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Azamat Abdoullaev


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Smart World, I-World Platform, Future City, Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform, i-Nation, i-Community, Universal Intelligence, Global Ontology

Smart World, I-World Platform, Future City, Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform, i-Nation, i-Community, Universal Intelligence, Global Ontology

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    The Nation's and/or President's Challenge to creating the Intelligent State:
    Push your national government to follow the Initiative...
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  • 1. Azamat Abdoullaev To reverse the global recession, Azamat Abdoullaev has created intelligent nation strategies for the largest world systems, Europe, USA, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, as well as for the middle and small economies of Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Montenegro and Tajikistan, to initiate smart sustainable growth worldwide. Dr. Azamat Abdoullaev is among leading thinkers, developers and promoters of big future developments and intelligent world investment projects: global innovation platform, smart communities of the future, and the next generation encyclopedic intelligence systems. Azamat Abdoullaev is guided by the vision of a world where big ideas, leadership, innovation and technology are harnessed to create sustainable communities, smart cities and intelligent nations. He is developing integrated models of complex realities, physical, social, technological and informational, and the formal ways and methods of representing them in multidisciplinary terms of formal ontology, social sciences, mathematics, and computing. His key ideas and proposals are now openly accessible on Slideshare, and already have been visited by 0,25 million of internet users, making a record amount for serious intelligent content. In 1989, he co-authored a book, ‘Introduction into Information World’, pioneering encyclopedic intelligent systems as the engines of knowledge-based societies in terms of global computing ontology. Presently, ontologies, as reference world/data models and fundamental form of knowledge and reasoning representation, are key concepts and tools in information sciences, computing, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence,5software engineering, the semantic web, intelligent communities, Internet of Everything, etc. (Abdoullaev, A., Reality, Universal Ontology and Knowledge Systems: Towards the Intelligent World, IGI Global, IRM Press, USA (2008); ISBN: 978-1-59904-966-3) His special fields of interests are real-world systems of high complexity and heterogeneity, global intelligence systems, and smart territories of the future, as the world, international communities, national communities, urban communities and local communities. In the course of research and development, he has been originating and advancing a number of world-changing innovations, concepts, ideas and projects: • Reversibility or Convertibility in Reality and Complex Systems and Nonlinear Processes; • Encyclopedic Intelligence Systems: Global Innovation Platform, Internet of Everything; Intelligent Web and Smart Internet and Intelligent Communities; • Unified Standard Entity Classification System, USECS, or ONTOPAEDIA; • Integrated Model of Philosophy, Science, Arts and Technology; • Smart Sustainable World and I-World Platform (Post2015 Sustainable World Development Platform); • Smart Nation and i-Nation Management Platform; • Smart Eco Cities and i-City Development Platform; • Smart Sustainable Communities and i-Community Development Platform; • Future Property and Sustainable Construction His most professional attention is now given to creating the standard reference model of smart sustainable communities of various scales and scopes, from local to global (a world, states, nations, cities and local communities). The intelligent communities of future are modeled as
  • 2. physical-cybernetic territorial social ecosystems run by reliable and secure intelligent management systems. To advance the smart investment projects, he is running innovative legal entities, EIS Encylopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (Russia, Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center; Cyprus, EU), commercializing the ground-breaking models and strategies for:  future world,  intelligent nations,  intelligent sustainable communities,  intelligent eco city development platform  global computing ontology and knowledge bases Both innovative enterprises are engaged in developing Cyber-Physical Intelligent Ecosystems, Intelligent Community Development Platforms, Smart Integrated Cloud/Sky Platforms and Intelligent Operations Systems for Smart Territories of the Future. The commercial goal is to apply Territorial Intelligent Systems, TIS, to countries, regions, cities and communities. As global innovation projects, Azamat Abdoullaev is advancing the Future World Projects, recently proposed for application to international bodies (UN, EC) and national governments (USA, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, UK, Cyprus, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan): TOMORROW'S WORLD • • • • GLOBAL INNOVATION AND DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM POST-2015 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS I-WORLD STRATEGY SMART WORLD DEVELOPMENT SMART ASIA • • • • SMART CHINA AND I-CHINA PLATFORM SMART JAPAN AND I-JAPAN P-LATFORM SMART KAZAKHSTAN AND I-KAZAKHSTAN PLATFORM SMART TAJIKISTAN AND I-TAJIKISTAN PLATFORM SMART EUROPE • • • • • i-EUROPE Manifesto SMART EUROPE AND I-EUROPE PLATFORM BIG EUROPE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT SMART GERMANY AND I-GERMANY PLATFORM SMART BRITAIN AND I-UK PLATFORM SMART SMALL EUROPE • • New Cyprus Smart Montenegro SMART RUSSIA • SMART RUSSIA AND I-RUSSIA PLATFORM
