governance platforms, the Intellectual Property which hardly could be found elsewhere. • The Intellectual Capital of i-Nations might take too long to create in-home (if ever), like as the USA’s Administration has been drafting a Strategy for American Innovation since 2009. • It’s a B4G Strategy of “buy instead of build,” when creating the sustainable future growth strategy would take up valuable time, effort and resources in-country, and in the end, might not work at all. • Intelligent Nation Development Strategy/Plan (i-Country) and Smart Eco City Strategy/Plan include such unique i-community trademarks and brands as: • I-America™ (Smart Green America™) • I-Europe™ (Smart Green Europe™) • I-China™ (Smart Green China™) • I-Japan™ (Smart Japan™) • I-Russia™ (Smart Green Russia™) • I-Britain™ (Smart Britain™) • I-Germany™ (Smart Germany™) • I-City™ (Smart Sustainable Cities™; Smart Eco City™; Intelligent Green Cities™) • SOURCE: • • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 •
    39. 39. LEARN TO CONSTRUCT A BETTER FUTURE: For Smart People, Businesses and Governments • The Prime I-World Contents as the best smart buys for Smart People, Businesses and Governments • USECS™, UNIVERSAL STANDARD ENTITY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM:: The World Entities Global Reference (WORLD.Schema, Global Ontology of the World: Global Knowledge and Intelligence Base), ISBN 978-9963-8421-8-6; Volume: 18,2 MB; Pages: 1359; Price: EUR 2000.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I-DEVELOPERS • • Smart World Encyclopedia™, or Ontopedia™, Ontopaedia™: Intelligent World Encyclopedia™ (i- Encyclopedia, as the encyclopedic knowledge base for intelligent language machines and cognitive computing systems, able to collect, communicate and crunch Big Data to turn information into knowledge and actionable intelligence), ISBN 978-9963-2202-0-5, Volume, 3,8 MB; Pages: 419; Price: EUR 1000.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I-DEVELOPERS • • SUPERGOOGLE™, SMART WEB ENGINE: Smart Search Engine GESS™ (i-Web Engine, which is to disrupt the traditional search engines and internet explorers; i-Engine Guidelines), ISBN 978- 9963-8421-9-3 ; Volume: 3,48 MB; Pages: 434; Price: EUR 1200.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I- DEVELOPERS • • • TO PROCEED, VISIT: CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    40. 40. ABOUT US • • • • EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU) • ООО "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы“ (Moscow, Russia) • EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL PARADIGM: GLOBAL INNOVATION AND DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: intelligence ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: intelligence-24260973 ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE III: intelligence-global-marketing ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE IV: intelligence-big-science-and-technology ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE V: 26413485 • • ; •; •; • • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015
    41. 41. Globalizing Smart World™ and Its Forms • We welcome the first 2015 Smart World Congress in China following our Smart World™ Concept,, as unifying Physical, Social, Cyber, and Mental Worlds (see the picture): • We also welcome the India’s government initiative to create 100 Smart Cities across the country “to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing smart solutions”. • city • We urge the future-wise governments and smart businesses to rely on our Smart World Intelligence and Services while planning and implementing sustainable national developments or large-scale innovative strategies and projects. • For the original quality of concept, policy and strategy might decide all the planning’s results, as India’s Smart Cities Mission estimated as US$ 1.2 trillion over the next 20 years or Chinese smart and green cities developments projected to exceed 2 trillion yuan by 2025. • eco-power • CREATING THE FUTURE All Rights Reserved Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015