  • 3. • • INTELLIGENT MOSCOW AND I-MOSCOW PLATFORM INTELLIGENT SKOLKOVO AND I-SKOLKOVO PLATFORM SUSTAINABLE AMERICA • SMART AMERICA AND I-AMERICA PLATFORM Amongst the intelligent urban projects, Azamat Abdoullaev conceived the first intelligent ecocity ab novo in Europe branded as Neapolis Smart EcoCity”. In 2012, the Smart Eco City Concept was accepted by the European Commission as a model and paradigm for EU cities and communities. The SEC Pilot has been selected by the EC as an iconic model for any EU smart sustainable communities, which Integrated Master Plan suggested a mix-use urban ecointelligent development of the scale and nature of a city extension. (EU Smart Eco City Prototype, The “New City” is originally patterned as the standard reference and development model for the future smart sustainable communities (regions, cities, nations and global communities). The strategic task was to develop the Future City reference model and intelligent city operating system, integrating information and telecommunications networks with urban infrastructures, land and environment, roads and transportation, building and facilities, businesses, government, citizens and services. The key value propositions for the smart sustainable community/city have been formulated as follows: Ecopolis, Urban Aesthetics, Smart Growth, Green Infrastructure, Integrated Township, City Intelligence, Intelligent Lifestyle Hub, Quality of Life Services, Future Proof Smart Technologies, and Sustainability Standards. The SEC authorship, brand name and implementation framework have been documented in the Green eBooks: 1.Neapolis Smart Ecocity (EU, Cyprus, 2010); 2. Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent Eco City™) (2011, Cyprus, EU). To champion the Sustainable World reforms and I-World applications in Russia, Azamat Abdoullaev takes part in developing the first Russian Intelligent Community Project: Skolkovo Innovation Center: To promote the Smart World reforms and I-World Applications in Europe, Azamat Abdoullaev participates in the European Innovation Partnership Platform Stakeholder on Smart Cities and Communities: KEYNOTES Abdoullaev, A., 2011, Keynote: A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities; The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT-2011); The 11th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications (ScalCom-2011); Proc. of IEEE 11-th International conference on computer and information technology, CIT2011, Cyprus, Pafos, 2011, ISBN 978-0-7695-4388-8;;; Abdoullaev, A. PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, ARTS, AND TECHNOLOGY: Grand Unification.
  • 4. Keynote on the 21st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF PHILOSOPHY on « PHILOSOPHY, ART AND TECHNOLOGY», CYPRUS: 21 - 27 JULY 2009, BOOKS AND REPORTS ON WORLD SCHEMAS AND GLOBAL COMPUTING ONTOLOGY Abdoullaev, A., Universal Standard Entity Classification Scheme: The Catalogue of the World, E-Book. 14,7 MB, 1717 pages (2005). ISBN 978-9963-8421-1-7 Abdoullaev, A., Ontopaedia (2008). E-Book. ISBN 978-9963-8421-2-4 Abdoullaev, A., Encyclopedia of Unified Knowledge. E-Book. ISBN 978-9963- 8421-5-5 Abdoullaev, A., Reality, Universal Ontology and Knowledge Systems: Towards the Intelligent World, IGI Global, IRM Press, USA (2008); ISBN: 978-1-59904-966-3. E-BOOKS ON INTELLIGENT CITIES Abdoullaev, A. Neapolis Smart EcoCity: A Development Framework for Sustainable Cities (2010). E-Book. ISBN 978-9963-9958-0-6 Abdoullaev, A., 2011, Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent Eco City™), ISBN 978-9963-9958-1-3; Cyprus, EU REPORTS OF ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE • Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform I • Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform II • Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform III • Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform IV • Encyclopedic Intelligence Platform V • I-World Platform REPORTS OF ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS LTD • Profile FUTURE WORLD PROJECTS ON SLIDESHARE GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Future Technologies (Agriculture, Biomedical, Electronics, Energy, ICT & Robotics, Manufacturing, Neuroscience, Military, Space, Transport) Future Information, Future Knowledge, and Future Intelligence Future Web Future Internet Future Industry Future Government Future Cities Future Nations FUTURE WORLD
  • 6. SMART RUSSIA TECHNICAL ARTICLES Abdoullaev, A. (2008). Toward the Intelligent Civilization of Ontological Technology, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). Ways to View the World: A Standard Ontology as the Reality Framework and the World Code. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). The World Code: Mathematical Ontology as the Real Road to Reality. IGI Global: Abdoullaev, A. (2008). What Makes Reality: Ontological Classes and Rules. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). What Orders Reality: Relationship, Relatives, and Relations. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). What Organizes the World: N-Relational Entities. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). What Determines the World: Causality as the Life-or-Death Relationship. IGI Global: Abdoullaev, A. (2008). How to Reason about the World: The Common Reasoning Platform. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). How the World is Signified: Real World Semantics, or What Meaning Relation is. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). How to Represent the World: Ontology-Controlled Natural Languages. IGI Global: Abdoullaev, A. (2008). Natural Language Intelligences: The Virtual or Digital Aristotle. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2008). The Knowledge Society Applications: The RRR Language Machines. IGI Global:
  • 7. Abdoullaev, A. (2008). Reality Classification System: A Product Line of the EIS UFO. IGI Global, Abdoullaev, A. (2009). Intelligent Europe Center Program: Abdoullaev, A. (2010). The Smart Eco Island: i-Cyprus 2020: Abdoullaev, A. (2011). Smart Sustainable Russia: Intelligent Russia Strategy 2010-2020: TOUR DE FORCE The EU Smart Cities and Communities Prototype MODEL Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Brussels: ities_10july.pdf; “Cyprus Presidency’s view on Smart Cities and Communities”, EU Smart City Prototype: Abdoullaev, A. Neapolis Smart EcoCity: A Development Framework for Sustainable Cities (2010). E-Book. ISBN 978-9963-9958-0-6 Neapolis Smart EcoCity Project: EU Smart City Prototype, Abdoullaev, A., 2011, Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent Eco City™), ISBN 978-9963-9958-1-3; Cyprus, EU Smart Urban Communities, Intelligent Cities, Sustainable Urban Areas, Cities of the Future, Abdoullaev, A., Smart World; keynote. The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT-2011), OPEN SOURCES @i_EcoRUSSIA; i-RUSSIA @i_EcoRUSSIA CONTACTS For Future World, Intelligent Nation and Smart City Independent Consultancy Phone: + 357 99 683 849; telefax: + 357 25 561 883 Email: Internet site: Smart Business Profile: December 2013 Moscow, Russia; Cyprus, EU